My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 04

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“I’m glad that he likes seeing my sexy wife in pretty lingerie as much as I do,” I thought to myself as I drove back to the mall where I had purchased her sexy green/black bra and thong panties set a week ago.

My sexy Latina wife has those curves in all the right places! Those full sexy firm C cup brown boobs, that round smooth size 5 panties ass…..Hmmmmmmmmmm. That wild set of hair she has on her head, her pretty smile, those fantastic hips, and her soft skin….oh I could go on and on about how sexy is!

“A wife like her deserves sexy outfits and lingerie and that’s why she has drawers full of sexy bras, panties, and outfits!” I said to myself.

So, I pulled up to the mall, I parked, and I went into the store where I had purchased her last sexy outfit. I went on a Friday after, hoping to see the same young sales woman who helped me last week, and to my delightful surprise, she was there!

I made eye contact with her, smiled, and she smiled right back at me! That was good for my ego! Oh by looking at her, I figured her to be in her early 20’s, her skin was nice light brown tone, she stood about 5’2″ and I would say she weighed no more than 110lbs soaking wet.

She was wearing pretty hoop earrings, she had a small diamond stud in her nose, and she had bold features. Her high cheekbones and nose actually gave her an exotic look, she looked to be either Native American, Latina, or perhaps both.

Her hair was dark brown with red highlights that came just below her shoulders, she was sexy and attractive. I made a full observation, she had small firm boobs and her fitted green top was tucked into her tight white pants. She wore a tan belt and she had nice shapely legs. When she turned around to put some clothes up on the rack, I could also see that she definitely had a nice round firmly shaped little ass!

I walked to her up saying, “Hi, how are you today, June?” as I looked down at her name tag.

“Pretty good, you know how it is I’ll be doing better when I get off work here in the next fifteen minutes.”

I laughed replying, “I know how that goes, as a matter of fact, I just got off of work here myself.”

She said, “So how did your weekend go last week?” with a sly smile on her pretty face.

I knew exactly what she meant, if you read my wife goes out with her friends, part 3, you would know too!

“Well,” I said sort of laughingly, “It was awesome!”

“Oh nice!” was her reply, “so did your friend like the pretty bra and panty set that you picked out for your wife to wear, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?” she sort of purred.

“As a matter fact, he loved it! I’m not sure if he loved her more in them or out of them though I admit!” I told her

She grinned saying, “that’s really wild and cool that you actually share your wife, I mean she must love you so much, and really loves how you take care of her!”

“Oh yea, she does, it’s pretty wild, you’re right, but hey, as long as everyone agrees, than why not have fun, right!” I told her. I added, “Besides, she tells me that I am one heck of a lover in bed, so she feels like she’s the lucky one!”

June then gave me a sexy smile and said “oh really, is that so? Well, like I said before, I sure hope that someday, when I get married, my husband is as open as you and allows me to have such fun too!”

The look in her eyes and the way that she said that made me take a deep breath and think about those possibilities.

“So you’re getting off in fifteen minutes, huh, nice have any plans for the weekend, or do you have to work?” I asked her.

“Yes, I opened up the store this morning, so I get off at four today, then I am off tomorrow and don’t have to be back until Sunday”

“That’s cool,” I told her, so do you go to college also, or?”

“Yea, I’m in my fourth semester and I work here about 30 to 35 hours or so a week'” she said.

“Ok, good, so what plans do you have for the weekend?” I asked.

“Well I wanted to go to the beach tomorrow with my boyfriend, but I don’t want to go until I can buy a new bikini, and with the rent due on the apartment that I share with my roommate, I don’t think I will be able to buy it for a few weeks.” She replied.

“Oh I see and just how much is this special bikini?” I asked her.

“Well, I’ll show you, it’s this one here” as she walked over to the bikini section of the store, and she held up a beautiful, skimpy, little orange bikini. She handed it over to me and I looked at the price tags.

The small Bikini cut bottoms were $24 and the skimpy triangle cover top was $23.

“Wow that is a pretty bikini! With Tax, I’d say that is going to cost you just over $50 huh?” I asked her.

She sighed and said “yea, see why I have to wait?” with a sort of disappointed tone in her pretty voice.

“You know what, I am not a wealthy man, but I do make a good living, so I’ll tell you what, if you would model that for me, I think I could find it in my heart to purchase it for you!” I told her with a smile on my face.

“What? trabzon escort No way, are you kidding me?” she said.

“Nope, I’m dead serious, I wouldn’t mind and besides it would give an old guy like me a thrill to see such a pretty young woman as yourself in that bikini!” I boldly told her.

She smiled and asked me, “well, just how old is old?”

“I’m 46” I told her.

She said, “well you’re old enough to be my dad, that’s for sure, so I guess it’s a good thing for you that I sort of have a thing for older men!” she said with a sly grin.

“Oh? You mean your boyfriend is an older man?” I asked.

“Well no, he’s my age, but I just meant that most the customers that come in here are usually older men, I guess about your age, and well I do pretty well with my lingerie sales.” She said confidently.

“I have no doubt that you do,” I replied openly looking her up and down and knowing full well that the men enjoy her flirting with them too!

She gave me a sly and seductive grin when I said that. The kind of sly grin that number one explains why she enjoys working in a lingerie shop and number two, that let me know she did have a wild side to her.

“Well,” I said back to this beautiful young woman, “on the flip side of that statement, then I know you are young enough to be my daughter, how old are you?”

She chimed up, “I’ll be twenty one in the next two months!”

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmm” I thought to myself, “a ripe, sexy, beautiful twenty year old woman, nice!”

“I’m sure that you have already tried on the bikini and know your size, correct?” I asked as I felt the soft thin material of the skimpy bikini in my hands, examining the little crotch area.

She laughed softly replying, “You know I have. Look since you are going to buy this for me, I think the least that I can do, is model it for you. Why don’t you wait for me to get off and we can go back to my apartment.

She went on adding, “My roommate is a waitress and she works from 3:30 until midnight, and my boyfriend wants me to meet him for dinner at 7:30, so I have some time to kill, that is, if you do.”

“Sure, no worries on my end, I’ll call my wife and tell her that I will be home a few hours.” I answered.

I looked around the store and there were a few others in there, some being helped by other sales girls, so I told June, “That sounds like a plan honey. Let me purchase this and I’ll be right outside of the store on the bench waiting for you to clock out, ok?”

“Oh and by the way, my name is Andy” I told her.

“I remember, it said Andrew on the card that you used last week, but if you prefer Andy, then Andy it is, unless I can think of some think else to call you,” she said as she grinned at me.

Since I had gone there to purchase something pretty for my wife, I also picked out a pretty, powder blue baby doll nightie. I told June, “Go ahead and ring up these up for me, so you get credit for the sale too!”

She smiled at me and said, “Thanks!”

As she was doing so, I was thinking to myself, “Well Andy, let’s see what happens with her, I mean, it’s not every day that a man my age finds himself in such a nice situation. Since Yvonne has been having so much fun and has mentioned that she would like for me to have fun too, oh I don’t think she would mind if I had some fun of my own!”

I then went out front, and sat on the bench near the front of the lingerie store. I was checking some sports scores on my phone for about ten minutes, when I heard, “Hey Andy, so are you ready to see me model that pretty bikini that you bought for me, hmmmmmmm?”

“Oh yea, let’s go out to my truck and I’ll give you a ride to where ever you parked, how does that sound?” I told her.

“Great, let’s go!” she replied.

The next thing I knew, I was following this little college hottie back to her place, and sure enough, it was an apartment complex less than ten minutes away from the mall. I watched her park as I parked my truck, and I walked over to her smiling.

“Do you always invite strange men back to your place?” I asked her openly.

Laughing she said, “Actually, believe it or not, no. I mean besides my boyfriend, you are the only other man and hey you are not a stranger, we met last week, so ha ha!”

“Spoken like a true twenty year old” I thought to myself. So, I just smiled, saying “Oh yes, true, then lead the way!”

I walked behind her, watching her ass move from side to side in her tight white pants. She was wearing stretch jeans that came down to her calves. I could see the whole shape of her young ass, knowing that she probably had on a pair of thong panties under. I admit it, made my dick jump in my pants watching her ass in those tight pants.

I think she knew it too, because she looked back at me and caught me openly looking at her ass, when I looked at her face, she just smiled, turned and kept walking, this time it seemed she was moving her hips from side to side even more, with her small firm trabzon escort bayan ass on display to me!

As we walked thru the courtyard, she smiled and said hello to another man, probably in his 60’s, saying, “Hello Mr. O’Brien, how are you today?”

He just smiled and replied, “Oh hi June, oh I’m doing great, thanks for asking sweetie.” As he said that, I saw him look her up and down, really checking her out in her tight green top and those tight white pants with the platform sandals that she had on!

“Is this your dad honey?” he asked as we walked by.

“Oh um, yea, this is my stepdad,” she told him as she smiled at me.

“Nice to meet you sir, you sure have a beautiful girl there!” he said with a grin.

“Great, nice to meet you too, yes she is beautiful, you’re right!” I replied as I looked at her.

“Oh she’s eye candy for him for sure I bet he checks her out a lot!” I thought to myself as we kept walking towards her place.

Once we got inside, she said, “so Andy, would like something to drink?”

“No, I’m good, thank, but stepdad huh?” I said.

“Oh I was just having fun with him, besides I didn’t want him to think that I was just inviting some older man over to my place, I hope you don’t mind.” She said while smiling.

I just laughed, “it’s all good, honey, no worries, I want you to be comfortable!” As I handed her the pretty pink shopping bag, that had her bikini in it.

She smiled at me, and said, “I’ll be out in a minute!” as she dashed into her bedroom.

I stood and checked out the place, it looked like a college girl’s apartment, nothing fancy, some basic furniture, a small TV on the counter, etc.

That’s when I heard, “so how do I look?”

I turned around and I am not exaggerating, I had an INSTANT HARD ON!

She looked Amazing! She had a sexy smile on her pretty face, the top was just two small triangle patches that covered her small firm tits, and her tummy was flat and she had a pretty belly button piercing that dangled. The bottoms appeared to be just a small pretty thin piece of material barely covering her most intimate place, her beautiful firm legs looks so pretty, and her feet were placed in those same nice sexy platform sandals. She looked like a Million bucks!!!

My jaw dropped and my mouth was open for a few seconds, as gawked at her. She looked back and me and she bit her bottom lips, and started to turn around. As he did, I noticed that the Bikini cut bottoms just barely covered her small beautiful firm smooth ass, showing off the shape of her lovely butt for my viewing pleasure!

She said, “So old man, what do you think? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?”

I didn’t even care that she called me old man I was just taken back by her sheer beauty!

I could not deny that she was one of the beautiful creatures that I had ever laid eyes on in such a setting, I licked my lips, without thinking and said to her, “June, you look fabulous! You look adorable, my oh my, you are beautiful!”

She smiled from ear to ear, obviously enjoying putting on the show for me and she began to walk towards her small i pod home on the counter. I watched and took in every inch of the college hottie as she moved her hips seductively in front of me. I was mesmerized by her perfect little ass. Even though she was thin and petite, she was blessed with an ass that would put many to shame. It was a perfect little shape and she knew it!

She must have been hearing compliments about her ass for a couple of years now, because she seemed to linger on the fact that I could see her ass in those tight little bikini bottoms and they were clinging to her perfect butt!

She got to her stereo, turned to look at me, caught me looking, no staring at her ass, as she smiled and turned on some music. Once the dance track song came on that she liked, she started to move her hips from to side, “oh fuck, “I thought to myself, “she’s going to fucking dance for me!”

She put her soft firm arms in the air over her head and she began to dance with her ass facing me. She moved her feet and her entire body to the rhythm of the music as I could feel my cock straining in my underwear as I watched in such amazement!

She then turned around and I could see her from the front. Those small and perfect little tits in her skimpy little top, that flat perfect little tummy, oh those toned twenty year old legs moving.

She smiled and said, “sit down old man, sit right here!” as she patted the sofa.

I walked over and sat in the sofa, not taking my eyes off of her. I didn’t mind that she was calling me old man, it seemed to sort of arouse her, the way she said, it, like it was a power thing for her, being able to mesmerize me and my thoughts, I liked it!

She danced and danced for a good five minutes not saying a word to me, then she got directly in front of me, she turned around, her hot perfect little shapely ass inches from me, as she began to pull her small bottoms up even farther into her butt.

She escort trabzon pulled them up, so that they looked like thong bottoms, “oh fuck, oh man!” I thought to myself as she did, I had to reach down and adjust my rock hard penis that was in my pants. I couldn’t help but to keep my hand on my crotch, as I watched, I sort of felt my dick thru my pants, it just felt right.

She moved her hips around and around and then she turned to face me. She caught me touching myself, but instead of being upset, she just smiled at me as she began to reach down and caress and fondle her small beautiful tits thru her skimpy top.

Again my mouth opened as I watched her, she then gave me lustful sort of glaring look as she reached down, placed her small hand on her mound and she began to softly rub her own vagina thru those small bottoms!

I almost felt like I had to pinch myself, was this a dream? Was this sexy little college hottie actually touching her pussy in front of me? Oh man, I was so hard!

“So Andy, do you like what you see? Do you like watching me dance, old man? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? She purred.

“Oh I do June, I do!” I piped up.

“Good, because I like you watching me,” she cooed as she reached back and began to untie the strings of her small bikini top!

“OH fuck, oh man, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” is what I thought as I watched her.

With a look of playful lust, making eye contact with me, she pulled off her bikini top, right there in one quick movement!

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yes!” I thought to myself as she exposed a pair of the most perfect little boobs that I had ever seen in my entire life!

Her little tits were magnificent! I had never seen such perfectly shaped little tits! They sloped down like small ski slopes, and at the end were the most beautiful hard engorged brown nipples, sticking straight out like two Hersey’s kisses!

I could feel my mouth open as she squeezed her small tits in her soft hands, fondling them, then she reached down and grabbed my hands, and she placed my strong hands onto her small perfect little boobs!

“Fuck,” I thought to myself, my cock was going to burst thru my briefs as she did that. I was feeling them, her small wonderful little tits. I was fondling them, such a contrast to my wife’s big tits. They felt different, but just as wonderful! I had to ask her…

“Oh June, you’re tits are beautiful! What size bra do you where honey?” I said

“32A old man, I am a 32A, do you like them? Do you like my small tits old man? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?” she purred.

“Oh I do, I do! I love them,” I told her as I played with them, so small in my hands, my whole hand could covered them, and they were so firm and so beautiful!

She smiled at me as she then lowered herself onto my lap, I could actually feel the heat of her pussy coming thru her small bottoms on my lap, and I know she could feel my boner tenting up and pressing into her snatch thru her small bottoms.

She leaned in and without saying a word, she placed one of her little tits into my mouth as she closed her eyes and she moaned loudly, as I began to suckle on her tit! I sucked first one then the other of her beautiful little boobs into my mouth! I was suckling those hard nipples licking them then sucking her tits! Her small firm tits felt wonderful in my hot sucking mouth!

I then reached my hands down her soft body, past her ribs and down to her hips. Although she was so petite, she had nice small hips. Hips needed because of her perfectly shaped little smooth ass.

I wanted to feel her ass and I did. I was openly feeling, squeezing, and rubbing this young woman’s ass, and it felt wonderful! It was like I was in the fountain of youth, as she grinned at me and then she slowly stood up!

She took a step back with the music still playing and she began to dance again, oh she was teasing me! “Fuck yes, baby, oh dance for me” I heard myself saying to her.

That seemed to fire her up even more, as she did, her nipples were so hard! She danced so well, she then turned away from me, and put her thumbs and finger on the tiny waistband that was holding up those skimpy bikini bottoms!

As she moved she looked back with that lustful look in her big brown eyes, licking her lips, she began to slowly pull down her skimpy little bikini bottoms! I was in such a trance!

She danced, pulling her skimpy bottoms just past that perfect round ass, then she would pull them back up again, over and over she did that, teasing me and I loved it! I could feel precum leaking out of my piss slit on my raging hard cock!

Then she pulled them off, and she threw them to me! I grabbed her small bikini bottoms and felt the crotch, it was soaking wet! Oh I brought those skimpy bikini bottoms to my face and I inhaled deeply! I could smell the sweet hot scent of June’s beautiful little cunt!

Oh they smelled so nice, and they were so wet! I looked up and she was dancing naked!

She was putting on a nude dance show for me. I looked at her little pussy and it was shaved bald! She had no hair on her cunt; oh fuck her cunt looked so beautiful!

She gave me a pouty look, and raised her eye brows and said to me, “Do you like my shaved pussy old man? Do you like how pretty she looks, hmmmmmmmmm?”

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