My Dream of You

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I move in my bed as my dream overtakes me, squirming from one side to the other, moans escaping me. My hands move above my head as my knees come up, my hips lifting slightly, back arched. Had anyone been watching me, they would know the contents of my mind at that moment.

Within my mind, your hands tie mine, above my head to the metal bedstead, green verdigris paint, detailed in gold, curls and waves in its intricate pattern, perfect for tying me in one place. My hips still move, you give me that freedom, as you sit almost naked, watching me in my bare state, my body shaved of all hair except on my head, your fingers run down me from top to bottom, from my lips to my toes. Cross legged at my side, you bend forward and kiss my large stomach, moaning gently as you do, your mind enthralled and taken over by the sight of me, larger than life, tied, almost helpless but not quite, all the parts of my body that I hate, you love, you watch, in rapture as they move about. My squirming making all parts of me move, my large breasts like soft dough rolls, my stomach rippling as I move in time and against your fingers. You run your fingers over my thighs, one by one, taking in the fleshy feel, so soft and smooth it makes your cock twitch. Your fingers move swiftly over me, drinking me in, mapping me by fingertip, over my large stomach, dipping into my belly button, to move up over me once more until you touch my breasts once again. Taking my nipples one by one between your thumb and fingers, you roll them, making me moan, as I offer them to you.

You continue to play with me, taking pleasure in pleasuring, your erect cock ignored for now. Your tongue takes over from your fingers as you take one nipple gently between your teeth, biting it, teasing it, pulling on it, until my round hips rise from the bed in pleasure at the feel of you, moving in time with your tongue playing with me, as I moan my need for you. Your hands continue to tease, one on my free nipple, the other moving down my body, teasing fingernails on my large, bald mound, gently dipping between my lips, just above the hood of my clit, feeling your short nail as you enter me. I move on your fingers as my hips alternate between grinding deeply and lifting to you, almost begging, the words not quite leaving my lips, formed but not used.

I don’t have to use them, as your fingers slide into me slowly, so slowly its almost painful and I hold my breath as you run one finger pad over the most sensitive part of me. My clit reacts immediately, closely followed by my hips as I rise to meet you, pushing myself up to you, your finger continuing to rub gently, circling alternating with pushing deeply onto my clit, sending shivers down my spine, unable to do anything more than moan and move with you, no escape, but in truth no escape wanted or needed. I moan deeply as you slide two fingers into me, twisting them slowly, pumping as you do, your thumb now taking over from your finger as you move your hand into a more comfortable and accessable position, swapping your fingers over, still keeping two within me, a third playing with my tight puckered ring.

Your fingers pinch my large deep rose pink nipples one by one, as you now sit upright to watch my reaction to your work. My large hips move, caught between bearing down on your finger playing with my ass and pushing up against your thumb. I grind in both directions, both movements equally arousing, neither of them playing a bigger part but both bringing me closer to my orgasm. Your hands working ceaselessly, in all areas, every nerve ending on fire as my body moves, until finally, my orgasm hits, my magnificent round arse rising from the bed, my large thighs clamping onto you as my cunt milks your fingers, my whole orgasm shuddering through my body.

As my sleeping orgasm hits, my moans wake me slowly, my body on fire, in need, wanton, waiting for more. I open my eyes slowly and look around, my eyes finally resting on you sitting at the side escort ataşehir of the bed, watching me from an arm chair, your cock still erect, your eyes giving you away. I see in your eyes what I feel, the need, the ache to feel you against me, in me, touching me. I smile at you, a lazy smile.

“Hello” I say, watching you.

A sigh as you murmur “Hello.” back at me.

I turn on my side and look at you, my eyes inviting, my mouth not yet issuing that invitation, wanting to find out if you see your own needs mirrored in my eyes. Unable to continue simply sitting and watching, you rise, after all the show is over, for now. Leaning over me you run your nails down my stomach and back up again, watching the rolls ripple, quivering as my breath leaves me in a long hiss. You put one knee on the bed and move your hand over me, over my large stomach, from side to side, over my hips, watching them rise to your touch, my eyes closing in pleasure, my round backside lifting slightly as I wriggle, rotating my hips towards you. Lithe despite my size, dancing always a secret pleasure of mine, my wide hips able to capture looks of appreciation as they move from side to side on a dancefloor, always a promise of things to come. You sigh as you watch me move, sitting crossed legged at my side, your chin resting on your free hand as you simply watch, drinking in my movements, my size, my shape. To you, I am beauty personified.

My teeth capture my bottom lip as you continue to move over me, you tease me, moving over my thighs, making my flesh quiver, automatically parting for you, my body crying out for you, my need evident, my want as I surrender myself to you, a plaything, to use at your leisure, to pleasure, to get pleasure from. I jump slightly as you duck your head down and place a kiss on my stomach, the one place that causes me the most angst, the place that you would happily lay down your head and die, such is your level of feeling for women of size. I smile as your fingers move again, this time around my thighs once more before ducking between them briefly, bringing an automatic “Ohhhhh” of pleasure from me, even though your fingers do not intrude, they go no futher than running gently over my lips, the anticipation of you is enough. I feel my wetness increase as I lie, eyes shut, waiting. Just the thought of you is enough, will this need ever cease? I wonder to myself as you play, the beast within, wanting to come out, rattling her cage, catching the scent of your own.

I open my eyes and look at you once more, your eyes have never left my face, watching my every move, anticipating, teasing, wanting to take me to the edge. As I look at you, I see your beast awakening, the flash of lust appearing in them, as I hear my own roar in frustration, unable to rise until I let her, straining against her leash. I smile, feeling the power I have over her. You move onto your side next to me, never losing eye contact as I feel you against me, your hard cock pressing against my hip in anticipation. I move my hip against you, rotating slowly as you bend your head to kiss me, my leg over yours, my body giving itself unconditionally, bequesting myself to you. As your tongue slides slowly into my mouth I feel your fingers moving in too, slowly sliding deep within me, already hearing my wetness. You moan as we kiss, feeling the warmth of my wetness over your fingers, twisting them, pushing them in and pulling them out, slowly at first, then speeding up as my moans become deeper and more urgent, my hand sliding down to join your own, assisting with the movement, pushing hard, deep, wantonly as my hips buck against you. My thumb rubs my clit urgently as your fingers punish my cunt, ramming hard, our kiss now broken as you watch me, my eyes boring into your own, begging without words, my hips lifting in abandonment.

You ram your fingers deeply, once, twice and as you kiss me on the third punishing, brutal push I cum. My whole body convulses kadıköy escort under you, my beast let loose now, I arch my back and bear down on your fingers, a primal growl leaving me, filled with lust and need, as my hands find purchase where they can, my fingernails digging deeply into your shoulder, hearing the hiss of pain as I push them deep enough to break the skin. My orgasm washes over me, as I pull you into me. You kiss me deep and hard once more, I feel your lust within it, your beast awake and curling himself around mine. Your teeth nip me, enough to make me jump but not enough to break the skin, tiny marks left behind in their wake, down my neck and shoulder, moving down me until you reach my nipples once more. Your other hand continues to play with my cunt, your fingers sliding in and out of me, your teeth clamp onto my nipple, my body reacts in kind as I offer them to you. Moans leave me as my fingernails move over your back, tracing patterns, leaving marks, brands of me on you, your tongue playing, flicking and rolling as you suckle on me, my nipple hardening under your care, alternating between toying and hurting, knowing I love both.

Your ministrations pay rewards as I move under your care, moaning, yours matching mine as you watch my body move and ripple, the light casting different shadows as it falls on the folds of my stomach, my skin, as I turn towards you, wanting more, the animal in me roaring, pushing, wanting. Your mouth captures me once more, my tongue snaking into you, your teeth closing around it suddenly, holding it, the tip of your tongue toying with it, as your fingers slide out of me and your hand moves up my body to pull me into you, pushing on the small of my back, until both of us are on our sides facing each other. Your erect cock pushes on my mound and I tilt my hips to let it rest on the split of my lips, sliding down the dampness to nestle happily. My breasts push against your chest, my nipples hard, aching for your touch, my own hand moving over your back, just my fingertips for now, tracing, playing, occasionally letting one nail scrape, feeling the reaction from you as you arch into me, your hips moving against me, your cock sliding up and down between the Y of my thighs.

Unable to bear it any longer you roll me onto my back, my legs part automatically, my large thighs inviting you in. With a growl you plunge into me, no build up, no hesitation, just a need, a want, a desperate lust as you ram your cock deep into my cunt. I feel it as you fill me and moan deeply, my back arching slightly as I tilt my hips to accomodate you better, my nails, like tallons, dig into your skin, scraping, pulling you into me as you lean forward, your pelvis against mine. You look down and watch my stomach roll, back and forth in waves as you pump into me. Leaning back on your knees, lifting my legs, placing them one on each shoulder, effectively closing my thighs around you, tightening around your cock, your moans matching the slaps as you bounce off my thighs. Looking down you watch me, my large breasts bouncing, the folds of my stomach moving about with each thrust into me. Ramming into me ceaselessly, you groan and growl, animal noises, base, instinctive, needful, my own higher pitched in harmony with you as we fuck. There is no other word for it, it can only be described as that, our need for each other apparent, unable to do any more or any less than we already are, taking each other, satisfying a need.

Moving, I use my heels on your shoulders as leverage, bending my knees slightly to bring my ass up with each stroke, I push myself against you as you drive into me. My moans becoming more urgent, as my hips rise, my orgasm approaching, welcome, needed. My hands leave your back and move above my head to grip the bed frame, I watch as you move into me, your face almost unrecognisable in its current lust driven state, your eyes never leaving my body, your fingers moving over my flesh once more to my hips, maltepe escort bayan digging in, hard enough to leave marks, your short nails painful in my skin, pain which is always greeted with such pleasure. With one final animal growl, you cum, creamy spurts filling me as my own orgasm overtakes me, my cunt pulling you in, milking you, wanting you, feeling you coat me before you collapse, temporarily sated against me.

I lie in the bed, exhausted in sleep, whimpering as my mind sees you, my body feels you, against me, my own hands moving over myself, my nipples hard, fingers playing, my other hand betwen my legs, fingers between my lips, playing, asleep but not, a dream state in which I am lost, lovingly, gratefully.

You move and lay at my side, your fingers playing over my sweat dampened skin, down over my stomach, to my mound where they linger, finally gently moving slowly, almost painfully, between my still swollen and sensitive lips, immediately finding my clit, making me moan once more. I open my eyes and look at you, you smile at me as your fingers work on me, never ceasing, small circles, fingers sliding either side of my clit, settling into your work, one finger tapping gently on the tip, almost not touching but making enough contact to be felt. My last sight of you as my eyes close again is your smile as you have your head propped on one hand, relaxed as you watch and take control of my body.

You slide two fingers inside me slowly, your tapping finger not stopping and I immediately react, arching my back, giving myself to you, surrendering to your touch, your care once more. One finger slides down and plays with the tight puckered ring of my ass. Moaning I move against it as it seeks entrance gently, teasing, just the tip sliding in and out slowly, a tiny bit more each time, until the finger in my ass is moving in unison with the ones buried deep in my cunt. My hips move with you, as you watch my face, never taking your eyes off me, watching my reactions to you, to your ministrations. I moan gently as you tease me with kisses that never quite reach me, your tongue teasing my lips, waiting for that little mewl of need as I watch your mouth move towards me and then away again, lips ghosting over mine, your tongue snaking out and tempting mine only to disappear back again as I follow its lead and give myself to it.

Your fingers bring me closer to orgasm with each movement, each thrust into me, illiciting moans of need, of wanton lust, as my body gets lost in the feel of you. You crook them slightly and fill me with them, each twist and turn taking me to new heights, your thumb now resting on my clit as you slide a third finger into me, filling me tightly, almost painfully in your determination to bring about my orgasm. My hands search for a place to hold, one latches onto the bed, the other snakes around the back of you to rest on your shoulder before my nails dig in attempting to find purchase. Digging deeply, I listen to you on the edge of my hearing, drawing your breath in, moaning as my nails scrape deeply down your shoulder and back. Bending, you put your mouth to my ear.

“You want to cum don’t you?” you whisper. Unable to do anymore than moan I nod as my eyes, glazed look at you.

“Cum for me, cum now” you whisper once more and I follow your request. My body explodes in an opera of colours and noises, each one sharp, its clarity perfect as I cum, my hips lifting as you push deeply into me, my cunt contracting then swelling around you, holding you in place as I fill with juices, making me slippery as I thrash about with need. I close my thighs on your hand, unable to make the request for you to stop but needing you to anyway. My orgasm courses through me and my body convulses. Your kisses on my skin lingering, soft, gentle, taking care of me in my moment of abandon, keeping me safe.

It subsides and I open my eyes. Perspiration beads my brow, my skin is damp, a sheen covers it as I look around for you. How did you leave my side so quickly?

Realisation dawns and I am devastated, you are not here, you never have been.

I turn on my side and curl into a ball, seeking solace in the darkness and myself. The only sound, my heart breaking, my tears rolling.

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