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“Meet me there at midnight, the same place we always go.”

Kate read the text, a smile upon her face. She’d been hoping to hear from him over the last few nights and he had, unexpectantly, kept her waiting. Their last encounter had been almost two weeks prior, and she was used to a more frequent understanding.

She had wanted to text him first, to engage him, but she knew the rules. He had been very clear on the rules.

She looked at her bedside table and noticed the luminous glow of her alarm clock; 10.43pm. She had a little under an hour to get ready before she’d need to drive to the football club, a twenty-five-minute commute. She mustn’t be late.

Kate jumped into the shower and with a razor in hand, delicately took to removing the tiny hairs that had dared grow between her legs. It was a practice she routinely adhered too, and the water ran down her body without restraint. She was always smooth to the touch but always gave extra attention on these nights. He always wanted her bare. She knew the rules.

Her body trembled slightly at the touch of the razor upon her intimate areas combining with the sensual feel of the cascading water. An edge of excitement and trepidation pulsed through her and she needed to pay extra attention to the razor’s edge, careful her anticipation of the night ahead didn’t cause her hand to be unsteady. He would make her quiver uncontrollably later. A cut would certainly put him off.

Satisfied that she looked the part, she turned off the water and looked herself over in the mirror. Carefully, she dried herself and straightened her hair, leaving her long dark locks to settle around her face. The way he liked it. A little makeup but not too much. He wanted her natural and had warned her, the first night, of applying too many cosmetics. He didn’t want a prostitute look, he had reminded her.

Kate found the little black dress hanging in her closet and put the fabric on over her naked body. No need for underwear of any description. There would not be time for that.

Jumping in the car, she meandered down the streets that held little traffic at this hour. She drove robotically towards the football field, she knew the route well, having been a big fan of the club for several years.

It was where she had first laid eyes on him, a young, strapping forward with a dazzling smile. He was a fan favourite and she had often travelled to the training facility to watch him practice, especially when the big games loomed. He was always much more handsome in real life than on the television screen. She had been star-struck and giggly when he had approached her after a session and she meekly offered him a shirt to sign. Even at training, there were hundreds of fans gathering to watch but he had sought her out and been happy to engage in conversation.

Over time he had sought her out more and more until she was surprised when he had reached for her amongst a crowd of fans urging for equipment and shirts to be signed. With a pen in hand, he had grabbed for her hand despite not being offered any material. He had written his mobile number on her palm and closed her hand gently to ensure no one would notice.

She had been giddy with excitement, her personal line to the local up and coming star, one that thousands of fans looked up to each week, nervously hoping he could help see their beloved team over their line and on route to another victory. She would be the envy of every young girl in the stadium if anyone was to find out.

She had eventually gathered the nerve to text him, asking to meet him for coffee, however, he was not a player who enjoyed the limelight and was reluctant to step out where he could be recognised. He had asked to meet her after training, once everyone had gone and the pair had chatted for hours on the stadium seats before he had pulled her close and passionately kissed her.

After several minutes of touching, kissing and teasing, he had then led her into the empty change room and had quickly kurtköy escort removed her clothes. He was known as a hard, aggressive player on the field and he had been no different in the changing room that night, his hard-toned body pushing and positioning Kate at his will.

It had been the first of many encounters between them and she had grown to accept and adore his methods and kinks. He had once told her how important she was to his routine and how he needed her to release his stress so that he could play well. She loved being a part of his preparations. She would do whatever he wanted.

Finding the parking lot empty, as usual, she parked at the furthest lot and slowly walked towards the changing rooms. Despite the club’s popularity, the training venue was always desolate at this time of night with the security team only driving by every few hours. They had never been interrupted.

Approaching the changing rooms, she saw movement to her left and smiled as he approached. He was well over 6 foot and had a strong, muscular build. Even in the darkened light, she could see his beauty. Her knees always got a little weak when she spied him. God knows why he had picked her but as he swiped his card to access the room and ushered her inside, she tingled with expectant excitement.

With the door closing behind them and their privacy assured he moved into action. Kate knew the routine and sighed excitably as he moved towards her. Kate advanced towards the centre of the room where a padded physio table lay in wait.

The room was large, cold and scarcely furnished with wooden seating all around the perimeter and coat hangers above, ready for jerseys of the players to be applied. A huge whiteboard overlooked the seating where the coach could design and councils the day’s session. A physio table in the middle of the room was the only other furnishing. To the right, lay a sliding door that accessed the showers. Kate had often fantasied about those showers and the taunt, firm bodies that it serviced. Already, her body trembled.

Grabbing her around the waist, he pushed her up against the physio table like he had done on several occasions before. He reached under her dress and was pleased to find her fingers touched her skin, free of underwear or pubic hair. ‘Good girl.’ He whispered, sending a shiver down her spine.

Kate held her breath as the sound of a zipper being undone filled the room. Her skirt was hurriedly pushed up, revealing her bare bottom and before long she felt the familiar tap of his member against her skin.

She parted her legs and bent over the table, obediently. She knew the routine. Inwardly, she gulped in a deep breath and tried to relax, knowing what was forthcoming.

Despite his large outer frame, he was average in size when it came to his manhood. Kate guessed it to be around six inches long and a couple inches in width. She was thankful it was not massive, given his preferences on what he liked to do with it.

Her body tensed as he positioned himself, the tip of his penis slapping hard against her rectum. He liked to tease her and would tap his manhood flat across her holes to prepare her. However, their routine was always rushed and frantic. He liked it that way and Kate was happy to oblige. After all, she was a huge fan. If he wanted her ass, he could have it.

Kate felt as a strong hand held her hip, the other worked upon his own erection, positioning himself and aiming towards her tightest opening. Kate grimaced as the tip found its mark and pushed her puckered walls apart. As it always did, the hand, now rid of its obligatory guidance, reached out to grab her hair, curling her long mane amongst a clenched fist. With one hand clutching her hip and the other forcing her head back, he pushed himself forward.

Kate held her breath as her body arched back. Despite her mind’s acceptance, her body always tried to fight the unoiled intrusion. Her walls tightened and gripped his shaft in a vice-like sheath, malatya escort constricting and throbbing, not permitting his entrance.

He grunted as he beckoned forth, pushing against the pressure and enjoying the sensation as he inched along her forbidden passageway. Kate knew it was the taboo that most got him off. She had become his clandestine anal meeting and she knew that he would push himself within her walls, the familiar sound of his testicles as they’d slap against her bare buttocks. She craved the torment and enjoyed the depravity. “Take one for the team.” She often thought, through clenched lips, gritted teeth and teary eyes.

Kate clasped at the physio table, her hands clenching the softly padded table as the body behind her pushed himself harder upon her. She tried to relax, knowing the burning sensation would only be temporary and that once she settled into a rhythm, she could enjoy his prodding. Still only half way in and probing against her guard, his hand tightened upon her hair, forcing her skull back and practically bending her head over her torso in an exorcist type manner.

With a little grunt, he pulled back slightly, and Kate braced herself for what she knew would follow. With some enthusiastic, violent momentum, he rammed himself forward, causing her rectum to shake and her body to crash into the padded table. Her body shivered and shook upon impact as his entire length filled her passage. Tears welled in her eyes as her rear bore the brunt of his aggression.

Mercilessly he withdrew a few inches of himself before slamming back in at full pace. His hand hot and heavy against her skin, holding her hips steady and her head bent back. The position allowed him the perfect entry to thrust forward and he panted heavily as he thrusted back and forth.

After a few minutes, Kate noticed her body began to accept the invasion and her walls become a little numb, the shock of his arrival setting in and bracing for each pump. With her hair forced tight against her forehead, she began to loosen up, paying attention as his shaft now moved within her a little more freely.

In and out he hustled, first withdrawing half way before heaving forward. Each time he propelled himself forward, Kate would crash into the padded physio table. With each withdrawal, she’d gulp in air and await his return. His thrusting became more rhythmic, her passage now accepting of its fate as he hammered away at her rear.

With the rejection now subsided, he had full use of her ass and his assertiveness became more frantic, almost withdrawing himself fully before lunging back within, his testicles slapping amongst her cheeks and echoing around the room. A systematic slapping and panting reverberating around the walls.

Sensing he was spiralling towards completion and needing a rest, he withdrew himself and released his stranglehold on her hair. Kate was familiar with this halfway correlation. The first time they had played this game he had asked her what happens at halftime during the football. ‘You switch ends?’ Kate had answered, confused. He had nodded earnestly, and his desire had eventually dawned on Kate.

Kate stayed motionless for a moment, allowing him to view her gaping hole. After a few seconds and with her ass now free and empty, Kate understood her next role and eased around to face him. Without a word, she dropped to her knees, eyeing off his pulsating member as it throbbed in front of her face.

Kate opened her mouth but stayed in position. She had learnt that he needed control and that she mustn’t rush him. When he was ready, he roughly grabbed the back of her head, his hand again grasping her long, free-flowing hair. He pushed himself between her lips and unceremoniously aimed for the back of her throat, a quick gagging noise followed.

Kate braced herself as he lunged back and forth, her lips cracking against his chest and testicles hitting her chin. The back of her throat burned as the tip of his cock tickled and punched at her tonsils. kayseri escort His torment was always hurried and brief and Kate knew she could hold her breath and forgo his rough treatment. Sure enough, within a minute he beckoned her to move into her next position.

Kate had come to understand this as the home stretch, their routine now familiar and without the need for directions or spoken word. Kate simply got on all fours and waited for him to re-enter her rear.

He planted both feet beside her knees and hovered over her, his body trembling above. He aimed at her puckered hole that had attempted to normalize back into the tight passageway, the lips of her anus closing in the little star shape so accustomed. However, he would not need as much force as before to inject himself fully upon her and Kate knew this position was his favourite, allowing him a sharp, unprotested passage deep within her bowel.

Kate braced herself against the floor, allowing her limbs to create a stable environment for which he could penetrate. She bent at the hips slightly, pushing her backside to greet him as he levitated over her.

His thrusting was now deep and harsh, each tilt forward resulting in his stones smashing against her pussy lips. This was always Kates most memorable part as the routine slapping at her entrance always made her shake and moan. In turn, her moans of frustrated excitement only powered his desire and before long he was in overdrive, slamming himself forward with as much force as he could muster.

‘I’m close.’ He panted loudly, and Kate understood her next instruction. Still, on all fours, she stuck out her tongue and waited.

As he pounded away, Kate could feel his testicles swell as they continued to strike against her wet lips. Without warning, he pulled out completely and rushed around to face her.

Kate kept her four-legged pose and with her tongue out, watched intently as he stroked himself rapidly before her eyes. Within moments, he groaned and hot white projectiles landed heavily upon her face and outstretched tongue.

Load after load fell upon her face as he panted and groaned, moaning as he continued to ride a hand along his shaft, pushing every drop towards her tongue. Kate was motionless as the fluid fell upon her, she neither loved or hated his conclusion but understood it to be an important part of his stress relief. She looked up at him while he gazed over her, seemingly satisfied at the state of her face as splodges of cum danced down her cheeks.

‘Thanks.’ He said, doing up his fly. ‘You right to lock up?’

Kate nodded, causing a few globs to hit the ground underneath her.

‘Make sure you clean that up.’ He warned. ‘We don’t want anyone to know what we get up too.’ He paused and then smiled at her. ‘I can’t afford to lose my number one fan.’ He said as he made his way to the door. ‘I’ll text you later, maybe next week.’ And without waiting for a reply or acknowledgement, he opened the door and left.

Kate waited for his footsteps to fade before rising from her all-fours position. Her pussy tingled with nervous excitement, longing for release. Her throat ached a little and her ass was on fire, a heated and warm feeling escaping that only caused her pussy to tingle more. As was always the case and with her face still occasionally dripping, she made her way to the shower. Once there, with the water cascading she allowed herself to wonder, her fingers touching her skin and moving frantically back and forth as she masturbated to the scene that had just played out.

She shook violently under the water and allowed her whole body to quiver. She gave herself a minute for her heart to recompose itself and for her body to stop vibrating. Once steadied, she washed her face and turned the water off.

Carefully she cleaned the locker room and ensuring everything was just as they found it, she made her escape.

Once back at her car she found a little envelope upon the windscreen. Cautiously she opened the seal and revealed two tickets. A little note, attached, caused her to beam with excitement. It simply read; “Here are two tickets for our next home game. You’ll love the seats – they are right up the rear.”


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