Modeling in Amsterdam

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Ariel Rebel

My first attempt at writing here, please comment and critique. I am trying to improve my writing style everyday.


It had been a roller coaster year for the couple, they had won the lottery quit their jobs and started new careers. Elizabeth changed careers, she decided to take up modelling, she was an out going person and the thought of doing nothing but having money did not appeal to her. She and her husband Sean were in Amsterdam on a photo shoot assignment, her first really big gig a fashion spread for a magazine devoted to plus sized fashion conscious and professional women.

They were to meet up with famous Belgian photographer Chloe. Chloe was one of those eccentric artists who were tops in the field and who only used one name, like they are the only person worthy of the name. She was in her mid 20’s and already at the start of her career she was on every fashion magazines “to get” list. Chloe had a certain way of working, she liked to observe her models before a shoot and spend time with them taking the odd candid shot and seeing how they naturally move and behave. This also gave her an opportunity to direct them in the shoots more effectively. A photo is as good as a thousand words.

Elizabeth’s husband encouraged her to pursue this career change. He knew staying around doing nothing would drive her mad. It also gave them a chance to travel. At first she did not consider it a viable career choice, but her curvy figure, ample breasts, child bearing hips and wonderful smile were a sure sell. There was a large market for the plus sized model, and the magazine she was doing the shoot for was geared towards the plus sized professional type, so the fashion comes with a price tag and nothing but the best model and photographer combination would do.

They recognized Chloe from a distance waiting at the designated spot outside the Amsterdam train station. Her hair was longish short and dyed a dark red with more blondish highlights. Her figure was slim and athletic. She wore the usual attire for late fall in north central Europe, Leather jacket, slim cut jeans, high flat soled boots and a heavy scarf. She carried a haversack over her left shoulder which served as a purse and a place to put things she needed during outdoor shoots. Chloe could have modelled herself but choose to be on the other side of the shutter.

They greeted her in their best Dutch/Flemish they could muster and she greeted them in English. They agreed to do some shopping, then grab a coffee at a cafe. During which time Chloe would take a few candid shots so they could go home with some travel pictures and she could focus on her work later that afternoon. The trio toured Amsterdam and did some window shopping, the day seemed to be consumed with taking in the sights. They ended up at the Bulldog a coffee shop, a cafe that also purveyed marijuana. They all sat down and ordered coffee, Chloe went to the marijuana bar and purchased some pre-rolled Marijuana and tobacco cigarettes. She lit one and inhaled, then passed it to the couple.

“Go ahead it will help you relax a bit, just don’t inhale too much if you are not used to it” Chloe remarked.

“When canlı bahis in Rome!” Sean replied taking the cigarette and inhaled.

His wife looked at him with some disdain, but realized she was really nervous and it’s legal here. “okay just a bit”. She inhaled lightly, feeling a definite buzz not being used to the sensation. They passed the cigarette back to Chloe who took another deep puff, she did this sort of thing more often the couple figured.

Chloe chimed in “okay as you know we have a few shoots to do this week. I like to do one shoot a day and not rush things. Today’s shoot is themed, waiting for a date. You’ll be wearing some leather and clothing from a famous designer and the scene is a cafe, a more upscale place than this. The shoot location is being renovated and is currently closed.”

The couple nodded in agreement.

Chloe then explained “I prefer to work without many people there, do you have an issue if Sean is not there? I find too many people disruptive and I like to have the model focus on what I want them to do.”

“Well that’s okay I guess, I’d prefer to be there but if it helps things along I can take off for a bit” Sean replied.

Elizabeth replied “Are you sure? I’m a bit nervous, I’d prefer to have Sean there.”

“For now no, please, you are a new model and it is important I have you focused. Maybe in the future when you are more comfortable in your work. We will only be a few hours this way.” Chloe replied. “Okay, is that okay honey?” Sean nodded yes, he trusted the situation. “For Now lets change the topic” Chloe interjected.

The trio stayed at the cafe for another hour and left for the cafe where the shoot would take place. It was in a nicer area of the city, no prostitute window shops or trashy sex shops. The presence of which made the couple a bit uncomfortable A number of tables were set up still and the barrista counter were still intact with various baked good still on display along with the cappuccino machine on the back counter. Three digital cameras on tripods, numerous lights and other photography paraphernalia were set up around the cafe ready for the shoot. A stylist and an assistant were also present.

“Elizabeth go with Mila she will help with your makeup hair and getting dressed. I am going to be getting ready for the shoot and can’t be disturbed until you are done, try to relax, it’s easier than you think.”

“Okay, well honey I guess this is goodbye, I’ll call your cell when I’m done?” Elizibeth asked her husband.

“Sounds good.” He replied and kissed her tenderly and embraced her. “You’ll do great, can’t wait to see you in print.” He smiled trying to avert her fears and smiled.

“I’ll need you to go out back, Sean, I’ll Show you.” Chloe replied, time for a cigarette.

The two of them went to the back of the cafe, she heard a door close in the back.

“This way.” Mila showed her the change room and began working on her hair and make-up.

An hour later Elizabeth was ready, Chloe was finishing up with the set up and the assistant was dealing with some cords.

Elizabeth’s outfit was very sexy. bahis siteleri All designer, she wore a nice pair of tall boots paired with a pair of black skinny leather pants, with it she wore a bulky sweater a cream colour with a fitted white blouse underneath. She was given a push up bra to accentuate her hourglass figure and to accessorize a black leather jacket, large purse and gloves would top off the outfit. Her make-up and hair were done in the latest trend and not over bearing, the look was not trashy but very seductive.

Elizabeth noticed that Chloe had some similar clothing on, she did not think about it too much, she figured that it helped her with mood and to get into the session.

“Now think of yourself waiting for a date, you are a professional woman, confident, cheerful and full of life. We are going to be doing various shots with you doing various cafe activities and remember don’t look at me, I’ll guide you.”

The photo shoot began and Elizabeth was verbally guided through various shots. The pace was hectic, but reasonable the assistant and stylist would fix things occasionally. At times Chloe herself would move body parts to get the pose just right, gently caressing and reassuring her that she was doing a great job.

Various activities were photographed, her buying a coffee at the bar, day dreaming, entering the establishment, and fixing her hair and make-up. All with different layers worn in different combinations, Elizabeth lost track of the number of photos taken a long time ago. All the while she received positive feedback and was performing her shoot like a seasoned professional.

“Excellent we are almost done!, Mila I think we will be okay, you can go I’ll make sure everything is good with your agency. I’ll see you in a few days” She then called her assistant over and quietly gave him instructions, he grabbed his coat and was on a cell phone calling someone important. “Focus on me Elizabeth we are almost done, look at my assistant as he leaves and smile!, your date has arrived!”

Elizabeth made it seem real. Chloe then slowly walked over to her after the assistant left, with her left hand she gently caressed Elizabeth under her cheek and tilted her head upwards, she placed a soft warm kiss on her lips. Elizabeth exhaled gently, feeling vulnerable yet electrified, somewhat confused. She did not even notice the flash was going off at regular intervals taking pictures of their sweet kiss.

Thoughts raced through her head, was she hypnotized by the flashes? Is this the infamous casting couch? It felt so wrong, verboten, yet pleasurable. Before she could react Chloe took her hand gently and motioned her to stand up, the chair she was sitting in pushed back and almost fell over. Chloe then put her hands on her hips and kissed her again, Elizabeth’s hands gently rested on her shoulders like she was kissing her husband.

The kiss seemed to last a lifetime, the camera flashed more. Elizabeth fell into a trance like state giving in to Chloe’s advances, it was like two souls melding together words did not need to be spoken.

When the kiss ended, Chloe lead her over to a leather bahis şirketleri couch in the corner, and began to take Elizabeth’s jacket off, falling onto the couch. They began kissing again, Chloe ran her right hand up the Elizabeth’s right breast, Elizabeth moaned in delight and began getting into the action and the kiss became more carnal, their tongues met like they were teenagers kissing on the beach, Elizabeth began exploring Chloe’s body as well, leather creaked as their thighs pressed against each other in carnal heat.

Chloe then pushed Elizabeth onto the couch, the air in the cushions hissed out the sides and the leather below her creaked and moaned. Elizabeth was a bit stunned and winded, it was like she was being taken by this strange yet wonderful woman.

Chloe then straddled her right thigh between her legs and went in for another deep kiss, her left hand ran up Elizabeth’s left thigh, stopping at her vagina and she started to massage her pussy, now getting wet underneath the tight leather skinny jeans. She heard the sounds of delight and the friction from the action made her more moist. The smell of the cafe with it’s aroma of cinnamon and vanilla bean coffee mixed with the smell of warm leather and the building musk of both their pussies, it was the smell of sex.

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me!” Elizabeth exclaimed. Chloe put her index finger over her dirty little mouth shushing her and taking command of the situation. She the started to undo her blouse, and Elizabeth did the same exposing her breasts still tucked into the push up bra. Chloe then took off her bra, her smaller breasts exposed to the cooler air and hardened perking up like small mountains of joy.

Elizabeth caressed her chest and Chloe arched her back inviting her to explore her. She then moved forward, scissoring her so their leather jeans were facing pussy to pussy and began dry humping her.

Leather creaked and moaned as they both gyrated rhythmically unifying their movements until they became one in the same. The sound was over whelming, they both got lost in it closing their eyes and experiencing this bliss. Time seemed to stand still the friction creating a heat that could light up a dying star in the heavens above.

Then came the explosion, the orgasm, their eyes met both souls connecting. They both slowed, trying to catch their breaths and their hearts. Chloe flopped to a spot beside Elizabeth and Elizabeth sat up.

Elizabeth was a bundle of racing thoughts and pleasure chemicals running through her mind. Chloe got up and took one of the marijuana cigarettes she purchase earlier and lit it inhaling deeply. She offered the cigarette to Elizabeth and Elizabeth reciprocated inhaling deeply.

“I’m a dyke!” She exclaimed as she exhaled, she had a stunned look on her face. Chloe smiled and kissed her again.

“Don’t worry my dear this is normal, the fashion world is all about making love and trying new things.” Chloe explained.

“My husband though, oh my, my husband!” Elizabeth retorted.

“He’s a guy right? What do you think?”

Chloe was right she thought about it, her husband would probably get off on it. He could be a perv sometimes. He would probably want to join in.

“Besides I know you still love him, this will be a secret I promise you,” Chloe explained. “Remember what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam.”

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