Ms. Marca Ch. 51

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My Grandfather always was coming up with these old saying and one of them that he used was. “I GOT A DAYS WORK IN BEFORE NOON.”

I don’t want to lead you on and think I was in the field plowing, or down at the factory sweating…will I did work up a good sweat. Maybe I should tell you about my Days Work Before Noon.

My day started out at about 5:30 AM. It’s what I call an early morning piss hard-on. My husband rolls over and began to play with my ass and that was what got me out my sound sleep and into the real world. I guess it’s time for his 5 +/- AM feeding. Over the years I have learned that a guy has a hard at either 3 in the AM or just before sunup. If you fuck him at 3 you can sleep right on though his morning, but if he doesn’t get any at 3 the odds are 3 / 1 you fuck at sunup. Guess what?

He gets up and heads to the bathroom which gives me time to reach over and slip out of the night stand some black cherry water base gel for my love hole. Not that I can’t take his love tool, just want it to slip on in and get this over with. That is not a good term (GET THIS OVER WITH) if you had been reading about me you know the last thing I would do is pass up a round of sex. I just wanted my sleep I got a hard day today. Little did I know how hard it would be. I roll over and get on my left side facing away from his side of the bed. As long as it takes for a guy to Pee he’s back in bed and the head of his cock still has piss on it.

“Don’t you guys ever wipe it? Here honey suck my cock I just had a piss! Sure we girls just love the taste of Pee when we suck! Cum I can take all day long, but Jesus fellows, your piss is a different thing!”

I feel him slide up next to me and his tool is semi hard, taking that piss will let it go down every time. For a man pushing 50 he can’t keep it up like a 25-year-old and once he goes off he is good for a 12 hours. I’m not! He places the head up next to my slicked up love hole and begins to play with my right tit/nipple with his right hand. All the time rocking his member up next to and trying to wedge it between my ass crack so that it can slip down and into the promise land. He kisses my neck, behind my ear and my shoulder, if I want this fuck all I have to do is raise my right leg just a bit and he will slip right in. Got to make him work for it some, but than I do want to get some more sleep. OK lets fuck!

I pull my legs up toward me and part my knees just a few inches and damn the boy hasn’t forgot where it is! He has it in and his morning workout is underway. We had kicked off the covers and it was just two naked bodies going at it spoon style. I moaned to let him know that I was enjoying myself. I also arched my back so that he would have a better view of my ass. His hand left my nipple and went to my hip he had to hang on for this ride.

Then I stopped for a second to catch my breath, and I asked him if he wanted to cum this way. Evidently it’s very sexy for a man to hear a woman say

“I want your cock in my mouth! I want to eat your cum! Please baby cum in my mouth?”

He just groaned and said “Oh god yes” or something like that. So I flipped over on my back and pulled him up straddling my boobs and put a pillow behind my head. I reached around him and grabbed his ass-cheeks and pulled him into my mouth. I had the tip of his cock in just past my lips, and could tighten my lips just past the edge of his rim of the head where it goes on to the shaft. Then I started jerking the rest of his cock, pumping it into my mouth. I was looking up at him, and he was looking down at me, and I could tell that I had him completely in my power. I could have stopped and told him to jump out the window and he would have.

My husband is a good man, 49, almost 50 and what we beautiful people called a nerd. I had to redo him from the first day we began going out. You might say he is the Bill Gates type, smart as hell but nothing in the bedroom. After we were married he told me he had only been with 3 women before me. He was a virgin on his wedding night as was his first wife and not until I came along had he ever fuck dog style. Here I was some 15 years younger than him and have been with a 1,000 + men in my life and have had as many as 4 at one time. I had more fucks in a weekend than he had in a year. I played it very sly and not give in to him when we were dating making him go several months before I let him have any.

He’s not the kind of man that sets a girl’s pulse racing, but I knew he’d be a caring husband and a good provider. I discovered early on that he was very sensitive about the fact that he was poorly hung, which I suspect to be true of most men with small dicks. He thinks his cock is fairly normal-sized, that is because I have told him that. I can tell you his meat look like that of an adolescent boy. He does nothing for me when we fuck. I was rather disappointed when I discovered how poorly endowed he is, but I didn’t let my disappointment stand in the way of marriage. I can fake a good fuck with the best of them. He has money, is steady, ataşehir escort bayan has money, loyal, has money and has a great sense of humor. Did I mention that he has a few bucks!

My husband was already insecure about the size of his little PP before we were married and many times he would ask if it were good for me. Knowing full will that his little PP will/was not satisfying at all, but that is one thing you don’t tell any man, unless you want to humiliate him about the size of his cock. Even though my pussy has been stretched, more than I like to think, from all the men I have fucked over the years, I don’t get sore anymore, Once you have had as many big hung men that I have had, a small one just want cut it. We don’t fuck every night, with his work schedule and sometimes the man is just to beat to even try. This is not because of not wanting sex, but after a few years you do get into a life style that is not like a couple of teens in heat. And when we do fuck, I can barely feel him in me. I have showed him how to use my toys on me!

His moans began to change, and I knew he was going to come soon. He warned me in the usual way with, “I’m going to’ come…” I continued on as if I hadn’t heard him, which prompted him to repeat himself a little more forcefully. “I’m Going To’ *COME*!” I could feel his shaft pulsing and getting ready to cum, and knew his ass was beginning to tighten up and then I felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of my mouth. I quickly pulled his cock out and held it up to my face, still jerking. He shot out 6 or 7 spurts of cum, and it went up my face, over my eyes and into my forehead and everywhere.

I could feel it on my lips and chin and across the bridge of my nose, too. Finally he stopped shooting and I just rubbed the head of his cock around on my face, spreading the warm sperm around and smoothing it into my skin. I swallowed the bit I had in my mouth, and then opened my mouth and showed him that it was all gone. He leaned down and kissed me, and stuck his tongue in where his cock had just been. That was nice. “Baby I didn’t take care of you?” I looked up and told him, it’s Friday and tonight is Friday night fights, you better have your fucken gloves on tonight this may be a 15 rounds if you can last that long. He laughed and said he would go 8 for sure. His 8 is a young mans 3, oh me, so is life.

We both got up and went to our different baths and got ready for the day. I think he Shit, Showered and Shaved. I showered and did a little touch up on my shaving, do a little every day and it stay smooth all the time. It’s not any of your business when I do do. A lady doesn’t shit..she do do’s..oh Fuck You Guys! I put on my bra, can’t go around without a bra not with a pair of 40DD to carry. I slipped a white thong up and on to my 23 X 38 body and looked in the mirror at my 5′ 10″, 140# body. My dark curly hair that comes down to just above my tits and mid back made my dark tan stand out.

“Marca your fucken hot, you could make a blind man get hard and stay that way all day!”

I slipped on my sexy tight white sweats the kind that hug my figure and leaves no doubts as to what I have under them. With white tennis shoes and white sweats I looked like long pole of sugar that had chocolate sauce on top.

“I bet some motherfucker will eat this candy!”

It was 8:15 AM. Nice blow job.


I pulled up to Jack’s apartment just a little before 9 and was ready for my Friday morning workout. I go to the gym 4 days a week (Monday – Thursday) and do the real stuff, got to keep this body that the good Lord gave me. It takes 2 to 3 hours per day, 4 days a week to look the way I want to look. Got to be that old model thing, always look your best even going for a loaf of bread.

Jack is 28 and a salesman for a ready to wear ladies underwear and he travels two-weeks out of the month and takes Friday off when he is in town. I have been making it my special duty to get in some good hard body sweating when he is home and that is on Friday morning from 9 to about 11. At his place, in his king-size bed. Jack is not the biggest guy in the world, but knows how to make that baby work, he about 7 and the head of his cock is bigger than most men which makes it even better when he does me dog style. It feels like he is running a scrapper back and forth in my love hole and that my pussy walls are getting a cleaning out. Damn makes me wet thinking about it.

I got a key to his place, but we have an understanding. I’m married and he is not to call me. I’m not to just come by without calling him. We both got our different worlds and never the two shall meet. We both want the same thing just a good fuck, and I get it every other Friday. Will I should say every Friday, but Jack doesn’t know that.

I open the door and knock as I go in and I hear him from the bathroom call out “Marca is that you baby?” I close and lock the door and answer him that it is I.

“Were you expecting someone else?”

He came out of the bathroom with just a escort kadıöy towel around his neck and smiled and said “No way!” Jack is 6′ 3″ about 200# and works out on weights. Very fit and trim and god that cock of his. He came toward me with it swinging as he walked and it was all I could do to not look/stare at it. The head is just wonderful and I could feel it up next to my leg when he pulled me next to him when he kissed me hello. Jack had made some hot tea and was about to pour it and told me to have a seat he would fix me a cup. Damn Jack this is taking up my sex time I got to be at Judy’s place for lunch at 12:30. Will can’t make it seem like I’m a nymph, come to think of it, I think I’m.

We had small talk about our week since we last seen each other and what was going on around the world where he had been…Bull Shit..Bull Shit! I want to fuck. He sat across from me with that hunk of meat hanging down and his balls would slip to one side and than move around I love looking at a cock, only thing better is holding one. I was ready I stood up picked up my bag and started toward the bedroom. I looked back at him and his cock as I went by his chair and let him know I was here to do the deed.

“You coming big boy or do I start fucking with out you?”

I had my sweat and bra off before I made it to the bedroom door and the shoes and thong were off just inside the door. I fell back on the bed and pulled him down with me to one side of me as his mouth went for my nipples sucking me and touching my pussy. I wanted his fingers in my love hole and his lips on my tit so he could suck. I was half way to a climax before he got on the bed and I was getting to that rush real quick as he went for the goodies. I began to moan and hump at the fingers in me and than he was on my pussy licking and sucking it drinking the juice from my cunt.

I let off a moan that told the world that I had an orgasm and my breast was about to bust. I bucked under his licking and the sucking of my clite and found him to be an addict at eating pussy. This boy was good. I soon found a cock looking me in the face as the tit sucker was over me holding his cock and rubbing it over my lips. I took the root in my mouth and kissed and licked the head and could feel life coming to the thing.

I could see he was ready to fuck and I rolled over took one of the condoms out of my gym bad, open it and rolled it on and down the thick shaft. I pulled away from the pussy-eating machine and turned around and got on all 4’s and looked back to see the hard cock. I looked up at Jack and smile at him and watched as he took my hips and place his tool up at the edge of my lips, my pussy lips. ” Slow easy not hard” came words from my lips.

Jack knows how to do it, he was fucken my sweet wet pussy and was doing me slow and taking his tool all the way in and pulling it just to the head out. He had a nice easy motion and a good smooth feel. I got my head down on the pillow and got in the same rocking motion. I put my arms across my chest to hold my tits to keep them from swing. The fuck he was giving me was out of this world he was good and was about to give me an orgasm and I could feel it building up in me. I went off with a load moan and shook the bed as I pushed back on the cock going in and out of me.


The bed needed oiling it was as loud as me. Knowing Jack and the way he can fuck me he was no where near a cum shot I looked back at him and smiled and he wanted to know if that was my first orgasm of the day?

“Will I gave my husband a blow job this morning, does that count? I saved my pussy for your cock. Yours is the first one to get me off!”

“Baby is this cock better than what you got at home? I bet at his age he has trouble getting hard for you, lets see he is old enough to be my father. Is he my size, I don’t thing many guy’s have a head like this. I bet he can’t fuck but twice a week, can he?” I looked back at him and said ,

“Jack let fuck and keep our personal life out of this!”

You ass hole you know your cock is one of the best. If I suck a cock no man has trouble getting it hard. He is ½ your size, shit head. He can fuck 3 times a week if I get it up for him. Talk about getting me out of the mood. Why do guys want to talk about something that turns a woman off? But with this cock going in and out of me I soon had my mind back on the business at hand..

“Oh Jack I’m going to go off again, oh!”

Marca baby I’m going to stop unless you answer this question!

“What, no god don’t stop, I’ll answer, just don’t stop for god sake don’t stop!”

Marca when are you going to fuck your husband and tell me about how you do it?

“Oh Jack please why do you want to know that?”

He stop and I could feel his big monster pulling out slow and I looked back at him as he pushed on my hips as to push me away from his long thick tool. I tried to hump back to get it back in but he was backing out of the station and headed for maltepe escort the roundhouse as my granddad would say.

“OK…OK… I’ll tell you just don’t stop, please put it back in! I’ll fuck him tonight after we go to bed.”

I felt Jack grip on my hips get harder and his strokes got faster, this must turn him on to know I’m going to fuck my husband.

“I think I’ll get on top and ride him and have him suck my nipples as I lower my tits to his mouth as I ride him. I’ll be thinking of your big cock Jack as I slip his into me.”

Oh Marca oh yes I’m going to cum, and we both shot off at the same time and I could feel his warm sperm rushing into my hot sweaty cunt and it was like a pump oozing it out with each stroke he took. Air had built up and than I began to expel air from my pussy and what we girls call pussy farts were going off as fast as he could stroke me. I had a towel by the bed and placed it down under me so that his cum would run out on to the towel not the sheets, not any mess this way and I could let it drain out of me as I lay there.

The phone rang and I could tell it was business he had to take care of and I got my ass up and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and head for home to change for my lunch. When I came out of the bath, he was still on the phone and I went over kissed him on the cheek and motioned to him that I would call him later and I let myself out.

It was 10:20 AM. One damn good fuck.


I drove off from Jack’s place and after 5 minutes I called him on my cell phone to make sure he was OK, us girls if we don’t get a good by kiss we feel as if the guy doesn’t want us, or we have fuck something up.

“Jack I just wanted you to know I had a great morning and as always you make me see fireworks!”

small talk between us and him telling me how good it was for him and than,

“Oh shit I just ran a red light and a fucken motorcycle cop is pulling out to get me, Damn!”

Marca tell him you are on your way to a fire and that should do it. Thanks wise ass! That does give me an idea, Jack I’m leaving the phone on and listen to what I have to say, don’t talk.

I have a tendency to drive a little faster than the law allows, but almost every time I get pulled over; I manage to persuade the nice officer to let me off with a warning. Lady let me see your driver license.

“Officer I think I left my tea pot on my burner and I ‘m headed to check on it would you let me go and do that?”

He looked at me with a hard wise ass smirk and than looked down the street. “Sure lady and I’m going to follow you and it better be the story or I’ll find every reason in the world to write you a ticket, you want to stay with that story?”

“Officer I don’t know if the burner is on but I know I have a pot of water setting on my stove I make tea out of and I can’t remember if I turned it off.”

OK, I will follow you. As he walked back to his cycle I spoke into the cell phone.

“Jack did you hear that?”

I did baby and I’m putting the teapot on and the burner up to medium. Bye!

I pull up to Jacks apartment and the cop is right behind me and I get out of my car and walk toward the apartment. I turn and look back and say, will so for so good the place is not smoking. He doesn’t say a word, you ass hole I’ll show you. I open the door and go in and stop at the kitchen door and the pot is steaming and I let out a puff of air and mumble Oh Thank God I came back…Oh me! Will you were telling the truth.. Oh officer I can tell some big ones but not about this my boy friend would have killed me if I had burned the place down. Thank God Jack left, he would know not to be seen after what told him on the phone.

This is not your place? No my boy friends. Where is he…this time a day…at work. Let me see your license again? This your correct address…yes sir…is that a problem officer? Is the information on the license correct? Yes sir…. So your name is Marca and you’re a married female..34 years old and by this zip code you live on the other side of town..but this is your boyfriend’s place! Your husband doesn’t know about him or this place I guess?

Oh shit this son-of-a-bitch had me, tell one fucken lie and you’re just in a hole that gets deeper. I know the look on my face was one of panic and he knew he had me, my breath began to quicken and my eyes had tears. I was dead meat! Damn just write the fucken ticket and get the fuck out.

He stood just looking at me and than the license and back at me and than he called in on his phone they wear on their belt and said he had a 435 or 287..some thing like that, whatever that fucken number is. Officer you going to cause me to have a problem? He looked at me and said … NO! but if you were my wife I would…. Never mind. And he handed me back the license. When I took them from him I put my right hand on his arm and said thank you and told him I could kiss you for being a nice guy. He just looked at me and smiled and I reached up and kissed him on the cheek as his arm and hand was wedged between my breast and his chest. Since I was headed for home, I had not put my bra or my thong back on when I left Jacks place. I knew the cop could feel my nipple coming though the sweat shirt and I looked down at his tight motorcycle pants to see that bugle he had.

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