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I had never fucked a married woman before, let alone one whose husband was snoring in a drunken slumber in the next room, separated only by the very wall our bed was slamming against. And as my raging cock exploded cum into her melting pussy, I had to wonder if she would let my juices flow out from the depths of her cunt and stain his bed.

This afternoon I had seen her outside the cabin next to mine. She was wearing a pink tiny bikini whose top strained to contain her magnificent breasts. The cooling breezes from the beach had called her nipples to attention and they were fighting to burst out of their tight home. Her legs were tanned and smooth and, like the rest of her body, were that lovely golden hue so many Asian women have. As my eyes moved up her shapely, long legs past her barely concealed crotch over her boobs and to her face, I noticed that not only was she gorgeous, but that she was clearly looking at me staring at her body. I was sufficiently embarrassed by my lecherous behavior and pretended to read. When I looked up between pages, she was still looking my way, and this time she was smiling a slight, intriguing smile. But any chance of some harmless flirtation was put out of the question by her lard-ass, pasty businessman husband sitting next to her. Surely, he would be watching her every move like a hawk.

I had spent the afternoon gazing at her body from over my book. When she turned around to tan her back, I could not take my eyes off her ass, with only the thinnest thread of pink fabric creeping between her gorgeous golden cheeks. On her way to dip her feet into the Java Sea she had walked by me. She dropped her towel a few feet in front of where I was sitting. As she bent down, her bikini top finally lost its valiant struggle and one dark nipple popped out for a brief, tantalizing glimpse. Before adjusting the fabric, she looked up, looked me straight in the eye and smiled that magnificently naughty smile.

Chivalrously, I leapt up to help her with her towel, my eyes never leaving her face. As I got to my feet, we collided and I was treated to my first feel of her soft skin, and the sweet, sweet perfume she gave off. On my knees, my face was level with her crotch. I looked down her smooth tanned legs to her crimson painted toenails. And then she was gone. I watched her as she walked away, her ass swaying, her cheeks inviting, as she walked into the cabin right next to mine.

The hotel put on a jazzy beach party themed barbecue every night. Most nights I stayed away, but tonight I went in the hope of catching sight of her golden globes again. The sun had set and I was sitting on the wall facing the beach, staring at the darkening sea when I smelled that arresting perfume again. It was the goddess and she was standing a small distance to my right. She was wearing a strapless red dress that left her shoulders bare. She had her hair tied up classily. Her long legs ran down from her shapely ass to her black high heels. She must not have seen me as she walked down to where the water was lapping up against the sand. In the faint moonlight, I could see her standing with the water around her ankles staring out to sea. I decided that she probably needed some alone time, so stayed quiet and continued counting the rapidly appearing stars to the sound of soft jazz from the hotel beach bar. I gazed at her full, rounded ass and enjoyed the sea breeze on my face.

She must have stood there for a half hour before she turned around and to my amazement started walking right to me. Before I could stand up, she was right in front of me. Her breasts looked even larger at such close quarters.

“Dance with me.”

I was dumbstruck. She reached out her hand to me. I took it and stood up. She slowly put her arms around my neck and I circled her waist. Her boobs were gently pressing against my chest and immediately I felt my cock come to life. She was facing away so I could not look at her face closer, but I noticed she was beginning to inch her body closer to mine. Her breasts were now being squeezed against me and my crotch was pushing against her belly. There was no way she could miss my erection as we danced slowly, silently on that deserted, moonlit beach.

“I have always wanted to dance under the stars,” she finally said, “with the sand at my feet, but I always assumed it would be with the man in my life, not a stranger,” and she turned to look at her flab basket husband at the bar. He had a pretty young barmaid on his lap and his doughy fingers were moving up the waitresses exposed thigh. I turned my partner so that she faced the sea and we danced the rest of the song in silence.

I pulled her gradually closer so that my face was buried in her thick hair. She smelled of the sea and coconuts. halkalı escort Her breasts were now pressed hard against my chest as we swayed to the marimbas. She made no effort the pull away. Instead as the rhythm of the music picked up, she started gyrating against my hips, undulating sensually, pushing up firmly against my body with every beat of the drum. My cock meanwhile was following its own drumbeat, throbbing repeatedly against her flat belly. I knew she could feel it because she allowed a sift moan to leave her throat when I pushed my dick against her.

She ran her hands through my hair slowly, teasingly, as I let my hand drop to her ass and pressed her against my painfully hard shaft. I turned my head toward her and inhaled deeply before I kissed the soft, smooth skin on her neck. She gasped, and the let one hand move down to my neck and the hair on my chest. I stuck my tongue out and licked her from her ear down her neck and back again. I watched as the cooling sea breeze raised her goose bumps.

She grabbed my face, pulled me down to her and kissed me hard. As soon as our lips touched she opened her mouth and our tongues flicked against each other. She moved hers in and out of my mouth like some obscene pre-fucking gesture. I knew I wanted this woman. I knew I wanted to do to her pussy what she was doing to my mouth; I knew I wanted to taste her fantasy tits, I knew I wanted to feel my cock throb in her wet pussy. And then she pulled away from me.

“I have to go back.”

‘Wait ..where? What do you …Will I see you later …?” I mumbled as she turned away. She looked at me over her shoulder, smiled and went and joined her idiot husband.

I walked back to my cabin dejected and read my book listlessly, but my mind was on her, those firm breasts, the smell of coconuts, and her round ass. My hand snaked into my shorts and I started touching the head of my cock. Soon, I could feel the precum leaking out and I smeared it all over the tip of my dick as I started moving my hand up and down the shaft. I pictured her tits on either side of it as I imagined titty fucking her hard, imagined her rubbing her hard nipples around my pee-slit. The momentary sight of her exposed nipple and the feel of her soft boobs against me were still fresh in my distracted mind. I let my hand cup my scrotum and my fingers squeezed my nuts gently. My cock throbbed in my hand, but I did not have the desire or the energy to make myself come.

Suddenly, I saw a shadow move outside the window. Damn! I thought, I had been careless enough to be playing with myself without drawing the curtains. I pulled my hand away from its task, but anyone walking near my cabin would have already seen me yanking my tool and fondling my balls.

I heard the doorknob turning and my hard-on was long gone by now. The door inched open slowly, and then I saw her enter. It was my gorgeous neighbor on her way back to the cabin next to mine. Before I could open my mouth, she had shut the door behind her and was pulling the curtains shut. She turned to face me.

“Next time close these before you start thinking of me,” she was standing by the window allowing me to feast on her magnificent body covered only by the sheerest of lingerie. She had changed out of the restraints of the evening dress into a transparent red-laced item, which was tied at her neck. The fabric did nothing to conceal her dark and startlingly large nipples. She had the breasts of a grown woman. The red lace, forced open by her royal boobs, parted to show her gently rounded belly. Below her navel a miniscule swath of fabric held by a string circling her waist played the role of her panties. I was hypnotized by the dark shadow visible beneath the transparent cloth at her crotch.

“You were thinking of me, weren’t you?” she asked as she walked toward my bed. Her hands ran over her belly and held up her massive boobs, “were you imagining holding these?”

My hard-on was definitely back, and twitching beneath my shorts.

She saw the slight movement, smiled, and continued, “Were you wondering what they would feel like in your hands …in your mouth,” she sat down on the bed, as my juices started flowing out of my cock again, making a noticeable stain.

She placed her hand on my naked chest and raked her crimson fingernails through my chest hair. She allowed her fingers to trace my abdominal muscles for what seemed like an eon. I was staring at her glistening lips as she brought her face closer to mine. For a second we both paused, inhaling each other’s arousal. My lips longer to press against hers, my tongue longed to fill her mouth and my cock longed for the soft touch of her taksim escort fingers.

At the moment, her lips touched mine, she inserted her powerful tongue into my mouth, and her hand dropped down to play with my rock-hard cock through the wet fabric of my shorts. We both moaned into each other’s mouths and the sensory overload nearly made me cum as she squeezed the base of my cock.

We continued kissing furiously; trying to taste every corner of each other’s mouths. I could feel her boobs pressing against me as her teeth nipped my lips and tongue.

“Ummm …it feels even bigger than it did when you were pushing it against my stomach on the beach. I wanted you inside me then.”

Her fingers slipped beneath my shorts and started squeezing and tugging my shaft with the same wild rhythm her tongue was using in my mouth.

Finally, she broke away from my face, and yanked my shorts off my hips. She licked her lips as she saw the flaming red head, exposed and swollen. As she brought her hand to it, a large stream of cream oozed out of my slit. She ran her index finger over the opening, making me moan out loud. She picked off the cum, brought it to her mouth and slowly licked it off her finger. The sight of my milky secretions entering her red lips made me drip some more precum.

“I love cream right from the source,” she whispered, licking her lips.

She mounted my naked body like a motorcycle. Her hips immediately started humping my cock as she brought her lips to mine again. We started our maddened kissing and tonguing as I pressed my erection into her wet crotch. I could smell her musk as she rubbed her boobs against my chest. I needed to enter her, to penetrate her wet walls, to fuck her. She needed the same thing and pulled aside the crotch of her panties to give my shaft access to her exposed pussy. My cock was too thick to inch in past the fabric, so she lifted herself off my dick long enough to strip off her panties. A she did this, she opened her legs wide above me. I saw her exposed pussy lips for the first time. They were swollen and fleshy and her inside cavern was a bright pink. From her inviting, open crotch came the musky odor of sex.

She noticed my eyes and immediately understood my desire to taste her juices. She ran her hand through her trimmed pubic hair, let two fingers enter her cunt, and then brought her perfumed fingers to my lips. I sucked at them like a refreshing drink, as she held my cock with her other hand.

While I was still enjoying her rich flavors, she lowered her hips down on my erection. I could feel her outer labia grab the head of my cock. Again we paused to savor the moment, before she dropped down with a loud moan. I yelped as my cock was enveloped by the warmth of the cunt I tasted on her fingers. Our sounds must have been loud enough to penetrate the walls to her husband’s room. This did not seem to bother this fuck goddess.

Giving me no time to adjust to the tightness of her pussy, she started humping, moving forward and backward more than up and down. My hips were thrusting deep into her. We moved with feral need, racing toward our orgasms.

“Fill me up,” she moaned into my mouth. I grabbed her ass and squeezed her ample buttocks. Her fleshy boobs were swaying with every thrust. I noticed a bead of perspiration running down her neck and onto her left tit. Sticking my tongue out I caught the drop as it feel off her nipple. Her tit was salty, from the sweat, from the sea, and I ran my tongue around its wide diameter. I released her ass and grabbed both her breasts. She moaned.

‘Suck me, baby, I know you want to,” she urged me on by holding on to the back of my head, “Suck them like you imagined you would, when you were jerking off …why would you waste your delicious juices on your hand …pump them into me, into my …aaaaah, fuck my pussy” she screamed as I bit her full breast. If her husband could not make out what the sounds were, then her last few words must have made it clear. His precious wife’s pussy was being pumped full of a stranger’s cum. I expected him to barge in any moment, but that did not stop my fucking her at all.

She leaned back, pulling her tits away from my teeth, allowing me a full view of my cock piercing her open pussy. Her labia were flexed around my cock and with every thrust they were expelled from her insides coated with fresh juices. Her clit was unhooded and inviting. I let my fingers play with her pink nubbin. Between my cock and her trimmed pubes was a triangle of sensitive flesh. And exposed between the folds of this oink flesh was her glistening clit. She leaned back even further, nearly lying down on my legs. This bent my cock into an unprecedented shape, but şişli escort it must have rubbed some spot inside her because her moans changed to stifled yelps, which became louder every time I pinched her clitty.

I could not imagine that her husband did not hear us in the room next door, but she seemed unperturbed by this possibility. I pulled her up so that I could play with her breasts more. I licked and sucked and nibbled, spending equal time on both her mountains of pleasure. I could feel her pussy tightening and her breathing sounded more ragged.

‘Don’t stop, please, don’t …yes …yes” she said as I caught her right nipple between her teeth and let my finger drop down her back to her asshole. The sudden feel of my finger around her sweaty anal ring, must have broken the final barrier because she threw her head back, let out a long scream and clamped down on my cock. I felt her damn break and her cunt juices flowed down my cock onto my balls and my ass. I never stopped pushing into her and she never stopped shaking.

She collapsed onto my chest; she placed her mouth next to my ear and started licking me.

“I needed that, no man has made my cunt do that for so long,” but I pushed her up, sucked her pebble hard nipples some more and then urged her to turn around so that she was still sitting on me, but she was facing my feet. The feel of her wet, rotating cunt on my cock made me moan out loud. I no longer could suck her fantasy tits, but the sight of her fleshy ass had me throbbing more. This angle also pressed against her sensitive spots again, because I could feel her pussy walls contracting again. I reached around and let one hand play with her pendulous boobs, while another located her erect clit again.

She started bouncing hard again, bringing my cock to the outer labia before dropping her ass down. This stimulation of my cock was getting too much for me, but I did not want to stop. I knew if I was to come, it would be an explosive, screaming, extended orgasm and I was ready for it.

I released her tits and allowed them to sway wildly. I looked past her humping ass and noticed that she was looking us fucking in the mirror. She gabbed her own breasts and played with her nipples, brought them up to her chin and licked them. She let one hand drop to her crotch and as my fingers toyed with her clit, she allowed one finger to touch my cock as it entered and exited her. She never stopped looking in the mirror – I got the feeling she was watching herself as if she was in a porn movie and the two of us were the hot stars.

I ran my free hand down her back, and played with her gorgeous ass cheeks. Between them the crevasse ran deep and I wanted to stick my tongue there and taste the sweat that was making it glisten. A wide region of dark, puckered skin surrounded her asshole. But unlike any woman I had fucked before, this darkened area was not in the shape of a ring. Instead there was a very clear heart shape, almost like an obscene tattoo around her butt hole. I ran my finger around the puckered area allowing it to pick up her sweat. She moaned and pushed back toward me inviting more contact. I ran my finger around so that it was lubricated with her dripping cunt juices and sweat, and placed it on the black ring I heard her breathing become ragged again and felt more of her juices flow out of her cunt – her signal of impending orgasm. Immediately she squealed and I could see the sphincter contract around my wet finger. I pushed it in a little deeper and wiggled it. The dual stimulation of my finger on her ass muscle and my throbbing cock in her cunt made her scream into her second orgasm.

By now I was beyond ready for my release and I gave her no time to recover. I pushed her up so that she was on her knees. I held on to her ass so that I could keep my cock inside all the time. I positioned her ass so that she could turn her head and watch the mirror as I fucked her doggie style. I reached around and grabbed her swaying tits and fucked her hard. I felt the cum brewing in my balls for an eternity as I shouted out with every animal thrust.

She threw her head back and screamed, “Pump me, fuck me, fill me with your cum.”

I felt my balls tighten and then a searing pain went through my ass as I felt a stream of boiling liquid race out of my scrotum, and through my cock, I kneeled back and bellowed as I emptied a vat of cum in her cunt. She screamed out more obscenities, but never stopped moving, milking the last drop of my juices out of my shaft. I felt at least five or six long jets spew out of me into her womb, followed by a minute of shorter bursts accompanied by wild twitches. We both fell forward, me on her back, with my softening dick still buried in her sopping pussy.

This was the first time I had fucked a married woman, and I knew her husband was in the next room and I knew she would go back to his bed tonight. That is probably what had made me spurt so much cum into her cunt and what was still keeping me hard inside her.

I kissed her neck and knew I had not tasted enough of her tonight.

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