Mountain Ordeal

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Mountain ordeal.

I was trying to get down the mountain quickly. The weather had come on without warning and I needed to get back to my base camp when I’d seen another figure struggling in the rapidly worsening conditions, she’d been forced down by the weather too but was off course for her camp and definitely in trouble. I had told her my camp was near and she could ride the storm out with me, she was grateful and aware her situation had been looking very dire just a few short minutes before.

With the storm now well and truly on us, it had taken us way longer than it should to make it to my tent but we did make it, cold and wet but relatively safe although not completely out of danger. Cold and wet is a bad place to be in those conditions and she was shaking a lot, clearly feeling the exposure more than me. I had offered her my sleeping bag (the only sleeping bag) so she could get her damp clothes off and warm up. “Thank you but we both need heat, we have to share the bag, we have to share heat.” she had replied before she removed her coat. That was the moment I realised she was beautiful.

We had just been lost souls in a storm but at that moment she became so very much more. She removed her trousers and her jumper, but the damp had gotten through them too. Come on silly she had said spurring me to remove my wet coat as her pile of damp clothes grew until she was sliding into the sleeping bag in just her underwear. She was still shaking so I quickly removed all but my boxers and slid into the bag behind her, wrapped her in my arms and pulled her tight to me so our body could work together to keep warm. Eventually we slowly stopped shaking against each other, the exhaustion took over from our ordeal down the mountain and we slept.

When I eventually woke, I immediately became aware of her body pressed back against mine, and my body became very aware of hers pressing against mine. I felt myself stiffen, pressing against my boxers, against her. I tried to move so I wasn’t touching as intimately but only made matters worse, in trying to move I simply managed to push the bulge in my underwear harder against her bottom which, in turn made her sleeping body respond by pressing back against me.

Each time I tried to move she pushed back and soon I had no room left to try and escape, escort kartal trapped between my sleeping bag and the sexy woman sharing it with me. She pressed back against me, shifting the bulge in my underwear from pushing against her bottom to pressing between the top of her thighs, a little sigh escaped her lips and with that sound the last of my resistance to the situation faded.

I shifted my arm, still around her from cuddling up last night, so my hand could cup her breast. She made no objections, so my fingers gently explored her beautiful flesh filling my hand. Her nipple, already pressed stiffly against the fabric, grew quickly to my caress. My free hand moved down her side and as I moved so did her hips, rocking them slowly back against me. My fingers past the waist of her panties onto her hip and pulled her tight onto me making her gasp softly and move her bottom against me.

Soon our bodies were moving in unison against each other, pressed tightly, moving intimately, excitement building. I slipped her bra strap off her shoulder and freed the breast I’d been caressing through the fabric, my fingers closed around her stiff nipple, caressing it, pinching it, teasing it, enjoying the flesh of her now naked breast filling my hand. My other hand caressed around her panties until my fingers pressed against the fabric covering her crotch. I pushed my hand against her pulling her harder onto my cock and let my fingers stroke down the fabric closer and closer to her barely covered sex until they stole onto the damp fabric at the top of her slit.

Her body shuddered as we pressed intimately against each other and a little moan escaped her lips. She softly said “That feels like it must be very uncomfortable, you should do something about it” I hesitated, just for a moment before slipping my boxers off. “That feels better I whispered, here, let me help you too” my fingers stole up her back between us and nimbly released her bra and slipped it from one arm letting it fall, releasing her amazing breasts. One hand firmly caressed her breast again whist I quickly worked her panties off, she kicked them into the bottom of our sleeping bag, I pulled her back into me letting my hard cock press against her wet pussy.

My hand explored her shaven crotch gently but urgently until maltepe escort my fingers parted her wet lips and began to caress her clit. I felt her hand on my shaft as she pulled it up harder against her sex and we rocked our hips back and forth, rubbing ourselves against each other. My fingers tormented her clit faster and faster as her breathing became a panting. I pulled at her nipple teasing it hard and her body began to shake, she lost her rhythm and squeezed my shaft hard against herself as I rubbed her clit faster and faster, her groans and moans building as she drew closer and closer to her climax and just as her body went rigid against me I stopped rubbing, my fingers keeping pressure against her sensitive clit but no longer moving, she begged between pants not to stop but I held still just pressing as her body began to calm a little.

I released her clit and pulled my hips back pulling my hard cock which she was still pressing against her sex, I began to thrust very slowly too and fro, rubbing it across the hot entrance to her pussy and pushing on her sensitive clit as I moved forwards and backwards, making her gasp and pant each time it touched. I pulled back, she pressed hard against my head with her fingers and made my swollen head, already slick with the juices from her sex, part her lips and enter her tight hole.

Our bodies instantly found a rhythm rocking towards one another, slowly and gently my shaft penetrated deeper and deeper inside her until my crotch pressed against her bottom. We stayed still, savouring the feeling of me so deep inside her and her sex gripping tightly onto my shaft. She slowly drew her top leg up, which I followed with mine, the repositioning of our hips allowed my cock to slip even deeper into her taking her breath away for a moment. She shifted slightly as her hand worked around my thigh until I felt her fingernails scratching gently under my scrotum making my cock throb harder inside her tightness. As she shifted she’d moved enough that I’d lost her breast from my had so my fingers began to caress down her stomach and under her thigh until I found the top of her wet lips, I probed a finger in between her lips until I found her stiff clit and began to very very softly rub at its tip.

It did not take long for her hip to start to pendik escort bayan move with a slow rock in time with my finger stroking her clit. A slow rock that moved her pussy slightly up and down my shaft. As her breathing became faster, I began to match her movement so my cock moved a little more in and out her hot hole making her moan. Soon my finger began to take longer strokes too and fro lightly across her clit and with the longer strokes she matched the movement with her hips and I in turn matched hers with mine, the combined movement of our hips making my cock slide further, slowly in and out of her silky pussy, longer strokes of her clit causing longer movements inside her, slow, gentle, deep inside her, always pushing deep inside, filling her completely. Increasing the movements until my shaft was making long slow strokes deep in and nearly out of her hot pussy and my finger making soft strokes too and fro across her stiff bud.

Her breathing became more and more erratic as her body began to shake, powerful excitement building deep inside her, unable to contain this slow torment, the muscles inside her clamping at my shaft as it was moving in her, her pussy getting wetter and hotter around my cock, moans and gasps escaping her lips as I drove her closer and closer, long soft strokes of her clit as my shaft slowly stretched her velvet hole deep into her body until as I pressed as far in as my swollen head could go her body erupted in orgasm making her cry out.

As her hot juices flooded from her depths around my cock, I began to increase the pace of my thrusts and started to rub her clit harder as well as faster, matching the pace of the rubbing and thrusting together still. She scratched and clawed at me as my increased pace and pressure maintained her orgasm, her body spasming, her hot velvet flesh contracting tightly around my throbbing shaft. My own excitement couldn’t take much more of how tight the muscles inside her gripped my shaft as her pussy contracted and my control slipped, faster and fastest I thrust inside her, pumping my cock deep into her tightness and rubbing furiously at her engorged clit until I buried my shaft deep inside her and my own orgasm exploded deep inside her, pumping my seed inside her with each thrust until we were both completely spent.

We lay entwined as we came down from our ecstatic heights and managed to catch our breaths. Our bodies stopped shaking and we relaxed into each other as my spent cock slowly softened in her silky depths. The exhaustion of everything took over and we fell asleep as we lay.

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