Mists’ Adventures Part 63

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Mists’ Adventures Part 63
The rest of the day was rather uneventful. Everybody spent their day checking their wardrobes for the next day, with the women making needed repairs, and mending what was needed. The women cooked some of the dishes that would be served the next day, and Pop Campbell called the caterer to check if everything was up to speed for the reception. He was assured that everything was under control, and that a natural disaster was the only thing that could spoil their plans. Mike, Misti, Mary, and Jerry Came out and spent the rest of the day with them, bringing Sharon. Misti had spent a couple of days “under the weather,” but was feeling better. She tried to apologize for her absence, but, the others just told her that it was just, probably, morning sickness, and not to worry about it. Misti smiled, hugging and kissing the others, and telling them she hoped that that was what was wrong. Mom Campbell kissed her on the forehead, and told her, “Mama told you what’s wrong, or in your case, right. You’re expecting. Rule number 1 is “Mamas ALWAYS RIGHT. Rule Number 2 is “In case of conflict, see Rule Number 1!” They all got a laugh from it being put so bluntly.

Misti suggested that she make some of her special soup for them, and more for tomorrow. Mom Breen went to the stove and lifted the lid on a large pot simmering there. Misti recognized her soup, Mom Breen told her, ” I’m trying to make it like you do. How about you giving me a taste test?” She dipped a ladle in and took a good amount out, blowing on it to cool it. Satisfied, she held it out to Misti, who took a good taste. “Very GOOD, Mama, but it needs a bit more oyster sauce.” She reached up in the cabinet to get the bottle. “You almost can never put too much oyster sauce in it. Always use it generously.” Mama Breen thanked her for the tip. Misti kissed her, again. “Thank You, Mama. You ALL are so kind to me.”

She shared the conversations she had had with her Father. They almost had all of their paperwork gathered, so it would be sent to them, soon. Mike had advised them to both go to the Embassy in Bangkok, and have them look at the paperwork, first. They could tell them if everything was good, or if anything needed more information. It would save a lot of time. He had said he would do it. She also explained that she had to call late at night, because of the time difference Thailand bahis siteleri canlı was one full day, and 12 hours ahead of them.

The biggest part of the food was either cooking or cooling, so they asked Mike if he would tell them some more about their trip to Germany.

Mike sat back, and tried to remember where he had left off.

He related about them going to the “beach” at the Sand Pits. There had been, that first time, 7 couples that went together. It was in an “out of the way” place on a road that dead ended a short ways past. At first look, it looked like a giant hole in the ground, with cars parked around it. You had to walk right up to the edge to see anything. It was nearly a half mile long, and nearly a quarter mile wide It was an abandoned sand quarry, that had partially filled with water. People had started coming there to swim. There were two pits, one on each side of the road. One had been bought by a private group and fenced off, by about half of its length, for a nudist club. It was members only. The other half was owned by the same people, who charged others to swim, but, anyone over 12 years old had to wear a bathing suit. The north side, where they went was free, and clothing optional. Most people went naked. On nice days, hundreds of people would be there. More, mostly men, stood around the edge to look at the naked women.

Their group attracted a lot of attention right away. There were 3 Oriental women in the group. German men, at that time, had a special thing for Oriental women. They always drew attention on the streets, or in private. The brothel owners hired them every time they sought employment. That was the sure way to draw customers. Brothels in Germany were LEGAL. Almost every town, unless VERY small, had at least one, there.

They had been lucky enough to find places to park that were close to the edge. They unloaded their things and walked over to the edge for their first look. They had spotted a place that suited their needs, and took one of the many paths down inside. They had all worn bathing suits and T-shirts at home, but when they spread their blankets, everything came off. Mike, unused to seeing such a thing, was sporting an erection. He went into the water to hide it. Several women he passed, looked at him and proclaimed, “Wunderbar,” in appreciation of his size and condition. He understood that it meant, “Wonderful.” bonus veren siteler The water was cold, so it went down quickly. He rejoined the others, and was told that he had made an instant hit, but it was normal to have that reaction on the first visit.

While he was in the water 4 of his friends had set up beach umbrellas around the sides if the blankets, to get out of the sun if they wanted. This far north, equal in latitude to southern Hudson’s Bay in Canada, the sun could fool you, and you could get sunburned easily. He was also told that in the summer, the sun came up at around 3:00 in the morning, and set at about 11:00 at night. In the winter, the sun didn’t rise until nearly 8:00 in the morning, and set at around 4 in the afternoon. They, also, had fixed a way to hang more blankets for privacy, if it was needed. Who knew when some of them might want to tear off a piece of ass while they were there. He was assured that, before the day was out, all of the women, especially the 3 Orientals, would be propositioned by men, hoping to have sex with them. It was also agreed that, if the women were willing, they could do so right here.

The Vietnamese wife, named Dong (Dawn) said that if she weren’t asked at least 4 or 5 times, it would be unusual. The other wife, from Thailand, named Primha, (Prima) said she had, in the past been asked 6 or 8 times. If the man appealed to her, she would let him have her. She was like Misti. She hated condoms, and refused to let them be used.

The water was about 50 feet from them and for several hours, they, in turn, went in swimming, and laid in the sun, or when needed, laid in the shade. They talked about where they were from, families, and hopes. All but Mile talked about their families. Nobody asked from respect for his privacy.

Just as they thought, about an hour after they had arrived, a man came up to them and asked if Primha would have sex with him. She had seen, and remembered him. He was handsome, a little older, and very courteous. She had been with him, before, so she patted the blanket next to her, and invited him to join her. The others scooted out of the way, and hung blankets for their privacy. They left 3 or 4 places open enough to look in, and soon they heard slurping sounds, then the slap of flesh on flesh, accompanied by moans. They lifted a corner of one of deneme bonusu the blankets and looked in to see the gentleman on top of her, her legs around his waist and him pounding into her willing vagina. He was big, but not overly so, and it seemed that she was enjoying what he was doing to, and with, her. She was moving her ass to make it as good as she could for him. They mated for about 15 minutes, and both groaned out loud, eliciting giggles from people nearby. Primha pulled the blanket to the side, kissed him, and told him, “Auf Weidersein,” and he left. Misti asked what “Auf Weidersein” meant. Primha told her it was German for “see you, later.” She had told the others that she had been coming here for almost 2 years, and he had fucked her many times since the first. He had fucked her the second time she had come here. He owned a car dealership in a suburb of Frankfurt, and was VERY wealthy. If anyone wanted to buy a BMW or a Mercedes, tell her, and she would take them to see him, AT HIS HOME, and get it much cheaper. It would also give her a chance to fuck him in his own bed. Which was even nicer.

They day wound up later that evening. They had decided to go out for dinner, at a restaurant Al liked. It served AUTHENTIC Shish Kebabs, served on SWORDS He had never seen anyone finish one, due to their size. Heated platters were on the table, and it was brought in, still flaming, and served. You had a choice of soda, usually Coke, beer, or wine, to go with it. What was left over, was put into a doggy bag for later. It only cost about 14 dollars and was well worth every cent. Another time they would go to a German Gasthaus and have schnitzel, it was served with pommes frits, (french fries covered in sour cream) and was very good also. The schnitzel was made from either chicken, pork, or beef and had cheese layered in between two pieces of meat. It cost about 6 dollars and was a good meal to remember.

In between swimming, and talking about food, they watched all of the wives get laid at least once, and in Dong’s case, she was screwed 3 times, and Misti was nailed 3 times. The men were more than content to sit back and watch their wives being bred. All of them had all of their lovers cum inside of them. One man had watched his friend lay Dong, and he had asked if he could have her without her cleaning up. She consented. Ell was the most popular of the American wives. She had 4 lovers, due to her being well-known here, another wife was shared 3 times, and the other two ladies, twice apiece. All were thinking about what would happen in one of the apartments later that night. Every person would be well fucked by each other.

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