Nothing but BBC for Me! Blacken

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Nothing but BBC for Me! Blacken
I have tried everything! Vegetables, ,Vibrators, Dildos, sex videos I mean everything but nothing can satisfy me like Victor. I really want to stop cheating on Eric my husband. I love him, but as a lover he has become useless to me. I used to be so naive and I still kind of am. I am your typical petite white american housewife. I know I am very sexy and being intimate with men was not that new to me when I met my husband but I had only been with white men sexually. I did not even know what multiple orgasms were 3 months ago.

Now I can’t go 3 days without them. And only Victor can give them to me. I am afraid I have been permanently corrupted. I have exposed body to something I was never meant to be exposed to. I should have known my tiny white pussy was helpless to withstand the overpowering sexual performance capabilities of that man’s thick black dick. Now I am addicted to it, addicted to his cock, addicted to cumming over and over at his command.

It all started about 3 and a half months ago. Eric and I had just come back from our honeymoon and since I stopped modeling we moved out of the city and into the burbs. I wanted to stay in shape so I hired a personal trainer. The trainer turned out to be Victor. I have to admit their was an attraction the first time I met him—he is a really hot guy. I had also heard all the rumors about black men and I had always fantasized about sex with a guy with a big hard dick. In my experience most white women have a real weakness for size, particularly thickness and I was no exception. I could tell he liked what little he saw of me when he looked at me.

I had grown used to that reaction after all when your measurements are 35” 22” 35”, your skin is perfect and you have the sexiest legs in the world of lingerie modeling you get used to turning heads. But this was just a preliminary meeting to discuss my workout plan. We would start working out the following Friday. So I was wearing a robe, mainly because I had a very sexy white nighty that barely covered my butt and a super tiny pair of panties. The night before I had tried to seduce my husband just like I did on my wedding night but of course his tiny pencil dick was cumming before I even got wet or any of my clothing was removed and as usual it was up to me to satisfy myself while fantasized about sleeping with a man with a dick bostancı escort that could satisfy me. I had no time to change when Victor showed up so I just put on a robe. I enjoyed his fitness guidance Victor really knows what he is talking about and he quickly had a very good understanding of my body and what it needs.

One thing I noticed was that we had the exact same pager. When he put his down I thought I made sure I separated them properly so they would not get mixed up. I must have been checking out his ass or something because I did mix them up and Victor left with mine and left his with me. Well about 20 minutes after he left, it went off and thinking it was mine I called the person who was paging him. The funny thing is, I recognized the number but I just could not place it. A woman answered.

“Some one paged me.” I said.

She hesitated.

“Hello?” I asked. I recognized the voice but still I could not place it. My mind must have been clouded since I was lusting over Victors bod.

“I must have called the wrong number.” and she hung up.

Victor’s hot body was still on my mind and I grabbed a wadded up towel to masturbate while fantasizing about him forcing me to have sex. I was grinding away getting really wet. Then the pager went off again. It was the same number. I ignored it. I brought myself to the verge of climax and stopped only to start again minutes later. It went off again. I knew it would go off again and if I did not answer call back.

Still teetering on climax and eager to get back to pleasuring myself the same woman answered immediately.

“Hello…Victor?” She said with a desperate voice.

“Oh no!” I said. “Victor and I must have switched pagers. I am one of his clients…Is everything OK?”

“Where is he? Where did he go?” she said.

“Are you Ok?” I asked.

“Just tell me where he is!” She shouted. Suddenly I realized who she was. It was Jennifer Eric’s best friend’s wife. She was a sexy blonde.

“Jennifer?” I asked, then there was an awkward pause. “…It’s me Kimika, Eric’s wife.”


I have very good instincts and I was sure I knew what was happening. I had to ask, so I did. “Jennifer are cheating on Kevin?”

She was silent.

“Jennifer you can tell me my lips are sealed. Are you sleeping with Victor?”

She sighed and said “He is so fucking hot.”

I had to know how everything. “I know what you mean.”

“You’re fucking him too ataşehir escort bayan aren’t you?” She asked.

“NO! I met him today.” I was very attracted to him but sex with him at that time was too much I couldn’t do that to Eric (at least I thought I couldn’t). I was quite shocked by her question.

“Then you do not know what I mean.” Hearing that got me interested.

My legs crossed tightly with the phone cord wedged in my crotch. “Is it really that good?” I asked.

“He’s like something out of my wet dreams.”

I was getting really wet now, I began dragging the phone cord into across my pussy so the curls in the cord stimulate me as I dragged it. My fantasies got the best of me and I asked what I really wanted to know. “He has big black cock, doesn’t he?”

“Sooo big and sooo thick. It makes me cum like crazy and it stays rock hard for so long.” I buried my hand in my crotch and started to grind my hand into my pussy. The other line on my call waiting was had been going off for ten minutes but I was so horny. Little did I know that it was Victor calling to tell me he was coming back for his pager. “Kimika, you don’t know where he is? I need him. I need his dick today. He was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago.”

There I was grinding my pussy on the corner of my leather couch behind me in my sexiest lingerie masturbating to the fantasy of Victor fucking me and there he was grabbing his pager. He saw what I was doing. He must have just walked in when he could’t get through. I hung up the phone and scanned the room for my robe. I was so embarrassed and still very very horny.

“I’m so sorry.” he said. Then he found my robe and brought it to me.

I started blurting out nonsense to come up with an excuse for what I was doing. He went to put the robe over my shoulders and he was standing so close. I was lusting over him like crazy. I couldn’t stop my self…My hands pressed against his rock hard abs and slid down behind the waste band of his sweat pants and had no trouble finding his dick. It was sooo thick, one hand could not even come close to closing around it. I had to know what this sex machine was capable of.

“FUCK ME!!” I commanded him.

He grabbed my arms and pulled my hands out of his pants—I fought him all the way. He used one of his huge hands to hold both of my wrists. I was practically helpless. With his other hand he ripped off my panties. göztepe escort bayan Still holding my wrists he put me on the couch on my back. He spread my legs he kissed he wet areas around my pusey creeping closer and closer to it. Then he slid his tongue inside. An orgasm more intense than any I had had before surged through me. I remember my back arched, my toes curled and a cried “I’M CUMMING!!” in a squealing scream of sexual pleasure.

Victor let me go and stood up. “I need to go…my clients don’t like to wait.” he whispered.

“No!” I whimperer through my heavy breathing. I tried to grab him but my body was almost paralyzed to the very core from the devastating climax. “Pleas fuck me! **** me!!” I begged.

Victor continued “I’ll be back Friday. If you want me to give you what your husband can’t you need to prove how bad you want it…I want you to get all done up, hair and everything. I want you looking better than you did on your wedding day. And whatever you wear it betting be something really fucking sexy, the smaller the better. I bet you’d look hot in pink. If you make my dick hard from looking at you, you’ll find out what it can do.”

For the next two days Friday was all that was on my mind. I scheduled an appointment with my salon for a complete “FUCK ME” make over early Friday morning. I went with a “wet” look. I looked everywhere for the sexiest lingerie and found a lacy pink nighty that normally looked modest but when soaking wet and wadded up to just below my crotch it screamed “My husband is out and I want big hard dick!”

Friday morning arrived and Victor was there at 10 sharp. I answered the door. He saw me standing there the sexiest and horniest I have ever looked and I saw the bulge in his pants start to grow. He smiled and walked in. He removed his shirt then untied his pants and the massive fuck stick stuck out as long and thick as my husband’s forearm. He bent me over the couch and pressed the huge head of his big black wife stealer to my pussy.

It felt so good. He grabbed my hips and forced it in charging only to strike my undiscovered G Spot. My pussy, my whole body went out of control. It seemed like every thing he did even the slightest shift triggered wave a after wave of sexual sexual pleasure in the form of intense multiple screaming orgasms. His dick is like heroine to my pussy, nothing else can satisfy me now

He fucked me in countless positions. I came so many times riding him. I could ride him as hard and wild as I wanted and I knew I would cum 1000 times before he let out a drop of his. He kept fucking me until I passed out. When I woke up he was gone.

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