My New Neighbour Heard Me

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I live in a block of tenement flats. Have done for five years since my pertinent gave me the dump for being unable to give her one.

Little did she know I had lost it for her, she was no longer the girl first knew and when I discovered she was playing the field that put me right off.

She still wanted it but I couldn’t give it so she said she’d go and live with this coloured guy who could show me a thing or two.

I said that I would rather he shows his thing or two to her and not to me, that I knew she’d been playing the field and I was fussy where I put mine after others had used it. So many others too. I was dead worried about getting the dreaded crap so I decided to give it all a miss and concentrated instead in pleasing myself and no harm done or received..

Anyway, they do say time is the best cure and when it came knocking at my door in the form of my new neighbour I started to feel the old feeling again, She was so nice and easy on the eye, She said she’d actually moved in a week past but she was so quiet I heard nothing, and must have been out when she moved in her furniture.

Straight away I noted her slender curves and her divine femininity, and that gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes.

To cut a long story short we got talking, she was easy to talk too over a couple of drinks and very forthcoming. That is way I liked about her from the first, she was down to earth and said what she thought, but in a nice and not aggressive way.

By coincidence she, Marie is her name, mine is Phil – she had a partner too who played the field, and he also went with a coloured person..

“What fethiye escort is it with coloured folk?” I asked Marie tentatively.

” I have heard that they move better, it is a natural element with them. Goes back to their ancestry apparently.”

“What does that mean; move better?” I asked pretending to be naive when all the time I wanted to bring her out in a way she could possibly move with me.

She was no simpleton though. Her wicked smile said it all;

“You know what I mean Phil Jankers” she teased with a certain look in her eyes which said I was maybe on a promise.

“How did you know my full name” I asked.

“It is on your door Wally” she laughed, “And anyway it is easy to remember, it rhymes with wankers and that really set her off in a giggling mood I thought she would never stop.

“Eggs for breakfast!” I mimicked

“In bed I do hope? She quickly replied with a real glint in her expression which was lovely.

“Mine or yours?” I asked with a bit of a jitter in my voice. I was excited!

“Well I am your new neighbour and so being, well you know our bathrooms are back to back, I have often heard you Mr Jankers wanking.”

I must of blushed, She said we all do it so why be embarrassed. In fact she enjoyed it so much that she joined in the other side of the wall.

“Much better if we do it this side of the wall huh” she whispered and I knew then I was on a real cert.

In truth she was just as ardent as me, having been without the real thing for some unholy time.

She was divine she really was.

Marie was a no holds barred sort of woman, escort fethiye About 30, the same as me and fully in her prime. We enjoyed some real passion together which was much needed and received both ways.

And yes she wanted it both way if that is what you are thinking! In fact she was the type of woman who She simply loved to experiment with all the ties , handcuffs, kinky gear, you name it and she never let a moment pass without jacking me up on the edge of the bed and having a real good old suck.

“Do you mind Phil. I simply adore sucking?”

I Looked at her and replied ; “only of I could do likewise.”

She had a wicked sense of humour and replied; “You could never reach it, I know it’s long and I adore it, but it is not that long!”

Again she ended up in chuckling eructions until I was soon where I wanted to be, what is good for the sucking goose is also good for the sucking gander and a fill of my stiff cock soon quietened her. Except for the responding moans as I found her lovely soft warm and moist quinny to get my lips around and my busy tongue into her..

“Fuck me!” she demanded. My face into her quinny well under her mini skirt – and my hands enjoying the feel of her gorgeous rear curves. I had them stretched open too so I could get a taste of her ass and that is when she said I could fuck her there too.

It looked nice enough to fuck and in my lust I was in my own world deep sucking its concourse, which, combined with quinny juice, was a lovely nectar of sweet womanhood which rapidly needed fucking to the hilt.

She was so easy and lovely to feel and touch and fethiye escort bayan all things new lovers do, finding and discovering each other and learning the do’s and don’t although, as far as she wasco0ncerend they hardy existed , apart for her not wanting me to touch her feet because it tickled..

I felt the same about my nipples so it was a understood, but most everything else on her wonderful silk feeling body was open for business and I was happy to take it up.

All that combined with her wonderful loving sense of humour made it a must with a brand new romance

The first time fucking was actually prompted by her and I was soon to learn that she wanted to be the dominant bone, Suited me though I liked the idea, but she promised I could have my turn to and hinted that occasionally she liked so be spanked prior to being beautiful fucked while her ass was still numb after a good seeing too. Sounded good to me but for now she was on top of me, taking me into her whilst squeezing my balls tenderly but firmly and I was soon thrusting inside her.

And occasionally she would change ends, turn to face my feet and take my throbbing quinny drenched cock into her ass.

It was a beautiful first time exe0erience with this brand new woman in my life, a real woman that I wanted forever.

We worked out a plan, if she wanted to be the dominant one we’d sleep in her bed, and in my bed when it was my turn, But all that said and done it didn’t always work out that way, because having gotten into my bed, sucked and teased and everything we do by way of foreplay , one of us realised we anted to be the boss when we were in the wrong bed, but it was easy to scarper into the other flat which made for a real good thrill.

The only drawback was there were two pairs of sheets for washing in the morning, But it was well worth it.

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