My Education into the World of Sex Ch. 07

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Note: This story is true as best as I can remember back thirty-five years, with names and dates changes to avoid harming any one in the story. All people are at a minimum of eighteen years of years, most are older sexy, horny ladies that have no males in the house or their husbands have forgotten to take “care of their home duties.”

I again truly want to thank all of your fellow readers for sending me comments and feedback. It means so much to hear from each and everyone of you. Please leave a comment and vote –THANKS —


The Wednesday morning came with sister laying behind me and reaching over me to hold my dick. I turned over in bed and looked at her. She was lying there naked and loving.

Sherry kissed me on the shoulder and said that when she came by to wake me she saw my hard “morning piss on” as she stood in the doorway and just hard to hold it.

I reached behind me and slid my hand between us and in between her legs. I could feel that she was wet and her pussy felt hot to the touch. I figured that she had been playing with herself and wanted to be played some more by me.

Just them mom yelled to us that breakfast was ready and we had better get down there NOW!!!

I rolled over and kissed Sherry nipples and went to the bathroom to relieve myself.

Mom yelled again that breakfast was ready and to get down to the kitchen right now.

I walked down the stairs naked and swinging. Sherry was already sitting at the table with only a big smile on her face.

Mother was at the stove frying some bacon and pancakes for the three of us. She had an apron on to keep the grease splatter off her lovely succulent boobies but her ass was pointed directly at the door that I walked in. She looked so sexy standing there with that firm butt exposed to the world. .

Mother turned and looked at both of us, seeing we were both naked, took off her apron and joined us at the table. We three sat there naked and content from the happening of the night before.

I asked mom if she had heard from dad yesterday? She said he had called and he would be away for at least three weeks this trip. That meant that we had a lot of time to get better acquainted with each other bodies.

Sherry suggested that we all go visit Aunt Judy and the baby today.

I told her I was to go over to Miss Lund’s house to help her get ready for some party or something she was having later in the day.

Mom piped up and said the Miss Lund had called after I had gone to bed / sleep and cancelled today’s work session before her party, but to be there next Monday for assisting in the party.

After breakfast, I was helping mom clear the table and as I walked up behind her at the sink I pressed my limp, swinging freely, cock into her butt crack. She wiggled her ass and pressed it into my cock harder then I did her. She turned to face me and pressing her lips against mine, French kissing me with her tongue going down my throat. .

I leaned down and cupped her right breast and raised it to my lips. I suck and nibbled on the nipple for a minute before she took her hand and grasped my cock. She shuddered as my fingers drew little circles around her areolas and nipples. Her nipples grew even harder and she lifted my cock up with her hand and rubbed its large purple head against her hairy pussy. I pressed my hips inward to be able to rub my cock into her crack better. She could feel herself letting me get her wound up and her female desire taking over. My penis started to get harder and she guided it between her opened legs. I reached down and took my fingers and parted her love lips and felt the wetness of her love juices that were already flowing. I leaned farther forward and slid my cock past her opening and I just keep moving it back and forth against her wet lips.

I lifted her up and set her butt onto the counter and aimed my big purple head for her pink love tunnel. I pushed my head of my cock just in and started to gently enter her pussy. She leaned back and rested on her hands on the counter behind her as I fondled her breast and slid in and out of her hot, wet, excepting pussy. I pinched her nipples very gently and she cried out to keep pushing my cock in. I gently pushed forward and got more of my fourteen inch into her than I had even been able to do in the last week of sex. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me further into her womb. I could feel the end of her tunnel pressing against my head and stopped pushing. She held me tight and then released her legs so I could stroke in and out of her.

I was fucking this horny mother of mine and she was loving every minute of it this morning. I thought that I should pull out before I shot a load of hot cum into her, and as I start to withdraw my ready to cum cock from her kağıthane escort hot love tunnel. She told me, ” NO I want to feel you’re hot cum inside my womb.” I could not believe what mom had just said. I pushed in one last time and let lose with a load of cum that filled her and ran allover the counter. She felt me start exploding, her nipples get hard and stood on end and she arched her back and climaxed along with me.

As we were both spent, I just stood there with my cock buried in her for about five minutes savoring the feeling of her wet and warm pussy. My cock relaxed and slid out of her and slapped the counter. Mom then slid off the counter and down on her knees before me. She took my now limp cock into her mouth and started to lick our combined love juices off it. Mom looked around as Sherry walked into the kitchen and said, “I thought this is what was going on down here, and I want to be next in line for the huge cock of yours.”

I said, “in due time.”

Mother looked at her and with a smile said, “I guess it is time that you become a woman.”

Sherry looked at mom, ran over to her, kneeled down next to her and hugged her and said YES, YES!!!!!

I backed up a little and watched them kissing and hugging each other. They them turned to me and with one grabbing each arm they lead me to my sister bedroom.

Mother went and got a couple of towels and the K-Y jelly. Sherry laid down on the bed and I got down on my knees and pushed her legs open. I was licking her cunt when mom returned from the linen closest with the towels. She stood in the doorway and watched me suck on Sherry’s cunt and stick my tongue into her pussy. I took my middle finger and guided it into her wet and warm hole up as far as it would go.

Mother told me to use my thumb as you can go further in with it. I tried it and sure enough it went in twice as far and Sherry just winched as I hit her maidenhead. I stopped at that point and just played around with her getting her all juicy. Mother took my cock, washed it off with a warn wash cloth and started to played with it for a minute or two to get it semi- hard. She them applied a good coating of jelly to it and in between my sister’s cunt lips and guided me into Sherry’s love canal.

I followed mom’s orders and went really slow and as gentle as I did not wish to hurt Sherry. I got in as far as my thumb had gone and hit the membrane. Sherry winched and squirmed. Mom took a towel and told Sherry to bite down on it if she wanted to so help quell the pain. I pulled back a little and then pushed forward. It did not take much and her membrane broke and I slipped in further. Sherry wrapped her legs around my back and her arms around my neck. Mother placed another towel under sherry as she raised herself off the bed while holding on to me. Even with this I could not getting more then seven inched inside Sherry. I stopped pushing and just held my cock inside her. She looked up at me and with a look of love in her eyes cried and said “THANK YOU BROTHER.”

Mom just threw her arms around me and hugged my waist from the backside. At this point she got on the bed and lay down next to Sherry and held her and stroked her hair. I lay down on the other side of her and held her tight to me.

She just lay there and told us that she was happy that all of us were together and I was the one that made her a woman with mother watching and approving. Mother said that she had wanted it to be this way for a long time and was glad that we wanted it also.

We got up about half an hour later, went and took a shower together.

Sherry was a little sore and tender and mother told her that was normal and she would be for a day or two, till her vagina relaxed from having my larger than normal cock buried in it.

After lunch we went over to Aunt Judies house to visit.

I drove mom’s car with all three of us sitting in the front set. (Back then you had only bench seats in a car and three sat easily in the front) Mom sat in the middle so she could lay her hand on my leg and cradle my cock. She would rub her hand up and down my leg ever once in a while.

Sherry asked if we were going to stay for dinner, as she thought she would try cooking dinner. Mother thought that would be a good jester on our part. I stopped at the grocery store on the way and they went in to buy the food, as it was going to be a surprise for Aunt Judy.

When we got to Judy’s house, Sherry jumped out of the car before I could put it in park, ran in, to see how the little baby boy was doing, with mother and I following. Judy was hugging Sherry when we walked in and asked us to be quite as the baby was just starting its nap.

Mother and Judy kissed and hugged and then turned to me and both walked over kartal escort and hugged me. Judy kissed me on the check and ran her hand through my hair. She told me that I had grown so much since the last time she had seen me. I looked at her and said that she looked great after having the baby and she had GROWN in certain places also. (Her breasts were three-cup sizes larger due to the milk)

Mother suggested that we go in the living room and sit down and talk.

Judy and mom sat on one of the two sofas and Sherry and I, across the room, on the love seat.

Sherry asked if the baby was growing and Judy said that with all the breast milk it was drinking it sure was. She said that it wants to eat at least five times a day.

Mother said that was just like I was when I was just born. She said I have always been a “boob man.”

Judy just expanded her chest and said that her breasts were now a 40 E because of the milk.

Mom looked at me and told Aunt Judy that I would like them encasing my head. Judy smiled and again pushed them out.

I got all red in the face and tried to change the subject. But they all could see that my cock was starting to grow with all this talk about breast and such.

Mother stood up and opened her blouse and showed off a sex new bra that I had never seen before on her. She took the blouse off completely and came over and sat between my sister and me.

Judy looked at her and pulled her shirt up and released one of the cups on her nursing bra and showed us her large dark areola and nipples. She said that ever since the baby had been breast-feeding they had gotten darker and larger.

Mother told her that was normal and asked me if I wanted suck on Judy’s nipple and taste the milk.

Judy looked at me and motioned to me to get over there with her finger. She teased her nipple with her finger and licked the drop of milk off it she had gotten while playing with the nipple.

My face got as red as her nipple.

Mother put her arm behind me and pushed me off the sofa and towards Aunt Judy.

When I got over to her I sat down next to her and cupped her exposed breast with my hand and raised it to my lips. I gently sucked on her massive nipple and tasted the warm milk flowing into my mouth.

Aunt Judy lay back in the sofa and told me to keep sucking and as she did she opened the other sides cup to allow me to suck that nipple also. As I leaned over to get at the other nipple my hand went between her legs to support me from crushing her. She slid her body a littler forward to rub her pussy against my arm. I could feel it was wet and warm even through her skirt and I figured panties were between my arm and her pussy.

My cock was now getting so hard that it was uncomfortable in my jeans. My sister noticed it and came over and unzipped my fly and open sprang my enormous cock for Aunt Judy to view for the very first time. She looked down at me and gasped out loud. She said that she had never seen one that huge except on a horse on the farm as they were growing up.

Mother laugh and said that might be true, BUT he knows how to us it to keep us HORNY ladies happy.

Mother then spoke up and mentioned that Dr. Johnson had told Aunt Judy what training they were giving me the last time Judy had taken herself and the baby in for a check-up.

Judy had mentioned that once she could have sex again, she wanted an afternoon with me. She suggested that Sherry come along to watch the baby while we screw. Mother mentioned that Sherry might want some action as well.

Mother mentioned that it had been eight week since the baby was born and that should be long enough. Judy said that because of my size Hazel had said to wait at least ten to eleven weeks as not to tear any stitches. Mother shrugged her shoulder and agreed.

Aunt Judy then said that that would not stop her from foundling my cock and seeing what she could expect. She could arrange to keep me happy now if I wished with her mouth.

At this point in the day I was getting very horny seeing mother in a new bra, Aunt Judies bare breast and tasting her milk and still thinking about making my sister a woman.

My cock was at full attention and I was standing in front of three sex women. Sherry walked over to me and cupping my balls pointed my cock in the direction of Aunt Judy’s mouth, as she knew that is what I would desire.

Aunt Judy slid forward on the sofa and gripping the base of my penis with both hands, she put my penis into her mouth. Finding it to large she took the first four inches of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Sherry could feel my balls twitch and said to unload in her mouth when I was ready.

Aunt Judy reached up and put küçükçekmece escort her hand around the base of my cock tighter and pulled outward towards her mouth. The skin of my cock was so tight and dry that I flinched with pain. Judy took her mouth off my cock head and spit on the top of my cock. She then replaced her mouth and hand, continuing to play it like a trombone.

Mother sat down next to Aunt Judy and raised her skirt and finding no panties, placed her hand on Judy’s mound. Aunt Judy hair had still not grown back or she was keeping it shaven, I did not know which, revealed the pinkest set of love lips I had seen so far of all the ladies I had been with in the last ten days since that education class had started.

Mother parted Judy’s lips and pushed a finger into her tunnel. I just watched as Sherry started to play with mothers breast and took off that new bra and threw it onto the love seat. There I was, cock in Aunt Judy’s mouth, mom playing with Aunt Judy’s pussy and my sister playing with our mom’s breasts.

Mom spread her legs, signaling to Sherry to put her hand under moms skirt and finger her. I could not believe that was all happening.

Aunt Judy keep sliding her mouth up and down my shaft and as she reached up to cup my balls, as Sherry hands were now all over mom, I felt my balls tighten and released a load of cum. I pulled out of Aunt Judy’s mouth Just as the first spurt shot out of my blood filled purple head and land on her breast. The second shot hit mother in the face and my sister got the third and fourth shots directly in the mouth, as she placed it over the tip of my cock. Sherry sucked on the head of my cock and milked me dry as I had done to Aunt Judy’s tits just before all this happened.

About this tie we heard the baby start crying and both mom and Aunt Judy went to tend to him.

Sherry motioned for me to sit down next to her.

I did and she laid her head on my shoulder and said that I was supposed to have been able to screw Aunt Judy today, as she wanted my massive cock instead of her husbands for the first time after the baby, BUT the doctor had said to wait.

So I guess I was the only one that got satisfied this afternoon I said.

Sherry looked into my eyes and rubbed my cock as to say, YES!

I could see in her eyes that she was horny and eager. She still had her clothes on, so I stood her up and stripped her. With her standing in front of me as I sat on the sofa, I took my hands and placed one on her ass and the other in between her legs. She opened her legs a little allowing my fingers to find her wet cunt. I pulled her towards me and ran my fingers over her puffy lips and felt the juices flowing out of her. My finger got so wet that it slid right into her cunt and all the way as far as it would go into her. She started to ride my hand as I slid sideways to get a better angle if insertion. She turned so her small breasts were easily / readily available to my hands. I played with her small nipples and massaged her breasts. She just lay the and moaned and purred. I was back to almost full hardness and she notice that, She stood up and had me turn square to the front of the sofa with my cock straight in the air. Sherry then backed up against my legs and sat down. She had her legs spread open to be on the outside of my legs. She reached between her legs and guide the head of my shaft into her lips. I had my hands on her ass to keep her from falling backwards. She lowered her self onto my shaft and started to ride it. She was going up and down slowly at first. She started to go fasted and deeper then I had ever gone into her. All of a sudden tighten up and pushed down as far as she could take me. I just held her stead and she climaxed with such force that I thought she was going to explode. She fell forward out of my supporting hands and fell onto the floor in front of me. I got down next to her and inquired if she was OK. She nodded and reached out for me to hold her tightly. We were lying on the floor with a puddle of her cum in front of the sofa and mom and Aunt Judy returned. All I could do was hold sherry as the gals smiled and came close to us and helped us back onto the sofa.

The three gals went into the kitchen to prepare supper for us.

By this time I was so spent from all the day activities, I just lay my head on the end of the sofa and went to sleep naked and happy.

Sherry came back into the living room and sat down next to me and lay her head in my lap and fell asleep also.

About an hour later mother woke us supper was ready. After supper mom told us we had to go home and see what tomorrow brings. I told her I knew what I had to do tomorrow, I had to go out to the Sweley sister house and help them fix the back yard fence around their pond. Mom said that she had forgotten that they had asked for assistance and hoped ii would get a go nights sleep as she knew then and there desires.

I both fell asleep in the back seat of the car as mom drove home. Sherry sat up front with mom and talked about aunt Judy and the baby.

— To be continued —

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