One Time Ch. 01

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“My then best friend Addie on the women’s cross-country team introduced us. She had grown up and gone to High School with Luke and he was great on the dance floor. Addie asked Luke to meet the team at the dance hall to teach us to two-step. She told us that he thought it sounded like a deal no guy could refuse. He was handsome, nice and every girl on the cross-country team was waiting for her turn to dance, and he was asking every one of us going around the table. After a few beers we were asking him, and as each song concluded we would kid with each other, “My turn”, “No, he’s mine”, etc. but I ended up dancing with him the most. When the designated driver said she had to go, I stomped my foot and looked disappointed, and true to my plan, he said he would drive me home. I looked at Addie, she said, “It’s O.K., he’s a really nice guy” and he hadn’t been drinking so I grabbed his hand and went back to the dance floor. My excuse for the rest of the evening is that I fell in love. Completely, totally, like never before in love.

We had a blast! He was funny, charming, made me look like I had been dancing forever and moved as smooth as glass. When the dances turned slow toward the end of the evening, I got really close to him “rubbing belt buckles.” At the end of one particularly romantic song, I kissed him. With the next song I put my hand on his chest and started stroking, my fingers sometimes sliding into his shirt. The bulge in his jeans became more prominent and I rubbed up against him. To this day I honestly do not know where this was coming from because I had a reputation for being – and thought I was – a nice girl, but this tall, lean guy had me so captivated and horny I couldn’t stand it. Walking me to his car, which I noticed was some kind of distinctive classic, my heart was beating out my chest, and instead of taking me right then and there and owning me on the hood of his car as I was fantasizing, he opened the passenger door for me and held my hand as I climbed in.

When he got in the front seat I had already moved to the middle and I gushed, “Oh Luke, I have never had more fun in my life. Can we do it again sometime?”

“Under two conditions”, he replied.

Feeling a little let down I asked, “What conditions?”

“One, that you give me your phone number,”

I smiled, “Seems reasonable, and”

“Two, you let me buy you coffee and waffles tonight”

I laughed and reached over to pinch his ribs. “O.K.” I enjoyed the wrestling that followed and ended up under his arm resting my head on his shoulder as we drove to Waffle House. On the way there my hand was on his thigh. My elbow may have rubbed his cock. He was after all, mine.

The strawberries and whipped cream on my waffles did not help. As we talked I kept thinking about how I would like to have him eat whipped cream and strawberries off me. He was so nice, so fun, so much of a gentleman, had such a sweet smile, listened to me – and was so sexy – I was worried that casino siteleri there were other girls willing to do what it took to take him off the market. There had plenty of that kind of talk around the table with my cross country team tonight. I resolved then I would make sure he stayed interested in and was committed to me. I was as flirtatious as I knew how to be.

At the parking lot back at the dorm, he was headed to the porte cochere in front of the dorm to respectably drop me off – on time – forcing me to say, “Why don’t you park over there so that you can walk me in.”

“O.K. Lisa, but I am pretty sure visiting hours are about over” he said steering toward the secluded spot under the willow tree I had pointed to.

“oh” I replied innocently, my plan exposed. His smile told me he wasn’t fooled, and was calling what he thought was a bluff.

When he opened his door so that he could walk around and open mine I had to tell him to wait just a bit. He was either, a gentleman, shy, inexperienced or all three because the car had started to get chilly from the small talk by the time he worked up the nerve to kiss me. One kiss led to another and he may have noticed I was straddling his leg as my thigh (and maybe hands?) rubbed his cock. You cannot imagine how out of character this was for me. I was a Sophomore in college and had never seen a man’s cock (except in the magazine my college roommate had) much less touched one. My own aroused state, curiosity from the magazine and fear of being an anachronism had gotten me here. That night I was determined to make up for lost time. I was not going to let this guy lose interest. I kissed down his neck, and then he kissed down mine. I unbuttoned his shirt massaged his chest. I discreetly unbuttoned my own blouse, but he did not try to undo my bra or do anything but kiss my neck and shoulders. At least his large warm hands caressed me everywhere my shirt was open, and then wandered down to my jeans, but it was pretty clear he was not going to try and get in them. I was conflicted between being a nice girl and my intentions for Luke, but to stop now seemed like it would be worse than anything else. His big belt buckle had come undone earlier and I had unbuttoned his jeans so discreetly such that when I kissed my way down his chest I only had to turn my head for my tongue to touch the tip of his cock. Luke jumped. The tip was already slick so that even someone as inexperienced as I was could tell that he was ready to let go.

“Lisa, are you sure?” he asked.

I answered by unzipping his jeans, and pushing down his boxers. Just as I took him into my mouth the Fleetwood Mac song “You make Loving Fun” started playing on the tape player. I remember feeling and sucking on the head of a cock for the first time as Christine McVie sang “Sweet wonderful you, you make me happy with the things you do.” I felt nasty (in a good way), dangerous and powerful. The controlling influence of my Mom no longer constrained canlı casino me and the independence I felt made me excited and giddy. I never expected to feel this good about going down on a guy and I my enthusiasm was evident. I wanted my man to know how good I could make him feel. I tried to remember everything I had ever read in Cosmo. No teeth, play with him, the places to lick. He was pounding on the steering wheel, squirming, and speaking in half sentences.

“Oh my gosh… “

“Lisa, I’ve never…”

“You don’t have to…”

“I never… expected… “

“Ohhhh man…”

“… Shoot, the brake lights”

I laughed, pausing my mouth, but not my hand “Don’t do that. Feet off the brakes.”

He gasped, “O.K.” as I went down again.

“Lisa, you’re going to make me… “

“Mmmhmm” I agreed still sucking.

“But I don’t know how to, Oh gosh…”

“Lisa, how? Where do I?”

I gave a moan of encouragement and answered his questions by increasing my pace. He had to know what I wanted.

“OH GEEEZ!!” he gasped through gritted teeth as he unloaded.

I felt him pulsing into my mouth and tasted him. Not bad. Sexy even. Interesting texture. I can do this. I sucked him dry, easily swallowed it all and he shuddered. He started rubbing my back and I noticed he was very sensitive.

I sat up put down the makeup mirror to straighten my hair and noticed I had a little on the side of my face. I wiped it off with my thumb, looked over at Luke, and gave him a sheepish smile.

“Wow” is all he said.

“Yeah, me too” I said. “I have never done that before.”

“Me either.”

Then together we said at the same time. “You don’t believe me.” We were both surprised and laughed.

Luke tried to explain that it was not his intention to “take advantage” of me and I thought his guilt was charming.

“Lisa, if Addie finds out she WILL KILL me.”

“Addie won’t find out… from me!” I replied. “Are you and Addie… more than just friends?”

“We are friends. Close friends. She has cried on my shoulder,… but we are not friends like this.”

“Do you want to be?” I asked.

“That is not in the cards, Lisa. I asked Addie out a couple of times in High School. She always said “no”. She said it would ruin our friendship, so no, we are not dating. She is not nor has ever been willing to be my ‘girlfriend’.”

At that moment I was already jealous of the emotional attachment he had with Addie. Realizing that I may have moved too fast with Luke, and with my eyes watering I asked “Can we be friends too?”

Luke hugged me, held me warmly and said, “Lisa of course. Things moved pretty fast tonight, but that is because we really , I mean I lo… , well you know.”

“I know. Me too.” We snuggled a couple more minutes and then he walked me to the door.

But the next day all hell broke loose. My cross country team had agreed on a self-imposed curfew and kaçak casino I had broken it. Someone had seen Luke’s car with the windows fogged up under the willow tree. My mind went back to flashing brake lights which would have drawn attention like a beacon. While most of my teammates were willing to just wink and kid, Addie was furious. While the coach was yelling at me for breaking team rules, Addie called Luke and started chewing him out for keeping me out past curfew. When Addie asked him what we were doing out so late, Luke – a poor liar, said all he knew to say “That’s none of your business” and that was it. When Luke called me later he said that’s when Addie really blew up, saying “I vouched for you. I said you were a really nice guy. I introduced you to my team and now you are just like all the others. You’re going to get somebody pregnant and then disappear. Stay away”. Luke was feeling miserable, and was mad. I tried to tell him that the better response would have been, “We were just talking” but the poor guy had never needed to cover his tracks before. I did my best to say he was a gentleman and that I was the one all over him (my other teammates believed me) and that he did not do anything wrong, but Addie blamed him.

Word even got back to his parents (Addie’s parents and his were friends) that he was “banging the girl’s track team” and his Mom called him to find out what was going on. We tried going out a couple more times, but things were ruined for us. After that he was so mad with Addie that he would not even talk to anyone he recognized as being on the track team. He tried to make an exception for me, but since our night together had caused him so much grief it hung over Luke and me like a dark cloud. I wonder how things could have ended up if we had been left alone. The way he behaved after all this only made me love him more. He was a really cool guy that did not deserve the grief caused by me – and Addie.

On only one night in my life did I throw caution to the wind that way. That night though, even with all the fallout, was one of the most exciting, memorable, I would even say precious nights of my life. Luke got his degree in Petroleum Engineering and I have not seen him until today. “

Lisa paused to take another sip of wine, tears running down her cheeks. Karen, Lisa’s friend and fellow kindergarten teacher had listened quietly through Lisa’s story. Karen was trying to understand why Lisa had been so shaken up today. She was surprised at how the wine had loosened up her friend and made her so descriptive and graphic. Very unlike the reserved, wholesome Lisa she normally knew. Now Karen spoke,

“So the tall guy in boots at Grandparent’s Day was Luke.”

“Yes” Lisa said, tears flowing more freely, “and little Lucas Mitchell is Luke’s daughter’s son. I see his Grandfather’s blue eyes when I look at him now.”

Karen tried to comfort her friend, “Lisa Honey, this does not have to be a bad thing. You can reconnect with Luke now. You have been so lonely since James’ passing. The word in the teacher’s lounge today is that Luke is a widower too. He just lost his wife. Do you have any idea who he married?”

Lisa looked up, her eyes filled with pain. “Addie.”

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