My sexy maid

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My sexy maid
Ahh sirr….she comes up to me while i was in my room watching that real? You mean the orgasm mylene? Yes it is. And she was looking at my hand on my boxers rubbing my half mast dick… i work nights and come home with no one aroumd except the help mylene. She is petite, 19 yrs with 2 k**s in the province. She wears her whote uniform with an open button so i could see her boobs and bra …sir? She caught me looking at her breat…smiles and continues…sir, is that woman real? So much cum and she seems to be enjoying it….
I look at her lips as she was talking…mylene, you were ,arried, right? Yes, and you neber experience cumming ? I could smell her scent of baby powder and colonge on her body…i rub my dick…
The story is sir, my ex husband was qlways drunk and when he fucks me, whqm bqm..and i could feel my bosom achong to cum, so i finger myself until…and cum wasn’t like that…
you see mylene, you must canlı kaçak iddaa not deprive yourself simple pleasures as masturbation…do you? Yes i do. Looks wt me, and looks at my bulging boxer…
Ok th3n, sit down and watch, here is a favorite of mine…it was anal sex and her eyes stuck on fucking she was watching.. i stood up with a hard on, and left her.
I got myself a drink and when i got back, i saw her hand imside her umiform, like she was rubbing her cunt…imsat down beside her, wnd she didm’t mind me and went on until she slips her finger inside her panty and fingers herself…i could smell he4 nreath and she was in haste..i sqt close and put my arms on her shoulder. Mylene was so horny now, she started to moann uhmmm…i let her alone until….SIR! Ahhh! She came and o could hear the slushong of cum inside her cunt….she looked at her fingers, not so much…looked at me and…
I made her rest her back on the canlı casino chair..and i sat on the floor, pulled her wet pantie down, and openmed her thihhs wid3 so that imcould see her small cunt and it smelled of cum…
I licked her thighs all the way up he4 pussy and suck her clit…uhhh sirr…ahhh her lqyed back further as she enjoyed my tongue on her cunt until i started to put in a finger first insid3 and slowly qnother while licking her pussy… she didnt stop ,oanmimg , until suddenly, she grabs my head and pushes it to her pussy tight…she was cumming so good, juices flowed down mumfave, her thighs and butt..uhmm good…
I srood up, and she saw my hard on, pull my shorts down and wow! I knew it was big, but mot this big…how do you know my? Sir i see you stroking it while yoump watched…she was steoking it and started licking my dick…she tried putting it all imside, she gag ulk akk…so big…she was enjoying tipobet giriş herself intil..i could hold myself..i wqlked her to ber qnd i sat down, she was stamding imf4ont of me, while i umdress her…i could felll her tension rising as i unlock her bra, boobs pop out and h nipples we stqnding firm, i slowly caressed her boob and licked her nipple all the way up to he4rneck and i kissed her lips and her tongue darted out to se3k mine. She was hot and so horny..she lay on her back and i was om top. She then spreqds her legs wide..qnd guodes my dick to her pussy…willingly i pushed it in halfway..ahhss irr! She was qabit tight..but was so wet imside..out it all in pleasee sirr…i followed her lead and rammed it all the qay…ahhh! She screamed in delight..she was cuming…as i started to pump her slowly getting faster…she was sooo good to and then she held on with nails imbedded on my back screaming in ecstasy…uhhmmm my..lene…as i pushed hard..she grqb my butt qnd held it tight and my dick was so deep inside her, my cu, was umloaded….
Mylene, arwn’t you afraid you might get prwgnamt…no sirr..infact i’m ligated..smiles and hold my dick..stroking it slowly.

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