North Valley High Ch. 04

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Her lungs heaving with each breath, Jessica sprinted and crossed the finish line.

“Yeah, Way to go Jess,” shouted Jack from the stands as his girlfriend won.

Jack was sitting with Jessica’s parents who were cheering along with him.

“Alright Jessica,” shouted Mr. Hanson.

Jessica blushed as her parents and boyfriend cheered the loudest for her.

“Honey you were excellent,” said Mrs. Hanson, as she and her husband gave their daughter a hug.

“Mmm, Thank You,” said Jessica, smiling as she hugged her parents, before pulling away, “Umm, aren’t we forgetting someone.”

“Of course not,” said Mr. Hanson.

Jessica’s parents stepped away as Jack came in and hugged his girlfriend.

“Mmm,” giggled Jessica wrapping her arms around her boyfriend and giving him a kiss.

“We’ll let you two have some privacy,” said Mrs. Hanson, “We’re going to talk to Coach Cahill.”

“We’re going out to the café for dinner Jessica,” said Mr. Hanson, “Make sure you and Jack are at the house by 5.”

“Ok Daddy,” said Jessica, her arms still wrapped around Jack.

They waited until Jessica’s parents were gone before they started kissing.

“Mmm,” giggled Jessica as she kissed Jack while he brought his hands up to the front of her jersey.

She gave a soft moan as he cupped her large breasts through her jersey and started squeezing them, “Mmmh, Mmm.”

“Mmm, this is starting to become my favorite part of Track,” said Jessica, giggling and moaning as she kissed Jack while he massaged her big boobs.

“Mine too babe,” said Jack, giving Jessica’s breasts a quick squeeze.

“Mmmh, Ohhh,” gasped Jessica as her boyfriend squeezed her boobs through her jersey. Jack then moved his hands to the bottom of her jersey and started to pull it up.

He had it pulled up to the bottom of Jessica’s tits before she stopped him.

“Jack, uh uh,” said Jessica pulling away from their kissing, “There are too many people here.”

“Ok,” said Jack giving her another kiss.

“Tell you what, after we have dinner at the café, we can go back to my house,” said Jessica, smiling as she took his hands and put them on her chest, “and you can enjoy these as much as you want.”

“Sounds good babe,” said Jack, giving Jessica one last kiss before wrapping an arm around her as they headed to his car.

“Ooooh, my mom and dad aren’t here yet,” said Jessica as they pulled into her driveway.

“I need to take a shower,” said Jessica as they headed inside, “care to join me Jack.”

“Mhmm,” said Jack eagerly.

Jessica giggled as they headed upstairs and into the bathroom.

Although he had seen plenty every time they would go swimming, Jack couldn’t help but stare as Jessica started to undress.

Along with her large breasts, she had long toned legs that flared into well rounded hips with a slender waist and a flat stomach.

“Like what you see baby,” giggled Jessica, striking a pose.

“Damn,” whispered Jack.

He then started to get undressed, his body muscular and well toned with a 7 inch cock.

“Mmm, Jack,” said Jessica, smiling as she ran her eyes over her naked boyfriend, “I like.”

She then giggled as Jack grabbed her as they got into the shower.

“Mmm,” moaned Jessica with relief as the hot water hit her shoulders, “Mmm Jack, this feels sooo good.”

“Well it’s gonna get better,” said Jack, lathering his hands and cupping Jessica’s large breasts.

“Mmm, Ohhh baby,” moaned Jessica softly as her boyfriend washed her big boobs, “Mmmh.”

She then smiled as she soaped up her hands, grabbed Jack’s dick, and started stroking it.

“Oh god, Jess,” moaned Jack as his girlfriend moved her hands up and down his shaft.

Jessica giggled as she continued to stroke her boyfriend’s cock, “Mmm Jack, you’re so hard. Is it just because of my big boobs?”

“Well, ummm,” said Jack, trying to find the right answer.

“It’s ok baby,” said Jessica, gently jerking Jack’s shaft and whispering, “I like it.”

“Oooh,” moaned Jack as his girlfriend started jerking his dick, “Ohhh Jess, Ohhh Baby.”

Jessica smiled as she continued to jerk his cock, “Mmm, you must really like my boobs Jack. Mmmm, tell me what you like about them.”

“Mmm, they’re big and soft,” said Jack moaning.

“Mhmm,” said Jessica, smiling and whispering, “What else baby?”

“Oh god, they bounce a lot,” moaned Jack as Jessica jerked his shaft again.

“Mhmm, they sure do,” said Jessica, jerking her boyfriend’s manhood kartal escort after each sentence, “Bouncing in my top, Mmmm. Bouncing in my bra, Mmmm. Bulging in my sports bra, Mmm.”

“Oh god,” moaned Jack loudly as his dick started spurting cum.

Jessica giggled as she got on her knees and held up her breasts, “Mmmm, that’s it Jack. Cum on my big boobs.”

Jack moaned as his cock spurted cum all over Jessica’s tits.

“Uhh, baby,” moaned Jessica as her chest was soaked with cum.

Jack moaned again as his cock emptied all over his girlfriend’s boobs.

“Mmm, Jack,” moaned Jessica as her breasts were covered with the last of her boyfriend’s cum.

She then moaned as she got under the water and rinsed off her chest.

“Nice and clean,” giggled Jessica as she pressed her large naked breasts against Jack, “Mmm, we better get you cleaned baby.”

Jessica soaped up her hands again and cleaned her boyfriend’s dick.

She then giggled as she pulled him under the water and started kissing him.

Jessica moaned as Jack started running his hands through her wet brown hair.

They continued kissing until they heard the front door shut.

Jessica’s parents were home…

Jessica and Jack quickly got out of the shower, wrapped towels around themselves, grabbed their clothes, and rushed into Jessica’s bedroom.

“Jessica,” called Mrs. Hanson from downstairs, “Is that you.”

“Yes,” said Jessica loudly, “I just finished washing up.”

“Ok, we’ll be leaving soon,” said Mrs. Hanson, “Is Jack getting ready?”

“Yes ma’am,” said Jack loudly.

Jessica giggled as she put on her bra and panties.

She then slipped on a tight shirt and jeans.

“You look so beautiful, babe” said Jack watching his girlfriend get dressed.

“Thank you baby,” said Jessica walking over to Jack and giving him a kiss.

She then grabbed his clothes, “Let me go toss these in the washing machine and I’ll ask Daddy if you can borrow some clothes.”

“Thanks babe,” said Jack patting her on the ass.

Jessica giggled as she headed out of her room.

“Those clothes fit you good, Jack,” said Mr. Hanson as the four of them sat at a table at the cafe, Mr. and Mrs. Hanson on one side and Jessica and Jack on the other.

“Thanks,” said Jack, Jessica looking over and smiling at him.

“Apparently Jessica thinks so too,” said Mr. Hanson, chuckling.

“Daddy, stop,” said Jessica, giggling as she stirred her drink.

“Oh come on Jessica,” said Ms. Hanson, taking a sip of her drink, “We know that you two have been doing stuff behind closed doors.”

Jack nearly spat out his drink at what he heard.

“Oh,” said Jessica, blushing.

“That’s right,” said Mr. Hanson, “We were young once. So don’t think we don’t know what’s going on.”

Jessica said nothing as she gave a nervous look to Jack who looked the same.

Just then her parents both started laughing.

“Will you two relax,” said Mr. Hanson, “Jack, you’re a good man. Do you think I would let you near Jessica if I thought otherwise?”

“No,” said Jack, still looking nervous.

“And do you think I would approve of Jessica dating you if I didn’t think you were a decent man,” said Mrs. Hanson.

“No,” said Jack.

“So stop worrying then,” said Mr. Hanson, slapping Jack on the shoulder.

Jessica, let out a huge sigh of relief as the waiter brought their sandwiches.

“So Jack, how’s your older brother doing,” said Mr. Hanson, taking a bite out of his sandwich.

“Jeff, he’s good,” said Jack, “He and Brittney have a house on the other side of town. He left me the keys to their old apartment so I’m moving in.”

“Good for you Jack,” said Mrs. Hanson, “Jessica, you should go over there and see if he needs help.”

“Oh that’s ok, I really don’t need…” said Jack, before he was interrupted by Mr. Hanson.

“She’ll be there to help you,” said Mr. Hanson, in a serious tone, “She’s very good at setting up a room and for all that you have done for her, it’s the least she can do.”

Jessica smiled at Jack as she put her hand on his.

“Ok,” said Jack.

“You two don’t have any plans after we’re done do you,” said Mr. Hanson.

“Umm not really,” said Jessica, “Jack and I were going to go back to the house and watch a movie.”

“Why don’t you go over to Jack’s apartment and help him out,” said Mr. Hanson.

“That’s a good idea,” said Mrs. Hanson, “In fact Jessica, why don’t you bostancı escort pack your overnight bag. You can spend the night at Jack’s.”

“Really,” said Jessica, smiling and her brown eyes wide with excitement.

“Sure, why not. You’re eighteen, you’re old enough and responsible enough,” said Mr. Hanson, smiling at Jack, “Is that alright with you?”

“Yes, absolutely,” said Jack holding Jessica’s hand.

“Good,” said Mr. Hanson, as the four of them finished their food.

After gathering some clothes and stuffing them in her backpack along with Jack’s clean clothes and a few other things, Jessica headed out of her house to Jack who was waiting in his car.

“All set babe,” said Jack as his girlfriend got into the car.

“Mhmm,” said Jessica putting her backpack in the backseat, “I got my clothes, and your clothes.”

“And a few things for later,” said Jessica, smiling and giggling.

“What,” said Jack.

“You’ll see later,” said Jessica, giggling as she leaned against him while he drove.

After five minutes of driving, they pulled into the apartment complex.

“My brother told me that there’s a hot tub here,” said Jack as he and Jessica headed up the stairs, “He said that he and Brittney were the only ones who ever used it and had a lot of fun in there.”

“Ughhh,” said Jessica, smiling as she shook her head.

“It’s not much,” said Jack as he and Jessica walked into the apartment.

Jack’s brother Jeff had sent all of the old furniture back.

The living room had a basic setup with a couch, a table, and a TV, while boxes were scattered everywhere.

“This is how you’ve been living,” said Jessica with a worried look on her face as she dropped her backpack on the floor.

“Just since last night,” said Jack, giving her a kiss.

“Daddy was right,” said Jessica, wrapping her arms around Jack and kissing him, “You could use my help.”

“Let me show you something,” said Jack taking Jessica’s hand and leading her to the bedroom.

A large double bed was already set up.

“I didn’t want to sleep in it without you,” said Jack.

Jessica giggled as she wrapped her arms around him again, “Well let’s get you unpacked and we can get into bed faster.”

“Phew,” said Jack collapsing on the bed.

It had taken them an hour and a half but they had gotten the whole apartment set up.

“Don’t tell me that you’re tired already,” said Jessica, standing in the doorway and pouting.

“I’m not,” said Jack, sitting up on the bed, “Just taking a break.”

“Good,” said Jessica as she walked over to him and sat on his lap, her large breasts lightly touching his chest, “Because I told you earlier that you could have fun with these.”

She then smiled as she pulled her tight shirt off and her bra encased breasts bounced free.

“Mmm,” moaned Jessica as she took Jack’s hands, placing them on her boobs.

She then wrapped her arms around Jack, and started kissing him, “Mmh, Mmm.”

“Mmm,” moaned Jack as he ran his hands over his girlfriend’s tits, lightly squeezing them.

“Mmh, Mmm,” moaned Jessica, pulling away from their kissing as her boyfriend started massaging her big boobs, “Mmm Jack, Mmm Baby.”

She smiled as repositioned herself so that she was straddling Jack’s lap.

She took his hands and moaned as she pressed them into her breasts as she started kissing him again, “Mmm, Mmm.”

After kissing for a few minutes Jack moved his hands up to Jessica’s shoulders and started sliding her bra straps down.

Jessica brought her hands up but this time she didn’t stop him.

She unhooked her bra and pulled it away, tossing it on the bed.

Jessica then moaned as Jack cupped her large naked breasts and started massaging them, “Mmm Jack, Mmm squeeze them baby.”

Jack pressed his hands into the soft flesh of his girlfriend’s big boobs causing her to gasp and moan, “Mmmh, Mmm Jack.”

Jessica giggled as she pushed Jack backwards on the bed and laid against him.

“Mmm, I love you Jack Brooks,” said Jessica softly, kissing him.

“And I love you Jessica Hanson,” said Jack, kissing her.

After another few minutes of kissing Jessica pulled away.

“Something wrong baby,” said Jack.

“Uh Uh,” said Jessica, sitting up on the bed and putting her bra back on, “I brought a special something for you.”

She then giggled as she gave him a kiss, “I’ll be right back.” She then walked out of the bedroom.

A maltepe escort few minutes later Jessica came back in dressed in a tight tank-top and panties and carrying her backpack.

“What’s in the bag babe,” said Jack.

“I thought about what Daddy said,” said Jessica, dropping her backpack on the bed and unzipping it, “You’ve done so much for me.”

She then pulled out a DVD, “So I thought of a way to make it up to you.”

“The Punisher,” said Jack getting up and kneeling on the bed, “One of my favorites.”

“Mhhm,” said Jessica, smiling and blushing as she knelt on the bed and grabbed his hands, “Jack, will you have sex with me?”

“Say that again,” said Jack, smiling eagerly.

“I want you,” whispered Jessica, giggling as she pressed her large breasts against his chest, “To fuck me, Jack.”

Without saying a word, Jack got off the bed and stripped down to his boxers.

Jessica laughed at her boyfriend’s excitement as she got up from the bed and put the movie on.

“Your choice baby,” said Jessica kneeling on the bed, grabbing the bottom of her tank-top, “Top on or topless?”

“Leave your bra on baby,” said Jack walking over to her and lifting her tank-top, “For now.”

“I gotcha,” smiled Jessica, pulling her tank-top off.

She then grabbed Jack’s hands, putting them on her big boobs, “Mmmh start with these big girls. Bounce them, squeeze them, do whatever you want with them. They’re all yours.”

Jessica then gasped and moaned as Jack started squeezing her breasts, “Mmm Jack, Ohhh Baby, Mmm squeeze ’em, Uhh squeeze ’em.”

Jack moaned as he massaged Jessica’s boobs, pushing into her and kissing her.

Jessica gave a small squeal and giggled as she fell backwards onto the bed.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as Jack kissed her and ran his hands over her tits.

Jack moaned as Jessica arched her back and pushed her chest upwards against his hands.

“Mmm, looks like you’re ready baby,” said Jessica softly, “Put that big dick inside me.”

“Wait, don’t we need protection,” said Jack.

“I can’t get pregnant baby, I’m on the pill,” said Jessica, pressing his hands against her breasts and whispering, “C’mon, put that big thing inside me.”

Jack pulled off his boxers and Jessica pulled off her panties.

She smiled as she spread her legs, her pussy clean shaven.

Jack slowly pushed his hard cock into his girlfriend’s pussy.

“Oooooh, Uhhhh,” moaned Jessica as Jack penetrated her, “Uhhh Jack.”

Jack grunted as he started thrusting into his girlfriend.

“Oh, Ohhh, Oooh, Mmmh, Mmm,” moaned Jessica as her boyfriend pounded away at her pussy, “Uhh, Jack, Ohhh, Baby.”

Jack continued to thrust, moaning from seeing Jessica’s large breasts bouncing in her bra.

“Ohhh, Uhhh, you like these baby,” moaned Jessica, cupping her big boobs, “You like my big bouncing boobs.”

“Uhh Yesss,” moaned Jack.

“Uhhh, then you’ll like this,” said Jessica.

She quickly reached underneath and unhooked her bra.

Jessica’s large breasts bounced free and started jiggling wildly.

Jack moaned loudly as his dick started spurting cum into Jessica’s pussy.

“OH JACK, OHHH, OH YES,” moaned Jessica loudly, “UHHH GOD, UHHHH YESSSSS!!”

Jack continued to thrust as his cock continued to spurt cum into his girlfriend.

“Ohhh Jack, Mmmmmmhhh,” moaned Jessica, breathing heavily, “Ohhhhh Yessssss, Mmmmmm.”

Jack gave a final moan and thrust harder as he emptied his dick into Jessica.

“OH JACK, Mmmmm Yessss,” moaned Jessica. Jack collapsed in pleasure on top of his girlfriend.

“Mmmm, that’s my baby,” said Jessica with a sigh of relief, “Mmmmmm.”

Jessica giggled as she snuggled with Jack on his bed.

“Mmmm,” said Jessica as she kissed her boyfriend, “This is so much better baby. We can be together without anyone disturbing us.”

“Mhmm,” said Jack, chuckling to himself.

“What’s so funny baby,” said Jessica.

“My brother was right,” said Jack, “This bed is good for fucking.”

“It sure is,” giggled Jessica kissing him again.

“It would be so much better if we were here all the time Jack,” said Jessica, laying her head against Jack’s chest, “No one to disturb us, the whole place to ourselves.”

“Why don’t you move in,” said Jack.

“Huh,” said Jessica.

“Move in here with me,” said Jack.

“Ooooh, can I,” said Jessica, excitement in her brown eyes.

“If you want, and if your parents say it’s ok,” said Jack.

Jessica squealed with excitement.

“I’ll talk with mom and daddy about it tomorrow. But for now,” said Jessica, smiling and putting Jack’s hand on her big right boob, “Let’s get some sleep.”

Jack turned off the lights and went back to feeling his girlfriend’s breast while they kissed.

Soon they were asleep.

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