My Daughters Girlfriend

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My Daughters Girlfriend
My teenage daughter Jenny still lived with me at home, my wife having long since left me for a younger man. I long suspected that Jenny might be a lesbian, or at the very least bi, as she very rarely brought men back, mostly females. This suited me just fine, as she quite often invited her girlfriends to the house, and all of them without exception were drop dead gorgeous. There was one in particular that used to give me a stonking great hard on when ever she was around. I used to think about her as I lay awake at night wanking myself silly. Little did I know that my fantasy would soon become a reality!

The teenager in question was called Sue, she always dressed in a most provocative manner; a crop top, which exposed her lovely cleavage and cute little belly button, micro torn denim shorts that showed off her fantastic long legs right up to and including some of her ass cheeks which could not all be accommodated in her tight pants. Now if this was not enough, she had a pert little nose, long blonde hair and “Come to bed” Eyes. The skin on her beautiful body was smooth and olive brown. I mean “Come on” What hot blooded male wouldn’t get a massive hard on at seeing this wonderful apparition?

It all kicked off on a very hot day in July. I was out sunning myself beside the pool all alone as Jenny had gone out for the day, when the doorbell rang. Slightly annoyed at being disturbed, I got up from the sun lounger dressed in only my swim shorts to answer the door. To my absolute delight and surprise, it was Sue. “Hi” she said flashing me with one of her disarming smiles. “Sorry to disturb you, but you did say that I was free to come in and use your pool anytime I liked; so is it convenient now”? She asked. You bet it was!! “Yes, that’s fine Sue” y mood brightening up, “Come on in”. She followed me through the house and out to the pool, where she took a bag from off of her shoulder, as I lay back in my sun illegal bahis siteleri lounger, and started to slip into her swimming costume right in front of me, turning around so that her back faced me at the crucial moment as she removed her knickers to reveal a beautiful well proportioned and sexy brown bottom. Trying not to let her see that I was peeping, I half closed my eyes as she changed into a skimpy two piece that she had brought along, which did not leave much for the imagination I can tell you.

Diving into the pool, she started swimming about. After a few lengths, she hauled herself out and sat down beside me, rivulets of water were running down over her “To die for Body” Her long wet hair sticking to her face and shoulders “I normally sunbathe in the nude Mr Johnson, is that ok with you? She enquired. Was that ok with me; you bet it was as I nodded dumbly my consent, as if she really needed it….doh! So there she was laying down beside me completely naked, with me desperately and unsuccessfully trying to hide the tent pole in my shorts. After a while she turned over on to her side to face me, and to my utter surprise and delight, ran her fingers across my chest saying “I like the more mature gent, especially ones with a fit hairy body like you have got Mr Johnson” “Call me Jim” Was all I could think of to say at the time.“I can see by the bulge in your trunks that you are interested in me too” She giggled, as she traced her hand over the outline of my cock through the material, making it twitch and beg for release. “Here; let me help you” She said as she got up and towered over me as she pulled my trunks down making my cock spring out free at last from it’s encumbrance and wave around in the air desperate for some long needed attention. I remember at the time that my face felt hot as it flushed bright red with embarrassment. It was understandably leaking pre-cum at this stage, and as you can imagine, bets10 I was in shock at this latest development. Kneeling beside me and positioning her head over my throbbing cock, she pulled back my foreskin and as she did so, I could feel the gentle breeze on my throbbing helmet. Then lowering herself over my privates, she gently teased me, by swirling her tongue under the rim of the head of it, her hair fell down over her face which she tucked back over her ear. I gasped at the sight and feel of her giving me head, I just could not believe what was taking place and knew that I wasn’t going to last too long being given this treatment by such a lovely young female. I tried to warn her that I was on the verge of cumming, and all she replied was “Mmmmm, lovely!” As she gave me an extra hard suck. That did it; my cock gave one last violent twitch, I closed my eyes and squirted my load into her mouth. To my astonishment, she swallowed all of my cream, and licked me clean of any last globules of jizz that leaked from my little slit. “That was nice Mr Johnson, er I mean Jim” She managed to say giggling whilst swallowing the last my cream and licking her lips clean, as a little of my white cum escaped down her chin. “Now all I’ve got to do is suck you back to life again” she smiled, as she sought to bring me back to my next full on erection. That didn’t take long what with her sliding one hand up and down my shaft with one hand, whilst her fingernails on her other hand, gently raked across my balls as she sucked the head of it at the same time.
I soon sported another good stiffy in moments. She then straddled my body as I lay there on my back. Just the feel of her hand squeezing my cock as she guided it into her warm and welcoming pussy was fantastic as it engulfed my throbbing man stick, which sank deeply all the way into her, coming to rest at the base of my man stem. “Oh; that’s lovely she sighed” as she collapsed mobilbahis güvenilir mi on top of me, her tits squashing into me, her feminine smell intoxicated me.

“Oh yes oh yes” she screamed loud out as she bounced up and down on me like a professional knob jockey! Whilst the feelings that she was giving me were absolutely fantastic, I was a little concerned that the neighbours might hear her shouts of pleasure and wonder what on earth was going on. But after a while of feeling like I was in heaven, and really didn’t care if they heard or not to be quite honest! “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” She screamed out! Sue’s hands pressed into my chest for leverage as her humping perspiring naked body juddered then rigid, her whole body then shook with spasms, thrashing about on top of me as an orgasm swept through her. I couldn’t help it as my second cum jet filled her pussy at the same time.

Once we had both recovered enough, she looked deep into my eyes and gave me a long French kiss, then pulling away to gasp in some air, she thanked me for having her, and giving her such a fantastic orgasm. Then climbed off me, got dressed, and started to leave with a parting shot of “We really must do that again soon Jim” “Come around whenever you like Sue for a re-run” I cheekily called after her, and with that she took her leave……

I guess I must have then drifted off to sleep, and let’s face it, you can’t blame me for that after that body shattering encounter. In the distant I could hear a female voice asking me “If I would like a cup of tea”. Coming round out of my stupor, I realised that it was Jenny who had returned from her outing with her friends. “Oh yes please” I replied, as my mouth was feeling parched. “Anything exciting happen whilst I was away” She enquired with a “I know what you’ve been up to look in her eyes. “No; no, nothing really” I lied. “Well if you say so” Jenny said with a big broad grin on her face.

It occurred to me that maybe she knew all about what had happened whilst she had been away, in fact, I would go as far as to say that she instigated the whole thing….I will never know. But one thing I do know is that I can’t wait for it to happen again that’s for sure!

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