Mystery Moves In

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I realize that these stories might be hard to swallow for some and if I hadn’t been living it, I would be very skeptical as well. Yes I did have 5 women living under one roof for quite a while. Several of them for years. Yes I did have two sisters AND their mother performing, some of the wildest, hottest and wettest cunnilingus on each other as well as the other women I can imagine. Yes, all 5 women performed fellatio on me many times, sometimes several times during the course of a 72 hour weekend. If you don’t believe it, then fine, well and good. It’s your right and privilege. I won’t argue the point one way or another. I simply thought some might enjoy my good fortune.

Well now on to the newest installment of my life of depravity. This chapter started with me trying to help a very loyal and devoted Secretary overcome some serious personal trials. That help triggered something primal in her and light yet another fire in my oven.

After the weekend of round after round of sex with Renee, Sandy and Suzie, I was totally wiped out come Monday morning. I drug my exhausted carcass in to the office and managed to get there at my usual hour early. As I walked in that morning, I smelled a brand new pot of coffee and a faint hint of a familiar woman’s cologne. I recognized it as being the one that drove me will just a few days ago.

It seems that Sandy had been awakened with her new experiences. She became a tigress and a wildcat. She was somewhat sore however from being ass fucked, double penetrated by me and Suzie with her strap on. But there she was sitting at her desk pouring over the reports from the weekend and my training plans that we had been working on.

She burst out laughing when I dragged my sorry tail through the door. She said that I looked like I had been run over by a garbage truck and dragged. I couldn’t argue that point at all. She told me to go sit down in my chair and she would be my legs for the day or until I could get the blood circulating again. With that she turned and bounced out the door.

She returned to my office about 3 minutes later with a piping hot cup of coffee, a beautiful large powdered doughnut and a sexy silly smile. She sat down by my desk and said to eat and drink and she would make me merry. I cocked an eyebrow at that last part and before I could get my clouded mind cleared, she moved over to me and reached for my stiffening cock. She gave it a squeeze and said, let’s get you some energy built up and I will “handle it” from there.

She smiled and turned and as she was walking across the office toward her’s She seemed to have a lot more wiggle in her walk. I couldn’t help but thinking back over the last few days. As I was daydreaming while I was eating my doughnut, my phone rang. Sandy said that Renee was on the line and seemed to be especially excited.

Thinking something was wrong, I grabbed the phone and immediately asked if she was OK. She burst out laughing saying that all was good and that she awoke a bit earlier from a dream in which she was cumming like mad. It seemed that she had dreamed of the weekend and it turned her on big time. I gave out a chuckle and said that I really enjoyed it too and couldn’t wait to a repeat performance.

We talked about nothing much after that for a few minutes and she was off the phone. As I looked up Sandy was standing there with a concerned look on her face until I told her all was good. She smiled and said that Renee had started a yearning in her that she had never dreamed possible. While I wasn’t watching them the whole time, Renee went down on her and they experimented with 69s until they found just the right position and combination. Suzie had joined a time or two with the Strap On with the intent of keeping them reminded that dicks feel better than tongues a lot of the time.

Sandy and I finished out the day and remarkably we had completed most of the paperwork and my new Academy istanbul escort Lesson Plans. At 5:15 she and I walked out of the office and headed to the track to unwind a bit before driving home. As we walked, she said that she had taken the job with me because she had found me very attractive but had stayed because of my willingness to help her whenever she needed a little time off. As we walked along, she reached for my hand and said that she was falling in love with me. I stopped her, turning her around and said that I was likewise falling for her.

Right after confessing our feelings, she grabbed my cock and said she wanted to taste my cum as it squirted down her throat before we left for home. So, we found a secluded place just off the trail and she immediately went to work. It only took about 5 minutes for me to begin building toward that awesome feeling of the Cum rising. I told her to hold on that I was about to start shooting. That seemed to have triggered her primals because she sucked harder and deeper and faster until I began to shoot string after string of cum in to her hot eager mouth. After she had finished swallowing every last drop, she stood up and said, “that is so hot and sweet.” With that we continued on our way around the track and to our cars.

We arrived home just a few minutes later and she bounded out of her car and in to the house. Renee met her at the door and they broke immediately in to a deep French kiss. Suzie rounded the corner and asked if Sandy had told me yet. She broke from Renee long enough to say she had told me and that I had said the feeling was mutual. Suzie smiled and said that she was ecstatic. With that she runs her hands up between Renee’s legs and said that she felt so very hot. Renee moaned loudly in Sandy’s mouth and finally after breaking their kiss, they wanted to go take a shower before supper.

Suzie and I could hear their moans and grunts and muffled screams coming down from the shower upstairs. Those noises turned us both on so much that I started rubbing Suzie’s snatch through her running shorts and after just a few seconds, she had dropped them to the floor, kicked them off and was bending over. She said she wanted to feel my cock up her ass with the cum shooting so hard that she could feel it and taste it. I grabbed some hand lotion we kept in the kitchen and lubed her asshole up as well as my cock and started the process of pushing it in her ass. But she the every horny and ready one, loved to take control whenever I was easing it in. She thrust herself back on my dick hard and fast.

In about two seconds she had me buried balls deep in her ass and was moaning and rubbing her slit like there would be no tomorrow. I lasted about 10 minutes after having cum bucket loads down Sandy’s throat just a half hour and a bit earlier. As I began shooting wad after wad up Suzie’s ass, she began to moan loudly and started cumming so much that it began to puddle up at her feet. She had found her own G-spot and had triggered a massive flood of her love juices.

After I finished unloading my nut sack, Suzie leaned back on the counter and said WOW!! She asked me if I had been exercising my dick somehow because she could feel it more so this time than ever before. About the time we had recovered enough to continue with supper fixings, Renee and Sandy came down from their shower. They both looked pale and drained. Suzie and I laughed at their looks and we sat down for a wonderful supper.

After supper was finished and all the after dinner chores were done we, gathered in the family room all prepared to watch a movie together. But what came on was a super XXX movie of amateur action. These were home videos with NO actors or actresses. All real, all homemade and all hotter than blazes. Before we got through the first couple’s scene, we were all naked, rubbing, probing and fingering avcılar escort whatever holes we could reach.

After a half hour of foreplay, we all wound up on the floor linked together mouth to pussy to ass to cock. Since we all had just cum about 45 minutes earlier we lasted a little longer. Right in the middle of it all, Suzie, disengages and runs upstairs. Her suddenness of action caused us all to take pause but by the time we realized that there was nothing wrong, she came back in to the family room carrying two video recorders. She ordered us all to re-engage while she positioned them just right. After she got the cameras situated to her liking she dove right back in and before long she was rimming Renee and fingering Sandy.

I had finally gotten Renee in to a position so I could enter her pussy and or ass and I wasted no time in going for it. As I slid my now hard as a missile cock in to her pussy, Renee let out a low guttural noise and went to lapping Suzie’s cunt furiously. As I rocked back in forth in my Sister’s cunt, she moaned and squealed in delight and started to cum. I followed right behind her and began to pump another round of love seed deep in her canal. After I finished I pulled out only to have Sandy move around until she could wrap her lips around my shrinking cock. She licked and sucked every bit of love juices from Renee and me.

After we all had cum again, we sort of broke apart but not really separated. As we lay there for a while, Renee asked me if it would be OK for her to move from Texas to Georgia. I chuckled and told her that she could move in but only if she was ready to fucked continually and at length frequently. She giggled and said she thought she could put up with that arrangement. Sandy then turned over to her back and looked at me and asked if she could move in as well. I glanced over at Suzie who appeared to be asleep but, she opened her eyes and grinned and said that she couldn’t wait to have us all together on a permanent basis. She started laughing first to herself then finally out loud.

When someone asked her what she was laughing about, she reminded me that sometimes when women are living together they will often sync their monthly cycles which meant they would all be fertile at the same time as well. I rolled my eyes and said heaven help me…We all had a hearty laugh and went upstairs to shower and head off to bed.

I helped Renee and Sandy get all moved in and settled and had a very sexual time in doing so. All the way from Texas while I was doing some of the driving, Renee would pull my cock out suck me off. When she was driving I would coax her shorts down so that I could reach her pussy with my hand and would bring her to climax as well. Since Sandy lived less than an hour from my house, when I told her about my trip from Texas with Renee, she smiled and said, “in that case, we will just have screw each others’ brains out before we leave here.”

The morning of the move from Sandy’s apartment, I arrived at the appointed time and found her standing there in her living room waiting for me with nothing on but a smile. As I walked up to her she suddenly turned around and bent over exposing both her pussy and asshole to me. I stepped forward and out of my pants and asked her which way she wanted it. Her reply was simple, “take either or both, it’s up to you.” I chose her pussy first because she was already sopping wet and leaking. I slid my cock all the way in with one motion and within about 20 seconds we were fucking like wild rabbits. After cumming in her pussy, she was still horny as hell and wanted to feel my cock up her ass.

So after she tongued me and sucked my now shrinking cock back to life, I eased it in to her brown hole. She squealed and thrust back on to me begging me to fuck her ass silly. I gladly obliged and managed to bring myself to orgasm again. While there wasn’t a whole lot of şirinevler escort cum, the convulsions from my pulsing cock sent her over the edge again.

After getting everyone settled in, we got our routines worked out and things slowed down a little bit. Enough so that I was only getting each woman once a week which for me meant I could empty my balls three times a week when I was in town. My time to teach in the Academy came up and since I would be implementing my new changes, I would be gone for a full 10 weeks. As I bid the women goodbye the night before we all engaged in a massive mind blowing orgy of our own.

The 10 weeks dragged on slowly and rapidly at the same time. When I was busy, it flew by but when I had the down time, it seemed to drag on and on. Finally at the end of the cycle, I arrived back home to be met at the driveway by all three women. All three of them were wearing nothing but bathrobes. As I embraced each of them separately, Suzie said, that she had somewhat of a surprise for me. Puzzled, I started to ask her what she meant when Renee blurted out that they were now all in sync. This meant that I would have to be very careful for a few days before their monthly cycles started.

With that, we headed to the shower and then the hot tub to celebrate my return home. Starting in the hot tub with fingering, sucking licking and a round of bent over sex, we headed to bed. Suzie was the first one out of the hot tub and when I walked in to the bedroom she was on her hands and knees with that glorious ass shining right at me begging me to fuck it hard and fast. As I approached her, she wiggled it a bit and asked me to shove my cock up her pussy first because she wanted to feel my cum shooting in her love box. Then IF I had any left she wanted to feel it shooting in her ass. I gladly obliged.

The next morning, I felt a familiar set of lips wrapped around my cock and opened my eyes to see my beautiful sister giving me some super fine head. She brought me right to the edge and suddenly stopped but only long enough to spin around a slam her hot box down on to my cock. Within seconds I was drilling her snatch for all I was worth. After about 10 minutes, I exploded such a wad of love cum, that It was leaking out of her as I pumped and pumped while my orgasm was ongoing. When I finished, I looked up just in time to see Sandy coming toward us and before I had pulled out of Renee, Sandy was nuzzling her twat licking and sucking any cum that was leaking out she could.

Her actions had me hard again in just a few minutes and she said that if I had any left she wanted to feel it squirting in her pussy too. I told her that I might be able to muster a little bit but couldn’t make any promises about the volume. She smiled and said she would take what I could give. Remarkably, when my cock entered her hot sweet snatch, I almost couldn’t make more than a few strokes before I felt the urge to cum rising rapidly.

I pulled out of her for a few moments letting the sensations die down a bit and after about two minutes of disengaging, she pushed me over to my back and mounted me, sliding her super wet and slick pussy down my still rock hard shaft. Then after another couple minutes, I couldn’t hold off any longer and damned if I didn’t unload what felt like a bucket full of hot stick cum up her canal. She squealed with delight and after we had come down from the cum high, we showered and got ready to go to the office.

A couple weeks later when I came home from the office, I was met by three very grumpy women. Sandy had taken the day off so, she was there all day too. As I walked in and noticed the attitudes and grumpiness in the air, I figured it best if I just go shower without company. When I stepped out of the shower there all three women were standing with little plastic sticks in their hands. I didn’t immediately recognize what they were but soon found out that all three of them had these little blue + symbols in them. Upon recognizing them, I swallowed hard and asked if everyone was OK. All three of those beautiful women broke out in to a howl and said hell yes. I would find out within the next few days that I would be a first second and third daddy.

I wonder how pregnancy sex feels???

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