middleage minx birthday surprise

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middleage minx birthday surprise
It was my birthday, so I’d taken the day off work, some retail therapy followed by a few glasses of wine with the girls from work. I got a cab into town and headed for the shops, the sales were still on so I was looking forward to getting some nice bits. I was picking up dresses and tops without realising the time, I had to rush to the till to pay without trying them on or I’d be late at the wine bar, as I was about to pay, I spotted a lovely faux leather skirt, calling to me, it was a little short but was too good a bargain – I made sure I could return the clothes after I’d tried them on at home if they didn’t fit, paid and rushed to meet the girls.

As it was my birthday they’d treated me to a bottle of champagne, then the manager sent over another, I was feeling quite merry. The girls only had an hour for lunch so we drank quickly and by the time we all left I was definitely feeling tipsy. I tried to get a taxi but the wait was so long, soI decided to get a bus. On the way to the bus stop I passed Ann Summers and saw a beautiful outfit in the window, I was feeling good and thought why not, so I went in and brought a lovely cream satin bra, matching corset and thong. As I turned the corner I saw my bus disappearing down the road.
I was in for a long wait, laden down with my shopping I walked towards the stop. Just then a car horn honked and stopped beside me, I recognised my neighbours car, it was his son and friend, they asked if I wanted a lift. Well that was truly good luck, Rob leant across and opened the back door for me as my hands were full, I pushed the bags over the back seat then climbed up, it was a 4×4 and quite high, as one leg went up, so did my skirt, showing the tops of my hold ups. I quickly jumped in pulling my skirt down, noticing Robs smile as he looked back at me in the mirror. I was babbling on as the combination of cold air and the champagne bubbles had really made me quite drunk.

I told them that i’d been celebrating my birthday and been treating myself to some new clothes. kaçak bahis They’d been at a retirement do, but left early, I kept thanking them. Anyway, it only took 20 minutes to get home, we pulled up outside the house, Rob told John to help me out of the car while he got my bags. I swung my legs round, very unladylike, opening them wide giving John a great view of my holdups and knickers. I apologised and swayed out of the car, holding onto Johns arm as Rob followed with the bags. When I opened my front door, John helped me in and Rob put the bags down, I thanked them both and they turned to go. God my head was spinning, I asked if they wanted a coffee as I needed one. I showed them into the front room, while I went to the kitchen and made the coffee.

As I came back with the drinks, the boys were sat in the two armchairs so I put the coffees on the low coffee table and I sat opposite on the settee. We started chatting and I mentioned about buying all these clothes that I’d probably have to take back as I hadn’t tried them on. Rob suggested that I could try them now, if they were no good, he’d drive me back to the store. Good idea I thought, so I took all my bags into the back room, where I had a full length mirror. I got out a nice floral dress and changed into it, looked in the mirror and thought that it fitted nice, then John shouted out, aren’t we going to get a fashion show, why not, I thought, the bubbles had made me feel quite bold. So I walked into the front room,walked around the table a couple of times then posed in front of the settee. They both smiled and politely said nice, I felt a little let down, I went back and put on another dress, same reaction. Next I tried a while chiffon blouse, it was a bit tight and you could see my black bra through the material, I thought this looked sexy and hoped it might go down better than my dresses.

As I walked in they both stopped talking and looked me up and down, much better they said, really nice. This was more like it, it made me feel good, thinking that I could still tipobet güvenilir mi turn some heads. Next I picked the faux leather skirt, it was a squeeze to get on and looked shorter than I thought. I went back into the front room, silence, I walked around a few times then posed for them, there faces said it all, both boys had massive grins and they were nodding, finally Rob managed some words, you look great. Wow I felt so good, being middle aged was’nt that bad if I could have this effect on two young men. As a treat, I turned my back on them and bent over to pick up my empty coffee cup, knowing full well that they’d have a great view of my knickers and hold ups. Yes, there faces said it all, Rob said he had to pop home for a minute but would be back to see the rest of the clothes.

I went back into the room to change, feeling very proud of myself, standing in front of the mirror, I took the blouse off, I couldn’t stop smiling, then out of the corner of my eye I saw some movement by the crack of the door, I didn’t turn, I just stood there and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor, I saw John’s arm moving, I stood there for a few minutes in my bra, knickers and holdups, then ran my hands across my bra, then over my tummy to just inside my knickers. I knew exactly what I was doing and had a good idea what John was up to as well. Instead of another dress, I reached into the Ann Summers bag and pulled out the bra, I undid my bra and put it down, I stroked my nipples wanting to tease John even more, I put the new bra on, it felt fabulous, I then pulled my knickers down, put them on the side and the picked out the corset, I slowly put this on, imagining what I was doing to John, I then rolled down my holdups, then bent over, reaching into the back for the thong, I made a meal out of it, knowing the he was seeing my pussy and bum. I stood up and pulled on the thong, I stood there admiring myself in the mirror, then I shouted to John saying that I had another outfit to show him.

I walked into tipobet giriş the front room, walked around and posed for him. He was sitting in the chair with his hands on his lap, grinning from ear to ear, stood right in front of him and told him to put his hand on the arms of the chair, there in front I could see the bulge that he’d tried to hide. I leant forward and undid his trousers, slowly unzipping them so that his cock sprang forward, still hidden by his flimsy pants, he went to grab me, but I told him to sit still or the show was over. I got him sit up slightly so that I could pull his trousers and pants down to his knees, I then lent forward and gently kissed the tip of his stiff cock. Kneeling down, I cupped his balls in one hand then slowly stroked his cock, gently stoking it up and down, he was just moaning as I licked him from his stem to his tip, pulling his skin down and taking his head fully into my mouth, playing my tongue over the tip. I continued to lick him, up and down, round the head.
Then I heard my door squeak and there was Rob, standing there smiling. I told him to sit down and wait, I could see that he’d liked what he saw. I carried on teasing Johns cock, knowing that Rob was watching. It was a big turn on. I then moved to Rob, same rules, do not touch and I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself. He just pulled his pant and trousers down and said all yours – and it was. I licked, sucked and teased him while John just looked on. Now my turn I said, I sat on the settee while they watched me, first I popped my tits out and began to slowly rub them, watching there cocks grow even more, then I moved my hand down between my legs, I was soaked, I started to finger myself watching the boys as they started to play with themselves, I told them to come over and stand either side of me while I fingered my clit, slowly boys – I wanted to enjoy watching them. I was starting to pant and knew it wouldn’t be long so I told them to come on my tits as I came.

It was amazing, I rubbed there spunk all over my tits moaning as I enjoyed every minute of it. I then stood up and went to the bathroom, I heard them shout happy birthday as the door closed behind them. Then I thought maybe middle age isn’t so bad after all.

Written about me by my xhamster friend GeorgeLondon, thanks.

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