My Boyfriend’s Dad

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I met my boyfriend Justin at my job at McDonald’s. Oh, I know, Not that romantic a place for two young people to get together, and Justin only lasted a few days there. He just wasn’t the type to show up on time for things so…

But he was cute! Oh, he was cute and had this gorgeous all over tan and was always telling us about his “Beach Days” along the California coast. Tall and lanky with a shock of sandy blond hair, Justin was quite an item! He drove an old Plymouth station wagon and I assumed he had a surfboard or two at home. He said he usually traveled with his Mom and Dad which I thought was unusual. In the sixties, we didn’t trust anyone over thirty and your parents? No way!

Justin came by one night when I was working late and hung around, just to talk. He asked if I wanted to go out after work but I was closing and it would’ve been almost 1 a.m. when I finally locked the door on the place. We agreed to meet the next day and he promised to take me to the beach. He waited until we closed and then escorted me to my car which I thought was…very nice of him. When we got to the car he suddenly took me in his arms and kissed me! I wasn’t expecting it but did my best to return the kiss without acting too…Forward. Our tongues intermingled and I could feel Justin’s hard on pressing against my belly. Wow! He was interested!

We had fun at the beach the next day and I couldn’t help but notice that his tan was indeed “All Over.” I wasn’t, you know, trying to sneak a shot up his trunks or anything but I never saw any tan line. I assumed he must sunbathe nude, somewhere, sometime. I’d never even considered doing something pendik escort like that and rarely even undid the straps of my bikini top while lying on the sand.

We continued to see each other as the summer heated up and, eventually we took to ending our dates in the back of Justin’s station wagon. He had an old foam camping mattress in the back and we just made out back there and got all hot and horny. Justin wanted to take off my panties right away but I made him wait a new dates. After all, I was a “Nice Girl.” I couldn’t just let him pull down my panties and look at my pussy all naked…could I?”

Well, eventually, I did. He got to see my little red haired pussy and a lot more! Justin loved my body and insisted I get completely nude before we made love the first time. Then he savored the sight of my teen aged nudity before treating me to my first look at him all naked. As I had suspected, Justin was tanned all over. He teased my pussy with his fingertips and asked me to “Spread a little wider.” I eagerly did so and must have presented quite a picture to my new boyfriend: Little Carol Hanson, completely naked with her legs wide open, her little tits sticking up in the air and her tight pink pussy on display.

Justin looked for a moment, a smile on his face, then took his big thick penis and teasingly slid it up and down the entrance to my unprotected pussy! I couldn’t help but scooch forward, hoping to impale myself on that hot and hard rod of flesh! Justin smiled broadly at my eager reaction to our first sexual touch and went ahead and shoved hard, burying most of his manhood in my impatient little pussy. maltepe escort It felt so good! “Oh Justin, more!” I begged. He didn’t make me wait any longer. He pushed hard and made me take all of his cock! He gave me a moment to adjust to his size and then began to fuck me with long sweet strokes. One after the other. Oh, and they all felt delicious! I was getting all excited and was going to come when, unexpectedly, Justin pulled out of my pussy.

“Carol, just turn over for a minute honey.” He said. I wasn’t about to ask questions so I simply moved to my hands and knees there in the back of his car. Instead of immediately putting his cock back in me, he moved closer and closer until I could feel his breath on my naked rear! I was just beginning to understand what was about to happen when I felt his tongue swiping up my anal crevice! Oh my God, He’d licked my asshole! I moaned in response and then I felt his tongue on my swollen young pussy which really turned me on.

Justin tongue fucked me for a couple of minutes, carefully dragging his talented tongue slowly and deliberately all over my vagina until I couldn’t stand it any longer and quietly begged him to “Please put it back in.” Justin didn’t disappoint me and put the bloated head of his cock back in the slippery folds of my pussy. Then he took hold of my tiny little tits and pushed real hard! His cock went in even deeper this way and soon he was thrusting vigorously into me for all he was worth. I’d never been fucked like this before and I kind of lost control of my normally shy and reserved mouth and began to say things I couldn’t believe!

“Oh, kartal escort that’s it Justin!” I called back to him. “Oh fuck my little pussy good and hard! Give it all to me now…that’s it!” I was sticking my butt back to meet him each time he moved into me and the two of us really got a rhythm going! The old Plymouth wagon was filled now with the sounds of his balls slapping noisily into my heated pussy lips. Then, he hesitated…

“Gonna slip it in your tight asshole now Carol…” He warned.

What? My what? Did he just say what I thought he said?

“Justin No!” I wailed. “Keep fucking my pussy! Don’t stop now! Not my asshole! Oh please not in my asshole!”

I think “Asshole” was the magic word for Justin because, when I said it, and I said it twice, he grunted and fucked me so hard I almost crashed into the front seat.

“Oh yeah Carol, here it comes!” He announced. Then I felt his big cock jerk free of my well fucked pussy. I looked back at Justin and was thrilled to see that huge, live giving penis spewing it’s manly contents onto my lewdly presented posterior. Oh God! What a fuck! His hot sperm splashed all over my asshole and pussy while I panted and cooed beneath him.

I managed to bring up the business of his all over tan on the way home afterwards and he frankly told me he and his parents were nudists! I’d suspected something like that and I was aware of the many nude beaches easily found along the Southern California coastline. But, his parents? I hadn’t met them but, well, it seemed rather odd to me. When you are in your teens, anyone in their thirties or forties are considered to be old. WAY old! And going around naked just isn’t something you would picture your parents doing!

But after the thrilling fuck I’d just received, I was more than ready to meet Justin’s folks. We made plans for a barbecue the following Saturday night.

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