Mistress Arianne and Her prey

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Feeling another migraine coming on, Jess decided to make an appointment at the nearest doctor’s office. Since she was new in town and didn’t know anyone she just looked one up in the yellow pages.

Parking her car, she grabbed her purse and opened the door, welcomed by the hot rush of New Orleans air that blew through her long raven black hair.

Walking into the doctor’s office, Jess filled out the required paperwork and took a seat in the waiting area. While she was waiting, she decided to file her nails, pulling her nail file from her purse.

“Jess Williams?”

Startled from her filing, Jess looked up to see a beautiful nurse. Picking up her purse, Jess walked over toward the nurse standing in the doorway.

After being shown to her room, Jess eased onto the examining table. After taking Jess’s height and weight, the nurse preceded to bed over slightly reaching into a drawer for a thermometer. Jess bit her lower lip, watching as the nurse’s skirt tantalizingly rose up Her thighs as She reached over into the drawer. Her beautiful, alabaster, long legs making Jess feel the heat rising in her body and centering between her thighs.

After getting the thermometer from the drawer the nurse turned to Jess, seeing the desire blazing in her sapphire eyes and the flush in her cheeks, She gave her a wicked, knowing grin. Jess fought for sanity as She bent forward sticking the thermometer underneath her tongue, Her low-cut blouse giving her a glimpse of Her beautiful breasts contained in Her white silk bra. Jess noticed Her name tag said Arianne. Mmmm, what a beautiful name, she thought.

Taking the thermometer from her mouth, Arianne glanced at it, “99.3, little hot are you?” She said with a hint of laughter.

Her voice danced across her skin like silk, causing Jess to forget why she was there, all she could think about was what it would be like to taste Her.

“Hmmm?” Jess asked, blushing from her lack of concentration.

“you’re temperature, it’s 99.3.” Arianne said smiling at her.

“Oh, thanks.” Jess managed to stutter.

As She turned to write down her temperature on her chart, Jess’s sapphire eyes darkened considerably and her gut tightened in response, her quick sweep of her gaze looking at Her tantalizing legs causing her nipples to bead against her white linen blouse.

Arianne turned and smiled. A slow, sexy, thoroughly distracting curve of Her lips that fired Jess’s imagination. If it wasn’t enough to get her wet, she noticed a hint of mischief filled Her eyes.

“I’ll show you Mine, if you show Me yours.” Arianne said in a sultry voice laced with pure sin.

For the first time in her life, Jess forgot how to breath. At a loss for words, Jess started at Arianne. No. She absolutely had not heard what she thought she’d heard.

“i’m sorry, what’d You say?” Jess finally choked out.

“I said, I’ll show you Mine, if you show Me yours.”

An image flashed in Jess’s mind. The marble floors, the examining table, examination charts hanging on the walls. And Arianne. Her heat, Her body surrounding her, pressing her up against the wall, Her hands slowly caressing her breasts…Her mouth hot, demanding…

Shaking herself from her fantasy Jess caught her breath seeing the intensity shining in Arianne’s eyes as She returned her stare.

Jess bit her bottom lip to squelch the moan bubbling up inside her; her breathing turned shallow as pure hunger filled Her gaze. Jess could have sworn Arianne physically stroked her just as seductively when her gaze traveled the length of her.

Jess envisioned Arianne’s mouth covering hers, kissing her deeply while She painted her flesh with warm scented oils. The slick, moist oil against her skin, Her hands pressing her thighs open, exploring, painting, touching…kissing her intimately.

There was nothing imaginary about the pressure between her legs, only the reality of the insistent need clawing at her, reminding her of how long it had been since she’d last had sex. The incredible sensitivity of her breasts as they swelled and tightened inside the cups of her bra served as another reminder that reality had indeed intruded upon fantasy.

Jess sat transfixed, seeing Arianne’s impossible-to-resist grin, Her interest simmering in Her eyes as She swept Her gaze down her length. Jess wished her nipples hadn’t tightened, or her tummy hadn’t flipped.

“So, exactly how involved are you?” Arianne asked, watching her closely.

“i’m not involved,” Jess said, her voice laced with humor.

“Good.” She couldn’t help Herself. Her grin widened. “Then it’s safe to ask you to dinner?”

Jess’s nervous words would’ve been more effective if it hadn’t been for the brief flash of pleasure in her eyes. “Why would i do that?” Nervousness coated her gentle laughter.

“Because you think I’m irresistible. So, how about that dinner?” She pressed, narrowing the remaining distance between T/them.

Jess caught the edge of her bottom lip between her teeth. Weighing her options? She casino siteleri hoped the scale tipped in Her favor. Just thinking about kissing her was starting to make Her wet.

Jess tilted her head back to Her. Uncertainty mingled with longing in her eyes. “W/we probably shouldn’t. ” her voice lacked the conviction necessary to dissuade Her, courtesy of her soft, sultry tone.

“Why not?” She took one last step, Her thigh brushing against her knee. “Let’s take all this chemistry out for a ride and see where it leads.” She knew exactly where She wanted it to lead…right to the nearest bed.


“you what?” Arianne bent toward her, her breath fanned Her lips. “Want Me to kiss you?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

Not about to give her an opportunity to change her mind, She cupped the back of her head and brought Her mouth down softly over hers. Apparently gentle wasn’t her thing, nor was she shy about upping the ante. her slender arms wound around Her neck, bringing T/their bodies together, but not close enough to suit Her.

The silken glide of her tongue taunted Her, teased Her, dared Her to deepen the kiss. She willingly obliged, slanting Her mouth over hers and stealing inside to take all she offered. she tasted sweeter than She’d imagined. And minty, She thought. Like fresh peppermint taffy.

Moving Her hands to the swell of Jess’s hips, She urged her off the examining table and into Her arms. she pressed against Her, her beaded nipples brushing temptingly against Her breasts through the thin material of her blouse. Arianne skimmed Her hand up her side and along her rib cage to cup the side of her breast with Her palm. Jess let out a soft moan and pulled her arms from around Her neck. For a brief moment She thought She’d taken things too far–until the coolness of her fingers interlaced with Hers and she guided Her hand over her breast.

She dragged Her thumb over her nipple, and slid Her other hand over her ass. Jess moaned into Her mouth and her fingers flexed over Hers. Jess imagined what it would be like to have Arianne on top of her with a strap-on, the enticing sway of Her breasts as She thrust into her. Slow. Easy, going into her deep, taking it inside her tight, hot cunt until the pressure built and her body demanded more. Harder. Faster, driving toward fulfillment with each thrust of T/their bodies until T/they came together in an explosion of heat.

Jess guided Her hand from her breast, over her stomach and lower, sighing into Her mouth when She cupped her sex. she tested Her control when she rocked against Her hand.

A loud rap on the door sent T/them scurrying in opposite directions. Arianne dragged Her hand through Her hair and watched Jess get back up on the examining table. her shoulders rose and fell as she drew in a deep breath then let it out slowly, her hand trembling as she brushed back a lock of hair behind her ear.

Arianne took comfort in the fact that she was obviously as rattled as She by the unexpected passion of that kiss.

After Jess was done seeing the doctor and he left to get her a prescription written out for her migraines, she smiled when Arianne came back in.

Handing her her prescription, Arianne smiled. “How’s seven sound for dinner?”

Jess glanced nervously around the room. “Good.” she said not looking at Her. she cleared her throat. “Uh, where should i meet You?”

She would have preferred to pick her up Herself, but She understood and respected her caution. Despite the hot kiss that still had Her blood simmering, she knew nothing about Her. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t follow Her back to Her place after dinner, She thought hopefully.

Arianne jotted the name of a casual restaurant close to Her apartment on a piece of paper and handed it to her. “See you at seven.” She considered the wisdom of one last kiss. One final taste of sweet peppermint and hot passion.

Jess folded the not and slipped it inside her pocket. “i’ll see You then.”

The door swung open and the doctor handed her another prescription for her allergies. Whatever happened to knocking? Arianne thought. The doctor’s interruption–again–annoyed the hell out of Her. So much for testing the wisdom of one last kiss.

“i’ll see myself out.” Jess said, then disappeared down the hall.

Arianne let out a sigh. “Have a great day.” Her thoughts remained centered on sweet peppermint and hot, wet kisses.

Jess’s hand shook as she reached for a pen in her purse, standing at the counter. “i need…” A cold shower. Preferably with ice water. “i’ll need to schedule another appointment, ” she said, not the least bit surprised her voice trembled. her nerve endings were still alive with sexual awareness.

After setting up her check-up appointment, Jess headed back out into the warm, beautiful day. The trip back toward her apartment seemed to last just minutes since her thoughts were on a certain beautiful nurse. she giggled, boy am i in trouble now, she thought. Just thinking of Arianne’s I-want-you eyes canlı casino nearly sent her up in flames.

Jess had missed lunch, so after leaving the doctor’s office, she’d made a quick stop for a bite to eat at a local deli and spied a linen store across the street. While she’d been cruising the aisles, she’d seen a beautiful set of teal satin sheets and knew she had to have them.

After setting her keys and purse on the table she went to grab her new sheets, and shut and locked both locks and set up the alarm, and double checked to make sure she’d locked both locks.

Because of her past she tried to play things safe. As a rule, Jess proceeded with an abundance of caution when it came to relationships. No wonder her affairs were few and far between–she practically avoided relationships. Except there’d been nothing “safe” about the way she’d kissed Arianne. she’d left little room for doubt in Her mind exactly how much she’d wanted Her. Short of tearing off Her clothes right then and there, she didn’t think she could’ve been more daring. Or foolish. she knew what could happen if she failed to take precautions in regard to her own safety all too well.

When she’d chosen her apartment, she’d chosen a unit on the second floor rather than the first as a deterrent to would-be intruders. And she’d called a locksmith to install extra security locks to her windows, and replaced the single lock on the front door with two heavy duty deadbolts and a security bar. As well as an alarm system to alert of intruders.

Maybe by accepting the date with Arianne she hadn’t been her normal precautious self, but she couldn’t ignore the attraction between T/them either.

After putting her new satin sheets on her bed, Jess took a shower, and then went and stood at her closet trying to figure out what to wear.

Jess fingered through several blouses and finally decided on her sleeveless cream-colored silk shell with a deep scooped neckline and her button-fly carpenter jeans which were not only comfortable, but also flattering.

Jess had blow dried her long, raven black hair straight. In addition to her standard berry lipstick, she’d applied a layer of shimmering gloss, then selected silver chandelier earrings for an even bolder look.

Tossing the tube of lengthening mascara into her makeup drawer, she looked in the mirror and hardly recognized herself; she looked like…a woman who didn’t know the meaning of cautious.

Walking back to her closet, Jess picked up her black four-inch heels that had been sitting in her closet unused. Giggling to herself, Jess thought they said sex; red would scream multiple orgasm, but she didn’t have any red heels. she’d initially regretted giving in to the impulse to buy the shoes. They’d been an impractical extravagance, but now she was grateful she had them.

Anxiety made breathing a concentrated effort. she had only met Arianne that morning, and already she felt wildly attracted to Her, she thought, glancing at her trembling hands.

Jess never rushed into relationships, and hand once dated a woman three times before she’d had even a conscious thought of kissing her. With Arianne, she’d been counting the minutes until she could taste Her again. She’s a world-class kisser, incredible beautiful, not to mention sexy, and intelligent.

Jess caught her bottom lip between her teeth. i like Her, she thought, her heart pounding so hard she feared it would burst right out of her chest. She is the kind of Woman…that i could fall for. she stood, and checked herself in the mirror before walking out of the bedroom. If she didn’t leave now, she might chicken out, and she hadn’t bought new sheets because she’d planned to sleep in them alone.

By the time she got downstairs, Jess’s anxiety was nearly nonexistent; her excitement over spending an evening with Arianne, however, remained as strong as ever.

If the quaking of Jess’s limbs were being monitored by the Richter scale, she’d easily register a reading high enough to flatten the greater New Orleans area and beyond.

Fearing hyperventilation if she didn’t get a grip and calm her rattled nerves, she took advantage of her early arrival by closing her eyes and breathing deeply. Holding the steering wheel of her Acura Legend in a death grip, she tried to imagine herself in the grass near a stream. Blocking out the bustle of the busy city around her, she imagined the soothing sound of water flowing over rocks and lapping at the shoreline. In her mind, the leaves of the trees fluttered softly overhead on the warm, summer breeze. The sun beat down on her, warming her skin as she gazed at the shifting shapes and images formed from enormous white cottony clouds.

The rhythm of the water changed suddenly, drawing her attention away from the clouds. Shielding her eyes from the glare of the sun with her hand, she rose up on one elbow to see a gloriously naked Arianne emerge from the stream. The fresh, cool water clung to Her flawless alabaster skin, rivulets of moisture winding a sensual path kaçak casino down Her breasts.

Slowly, She moved toward her, a seductive grin on Her face. Jess followed the path of water sliding down Her body. She was so beautiful. Everywhere. A sigh escaped. A pathetically dreamy one that had her opening her eyes. She closed her eyes, then snapped them open and frowned. This was not supposed to be a fantasy, but an exercise in relaxation. Maybe her subconscious knew something she didn’t? Oh God, she hoped so.

One last attempt had her lashes fluttering closed again. her grip on the steering wheel slackened as she envisioned reaching her arms around Arianne, welcoming Her…

A light rap on the driver’s side window made her shriek. she flinched so hard, her knee slammed into the steering wheel. One hand flew to her check in a vain attempt to still the wild beating of her heart, while the other massaged her knee and what would no doubt be an ugly bruise come morning.

Jess turned her head to see Arianne offer an apologetic little half smile that did nothing to slow the pounding of her heart. In fact, she could’ve sworn her pulse picked up speed. So much for relaxing and getting a grip.

With on final deep, far-from-calming breath, she pulled her keys from the ignition. Grabbing her purse and opening her door she looked at Her. “You scared me half to death.”

“Sorry about that.” She sounded about as contrite as the sexy tilt of Her mouth had been apologetic. “I waved, but you didn’t see Me.”

Oh, she had seen plenty. The image would remain etched on her conscience for eons. “i was…lost in thought,” she murmured. If only You knew.

Jess, locked her car, then attempted to stuff her keys inside her purse. Unsure of whether to blame her nerves, the fantasy or the Woman responsible for both, the keys slipped from her fingers and landed on the pavement with a clatter. she stared in fascination as She stooped to retrieve them for her. Her intense raven hair gleamed under the setting sun, and Her beautiful body…oh my. her imagination went into overtime as she envisioned dragging her nails over Her flesh, along the slopes of Her back to Her ass where her fingers pressed into the taut flesh, holding Her to her…

She stood and held her keys out to her, a quizzical expression on Her beautiful face. “Are you okay? you’re looking a little flushed.”

It’s called hot and bothered, Sweetie. “i’m fine. It’s just…uh…just the humidity,” she stammered, then fanned herself with her hand while managing a nervous laugh. She probably thought she was an idiot. “Maybe W/we should go inside. You know. Air conditioning?”

Thankfully She agreed, motioning for her to go ahead of Her. she stepped over the curb to the concrete walkway and winced, unsure which caused her more discomfort, her sore knee or her feet, courtesy of the unaccustomed height of the four-inch spiked heels.

“you look incredible, ” She said when She came up behind her.

More heat crept into her cheeks, but she didn’t mind the cause this time. “Thank You.” she cast a sideways glance in Her direction as T/they reached the entrance of the restaurant. She looked just as sexy as when she’d left Her hours ago. “You do too.”

She chuckled, the sound warm and inviting. She snagged her hand, sending a jolt to her system. Lacing T/their fingers together, She tugged gently until she faced Her. Before she realized Her intentions, She dipped Her head and Her mouth covered hers, hot and determined. Her tongue pressed against the seam of her lips demanding entrance. The world around her faded as she welcomed Her inside. A sigh rose in her throat and she leaned into Her.

Arianne ended the kiss just as abruptly, leaving her with a distinct sense of disappointment. she wanted more. A lot more. The sooner the better. And couldn’t care less that T/they were in public.

She traced the outline of her jaw with a light brush of Her fingertips against her skin, Her touch impossibly gentle. “Relax, Jess, ” She said quietly. “Nothing is going to happen here that you don’t want to happen, okay?”

Coherent thought took more effort than she could possibly muster, but she did manage a mute nod in response. The way her lips tingled and her insides kept twittering and jumping all over the place, she’d be lucky to ever have a rational thought again that didn’t include Arianne and the way She so effortlessly reduced her to sheer idiocy with a mere kiss. Good Lord, she hated to think what would happen to her rationale when T/they had sex.

With her hand still clasped in Her, T/they approached the hostess who gave T/them a knowing smile before leading T/them toward the rear of the restaurant. Jess tried to take care as she maneuvered the rough-textured terra-cotta tiled flooring in her heels, but she couldn’t get Her that-you-don’t-want-to-happen line out of her head.

The hostess led T/them into a relatively secluded area. T/they were seated in the last vacant booth near an indoor waterfall decorated with lava rocks and artificial plants.

Arianne took the menus the hostess offered since Jess’s gaze was riveted in fascination at the beautiful waterfall. Plucking the drink menu from the holder, She spread it open so T/they could view it together.

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