Navy Bride Ch. 02

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My name is Tammy and I am in a lot of trouble right now. My husband is a sailor and is out at sea. I haven’t seen him in months. I was weak one night and I went to bed with my next door neighbor Rob. We have been fucking almost daily and I find I might be pregnant. The problem is I didn’t tell Rob from the beginning that I wasn’t on the pill.

I need to tell him now but I don’t want to lose him as my lover. I missed my period so I went and got a test kit. Sure enough it came back positive. I wanted to cry right then. I screwed things up royally and I don’t know how to fix it. That night I knocked on Rob’s door. He let me in and we had a long kiss.

“I was hoping you would stop by tonight,” he told me.

To be honest, I needed to feel Rob’s cock inside me in the worst way. Rob led me back to his bedroom and we both got naked. Rob then had me get on my hands and knees. I knew this was his favorite position to take me. I lowered my face to a pillow and lifted my ass to him. I felt Rob rub his mushroom up and down my slit. I waited for him to slide into me.

I moaned as I felt his big dick sliding past my folds. Rob had his hands on my hips and he buried his dick in me the whole way. Rob didn’t start fucking me quite yet. He rested that big prick in my belly and let me milk him with my pussy muscles. bakırköy escort You could say that Rob had total control over me these days and I loved it that way.

I gripped him with my pussy and Rob then pulled back. I could feel the tip of his cock just resting at my opening. Rob then drove his rod into me the whole way. Oh fuck, that felt good. My lover knew he had me right where he wanted me. He started to pound me hard knowing I would lose control of myself.

Rob had to be close to eight inches in length and his cock was thick as well. My husband Tommy wasn’t well endowed. I hate to say it but I didn’t miss my husband very much these days. I wanted Rob now and I didn’t know how to get out of my situation. That would have to come later. Rob was buried deep in my belly and I wanted him to stay inside me forever.

Rob moved his hands from my hips up to my tits. His belly was on my back and he was massaging my hanging breasts. I loved when Rob would pinch my nipples. It gave me these intense little orgasms. I was pushing back to meet Rob’s thrusts. I didn’t think I was going to be able to hang on much longer. I felt a big orgasm rising and I had to let go.

I started to grunt and my juices started to flow all over Rob’s cock. Rob must have been waiting for beşiktaş escort me to release. He slammed into me a few more times and I felt his hot cream start to flood my belly. I love when I feel the heat from Rob’s cum entering my pussy. Rob must have cum a full fifteen minutes until he was finally empty.

Rob rested on top of me for some time and then I felt his dick slip from my pussy. We both fell to the bed and Rob held me close to him.

I decided this was the time I needed to tell Rob about my discovery.

“Rob, I need to tell you something important.”

Rob just looked at me intently for a few moments.

“I am pregnant with your child,” I told him.

The bedroom got deathly quiet.

“You are sure of that?” He asked me.

I nodded yes that I was pregnant. I didn’t know how he would answer me.

“What do you want to do then, have the baby or not?” He said to me.

“I want the baby but I don’t want to lose you either,” I thought I might be close to crying.

“You won’t lose me but I wish you would have told me you weren’t on birth control,” Rob said.

“I screwed up, I know, and now I need you so much in my life,” I told Rob.

“What about Tommy?” Rob asked me.

“I was going to write him and tell him I want a divorce,” beylikdüzü escort I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

I didn’t want to be with my husband anymore. We had made a mistake getting married. Now I was pregnant by another man. I just wanted to start fresh with Rob, if he wanted that as well.

“Write Tommy and tell him the truth, you are pregnant by another man and you want out of the marriage,” Rob said to me.

That e-mail was the hardest thing I ever did. Luckily for me, Tommy wrote me back and said he had found someone else as well. Getting a divorce would be the best thing for both of us, Tommy said. I couldn’t believe how it worked out. I ended getting that divorce and Rob and I are now living together.

I know it is hard to believe but I am horny so much more since I am pregnant. Rob and I fuck almost everyday lately. When we get home from work, Rob takes me and fucks me hard in our bed. I am not showing much yet and Rob says he want to fill me up as much as he can with his man seed.

Last night Rob lifted my legs up and slid that beautiful cock deep into me. Rob likes to stir his cock around in my belly and make me go insane from the fucking he gives me. I hope the neighbors don’t hear me as I scream my head off when Rob pushes that long prick of his as deep as he can into my pussy. Our pubic bones grind together as he makes me his bitch.

Rob fucked me hard until he flooded me with his hot loving. He blew three good loads inside me last night alone. Things have worked out for the best. I am going to keep fucking my lover until the day I conceive.

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