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After reading my posted story I spotted some errors. I did not know I could edit it and post the edited version. So here is my edited version, I do hope it meets with everyone’s approval and you enjoy reading it. Thank-you! babee_girl

I look at my watch and grumble, “Damn, it’s only 10am.” I have been sitting by the front window of the store were I am working for almost an hour watching cars for go by. Do not get me wrong I love my new job, but there are days like today where things go slow and I am bored. As my mind wanders, I think back over my life and realize my sex life has become virtually nonexistent. It has been ages since I have touched or even had close personal contact with a real woman. When I mention the word S-E-X to my wife, she goes ballistic ranting and raving calling me a perverted son-if-a- bitch!

I do what every sex starved hot-blooded normal male does I go online to chat and get off. I even masturbate while panting heavily into a phone as the two of us satisfy our sexual appetites. Of course it’s not as good a the real thing, but does bring me gratification. My thoughts drift to one particular mature female friend of mine comes to my mind.

Her name is Deana and I met her online about five months ago. She is one of the hottest women I have ever known. She like me is looking for some fun and sexual excitement online. She is my ideal image of a perfect woman with a full figure. Damn I could get lost in her big tits and my cock stirs as I envision them. I love her witty sense of humor. She can be both gentle and aggressive depending on the situation. She is kinky and has a variety of sexual experiences. If it is safe and does not involve pain, she will try almost anything. Unfortunately, she lives 3000 miles from me.

Since our first meeting online I have slowly began to teach her about my world of BSDM. My name is Robert for as long as I can remember I have been a submissive. As time went by our chatting progressed so well that Deana is now my Mistress.

My mind gets lost in the moment and I envision her standing before me now in a floor length gown. The sheer outfit barely conceals a pink leather lingerie set, in her right hand is white riding crop, and she is wearing three inch heels. She orders me to strip and lay on my back on the floor. Then she stands over me grinding her fuck me heels into my hard cock.

I want to yell, “Ooooh yes Mistress! Have your way with me!” However, know I need to remain quite and still until she tells me I can move.

She is shouting at me now, “You better not cum before I say you can bitch! Lay still asshole I am not through punishing you yet!”

I instinctively grab for my cock and when I grasp its firmness, the sting of her whip snaps me back to reality. I glance around and notice no one is in the store. I gradually trace the outline of my swollen cock through my pants saying aloud, “Mistress I wish you were here!”

All the sudden I jump as I hear a feminine voice say, “Just who in the hell are you talking to? Who do you wish was here bitch?”

When I look up, I see her and almost cum in my pants. I rub my eyes to make sure I am not dreaming. When I open them, I see my Mistress walking toward me. She is wearing a black leather pants a see through silk blouse and fuck me heels. The sight of her is so overwhelming I cannot say hello.

My pendik escort Mistress came up to me grabbed me and kissed me firmly on the lips. Then reached down and squeezed my cock hard then exclaimed, “Bitch, I ask you a question? Who is here with you? You told me that your ass worked alone! You’re permitted to answer my questions.”

I tremble and try to explain to her that I was just daydreaming, and verbalizing aloud that I wish she were here. She cut me off by slapping my face and shouting, “Right, you were just fantasizing about me, and now you have a hardon! Did you forget my number one command; you cannot get hard or jack off unless you are in my presence! Damn you are so fucking stupid! Now, I must punish you! Go and lock the front door and place the out to lunch sign in the window. Then bitch crawl back to me!”

I watch her move toward the back of the store where no one can see us. I do as instructed then get down on all fours and crawl to her on all fours. When I get near her I see she has, a devilish grin crossed her face. I stop in front of her bowing my head and awaiting orders.

She glanced down and said, “Hell at least you did that right! Take everything off, right here and show me your naked male cunt!”

I take a quick look around nervously then remove everything! She smiled then said, “I see you wore your pantyhose as I ordered you to do! God you look so fucking hard in them–leave them on!” She walked over to me and ran her finger the length of my hardon. She brought her lips down hard against mine and while we kissed, grabbed my balls squeezing them so hard I winced.

She slapped my ass with her whip and squealed, “Awww fuck did that hurt bitch, to bad its time for your punishment cunt! Now put your head down and shove your fucking ass up into the air!”

I get down as ordered and tremble as I watch her remove her leather pants. I gasp when I see her clad in only pink panties and the sheer top. I try to hide it, but my cock pulsated visibly. I see her watching me with a frown on her face. She starts walking around me slapping her whip against her hand. I then feel the whip as it trails over me slapping me periodically making me jump with pain. She stops when she is directly behind my upturned ass. She brings the riding crop down hard four times on my hose cover ass. I cringe and almost pass out from the stinging pain.

She then walked to the front of me pulled up a chair and sat down removing the rest of her clothing. She leaned back then spread her legs wide then slid the whip across my cheek and said, “EAT-MY-CUNT-BITCH!”

I crawl over to her and hold her trembling labia apart and eagerly eat he like a starving puppy. She moves her head back and forth moaning and squealing how good my tongue feels.

She slapped my back with the whip and growled, “Don’t you cum yet asshole! Make me cum and I want to see you eat every dam drop!”

I run my tongue around her clit feeling it swell and throb between my lips. I take her clit between my teeth and bite it feeling her fluids gush more. As my tongue works it magic I shove three then fours fingers hard inside her vaginal orifice. I have to hold her hips to keep my tongue and fingers in place. I can tell she is close to cumming and with more enthusiasm eat her.

She screamed, “Oh fuck that feels do dam good! Oh-my-god, tuzla escort hey wait a minute! I want you to shove your hand deep into my hot pussy! Oooh fist me!”

I stop sucking her clit. Then lube my right hand with her cunt juices. I reach over with my left hand, rub her clit, and at the same time slide my fist into her hole. I move my hand in and out in fucking motion and soon her hips match my rhythm. Soon I watch my fingers and then half my hand disappears inside her. I feel like my cock is about to explode all by itself. Damn, I hope she will let me cum soon.

She starts to shake uncontrollably; I lean forward and bite her clit. She yelled, “OOOOOOOOH! I AM CUMMING!” She is squirting streams of cum all over me.

My balls hurt and my precum is dripping onto the floor. I want to scream and cum, but know I need to wait for her command. She pats my cheek and tells me how good it felt. Then said, “I am not done with your punishment.” She tells me to remove my pantyhose and then walk over to the front door stand in plain view and jack off! I want everyone to see what a slut you really are.

I blink my eyes nervously in fear at her. I want to do as she orders, but wonder what I will do if I am caught! I start to hesitate then feel her whip across my ass.

She screams, “What the matter slut, didn’t you hear me? Do not question my orders bitch! I know that at this time anyone near this store is usually out to lunch. By the way I have prearranged to have a few people watch you!”

We move to the front and I watch her slide out of sight so she can watch me. I quiver nervously then look around. To my surprise, I do not see anyone in sight. I close my eyes and start stroking my cock slowly then harder picking up the tempo as my cum filled balls churn.

When I glance over at my mistress, I see her eyes fixed on my actions. She is running her fingers through her cunt then bringing them to her lips and sucking them clean repeatedly.

I am lost in my own little world jacking off intensely. All the sudden a man pounds on the window and I almost faint. I look at him then over at my mistress.

She is laughing, but stops long enough to say, “Its okay let him in! It only a guy named Carl that I met on the plane today!”

I let him not sure weather to be excited or scared. I know she told him everything and the two of them have worked on a devious plan. He walks over to Mistress Deana and kisses her deeply. He leaned down and takes one of her nipple’s into his mouth as his other hand finger-fucks her drenched cunt. Then he brought his wet fingers to his lips and sucked them clean.

Carl is still licking his fingers as he eyes me up and down. He glanced at her then exclaimed, “Oh fuck, your right Deana, he is Hot!

He then leans over and spoke in her ear loud enough for me to hear and said, “When do I get to fuck this bastard Mistress?”

I swear anyone looking can see the color drain from my face. I continue to stroke my cock until she instructs me to stop and follow them. As we walk, she tugs Carl’s arm and points to the back of the store saying, “Over there is a secluded area. We can go there and you can fuck his male cunt anyway you want too! And I am going to watch and videotape the whole session.”

She held the camera up to her face then clicked her fingers. Then Carl kartal escort walked over to me and instructed me to help him out of his clothing. My eyes widen with amazement God, he has a marvelous body and a huge cock. I knelt down and took his eight-inch semi-hard cock completely into his mouth.

She gasps and almost dropped the camera with a quiver in her voice said, “Get it on boys, Deana’s clit is rock hard again!”

Carl shuttered and held onto my shoulders as I deep throated his cock. He then grabbed my head and started moving his hips in unison with me and exclaimed, “Good bitch that’s it make it good and hard! I am going to shove my big cock deep in your fucking asshole! Now turn yourself around your ass is mine!”

I moved and spread my cheeks wide as Carl slid his cock across my asshole lubing it with precum. He then looked at me I nodded and he rammed his cock all the way into my anus with one thrust. He then leans forward and began stroking my cock as his member goes in and out of my asshole.

He looked at her and said, “Mistress, Can I make your slave cum?”

She shook her head no and he continued fucking me. I pushed my hips to him in harmony milking his cock with my ass muscles. I am love the feeling of having another man’s cock fucking my asshole!

We both jump when Mistress Deana yelled, “Stop for a minute! I want my ass fucked!” She set the camera on auto where it could tape everything. Then came over and positioned herself in front of me then bent forward and grabbed my cock. She lubed my cock with cunt juices then placed it against her anus and slid herself down on it hard.

Carl moved forward at the same time and once again thrust his cock into my asshole. He showed no mercy fucking me hard as my cock in turn slid in and out of my Mistress’s anus. We were all locked in our own little fuck fest! Carl ramming my ass and I am shoving my cock into hers!

My Mistress screamed, “Oooooooh fuck that feels so good! Oh, grab my hips and fuck me deep–harder!

All at once, Carl shouts, “Here it cums you cock-sucker I am going to fill your ass with my hot cum…Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Ffuuuccckkk! Ooooooooh shit I am cumming!”

Mistress slaps my ass and yells, “FUCK MY ASS….OOOOOH GOD…RAM IT DEEP…OOOOOOOH YES…FILL IT WITH YOUR CUM BITCH!” She came with an earth-shattering climax and almost passed out.

I thrust forward once and blew a big load deep in her ass. I remained buried in her ass as long as she permitted me too. She then tapped my shoulder and turned me around saying, “Good slave now clean off his shitty dick! Then drink your cum from my hot ass!”

I did as she instructed and with eagerness licked his cock spotless. I then lay down and devoured my cum from her sweet ass. She quivers and cums again covering my chin with her juices.

She got up and kissed Carl then turned and patted my cheek saying, “Now get yourself washed up it’s time for us to go and for you to get back to work!” I took Carl’s hand, told him thanks for a great time, and prepared to go back to work.

After she got dressed, I saw Mistress Deana walked over to Carl and kiss him telling him how marvelous he was.

He returned her kiss and said, “Your place or mine sweet lady?”

To which she replied, “Your hotel suite of course! I need a shower!”

As I was taking the sign off the door, I see my mistress walking towards me. She pulls me close then kisses me deeply and whispers, “Thanks for the hot time baby, you did very well! Meet us after work if you can…the fun had just started.”

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