My Cuckold Fantasy: Part Three

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My Cuckold Fantasy: Part Three
Part Three: Calling Gary
I’ve never considered my wife to be very dominant but our latest experiments seem to have awaken something inside her. When we returned from the video store our love making was incredibly hot and intense.
The next morning she brought up the idea that we should call Gary and invite him over tonight. She wanted his big cock again as soon as she could get it and I wanted to see her with it too. I got the number out and called up Gary explaining that we were the couple in the video booth that he gave his number to and would he be interested in meeting for a few drinks and maybe more. We set up the meet for later that evening at a local bar. The rest of the day my wife was in the best mood and it was nice to see her so excited.
We got to the bar a little early so we could get a table and have a couple drinks to relax. My wife and I were playing a game of pool when someone walked up and put their quarters down. I looked up and the man was introducing himself to me, it was Gary. After we made our formal introductions he went to get a drink and we finished up our game. It was now his turn to play my wife so I thought I would give them a little space and go sit at the bar for a few minutes. I watched from a distance as bahis siteleri canlı my wife flirted with our new friend.
After several games and a couple more rounds my wife sat down next to me at the bar, as she leaned in to kiss me she ran her hand up my leg and grabbed my cock. After a passionate kiss she told me they were ready to go back to the house.
As the three of us left the bar and started to the car she announced that she would ride with him and they would follow me back. At one point on the way back as we were sitting at a stop light I looked in the mirror and noticed I couldn’t see her anymore in the seat next to him. As we were nearing the house I looked back just as she was raising back up. Seems she couldn’t wait until we got home.
Once in the house I made us a couple of drinks as she went to get more comfortable. This gave Gary and I a chance to talk a little. He complemented me on how hot my wife was and what a nice place we have. We continued to make Smalltalk and then my wife walked into the room. She was wearing a black lace negligee with thigh highs and high heels. Turned on doesn’t even begin to describe how I was feeling. Once in the bedroom Gary and I started to take off our clothes. We stood next to each other as my wife knelt down bonus veren siteler and took turns sucking our cocks. After a few minutes she tugged on my arm pulling me down next to her. She took Garys cock out of her mouth and placed it in mine. It was the first time she had ever seen me sucking a guys cock. She looked up at Gary as said “I think he has done this before” and laughed. We took turns sucking his cock for a while then my wife got up and ordered me onto the bed. I lay on the bed on my back with my head toward the foot of the bed, she crawled up onto of me in the 69 position. Once there Gary moved in and started to rub his big cock all over my wife’s pussy. I had a great view of this as I was busy licking her clit. Just then Gary pushed the head of his cock into her just a little before pulling it out and replacing it again. He teased her like this for a minute or two then without warning he thrust all the way into her. She let out a little whimper and he did it again. Slowly he started to speed up burying his cock to the balls each time. I reached up and grabbed her ass spreading her apart as he fucked her harder and harder. By now she was moaning, crying, and begging for more. At this point I’m not sure how many orgasms she deneme bonusu had had and I’m not sure she knew either. Just then I noticed his balls draw up and get tight and once I heard him grunt I knew he was getting close. Suddenly his cock started to throb and pulse as he shot spurt after spurt deep inside her. Then he gave her one final thrust and stayed inside her for a bit. I could feel her quiver and shake as another orgasm washed over her.
After he had emptied all he had inside her he slowly pulled his softening cock out of her, I leaned back and caught it in my mouth as it left her pussy. I sucked all the cum off of it that I could and he stepped back. My wife then raised up and sat on my face and pushed his cum into my waiting mouth. I sucked it up and was licking her clean when I heard the front door open and shut. Gary had left but she stayed on to of me ordering me to clean all the cum from her pussy. Once I was done she leaned back down and started sucking my cock. I was so turned on that I didn’t last long at all and was soon cumming in her mouth. After I finished cumming she turned around and with her mouth hovering over mine she opened her mouth and let my load drip into mine then she leaned down and kissed me as passionately as she ever had. She told me how much she loved me and was so happy with our new found hobby.
Eventually we got up and made our way into the kitchen. There was a note from Gary saying thanks for everything and to let him know if we would like to do it again sometime.
Part four: The Next Step

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