My Best Friend’s Boyfriend Ch. 01

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It was an odd sort of feeling. Katy had brought me up to Drug Emporium to meet her elusive boyfriend, Matt, whom she had been with for a little over a year and a half. She claimed that he was addicted to pot and liked to yell and scream at her as well as throw the occasional punch her way. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would put up with that.

I was in the middle of a very disastrous divorce. My husband had cheated on me, beat me and tried repeatedly to make me miscarry our daughter. Abbi was 18 months old and she had only seen her father a handful of times and I had never let her get too close to my boyfriend Tim. Because of that, she really only had me…Well and my mother of course, since Dad was never around.

It was a bit difficult to get Abbi out of the carseat in the back of Katy’s tiny Mazda. The car was built to fit four people, but even I, at 100 pounds had a hard time fitting myself in there not to mention the carseat and baby. She finally got out and I stopped to brush her skirt down, reminding her that she is a lady. Independently she walked in front of me eager to find Aunt Katy.

Katy however was already at the front of the building, talking to a guy with his shirt off. And what a gorgeous body! His tan skin actually glistened in the overhead sun. This couldn’t be Katy’s boyfriend. No way was a guy like that with a girl so…well, different. I mean Katy is barely five foot two and weighed easily 150 pounds. Not that she was fat, by any means. Just very big breasted. Easily a 36 DD. Plus, Katy had everything pierced from her eyebrow to her Madison. Her hair was a really pretty reddish brown but it was cut in such an odd way. And her style was definitely odd. A punk Goth of sorts. And this guy, this God, was preppy, clean cut and well, hot.

As I approached, first making sure that Abbi didn’t get us killed in traffic, I noticed a glint in his eye that scared me. Not because I though he might hurt me, but because I’d never been looked at like that, Ever. He made my heart beat faster and my breath catch in my throat. I had to look away.

“Hey, Leianne. This is Matt. My boyfriend.” Said Katy casually. Oh how I envied her coolness right then. I felt like a fireball ready to explode.

“Hi.” I barely breathed, feeling like a fool.

“Abbi,” I called, catching her attention. She seemed just as mesmerized by this man as I was. “This is Matt. Can you say Matt?” I asked her.

“My Matt.” She replied smartly. She looked like she knew exactly what she was talking about.

“Abbi, this is Matt. He’s Aunt Katy’s boyfriend. escort ataşehir Say Hi, Hon.” I said as I smiled at Matt. I still couldn’t get passed those green eyes that held me so tightly. It was as if his arms were encircling me and squeezing tighter and tighter until I could hardly breathe.

“My Matt.” She replied again and lifted her arms so he could pick her up.

“Well, I guess she already knows her way around men.” I said laughing.

We all laughed and I took Abbi into my own arms. Matt and Katy continued to talk and I got lost in a fantasy of my own.

I walked up to the front doors of Drug Emporium and entered the building very quietly. He had no idea I was coming to see him. All I was wearing was my long black overcoat, and a pair of thigh high boots. I hoped he’d be pleased.

Pausing to look around for a moment, I spotted him. On the phone at register one. This was easier than I thought. Smiling I made my way to the back of the store, knowing that the time wasn’t right yet. But soon the store would be closing. And that’s when I would make my move.

After awhile I made my way to the farthest back wall and pretended to look at some merchandise. It felt like hours had gone by, but I knew it was only minutes. Finally, I Glanced at the clock in the Pharmacy and I casually began my walk to the registers. It was time.

“Hi Matt” I said as I got to the front of his line.

“Oh Hey” He looked confused as to why I was there. “How’s Abbi? Is Katy with you?” He asked.

“Abbi is with my mom. I needed a few things from the store so I decided to come and say hi.”

“Oh.” He smiled in confusion. I hadn’t brought anything to the line with me. “Well, I’m off in a few minutes. Then Katy should be here since she is the one who drove me to work today.” He said laughing a little. “My car’s on the outs.”

“Bummer. Why don’t you call Katy and tell her that you were asked to clean up here tonight and that you have a ride?” I asked casually and coolly.

He looked confused. Very confused.

I looked around and seeing that the store was empty and the other cashiers were on their way out the door, I untied the belt to my coat and it opened slightly. But it was enough. He’d seen what wasn’t underneath.

I laughed and smiled. He knew what I meant and I could tell it excited him.

“Oh, my…” He softly sighed. I leaned my head in to his and kissed him fully on the lips. He responded.

As I continued kissing him I felt his hand go inside my coat to cup my full breast. I let kadıköy escort out a soft moan and allowed him to part the coat fully to reveal that there really was nothing underneath.

His lips trailed down from my lips to my cheek, down my neck until they found my erect nipple. He tongued it a minute while cupping the other breast. My head fell back as he caressed each breast and kissed and teased my nipples. A moan escaped my lips. With his head between my breasts I gripped his hair which told him that I was enjoying myself.

We parted long enough for me to come around the counter and kiss his lips again. I reached my hands around him to untuck his shirt before I began unbuttoning. With each button undone, I kissed down his firm, tan chest. Lower and lower until he was fully unbuttoned. I watched him pull his shirt away from his muscular arms and after he had his own shirt off, he slowly lowered my coat down my arms until it fell to the floor.

First he just stared at my body as if he wanted to drink it in and never forget it. He then raised his hand to lightly touch my lips and slowly trail his fingers down my cheek and to my neck. At my collar he brought his lips to my skin and kissed his way down. When he got to my stomach, he gently kissed around my navel and stopped. He put his hands on my hips and lifted me to sit on the counter. Kissing me full on the lips again, he slipped his tongue between my lips and rolled it over mine. It felt so good.

He pulled away and lowered himself to the floor. On his knees he pulled my legs apart and brought his face in close. He flicked his tongue over my clit, which was already aching to be touched. I moaned loudly and he pressed harder. Taking his time and exploring the area, he licked and kissed all over my clit and pussy. I hoped he’d never stop. I brought my legs together, pressing my thighs to his ears, though he didn’t seem to mind. The more he tongued and licked, the closer I got to my orgasm. Finally, after what seemed like forever, it happened. I gripped his hair and tightened my legs, thrusting my pelvis into his face as I came. It was so hot and so wonderful, it sent shivers down my spine.

When he stood and looked at me I got more aggressive. I stood in front of him, turned him around and pushed him up against the counter. I kissed and licked up and down his chest down to the waist of his pants. As I kissed his lips again, mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue, I undid his belt and unzipped his pants. Frustrated, I pulled and the button holding his pants up tore from the maltepe escort bayan material and his pants fell to the ground. I kissed down. Lower and lower until my lips found the waistband of his tight boxer briefs. I used my teeth to pull them down and I grabbed his huge erect cock in my hands.

First I stroked it harder and harder and then I opened my mouth and looked up at him. Smiling, I then plunged my mouth down the shaft of his cock, taking it all in. He moaned louder and louder as I moved faster and faster. Sucking with my mouth and stroking with my hand. Feeling his shaft growing even harder until I pulled away leaving him gasping.

He turned me around and bent me over the counter to come at me from behind. Bringing his head to my pussy once more for a wet lick, he stood and pushed the head of his cock into my wet and ready pussy. I moaned as he sank himself into me. When he pulled it out I pushed my hips back to swallow it back up again. In and out, harder and faster, I begin to scream in pleasure. He is hitting all the right spots.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming.” I cry out.

“Cum harder.” He tells me.

“Oh God, Matt.” I begin to gasp as he continues fucking me as hard and as fast as he can.

“I’m gonna cum.” He moans.

“Yes!” I respond eagerly.

I can feel him pushing in as far as he can, and I feel him cum. Hot cum, deep inside of me. Warming my body nicely.

We are both gasping for breath when…


“Huh? What?” I emerged from my fantasy, unwilling to let it go. I could almost feel his lips and taste the sweat.

“Where do you want to go for lunch?” Katy asks me. How long had I been fantasizing?

“Oh, I don’t care. Wherever.” I reply as nonchalant as I can. But I can tell my face is red and Matt is looking at me with interest.

“Well,” he says not to anyone in particular. ” I will leave you girls to whatever it is you are doing today.”

“We’re taking Abbi to the Zoo. Babe, I told you that earlier.” Katy says.

“Yes. Why don’t you come along?” I ask.

“Nah, I got stuff to do.” He says simply. Smiling at me. He’s smiling at ME!

“Oh…” I trail off.

“Maybe next time.” He says and heads off to his blue Saturn.

Feeling more than a little foolish, I stare after him.

“Hey, Leianne, you coming?” She already has Abbi’s hand and they are heading towards the car.

“Right.” I catch up and get Abbi into the car. She is so excited that she’s going to see animals.

“How long have you guys been together?” I ask as I watch Matt pull his car out of the parking space and wave to us.

My heart is caught in my throat. I barely wave back with the smallest possible smile on my lips.

“Almost a year and a half, why?” She asked.

Pulling into South Lindbergh’s traffic, I smile.

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