Modern Day Cavegirls – Happy Friday

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See, this is one or the reasons that the timeline in this thing is a little tangled.

This is set on the same day that Bobbi is out at LAX and in the evening will meet Malikah.

Some of this recently appeared here in the Erotic Couplings category.

I just need to get this section up to speed.

If you’ve been following this, you might recall how Max saw Patterson at a traffic light in town. Some of that is here, so you might want to scan ahead if you need to.

It’s kind of a big day for Su-jinn. I just wanted to get the whole thing in for this category so nobody gets left in the dust.

Uh, more than they already are, thanks to me not numbering things. Sorry.



Jane called Su-jin a bit before 6:00 AM and after the good morning pleasantries, she asked for Max.

“Hey, I’m so glad that you didn’t end up going back to the loft,” Jane said, “Thank you for …”

“‘Sokay,” Max said, “No worries, I stayed with Su-jin. I just wanted so much to give you guys the best shot. Everything ok? Did the love potion work?”

“Yes!” Jane said with a chuckle, “What love potion? Where did you get a lov-“

She heard Jane blow air past her lips for a second, “A figure of speech. Listen Boss, don’t you think that if I HAD a love lotion at all, that I might have used it once or twice on the way down from the frozen wastes of Pennsylvania to improve my lot in life?”

“Does Pennsylvania have frozen wastes?” Jane asked.

“They fucking do in winter if you’re on a trike with only a cop winter windshield and leg guards to hide behind,” Max grumbled, “What’s up?”

“Bobbi’s not gonna be in and she usually gives Su-jin a ride. I was wondering if -“

“Got it covered, Boss,” Max smiled as a naked Su-jin walked past her and stopped on the way from her shower to blow Max a kiss before she got to work tying her hair into a long pony tail – and it was going to require the use of about six ties at least.

“Can I ask you guys for a huge favor?” Jane smiled, “I need to exploit you for your Servi-car today. Could you stop and -“

“A coffee run, right?” Max sighed, “Donuts too?”

Jane’s voice turned a little plaintive, “Yeah. Pleeeease?”

Max was shaking her head, though only Su-jin could see it, “Don’t you think it’s a little cheap to try to buy everybody’s good will in the morning with coffee and donuts? You have absolutely no shame at all, do you?”

Jane chuckled, “Not if it gets me what I want and it’s always worked so far. So willya do it?”

Su-jin stood bent over, looking in her wallet while Max sat happily stunned, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

The spell was broken when Su-jin stood up and held out a pair of twenties.

“Max?” Jane called, “You ok?”

Max took the bills with a sigh, “Never better, Chief. Consider it done.”

“So did you end up on her couch?” Jane probed.

“A gentleman never speaks of things such as this,” Max said dryly, “It is not correct.”

Jane groaned, “Last time I looked, Max Honey, you weren’t exactly -“

Su-jin was smiling into her mirror back at Max, easily close enough to hear both sides of the conversation in the quiet room. She nodded.

“I stayed with Su-jin,” Max repeated, “We don’t know much about what’s gonna happen, but she’s asked me to stay with her and it saved me from begging her shamelessly, for which I am very grateful,”

She winked at Su-jin. “I remain at your service.”

She chuckled as Su-jin began to laugh softly, “Once in a while, she’s willing to allow it if you have need of me or if I need your help – which is much more likely.”

Jane was silent for a moment, “Please tell Su-jin that I owe her. Please tell her that she’s wonderful.”

Su-jin finished up her pony tail and looked back, “Jane, you owe me nothing, just be my friend.” She laughed a little, “Forget about Max. She tell me I am wonderful all the time.”


Max took the last tray of take-out coffees very carefully from Su-jin and set it down inside the Harley’s trunk with the others. She was wearing her coveralls, standing on the back bumper and the motion caused her to be bent nearly double as she moved a small tarpaulin to act as a cushion so that the cups all remained upright in a turn.

Back in the shop and in cars and pickup trucks lined up in the drive-through lane, men sat a little spellbound with their jaws in their laps, some with their tongues there as well.

“If I have to be here to get looked at,” Su-jin grumbled quietly, “it is another thing that I can love about these suits.”

Max straightened up and got down to close the lid, “It doesn’t really matter. Some guys have imaginations powerful enough to come very close to being X-Ray vision. They’re just built that way and they can’t help it. Doesn’t mean anything bad, it’s more like a curse they can’t help. It gets in the way.

She smiled, “You want to see widespread carnage? You just kiss me right here in front of them – and I am kidding.”

Su-jin chuckled canlı bahis from the image in her head, and then she smiled widely.

“Here comes Kwang-jo! He is a new friend of mine. I thought of mentioning him to you last night, but I forgot completely. Please forgive me, but I want to use him for a moment. Maybe break some hearts.”

Su-jin stepped forward a little to meet Kwang-jo as he came up to them and she took his hands in hers, “Please, would it be improper to hug you, Kwang-jo?”

He smiled, “Not if it is not excessi-“

Su-jin threw her arms around his neck and got to her toes to hug him. “Thank you for our talk last night,” she whispered, “You really helped me. You are helping me feel better right now. I felt like I am standing on a stage in front of so many men. The women who come here drive through for what they want. My friend Max has her machine here, but … too much work to put everything inside the back.”

She let go and stepped back a little, “Kwang-jo Kim, this is Maxine Klein. She works with me and she will room with me too. Max, this is Kwang-jo, he is -“

Max chuckled as she held out her hand, “Yeah, he is.

Good to meet you, Kwang-jo,” she grinned.

As they drove off five minutes later, they had to wait for a light. Max turned her head back a little, “Well Holy Mother of Toilet Seat, Su-jin. Where did you find him? You’re amazing. For a girl who doesn’t often think of them, you sure have great taste in men.”

She held out her left hand and shook it a little, as though she’d burned her fingers.

Su-jin shrugged, but she was smiling, “I met him on Wednesday, over at Jodi’s. We talked and he likes Tyler. He just offered his friendship to me because he was happy to meet someone that he could speak Korean with. He lets me talk to him when I worry about adopting Tyler. I think he is a good man. He knows about me and it is alright. I thought, why can I not have a friend like him?”

Max laughed a little, “Please have a friend like him. Shit, I’d give a lot to see you two next to each other in clothes and not overalls. Do you know what he is? Like his job?”

“He said he is tactical response,” Su-jin said, “Sounds mysterious to me. I know that he was in the Special Forces in Korea. His brigade deals with reconnaissance a lot of the time, I think. Lots of quiet sneaking around, but I am not sure of these things.”

“He’s a SWAT cop, here” Max said, “He probably won’t ever get fat in his job, and I doubt that he spends much time handing out traffic tickets. I think I can see why you like him. He’s just … I think he’s a great guy. I only met him and it was two minutes, but that’s what I got from him.”

Su-jin had a thought, “You may see him a lot, I think. I feel the same things from him as I do from you. I feel good to be near friends like you and him. It is something that I like very much. I have not had close friends in a long time. Here, I find so many good people.

Before I forget again, ask me tonight for a story. I have a good one for you.” Max nodded as the light turned green and they moved on.


Max and Su-jin were just getting their helmets off in the parking lot when they heard Jane coming from a long way off and they just waited for her. As she got closer they looked and saw that Jane had a passenger. Max opened the trunk of her Servi-Car and carefully began to lift out trays of coffee.

Susan climbed off as soon as Jane stopped and nodded back that it was safe.

“I’m gonna do the morning meeting thing and Su-jin, if it’s possible – since I don’t know your agenda, could we all meet in your office right afterward? Us four here?

And by the way, this is Susan Horseman, Su-jin. She’s my oldest and dearest friend in the world. She’s visiting here today, but she’ll be starting with us next Monday. Suzi, please meet Su-jin Kim, our lady of the financial crystal ball.”

Su-jin thought for a moment and then she nodded, “Sure Jane.” She stepped over and held out her hand, “My name is Su-jin, but if it gives you trouble, please call me Amy instead. I’m happy to meet you, Susan.”

Susan smiled, “Thank you, Su-jin. Good to meet you too.”

“Actually,” Su-jin grinned, “If you don’t have to be in the meeting, why not stay with me? I have lots of chairs upstairs. People think that bookkeepers always need to be sitting, so I have big chair budget.”

She held up a finger, “More importantly, I have a coffee machine that Bobbi and I share. So when these are finished,” she indicated the ones in the trays that they both now held,” we can stay awake by having another one.”


Jane looked out at everybody in the shop.

They looked back at her.

She grinned a little helplessly and they laughed.

She waited for a moment and then she smiled and lifted her hand, “Hey, it’s Friday.

I’m busting to say – what could go wrong now? But I won’t because I’ve just gotten over having my butt burned off from the last time that I said it. Let’s just be pleased that we got here.

Our bahis siteleri fearless leader Bobbi won’t be in today, since she had to leave for LAX to deliver a shipment there and I know that she probably won’t get back here until the wee hours tomorrow due to other pickups and deliveries.

I’ve handed out your assignments for today as I know them.

Note the last four words there.”

She smiled, “But – I’m Jane, so that means that some of them might be wrong. So if you disagree because you were already on something else and I missed it, please let me know, ok? I don’t want to dump a lot of confusion on people who already know what they’re doing but I do want to know if there’s a problem beforehand.

Anybody see a problem on their sheet?”

Nobody said anything and Jane let her hand with her list drop down as she grinned, “C’mon, I got it right? That’s never happened before.”

“Whoa,” one man said as he looked at his sheet. He stepped over to another man and after looking at the second man’s sheet together; they exchanged sheets and looked at Jane with nods.

She laughed, “You guys are awesome!”

Jimmy Weisskopf put up his hand, “Janey? Hey, who do I get on the line today? I heard that I’m gonna lose Max there for a while.”

Jane nodded, “Bobbi told me that she’s pretty sure that she’s got the funds in the bag for the new project, but as far as I’m aware, that hasn’t happened yet officially. So today, it’s still gonna be Mighty Max. Could be that way on Monday too, I dunno yet.”

One of the men laughed quietly, “Mighty Max?”

The guy next to him nudged a little, “Who do you think brought all of those donuts and coffees over there on the bench?”

The first one grinned, “Right. Mighty Max.”

He sighed loudly, “My hero.”

“Oh!” Jane exclaimed quietly.

She half-turned to Max so that Jimmy could listen in, “I almost forgot. Sometime, midmorning or so as far as I know, Patterson will come to check out the Norseman’s engine. He’s our engine guy and he works for Tempest Av Engines. We don’t know at all, but we think that after all this time, the one up there is more than likely pooched.

He’ll just be here to look under the cowling and take down some data, maybe give us an idea about if he’s got an engine like that or if we’ll have to rebuild the one in it. So you’ll need to be available if and when he does show to take him up to the shed and show him to the old bird. I’ll call down to Jimmy if I know he’s here.

In the meantime,” she smiled to everyone, “Mighty Ms. Maxine was kind enough to agree to my request, so she and Amy brought in coffee and donuts for you all via Harley-Davidson Servi-car express hot delivery.

No spilling on the shop drawings and no fights over the donuts. Enjoy, ok?

Just make them disappear and try to slurp cautiously since this is a work environment and there’s no checkbox that I’m aware of on the accident report form for that kind of injury. The liquid burns one is too vague.

Have a great day and I’ll be wandering around anyway if anybody needs me.”


They gathered in Su-jin’s office and sat down.

“I was talking to Bobbi last night,” Jane said to Su-jin. “She asked me to ask you to call the uniform guy in for Monday. Suzi here is gonna take over for Max while she’s working on the Norseman restoration. If there are any forms that you can fill in for her without dating them until Monday, I’d say go ahead.”

She looked a little uncertain for a moment, “I don’t know how it’s done in the accounting world, but whenever the right time is for it, maybe think about setting up an account number that things for the Norseman can be charged to. Is that the way it goes?”

Su-jin nodded with a smile, “Yes, not bad, Jane. I will also assign a block of purchase order numbers to it so that things can be paid for easily. But I am curious now. Max showed me this big old plane last night. What will it be used for when the work is complete?”

Jane shrugged, “I would think that it’s going to be for tasks that it would be suited for – and also, it’s for Damian.”

“Damian?” Su-jin asked, “Who is this? Does he work for us? I have not met -“

Jane shook her head, “He’s a partner. Since Quicksilver’s was founded, he’s had some involvement occasionally, but it’s never been his main thing because of his employment. He works for someone else most often. But this has always been his goal, once he was finished.

He’s family and also, he’s been an investor when it was needed early on. He’s my cousin, Bobbi’s too. That’s about all that I can tell you, other than to say that the next time that he comes home, I’d be very happy to introduce you, Su-jin. Bobbi keeps him informed about what’s going on all the time.

He knows that we have a great bookkeeper. He knows that I found Max in the shed.”

She smiled, “He likes these things. We haven’t told him about the Norseman yet because we want it to be a surprise for him.”

“Oh for Pete’s sake, Janey,” Suzi said, bahis şirketleri “You’re making him out to be a super mystery when Su-jin only asked who he is.”

She looked at Su-jin, “Damian’s a man. He was born here in Angel Fire, on the Sorrensson farm, just like Bobbi was, only it was one lot over, since that’s where his family was then. His father’s still there, running the farms. Damian left town after Bobbi did. She came back first from the Air Force. Damian works somewhere else.

He’s a good man. I remember when he and Bobbi used to come to get Janey after they got home from school every day. He looks like he’d be Bobbi’s big brother, only … bigger in some ways. You’ll know him when you meet him.”

Su-jin’s desk phone rang and she picked it up. There was a short conversation, but she looked concerned as it went on. Finally, she said goodbye and hung up.

She looked at Jane, “That was Bobbi’s lawyer. Jodi began to tell her associate that she has changed her mind about Tyler. I was a little bit glad in a way to hear that, but sad for myself.”

She looked down, “But Bobbi knew that this might happen if Jodi found out that Bobbi was out of town and her lawyer told Jodi that it was her choice, but that she now has to leave as soon as possible, since the extension was only in place to allow for the adoption. So she was back to being out by 5 PM tomorrow.”

She shook her head, “So now Jodi wishes for it to go ahead again.

I cannot understand her. If he was my son, I would take him and go, not make deals and try to break them afterward. The lawyer said that Jodi was informed that if she wished, she could contact the county services and Tyler could go there if it was something about me that Jodi had trouble with.

But Jodi said no, that she would keep to the agreement now and that she wanted Tyler to be with me.”

She looked up with a weak smile, “I now officially have a headache. Does anyone have anything?”

Suzi nodded, reaching for her shoulder bag, “I’ve got some Tylenol, Su-jin.”

Su-jin had just swallowed the capsules and washed them down with some coffee when the phone rang again.

When she hung up, she seemed almost upset again, “They ask that I go there to sign the papers. Jodi is ready to sign. I said that maybe now is not a good time, but the lawyer say it should be now.”

Jane said, “Come on, Su-jin, I’ll drive you there in Bobbi’s truck.”

“Can I come too?” Suzi Said and Jane nodded, “Sure.”


When they arrived, one of the lawyer’s associates took Su-jin aside and showed her the papers, “Please sign where I’ve put sticky tabs, Ms. Kim, but not until I direct you to. Ms. McLeod will need to sign either today or Monday. This agreement is conditional on a time frame, since Bobbi Sorrensson was very specific about it.”

She looked at Su-jin, “This is about adopting that little boy to you, and we all understand that. But Bobbi wants very much for Ms. McLeod to be gone. That is her goal in this. She was quite clear that the time extension exists solely to allow for the placement of the boy into your care.

These are really two agreements, but the overriding one is the one with the clock attached to it. Usually, there is some monetary transfer to these adoption agreements.”

Su-jin was stunned, “But … I don’t – I can’t -“

The associate smiled, “It’s alright, Ms. Kim. Bobbi has seen to everything. Ms. McLeod will be paid the sum of five thousand dollars by you which Bobbi has provided for me to give to you when you sign. You are to give it right back to me and it will be held in trust and not given over until Ms. McLeod gives you the child after the rest is complete with her signature.

This way, Bobbi will have Ms. McLeod’s signature that she received the moneys and Ms. McLeod will have funds to leave with. The money is a gift to you from Bobbi and her father and Rose Sorrensson. They’ve all seen that you love Tyler very much and would give him a better home than was possible by his mother.

She’s only allowed an extension into next week if these papers are signed off. If it goes past Monday, Bobbi will get the police involved regardless since some of Rose Sorrensson’s jewellery was found in a pawn shop in town. She will be filing charges with the Sherriff’s Office here at that time. The clerk in that store has indicated that it was Jodi who pawned the item there based on the photo which was presented to him. In order to avoid being arrested, Ms. McLeod must agree and then leave.

“So any way that this goes now, Jodi can either give Tyler to Su-jin or the county takes him since she’ll probably be in jail for at least some time, depending on whether anybody posts her bail,” Jane said.

“I’m sorry,” the associate said, “Who are you, please?”

“I’m Jane Sorrensson, Bobbi’s sister. Sorry if I was being rude or anything,” Jane said, “I’ll just uh, step over there and keep my nose where it belongs, if it’s all the same to you, Ma’am.”

Su-jin thought it over, “So if Jodi does not sign today, but says that she will sign on Monday, then she can stay here over the weekend. If she signs today, she can stay for a week more. If she does not sign on Monday, then all of these things will happen, yes?”

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