“My Chunky Sister”

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A fictional story written by me… Steffan Stratos. Kudos to my editor… Zoomie69.


“My Chunky Sister”

Hi, I’m Phillip.

As often happens with a typical teenage girl, my younger sister Shelley was borderline obsessed with her appearance. She was mostly focused on her weight and her acne.

During our concurrent Easter break from school was when Shelley began confiding her self-esteem concerns with me. The year was 2012. I was 20, and Shelley was 18.

“All of my friends have boyfriends, Phillip! But not me! I’ll never find a guy. Who would want a 5-by-5 with pimples?” is what Shelley would lament to me when we were home alone together during the week when our parents were at work all day.

What 20-year-old horny guy would be emotionally aware enough and polite enough to comfort his 18-year old sister? Even if his sister was a little chunky (not actually fat) and even if she did suffer from a little acne? Not too many guys… and certainly not me.

“Aw Shelley… shaddup. Just date a geek, because a geek won’t care if you’re fat and ugly!” was my standard reply as an attempt to make Shelley feel better using humor.

My foolish efforts to comfort Shelley with humor didn’t work at all. But I didn’t realize the error of my ways until a few days later when Shelley finally began crying after another one of my stupid statements. I don’t know why Shelley didn’t begin crying after my other daily comments made earlier during that week. And I also don’t know why she kept talking to me about her concerns if my answers were so foolish and rude.

Seeing Shelley cry immediately caused me to regret the stupid statements that I’d originally thought were hilarious. Shelley’s tears made it obvious to me that the comments I’d made to her were more rude than funny.

What better way for a 20-year-old idiot to mitigate dumbness than following it up with more dumbness?

So here was my next statement: “Hey, Shelley. The most important thing for you to do will be to find a guy who will think that you’re sexy. I think you’re kinda sexy, even though you’re my sister. And I can prove it, too. Let’s strip naked for each other. No touching or anything, but then you’ll see my erection… which will be absolute proof that you’re a hot babe. Whaddya say???”

Surprisingly, Shelley agreed and we did both strip naked for each other. And Shelley seemed very izmir escort bayan happy to see that my cock was erect while I was checking out her naked body from the safe distance of several feet away.

Yet I didn’t truly find Shelley’s chunky body to be 100% attractive, although I did get an erection. And though I’d never been kissed romantically yet and never had a girlfriend, my favorite types of girls have been those with a petite slender body and a few inches shorter than me. Shelley has always been a few inches taller than me, and her boobs were a bit too big for my taste. I simply didn’t view Shelley as a girl that I’d want to have sex with. I also didn’t care for the mild acne on her face.

Did I mention any of my true feelings to Shelley? Nope.

Were my thoughts about Shelley’s imperfections shallow? Yeah, but what could I do? Lie to myself? Heck, I was only 20 and still an idiot virgin.

Shelley did have a hairy unshaved pussy, though… which I liked better than the bald look.

After we got dressed again, Shelley thanked me for making her feel better. “No problem, Shelley… anytime” was my reply.

We never mentioned our nudity again, but the sibling taboo suddenly became a huge fantasy turn-on for me. My fantasies always involved other sibling couples, though… not me and Shelley.

The week after Easter, Shelley and I returned to school… Shelley to high school, and me to the local community college. I enjoyed watching brothers and sisters at Shelley’s high school interacting when I’d be waiting to pick her up in the afternoon. I wondered how many of them were having sex with each other. I also enjoyed looking at still images of couples having sex on the internet, and pretending that they were siblings.

Finally, I worked up the courage to talk to my college crush in practical math class. Her name was Arianna, and she sat in front of me. Wow, now Arianna was exactly the type of female lover that I envisioned myself with. Brunette, slender, petite, shorter than me, pretty face, no acne, nice smile, perfect teeth, small boobs… and she seemed to be really nice.

After seeing Shelley naked, my thoughts about Arianna took on a different twist. I got even more turned on while thinking about how great it would be if Arianna was my sister, and how much naked fun we’d be able to have as sibling lovers.

I really liked this new “Arianna izmir escort is my sister” fantasy… because now I was right in the middle of the fantasy while talking to Arianna, instead of being an outside observer who was only dreaming from a distance. No, I didn’t talk to Arianna about my fantasy… I just pretended to be her brother while talking to her, smiling at her, and trying to flirt with her.

Arianna and I initially began talking about math, and I helped her with a few homework problems. I suggested that we should meet in the school library and do homework together, and Arianna agreed.

A few weeks passed with us studying and talking, and that’s when Arianna suggested that I come over to her house to do our studying a few afternoons a week after I’d dropped off Shelley at our house at 3:30 PM. Of course, I accepted Arianna’s suggestion.

At Arianna’s house, we talked a lot about things other than school. I learned that Arianna was 18, she had no siblings, and that her parents both worked. We’d have her house to ourselves every afternoon until 6:00 PM.

When I asked Arianna to be my girlfriend a few weeks later, she happily accepted. Arianna said that she liked the fact that even though we were alone in her house on random afternoons, I’d never tried to kiss her or suggest anything sexual. Numerous othere guys she’d brought over had acted like jerks. She always said “no” to those guys, and luckily none of them tried to force themselves on her.

Since we were now officially boyfriend and girlfriend, Arianna announced “Phillip, it’ll be perfectly fine for us to kiss and hug after finishing our homework. Whaddya say?”

Was that statement music to my ears? YES!!

Of course, I immediately agreed.

The green light that Arianna gave me allowed our relationship to naturally progress forward to heavy petting, nudity, mutual masturbation, oral, and finally full-on sexual intercourse (we never used condoms ‘cuz Arianna had told her doctor that she had monthly cramping, and got prescribed birth control pills). Losing our virginities to each other was amazing and felt fantastic… much better than jacking off. Arianna’s pussy was soft, squishy, wet, and warm.

Luckily, Arianna had asked my preference about pubic hair before the first time we stuck our hands down each other’s pants. I said “OMG, I absolutely LOVE pubic hair on girls… please don’t shave or wax escort izmir yours… OK?” Arianna was happy to hear my answer, since she was understandably concerned about stubble, rash, irritation, and all that type of stuff she’d heard her friends complain about.

But it was pretending that I was Arianna’s brother which always made my heart pound extra fast whenever we were kissing and having sex.

The “Arianna is my sister” fantasy was easy to indulge in, since we were in Arianna’s family home with plenty of time and plenty of privacy. We never needed to rush, and we never needed to sneak around or try to do anything in a car.

The biggest benefit of having sex with my beautiful teenage girlfriend Arianna in the afternoons was that it was still broad daylight outside. Arianna was happy to let me see her naked, and she never insisted on darkness or tried to close the shutters. Arianna wasn’t shy, she liked stripping for me, and she didn’t mind that I enjoyed looking down at our wet genitals playing “hide the burrito” (our favorite slang for sexual intercourse) as my cock would be sliding in & out of her hairy pussy.

In the romance department, my chunky sister Shelley managed to do pretty well at the same time that Arianna and I were dating. I had told one of my buddies who had a geeky younger brother that Shelley was looking for a boyfriend, and the geek asked her out on a date. Happily, the geek and Shelley became a romantic couple.

During the final few months of their senior year in high school, the geek and Shelley were alone together during fun afternoons at our house “studying” while Arianna and I were “studying” at her house.

Now it’s 6 years later in 2018, and our relationships are all rock-solid. None of us has suffered a break-up.

We’ve all graduated college. Arianna and I are married. In a few months, the geek and Shelley are planning on getting married.

I still enjoy pretending that Arianna is my sister whenever we’re having sex. The naughty sibling incest taboo can’t be topped.

If my sister Shelley had looked like Arianna, I’ve often wondered how my life would be different today. I definitely would have tried to romance Shelley and tried to convince her to kiss me and have sex with me. Whether or not Shelley would have agreed to engage in incest with me is anyone’s guess, but the odds are low that a sister would agree to kiss or have sex with her 100% blood brother.

Meanwhile, Arianna has no clue that I have a “dark side”. She has no clue that I pretend she’s my sister, and I’ll never tell her.

Some things are better left unsaid, right? Right!!

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