My Perfect Night Ch. 02

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You smile, saying “Well, that was a very good start to our night wasn’t it”. I nod in reply as I bring my wet fingers up to my lips and lick my pussy juice off them,

“And what would you like to do next?”

As I kneel in front of you, legs wide apart with my glistening pussy on display, skirt around my waist and my tits peeping out of my open shirt you can’t help but start to get hard again. I eye your cock hungrily, knowing exactly what I want next and lean forward to help you. I love to feel you growing hard in my mouth and my pussy starts to ache again, even though I’ve only just cum, I’ve not had the satisfaction of being filled and stretched by Goliath. So once I have enjoyed making your delicious cock stand to attention again I stand, unbuttoning your shirt as I do and helping you take off your shirt and jacket before taking my shirt off so that I can press my bare skin against yours, my nipples rubbing on you chest as I kiss you softly. I lead you over to the bed, unzipping my skirt as I walk and letting fall to the floor so I can step out of it. I stand before you in just my stockings, suspenders and heels, the heat of your gaze making me tremble as I sit on the bed and beckon you to come to me.

I lift my legs and you take my ankles, lifting them high and wide so you can see how flushed and swollen I am before you kneel before me and bend your head to inhale my scent. I keep my legs where you position me, desperate for your touch, but you tease me, blowing softly on my wet lips and then trailing gentle kisses up my thigh, nearly to where I so want your lips to be and then back down the other thigh. You look up at me mischievously, tongue millimetres from my clit, I can feel your warm breath on it and I whimper softly… “Please…..”

You smile and lower your head, starting from below my dripping hole, delving slightly into it as you pass over it and then up to my engorged clitoris, you lick me, tasting my sweet nectar. The flat of your tongue makes contact with every part of me, sending me into a hypnotic state of pleasure. You explore my nether region thoroughly, lapping gently at my clit, then sucking and nibbling on my pendik escort pussy lips. You slide your tongue into me and swirl it around as I squirm in ecstasy. Then you slide lower still, gently probing my tight rosebud as I raise my hips to give you better access. My open pussy is desperate now in it’s need to be filled and I beg you to use your fingers. You slide one in slowly and make a circle motion with it as you continue to lick my asshole and then remove it. I beg you for more so you use two fingers to do the same motion, this time turning your hand and making a beckoning motion with your fingers, rubbing the inside near my clit. Then you add a third finger and start to fuck me with your fingers. You use your other hand to make gentle circles on my clit now as you continue to lick my ass hole and I start to quiver all over. I lick my fingers and then reach for my tits, I wet my nipples and then pinch and squeeze them hard as I lift my hips even higher. I start to moan loudly, getting higher and higher pitched as I reach my peak and cum hard, my pussy convulsing on your fingers. You push your hand deep into me and hold it there as I pulse against you, juices running out of my pussy all over your hands.

When I’ve finished I prop myself up on my elbows and smile at you, “That was wonderful baby, thank you”. You stand and lean over me, allowing me to wrap my legs around you and pull you down to me for a long deep kiss. I can taste myself on your lips and feel your cock, still firm and hard, between my warm thighs. ” Now you deserve a reward” I say between kisses “How would you like to fuck your dirty girl? And where?”

“Oh I’m going to fuck you everywhere you sexy bitch” You say, pushing me back up the bed, pinning my arms down above my head and biting my neck and nipples between words. “I’m going to fuck your hot little pussy, and then I think I might have to fill your dirty little mouth again and later on tonight I’m going to fuck your tight little asshole ’til you scream, I’m going to have filled all your holes with my cum before I’m done with you. But right now I’m going to fuck your sweet little pussy!”

As you finish telling me tuzla escort this you clamp your mouth around my nipple and roll it between your teeth, grabbing Goliath with one hand and guiding him to my waiting hot, wet tunnel. The sensation of being pushed open and stretched by the tip of your divine length while you bite my nipple makes me gasp. You know how much I love you entering me so you start with short strokes, just in and out so I get to feel you push my lips apart and enter me several times. You get a little deeper each time though and soon stop trying to hold back for my sake and drive deep inside me, filling me up completely. The feeling of my silky wetness wrapped around your cock almost makes you cum straight away but you pause and savour the moment before starting to build a rhythm. You’re still pinning my arms down and I am utterly in your power, only my legs wrapped around your waist with my heels digging into your arse can move and I use them to encourage your thrusting. You hold me down firmly, eyes blazing with passion as you pump harder and harder into my soft wetness. “You sexy little slut, you like it hard don’t you?”

“Oh yes I love it! I love being your slut! I love your big hard cock pounding into me!” I cry, “Fuck me hard and fill me with your hot sticky cum!”

“Oh I’m not going to cum yet my little slut, I’m enjoying fucking you too much!”

You stop, suddenly pulling out and flipping me over onto my front, I push myself up on my hands and knees and arch my back, knowing what you want. You crouch behind me and enter me from behind in one thrust, burying yourself deep in me again. You grab my hair with one hand and reach for my tit with the other and then you start fucking me again, hard and fast, I push my arse back as you pound into me. And you look down at the spectacle of your cock covered in my slick juices as it pumps in and out of me, with my puckered asshole just above it. You slow down as you think about how much you’re going to enjoy fucking me there later and decide to start getting me ready for it now. You part my cheeks wide with your hands and spit on it, watching how I flex it as the warm saliva hits and kartal escort dribbles down. With your thumb you smooth the clear liquid over my hole and start to work it in, little by little.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm baby that feels so good” I murmur “May I play with my clit while you do that to me?”

“Of course you may” you tell me “But you’re not allowed to cum until I let you”

“Oh that’s going to be hard, I’m so close, but I promise not to until you tell me to”

“Good girl” you say, “Now play with your pussy and clit, I want you to get your fingers all covered in pussy juice and then lick them clean for me”

I reach my hand back to where your cock is sliding in and out of me, I can feel your balls slapping against me, if you fucked me hard enough I’m sure you could bounce them on my clit from there. But I content myself with fondling them and stroking them before moving back to feel Goliath where he’s stretching me open. I slide two fingers in next to it for a moment, just to feel your cock in me. It hurts a little to be so stretched but in a very nice way, I pull my fingers out and start to rub my clit gently, as well as reaching back to feel your shaft sliding in and out of me. My fingers are covered in my sweet goo by now and I bring them to my mouth as I twist so I can look you in the eye as I slowly and seductively lick them clean.

Your thumb is still playing with my ass, by now it’s buried up to the first joint and you can feel my pussy hole is tighter for it. I finish licking my fingers clean and use both hands to help me push back and up to impale myself as deeply as possible on your rock hard cock. You want to cum now and start fucking me hard again, one hand on my shoulder to steady yourself and pull me onto you, you fuck me like a wild animal, harder and faster until you cum hard, roaring out at me to cum too, pumping hot sticky whiteness deep inside me. I have no need of your permission, I couldn’t stop my own orgasm if I tried and I too am screaming with pleasure, my pussy pulsating around your cock as it throbs within me.

We collapse down onto the bed, you on top of me still inside me, we lie like that for a long time, exhausted and happy. After, you slowly move off me and wrap your strong arms around me, my head resting on your shoulder and arms around your waist and we doze for a while. But the night is far from over…..

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