Moving Linda Ch. 01

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Last week I get a call from my late wife’s cousin Linda. Begging me to help her move. She had broken up with her boyfriend, she caught him fucking another woman.

Crying and all upset she needed to get her stuff out before he threw it all out. “I don’t know anyone else here who will help.” I told her I would help just say when. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” she said.

Linda was my wife May’s cousin and best friend when they were young. They kind of lost touch for several years, as Linda married and moved out of state. She divorced about 4 years ago, and moved back here.

She and my wife started running around together again. When I lost my wife 3+ years ago to a heart attack. She helped me through the loss.

Linda is about 2 years younger than my wife was. Tall slender about 5’10”, blond, nice slender body maybe 110# but small tits (maybe A cup). Still a very nice package all in all. She is almost 6 years younger than me, my wife was 4 years younger than me.

I take my truck and borrow a trailer from a friend. Call Linda then pick her up on the way to her ex place. He a real ass the whole time we are loading her stuff. Saying shit about her, calling her a bitch and cunt. How she is a worthless fuck. I can only take that so long.

I look at him saying, “I think you better leave for now.”

He’s about my size 5’8″ but skinny as a rail. I’m 155# fairly athletic, black belt in Tae Kwon Do, short dirty blonde hair, my best part is kept hidden.

“I don’t like your talking to her in that fashion. You’re the one who fucked up your relationship. By not keeping your dick in your pants.”

He scowls at me and says, “He kind of old for you, Linduh!”

“He’s my cousin’s May’s husband, dumbass.” She says.

He leaves and we finish getting all her stuff loaded.

She was moving about 100 miles back to her old place. She had rented out, but It had a live able basement so she was going to live there till she could find a job.

Along the way there we talked a lot about our lives, she had been married like 5 times. I told her I did not realize she was married that many times. “I always seem to get involved with dumb asses who always fuck me over.” she says and starts crying.

“God I wish I could find a guy like you. I mean you and May were married for 35 years. Before… She.” She stopped realizing what she was saying. “Oh God! I’m sorry.” she says.

“It’s OK.” I say after 3 years it’s still tough, but it’s OK. The rest of the way we chatted some. Her telling me about her fucked up life.

We arrive at her place. Manage to finally get it all unloaded.

“What a fucking ordeal.” She says. “I’m thirsty, what say we go get a drink and unwind.”

“OK by me.” We find a quiet bar and are having couple drinks.

As she gets a couple drinks in her she starts talking about how she always gets fucked over. She starts crying and I try to console her. I move next to her and say, “You can cry on my shoulder if you want.” She kind of grabs me and starts crying more. She blubbers how sweet I am.

I put my arms around her.

She manages to stop and say “I’m OK, I’ve been through this before so many times it should be easy.”

“It’s never easy if you love them” I say.

“I cannot imagine what you when through losing cousin May.”

“It’s been tough, some long lonely nights.”

“I can’t Imagine” escort kartal she says.

We have a couple more drinks, she pretty drunk.

“Maybe we should get you home.”

Walking to the car she is stumbling some. I kind of catcher and she giggles saying

“Thank you, for everything!”

She stops and throws her arms around my neck looks me in the face.

Says “I like you a lot.”

“Well I like you a lot too.”

“No I like you a lot.” she says

Then kisses me for a long time. I don’t resist as that is the first time I’ve kissed another woman since losing my wife. When we break apart she looks at me and says “Better get me home now”

The drive back to her place was pretty much silent. A couple times she glanced my way and smiled a kind of odd smile. We pull in her drive.

She says “Come in for a bit please.”

“Ok, first I need to hook up to the trailer. I’ll be in shortly.”

I get hooked up and go in. She has changed into a pair of short shorts and a t-shirt. That show off her ass and lean body.

“I had to get out of those clothes, I need a bathe too.”

I am half hard looking at her. She comes over to me

Says, “Thank you again.” Looking me right in the face almost touching noses.

“I’m glad to help.”

Shes looking at me funny and says “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“I think you pretty drunk.”

She laughs and says “Yea maybe, but I’m serious. Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Yes, I think you are beautiful.”

With that she smiles a huge smile. “Do you find me sexy?”

“I’m not sure I should answer that.”

My cock already straining at my jeans.

“I think I see the answer to that one from here.” She giggles.

My erection was more than obvious. “I owe you something for helping me move. I don’t have any money.”

She comes closer looking me straight in the face.

Says. “I can help with this though”

Placing her hand on the bulge in my pants. I swallow hard not knowing what to do or say.

Rubbing me she says “I’ll take that as a yes”

Kisses me and starts to unbutton my jeans. I can’t help it and kiss her back. I have not had a woman in nearly 4 years.

She gets my jeans unzipped and snakes her hand in side.

“Holy Shit your really packing a big one there. No wonder cousin May liked you!”

I never considered my cock huge, it’s maybe about 8″ about the size of a summer sausage. I have only been with a couple women besides my wife and that was a long time ago. I never got any complaints or complements.

She says “Don’t think I’ve ever had one this size before. Dave was as long but not as thick. Think I’m going to enjoy this.”

I just look at her. I don’t give a shit I just really need a fuck right now.

“Come on we need to get more comfortable.”

Leads me to her bedroom the bed is not setup, but the springs and mattress are on the floor. Hell I’d fuck her on a concrete floor. She pulls her shirt off her tits are small but huge nipples.

Then she slides her shorts off giggles and says, “Well am I the only one who’s getting naked around here?”

I kick my shoes off, almost rip my shirt and jeans off. When I slip my boxers off she is staring at my cock almost as much I am her body.

My cock is still not fully hard.

“Yes I’m definitely going to enjoy this.” maltepe escort she says.

She crawls onto the mattress on to her back. Legs spread one hand rubbing her cunt, the other motioning me to get beside her.

I nearly jump that far. I lay on my back looking over at her. She leans in and kisses me slipping her tongue into my mouth. God she has a long tongue it almost touches the back of my throat. I suck on her tongue. I feel her hand on my cock. It jerks from her touch. In an instant it’s hard as a rock. She pulls her tongue out and looks down at my engorged cock.

“Fuck thats huge.” stroking and rubbing the head. “It must be 8″ long and 2” around.

I reach out and begin to pinch and rub her nipples.” Hummm that feels good.”

I say “You feel great too.”

She gets up on her knees and then bends over to suck my cock. The instant her lips touch the head. It get harder if that’s possible. I groan with pleasure. Tell her “Fuck yea suck my cock girl.”

Take my hand and try to reach her pussy. I can’t but start rubbing her ass.

She responds by moving around to give me better access to her. I run my hand between her legs and the instant I touch her pussy lips she groans. That makes her suck harder on the head.

Stopping for a moment she says “Fuck I can barely get half of it in my mouth.” then goes back at it.

I find her slit and it’s dripping wet. I slide one finger in working it a minute then another in feel her pussy tighting around it. I can tell she is going to be tight. I pull her ass toward me. She responds by putting one leg over my head. Now her cunt is within sucking distance. I grab her ass cheeks and spreading her pussy lips then begin to suck on her cunt. She groans out, “That’s it eat my pussy motherfucker bury your fucking face in me. Make me cum baby. Make me cum.”

Gladly I’m licking the whole length and flicking my tongue on her clit. Then suck hard on her clit. Nibbling with my lips on it. “AAAARRRGGG. Right there right there fuck yes.” She clamps her thighs shut locking my face on her pussy. It has fluid running out I’m licking and swallowing as fast as I can. Still it’s runs around my jaw down my chin. She is shaking but her lips are locked on my cock too.

Suddenly she stops pulls her cunt away. “Fuck this I’ve got to have that fucking meat pole in me.”

Spinning around straddling my waist. I lay there in anticipation of that first feel of my cock entering her. I feel her hand guide me to her, as the head touches her dripping wet opening.

I groan with pleasure. “OH fuck yea. Fuck me Linda fuck me.”

“You ain’t felt nothing yet. I’m just getting started.”

Then pushes the head into her tight wet pussy. She grunts as it enters. Dam she is so tight I thought it was going to make me cum right then. I look up she has her eyes closed and is breathing hard. I reach up and take her nipples in each hand start squeezing them and pulling hard. She groans with pleasure leaning in tells me. “Bite them hard!! Come on do it!!” I take one in my mouth suck hard on it then bite down on the nipple. Then do the same to the other. “Suck harder use your tongue on it.”

I do as I’m told. She Groans loudly. Her pussy is convulsing on my cock. I suck as hard as I can biting each nipple hard as I can and not break skin. Letting go I see teeth marks on each nipple. I take each in hand pendik escort bayan pinching and pulling hard on each.

She has been pushing her self on to my cock. It takes her at least 4 tries to get it almost all in. I feel me hit the back of her uterus before I get all the way in. But she slams down hard to get it all in.

“Fuck!!” she screams. “I feel like I’m going to split open, but fuck I love it.”

Dam I think she just bruised my cockhead that time. It hurt like hell but I could give a shit. I’m enjoying this far too much to care.

Then she begins to work up and down, faster and harder.

Suddenly I feel her cunt grip me like a vice.

“OOOOHHHH FUCK I”M CUMING!!” She screams shutters I feel the muscles of her pussy clenching multiple times on my cock.

That pushes me over the edge. “ME TOO!!” I shoot my load deep in to her cunt.

She falls forward onto me and says. “OH my god that was great. How long before you can go again?”

I look at her and say “Did I get soft?”

She slide her pussy off me. Her pussy is dripping cum from it. I’m still hard.

“I can go two or three times before going soft and need a rest.”

“Well my pussy needs a bit of a rest first. I think you beat my uterus pretty badly. I’m going to be sore in the morning.”

“I hope you not done yet, Cause I’m ready any time you are.”

“I’m almost ready again. Maybe I bit off more than I can chew.” She says laughing.

She takes her hand though and starts stroking me.

She says. “Never have I had a guy not need time to get hard again.”

“It’s easy when your really turned on by the woman your with.”

“Really! You’re turned on by me?”

“Fucking Hell YES!! Why would I not be?”

“Thank you, You make me feel good.”

“Fuck yes your great, good looking, nice tits, a great cock sucker and a hell of a fuck.”

“I wish I could deep throat you like I could my other husbands.”

“You do great, May could not even do that.”

“Well I’m going to give it my best try.”

She then moves down and begins to lick the tip. “Mmm I can still taste your cum.”

Takes the head into her mouth. Changes her angle and tries to get as much as she can down her throat. I feel the back of her throat and she gags upon trying.

“It’s ok you don’t have to.”

Stopping for a minute to breath. “I want to. I pride myself on being able to deep throat any cock, but I have never taken one like this before.”

“Maybe next time.” I say.

“Oh yea there’s definitely going to be a next time and a next time, don’t you ever think I’m giving this up!”

With that she climbed on again and slides the head in to her cunt. “Oh yea, never giving this up.” She fuck me two more times that night. When I’m done she can barely standup. She has swallowed more cum tonight then my wife did in a week. I really wanted to bang her ass too but figured that she would be sore enough tomorrow as it is. Next time though her ass is in trouble I can tell you that.

She almost cried and begged me to stay. I told her I would love to stay but need to get home. I have work tomorrow plus have to take trailer back to my friend. She kissed me deeply and made me promise to come back very soon. I told her try to keep me away.

I get home and find a small jewelry box under the passenger seat. I call Linda to tell her I got home safe. Telling her I found the box. She tells me now you have to come back that it has mom’s jewelry in it. I promise to bring it up next weekend. She tells me she can’t wait. I’m know I’m looking forward to it.

Next Chapter is, Linda’s tight pussy and ass.

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