More Than a College Dorm

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A chapter in my life will close soon; my final year of college. At first I had been slightly nervous making a three hundred mile move and living away from home. I decided to live in a female only dorm to try to make some new friends, and to soak in the whole “college experience.” College is about making a career decision, but also life experiences.

I was so fortunate getting a fantastic roommate for four years. Her name is Marjorie and she is a nursing major from Central Florida. She is in a sorority, and is about 5’6″ with blond hair and green eyes. I have always thought that I was average as far as looks go, but you truly do question yourself when you see so many beautiful women. We also have two suitemates, Cara and Emily; both brunettes, and very outgoing girls. It is a great set up and you automatically have three new girlfriends. It is like a sleepover seven days a week, but you get to stay out late and have no one over your shoulders telling you when you have to do schoolwork.

The campus is beautiful. Living in Florida there are palm trees and that is it. But in North Florida it is as if you are living in a different state.

I feel so liberated being on my own. There is a freedom of having the world in front of you, and you are in control. The days are hectic and it seems as if it is all work and no play, but here there is always a party.

I have been completely boy crazy since I can remember. Every summer my family would spend months in upstate New York. There was always a boy that I was flirting with, and other girls thought that I was a slut, maybe I was, but I didn’t care. It is as if we are programmed to be attracted to the opposite sex. This is the time in our life that we are to let it all go and experiment. I have thought many times about being with a woman and what it would feel like. It was always in the back of my mind and lately more in the front.

It all began when I was attending my calculus. I was drifting off, and figured sitting casino oyna in a lecture was a waste of time. I walked back to the dorm and pulled myself up the stairs. My room was on the second floor, the first room on the left. I knew that Marjorie was there so I never pulled out my room key. I turned the knob and saw her. She was lying on her bed. It was next to the window and the sunlight was hitting her blond hair and it made the roots glisten. I startled her, and at first she looked like a child caught in a candy dish. It was impossible to hide what she was doing so she slid down the sheet that covered her body. As I stood there and saw her touching herself I didn’t know what to do. I had never been in that situation before and didn’t want to embarrass her, but to my surprise she wasn’t mortified. This is what I had deep down wanted, and now it was right in front of me. I was so turned on seeing her touch herself. Her fingers caressed her wet pussy, and at that point I could feel a tingle in mine. I knew that I should not be ashamed, but open up to the possibility of a new sexual experience.

I was wearing a dress that tied across my chest and then wrapped around my waist. I pulled the plaid & paisley ribbon and the dress fell to the floor. I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties so I was as exposed as she. We stood there for a moment and waited for the other to make a move. I was so turned on by the sight of her that I started to move to the bed. As I approached, she started to inch to the top of the bed. I picked my right leg up and placed it on the other side of her body so that I was in full view of her. I leaned down and touched her lips and felt her tongue on mine. It is amazing how a woman is so gentle. It was one of the most passionate kisses of my life. I could feel the warmth running down my inner thigh, and wanted more. I stated to slide my tongue down her body until I reached her breasts. I circled them with my mouth until her nipples were hard. I looked up to see her looking down at canlı casino every move I was making.

I could smell her wet pussy and wanted to taste it. I took my fingers and felt the warmth below. I put my fingers in her mouth and watched her suck them, then she put them in my mouth. I was so anxious to have more. I moved down and she was so wet, and tasted as sweet as I thought. She began to breathe harder as I was sucking on her clit. I was getting my tongue as far in as possible and watched as she was soon to reach full pleasure. I wanted her to go numb with satisfaction. I was in a trans down on her. She started to grab the sheets and her breaths were deeper. I began to feel her body shake and her stomach get tight. She came and was getting wetter as she finished. I could see that the sheets were wet from her excitement and finished her off with a gentle kiss on her inner thigh.

She pulled herself up from a lying position and grabbed my face to come up to hers. I moved closer and she kissed me softly, as if to say thank you. Then she wanted to take charge and pushed me down. She grabbed my thighs and made me hold them as she dove into my pussy. I was so wet from the excitement of seeing her touching herself to tasting her. I could feel the wetness drip down to my ass as she enjoyed me. I grabbed my nipples and she stuck a finger in my ass. It felt amazing and I was shocked that being with a woman could feel so marvelous. She fingered my ass and I released my breast and put my fingers in my pussy. So much of my body simulated that it only took a few minutes to come; twice.

I didn’t want to stop. I had the ultimate adrenaline rush. We stood up and she grabbed my hand; we walked towards the bathroom where we heard the water running. When I opened the door Cara and Emily were in the shower together. Cara was sitting on the stool and Emily was eating her out. I soon realized that this was more than an all girls dorm; it was the ultimate experiment. All of the women in here wanted kaçak casino to see what else was out there, and we have. Marjorie and I watched them for a minute or two then joined them. It was more than I ever thought it would be. I stood on the stool where Cara was sitting and she started to play with my pussy. I looked down and saw Marjorie on her back underneath Emily. She was eating her out and playing with herself. All of this was going on one tiny shower. It was more stimulation than I ever had before. The four of us were letting any fears or inhibitions go and we were enjoying our bodies. I felt Cara quivering with pleasure as she came. She squirted over Emily’s shoulder onto the shower floor. Mt clit was numb from all of the attention and knew that I was not going to come again, but that I still wanted to be on her face. The shower turned cold, and I reached to turn it off.

It was an afternoon that seemed illusory. We call grabbed a towel from the cabinet and dried off. I pulled Marjorie’s hair out from underneath her towel ad opened the door back to our room while Cara and Emily did the same. Neither I nor Marjorie said anything as we got dressed and ready for our evening classes. I sat down on my bed and found myself dazing off, when…

I was woken to my calculus instructor placing my test review sheet on my head. What seemed so real and too good to be true was no more than a fantasy.

I left class and began my walk back to my dorm. I felt like I was experiencing deja’ vu. I could feel the moistness in my panties and knew that they needed to be changed. I got to my room and was hoping that what I had imagined would be waiting for me. I stood there, telling myself that it was just a secret desire, and this is reality. I again opened the door and there she was, masturbating. I stepped back out into the hallway and shut the door. Then, I realized that what I have wanted for so many months and today realized was right in front of me. The situation was to perfect and I knew that this was the perfect opportunity, and it was a sign.

I took a deep breath and re-entered the room to find her as I had seen her moments before.

The rest was not a dream.

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