New Beginnings Ch. 03

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Part 3, Sara’s visit

I have been bumping into my neighbor from across the hall quite often. She is a real head turner. A Raven Haired Beauty as I saw it. She is about 5’5″ dark completion and black hair. Don’t really know weights but lets’ say she is a full figured lady without any extra weight. Nice large breasts and a long nice legs meeting at a nice round ass. We only have passed quick pleasantries but she is always pleasant.

I have been trying to time running into her as we are both coming home so I can ask her for a coffee or drink sometime. I had been expecting her to leave around the time I was at my door waiting.

My bell rang and I expected it to be her. When I opened the door it was Sara.

My neighbor was leaving just as Sara said “I am here to get fucked in the ass, any takers?” She heard my neighbor just as the last word left her mouth. Without missing a beat she said to the other woman “Want to join us?”

The sultry neighbor smiled and said: “Not today, but thank you for asking.” And left the hallway.

I let Sara in and she said something about: “who was that dark beauty?”

I told her: “I was laying in wait to try to get to know her better but got a surprise visitor in need.”

Sara started to apologize when I interrupted by taking her in my arms and planting a hot wet one on her.

When she broke our kiss I asked: “where her husband was and did he know where she was?”

She said: “Steve was with someone who just might be able to take his jumbo cock all the way in her pussy and she approved as he had sent her to me.”

With Sara still in my arms I asked: “just what she wanted before she got fucked in the ass?”

She said:”John this could be my first real time with anal. Would you mind acting like this is the first time between us and try to forget you have already seen me naked and we did suck each other off a couple of times and …”

I interrupted her and said “that if she listed all the things we had done at Ben’s’ loft we would be all day.

I led her by the hand to my bed room and took her back into my arms as I caressed her back and on down to her nice little firm ass.

She said “Romance me motherfucker!”

With an invite like that how could I refuse? I laid her on the bed and lay next to her and continued my caressing and kissing. She was rubbing my now hardening cock through my jeans.

As I was taking her top off she was opening my fly and freeing my cock. I don’t wear any underwear but she was. She had a nice deep blue bra which she didn’t need to support her firm medium sized breasts. As I took her top completely off she had my jeans down to my knees and it was getting kind of hard to move around so I just stopped undressing her and took my jeans and shirt right off, leaving me free to concentrate on her.

I took her skirt off exposing her matching short panties. She also had a garter belt and real hose on, also a dark blue tint. We started kissing and she was stroking my now very hard cock. I reached around behind her to unsnap her bra.

She complimented me being able to do it with one hand.

I started sucking and kissing her breasts and stroked her soft flat belly down to the top of her panties. I caressed her pussy from the outside of her panties and found her crotch to be very wet, which excited me more. I dropped down to take her panties’ waistband it both hands and lowered them.

But first I pressed my nose into her pussy hair and inhaled deeply. It was like a fragrant garden. I could see that she trimmed her pussy but did not shave which I like better.

I lowered her panties almost off and had her lift one foot tuzla escort out of them leaving them on one ankle.

She tried to take them all the way off but I asked her to leave them where they were but didn’t give any explanation, as I was now running my finger through her pussy hair and sliding a finger down through her full hot lips to her hot opening. I was dipping my finger in her and spreading her fragrant juices around her and through her hair.

She said:”you are really into that aren’t you?”

“I sure love your pussy” and as I said that I slipped down to look right into her beautiful little love maker. She is beautiful, nice full lips, a very prominent clit standing out beyond her lips just begging for attention.

So after rubbing my face gently through her hair again I ran my tongue where my fingers had just been.

She tasted wonderful. Her nectar was hot and tasted of tangerines. I would have to ask about that later as my mouth was very busy. It seemed all too soon that after licking her clit she started to cum. She grabbed my head and held me to her center cunning strongly.

I tried to continue licking her after she came down and she tried to lift my head away and told me that she: “needed a second after cumming before her clit was safe to lick.”

So I started to rise up and be above her as my cock found her pussy. She kind of turned to the side so my cock missed its’ destination and said, “I’m not on the pill and am afraid to get pregnant by anyone but Steve, but I will do anything else for you”

She started to slide down the bed and take my cock into her mouth. I rolled to my side and turned her around into a 69 so I could get back to her pussy for some more of those tangerines.

She flinched a little as I tried to lick her clit again so I drifted to her lips and sweet opening to concentrate my play. As I was doing this I was also exploring her with my fingers.

When I would get one wet with her juice I would spread the wetness to her cute little rose bud of an ass hole. I started spending more and more time on her ass gently caressing my finger tip into her slowly as I knew this was new to her but maybe part of our game today.

Before long I had a finger tip in and asked her if she was enjoying my work.

She moaned yes and I asked her if she wanted to explore further?

She said “please show me more, this is beyond what I ever expected.”

She had thought it would be painful and I explained that without patience and a lot of lube it could.

I told her that it might get a little wet back there did she mind?

She said “no these are your sheets!”

But first I took her hips into my hands and rolled her over to her knees and placed my hands on her ass cheeks.

I told her that I thought her ass was beautiful and put my face between her ass cheeks.

She jumped she was so surprised. I continued to caress her ass cheeks as I breathed on her ass hole. She relaxed and I placed a warm kiss directly on her anus. Hearing her moan was all I needed to continue. With my hands spreading her cheeks I explored her anus with my lips and tongue.

I kissed her, licked her and tried to fuck her ass with my tongue. I don’t know who loved it more.

She said: “I could really get to like this.”

I told her fine as I loved doing it.

She asked how I felt about having it done to me. I told her I loved it almost as much as doing it but finding someone to return the favor was hard to find.

Then she asked something that made me think she had talked to Ben before coming here today.

She said: “have you found anyone recently to do this for you?”

I tuzla escort bayan played like I didn’t know where she was going and said: “yes but it is embarrassing to tell.”

She said “you have your tongue in my ass and I am ready to cum and you are getting all shy now, tell me.”

So I told her that Ben had eaten my ass so well that I came without either of us touching my cock.

She said: “that she wanted to do that for me and tried to turn around.”

I told her that I wasn’t done with her and to stay where she was.

I then got a nice soft towel from a dresser drawer and placed it under us and a bottle of Astroglide from the night stand.

She noticed that there was some missing and asked,” This isn’t your first time is it?”

I replied “no, did it bother her?”

She replied that “she had sucked a lot of cock did it bother me?”

I told her: “no I was fascinated by it but back to her cute little ass.”

She said: “that she couldn’t believe her ass hole could be cute.”

I told her that it was part of the entire package, she had a great ass, was very open in bed and her little rosebud was part of the package and I loved it.

As I was saying all of this I was spreading some of the lube around her little opening and starting to put my finger gently into her. After getting one in I continued to lube and massage her anal area to relax her.

Before long I had two fingers in her and she was relaxed enough for me to slowly fuck her with them.

She said: “she was ready would I please fuck her ass.”

With an offer like that how could I refuse, so I lubed up my cock and placed the head at her opening.

I told her: “to push back when she was ready and stop if it hurt as there was no hurry.”

I almost passed out when she pushed back and my cock head popped into her ass and she continued to push about 2 inches of my cock in her.

“I thought this was your first time?” I asked.

She replied: “that she had been practicing with dildos and vibrators to get ready and could I please put some cock in her.”

“Smart ass take this!” and I pushed the rest of my cock slowly but firmly into her.

I was surprised to find me in to the balls and she was starting to move her ass into a nice fucking motion. I leaned forward so I could reach around and take both of her breasts into my hands. Then I tried to finger her clit but she already had a hand there and said: “let me do this.”

With that said we started fucking.

After only a short while we had a smooth rhythm going. She was moaning deeply from somewhere deep inside her.

“I need to look into your eyes, lets’ roll over” she said and without my cock coming from her anus we rolled her onto her back and she spread her legs wide so I could look right into her pussy.

It looked so much like an orchid, her lips were engorged with blood giving them a beautiful crimson color and her opening was just that, open and pearls of her juices were dripping out. Her clit was also erect and prominently standing up begging for attention. It made me want to run out later and find an art gallery with a Georgia O’Keefe collection.

I tried to touch her clit and she said that she wanted it all to be about her ass and to leave it alone as she had too.

With that said she reached around her ass with both hands and held her cheeks open really exposing her most intimate secret to me.

I then thought if it was to be all about her ass I shouldn’t even see her pussy, so I leaned forward and held her head in both my hands and kissed her as deeply as I could.

She opened her lips and I took that as an invitation escort tuzla to make love to her at both ends and started caressing her tongue with mine.

We had a new even more intimate rhythm going and I could feel her starting to cum.

It started in her diaphragm and moved into her pelvis.

We had a deep grinding kind of movement going when she said that she was starting to cum. Her entire body started to vibrate.

She held me in her arms until she stopped shaking and was very quite.

I thought she was fine and just composing herself but I had very few experiences this intense.

“Oh my God, I have never cum like that, it was completely different from fucking or having someone eating my puss.” she sighed.

She said: “she had had both at the same time and even that didn’t compare.”

During her orgasm I had been holding still as she had her arms and legs wrapped so tightly around me I couldn’t move.

I tried to start moving but she slipped away and my still hard cock was pulled from inside her.

“I can’t even touch myself back there, but I will be glad to do something special for you as soon as I settle down, sweetheart.” Sara says smiling.

“OK, while you are basking in that glow you have, I’ll just freshen up.” I replied as I headed to the bath room.

When I came back she went into the bath to do the same.

As she came back, she asked: “if she could ask me some questions?”

I told her I was open to anything.

She said: “if it isn’t too personal can you tell me about Ben and you and you cumming without anyone touching your cock? I think it is pretty close to what just happened to me.”

“I guess it would be pretty close. I know that I really enjoyed it and it was so guttural, primal even and so forbidden that I really enjoyed it.”

She said ” Would you let me do it for you, I would really like to give this to you.”

By now it was early evening and the room was cast in warm shadows and I hoped she couldn’t see my embarrassment, and honestly who would want to pass this up.

She could see that I was hesitant when she just started to caress my chest and arms and before I knew it I was on my stomach.

“Kneel down for me please, knees and elbows” she said softly.

I did so and she started to caress both of my ass cheeks. Her hands were so soft but gave me a feeling of confidence on her part. I felt that she wanted to do this, so I just relaxed and went with it.

“That’s it baby give yourself to me” she said.

I could then feel her warm breath on my cheeks and then my ass crack.

She started at the top and gave me soft kisses right down to my anus and past, stopping just short of my balls. She repeated this a few times and now I was really into it and had forgotten my embarrassment and let go with a moan from deep inside of me.

She continued this for a while when she started with more intense wet kisses, ending up right on my anus. She kissed it like she would my lips, hot wet kisses.

She then stuck her tongue right into me and I went over the edge. My entire existence was centered in my anus and nothing else mattered.

My cock was hard as steel and I could feel my pulse in it making it throb.

She continued feasting on me until my back started to curl up and my cock exploded spraying my cum all over the bed.

I fell forward and Sara slid up next to me on her side putting one arm and leg over me, which completed the experience making me feel completely comfortable with what had just happened.

She then told me that she had never felt so close to anyone and said laughing: “if you ever tell anyone I will have to kill you or my husband will.”

“You know I love him but nobody can give anyone everything. Lets let this be ours alone.” Sara wispers.

Laughing Sara says:”Now tell me about that bitch next door!”

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