Memoirs of a Lothario

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Alex Grey

>I recall that the party was for someone celebrating a birthday. The room was fairly crowded as our hosts had arranged a bar. Another room next door had been cleared to allow dancing. There were several single or unaccompanied males like myself and with the exception of about a half dozen nurses all the other women were wives.

I was quite attracted to a woman who appeared to be on the edge of a group of seven, all talking away and drinking but she seemed to be rather aloof. I knew most of the men in the group, they were mostly American or Swedish. It was then I heard a whisper in my ear. ‘If you are thinking that you would like to get to know Kate’ said the voice, ‘Forget it, in our village she is known as the Ice Maiden.’ If only the owner of the voice could have seen into the future.

I turned, the speaker was the wife of another American, a woman in her mid thirties named Bridget. “Hello Bridget, why the Ice Maiden, is she new to the American compound?” I asked, “I have never seen her before.”

“No, Simon, she is certainly not new out here, I am very surprised to see her at this party, usually she turns down the invitations although her husband Chuck always attends.” Bridget paused, as if to weigh up what she was going to say next. “She’s a Brit and thinks ataşehir escort she is a cut above us, yes, I know Simon, you are British too, you know very well I have spent a lot of time in England, I like the British but oh dear, Kate does try my patience.” Oh Bridget how wrong you were. Within a week the Ice Maiden had her glorious lips wrapped around my dick as she sucked me off, her husband a scant 100 yards away. Inside a month we diced with discovery as I shafted her, my prick deep inside her hot cunt, my balls swinging as her husband washed his car in the drive just the other side of the window we were looking out from.

But I race ahead of myself…

I continued to watch the seven at the bar, This Kate seemed to be nursing her one drink whilst all the others including her husband were drinking as though it would soon run out.

After a while I saw he glance in my direction, no smile, no invitation, but nevertheless I decided to make it into one.

On approaching the group I asked, in general, if anyone minded if I asked the lady to dance. It was no surprise to me when the loudest and apparently drunkest one there told me I could ask her if wanted to. It seemed it was her husband.

I asked, she said yes, after glancing at her husband. During kadıköy escort the dance we started the inane sort of chatter that one does. The dance finished and I walked her back. The group had dispersed and husband was sitting glassy eyed at a table. Kate told me that she had better get him home but it soon became apparent that he did not want to leave. So we danced again. We danced closer, I held her close and she did not pull away. her breasts were crushed against my chest. I caught Bridget’s look across the dance floor and she pulled a face but smiled.

The lights went down and a slow smoochy tune was played, Kate put her arms around my neck and held me closer, it was almost pitch dark in the room and her lips touched mine, I kissed her and to my utter surprise her mouth opened and her tongue found mine. I felt my erection and so did she. I pulled away and she softly murmured ‘No’. My hard dick was now hard against her crotch. As we slowly swayed to the music my hard dick was rubbing against her crotch. Suddenly she put both arms around my neck pulled me close and then I felt her tremble and shiver. She rubbed herself against my prick and a low moan escaped her. Frankly I was aghast, I knew what had happened, she’d had an orgasm whilst dancing with me. She bostancı escort bayan touched my cheek with her lips, murmured ‘Thankyou, but excuse me I must go to the Ladies room.’ I followed her and watched as she went to the restroom. I returned to the bar where her husband was now standing or rather swaying at the bar. I went over and told him that his wife had gone to the Ladies, he just muttered something that sounded like. ‘Trust the stupid bitch to keep me waiting when I want to get home.’

She soon joined us, nodded a thankyou to me, helped her husband to regain his balance and they left the party.

Naturally Bridget was all agog, wanted to know what I had said to her. She said she was quite amazed that Kate had danced with me.

Shortly afterwards I to left the party after thanking my hosts and returned to my bachelor accommodation. I had made myself coffee, had a shower and slipped into bed when my telephone rang. “Simon?” I said yes and asked who was calling. “Simon, its Kate, Thankyou so much for making my evening so enjoyable. Should you like to meet me again, I am playing Tennis tomorrow evening at 8.00pm in the Swedish village. I er, shall be on my own. What I mean is, Chuck has to go somewhere else.” With that she hung up.

Her voice brought back the dance and what had happened, immediately I had a terrific hard on and instead of behaving like any normal 45 yr old man I behave like a love sick teenager and unashamedly jacked myself off thinking of her covered cunt rubbing against earlier that evening.

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