Me Too

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She pushed me down hard onto the worn wooden bench of the little train, snapping the rough rusting safety bar tightly across my escape. My clasping hands gripped tightly as the other children screamed in fear and trepidation. Stuttering forth towards the dark cobweb covered tunnel, amidst the hysteria of childhood wonder and tears, I turned, arms outstretched for mum to come and comfort me. Standing with her latest lover, she never gave me a glance or second thought as she raised the vodka bottle to her lips. Fear and dread filled my young being, not for what lay directly ahead on the ghost train ride, but for life. At eight years old I realise my mother, has no love for me, or anyone, only alcohol. No tears, no feelings, nothing, just a strong resolve to never be like mum!


“Why Yvonne, why do you never cry?”

Kate’s eyes, damp and reddened, plead with me to open up. Our third reconciliation in five months of togetherness. She’s correct of course, it’s me, I don’t cry, I don’t get angry, I am emotionless. As I sit rigidly crossed legged on the rug, she’s gripping my fingers in hers, her thumbs rubbing the backs of my sweaty digits when I feel it. Welling up behind the lower lid of my right eye, straining with all my mental strength, I attempt to halt its progress but it leaks up over my eyelid. Stream like, it rolls down the curve of my cheek, along my chin line then drops, to dissipate into the cotton of my blouse.

“Give me something Yvonne, I don’t know anything about you, tell me!”

“What Kate, what do you want to know?”

“Well, where did all this come from, that would be a start. I mean your thirty one Yvonne. Who at thirty one owns a city centre bar and a plush apartment in London. Nobody I know, except you Yvonne.”

“You ain’t gonna like this Kate but it started I guess, just the day before my nineteenth birthday…”

That’s when he moved in, his name was Ronald. Just the latest in a long line of partners my mum used to feed her need for alcohol. Descending the stairs next morning I could hear them in the living room, drunkenly singing to eachother. I ventured in, hoping to see a gift for the first time in my life, nothing, nada, zilch, why should my nineteenth be any different. They didn’t even mention it, at best they don’t know, at worst they don’t care.

With my expectations fulfilled, I went to make some toast for breakfast. He followed me in, as I picked through the stale bread he came alongside me, smiling. His hand landed softly on my bottom, I smiled up at him, till it squeezed my butt.

Sharp glinting light burned my eyes and I traced it to it’s source. The bevelled edge of our butchers carving knife reflecting early morning sun, it’s bone handle just there, for me. Grabbing I pulled the knife on Ronald and pushed it’s sharp point into the loose skin of his double chin.

“I’m fucking leaving you bastard, I won’t ever be back, you or her see me in the fucking street, you fucking cross the road, got it. Keep your dirty mouth shut for an hour till I go, if not I fucking chib you.”

Shacking he nodded and I head upstairs. I’ve no suitcase, just an old rickety shopping trolley I use to get groceries and the likes home, it takes all my worldly goods easily. I call Valerie, my community psychiatric nurse. I’d been assigned her a year ago, when my social worker was relieved, due to me now being eighteen and an adult, in the eyes of the law.

“We’ve been expecting your call at sometime Yvonne, so don’t worry okay. Just casino siteleri get the bus to the council offices and I’ll meet you there in an hour.”

Slamming the flakey paint door behind me, I refuse to look back. I will never look back. Never return. For the first time in ten years I really want to cry, nothing comes. I walk out onto the street, my only focus the bus stop around the corner. When I grab onto the cold aluminium structure of the bus shelter, relief fills my soul as I almost collapse and the broadest smile paints itself across my face, freedom.

True to her word, Val appears at the council offices and we go into a meeting with the emergency housing officer. Within thirty minutes I’ve been allocated accommodation at the Greentrees hostel. Val says I’ll be getting a flat of my own within six months if I behave; imagine, my own little flat, clean, welcoming, life’s looking up all of a sudden.

Greentrees isn’t green and there are no trees. It’s a dark forbidding old Victorian house that has been converted. Val leads me upstairs. As we enter the first floor landing we bump into Kerri Anderson; we’re the same age, attended the same school but we weren’t friends. She’s my doppelgänger!

“Hey Yvonne there’s your sister, haha.”

“Yvonne, go say hello to your twin, hehe.”

She nods a smile and walks past as Val opens the door marked number six. The rooms lovely and furnished; double bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, little table, two chairs, kitchenette, and a bathroom through a separate door. I’m in heaven as I take it all in, it’s not new, but it’s for me, along with the fresh laundered linen and quilt laying on the bed. Val gets my biggest thank you smile and hug ever.

“How come you know Kerri, Yvonne?”

“We were at school together, we’re not friends though.”

“You two are awfully alike, in looks and character, maybe it would be best if you keep your distance. Are you related?”


Val leaves me to get on, informing me she’ll see me on Monday and telling me to behave over the weekend. For my part, I set about cleaning my new home. Within a couple of hours I’ve got it fresh, windows open and I’m making my bed, when there’s at knock at my door. It’s Kerri, looking all glamorous in fancy clothes and carrying a bag of shopping. She pushes past me and plonks herself on one of my chairs.

“I think it’s your birthday today Yvonne?”


“Got a bottle opener? I’ve got us six Perroni to celebrate.”

This is the first birthday present I have ever received, the second is even better. Kerri tosses me a quarter of black, pack of Rizzlas and ten cigarettes. I set to work skinning a joint whilst Kerri wrestles with the little beer bottle tops as I’ve no bottle opener.

It turns out Kerri was kicked out the week previously because her mum couldn’t cope with her. As if, her mum’s like a total stoner, I’m feeling like I’m enjoying being with Kerri. Then she sees how little clothes I have and goes to her room, dragging back a big suitcase stuffed full of expensive clothes. We spend the next four hours smoking, dropping beers and doing or own little fashion show in my room. I think Kerri is my new BFF.

We hang all the clothes and then Kerri asks if she can stay over as my room is much nicer than hers. Of course I agree and we ready for bed and grab a side each of the big double. It’s not long till I drift off, I think I have been asleep for about an hour when; I wake with a start, hearing Kerri muttering in her sleep! canlı casino Her arms and legs begin to twitch and I have to cover my mouth to dull my giggles. On my side, facing away from her I try to ignore her, but it’s getting worse.

She starts to thrash about and then her whole body slams into the back of me; incoherent mumblings whisper across my ear, her left arm is jammed between us, her right arm flails and lands across my chest, pulling me to her. We mould together, her lace bra press in below my shoulder blades crushing her breasts to me. Her thighs push into my buttocks and I squirm as her legs entwine with mine!

In the dark, eyes wide, I lay in wonder at the glorious feeling of being so tight with my new bestie. It’s a totally different feeling to the nights i had spent with boyfriends. I hated that, I hated them, there smell, touch, pushing me, pulling me, kissing me, I hated them all. I hate men, I think!

Kerri’s hand cups the underside of my left breast, her finger and thumb move towards each other over the material of my t-shirt, faithfully following the shape of my boob. It feels electric and I know I am blushing as I feel the heat raise in my cheeks, but I don’t move, I don’t lift her arm clear. As her mumbling subsides, her finger and thumb meet either side of my mushroomed nipple and her breathing eases to a sweet whisper at my ear.

Closing my eyes, I shuffle quietly to maximise the contact between us, glorious in the heat emanating through my torso from my pinched nipple. Exhausted from our mini party, I drift back to sleep in her arms, to the sound of her sweet lullaby breathing stroking my ear.

Kerri wakes me with a coffee about eleven, she’s full of energy and it’s infectious. Soon I am sat getting a full makeover done, then she dresses me in some of her hot clothes. Standing in front of the big mirror on my wardrobe door, I look at the two of us, we are identical!

Grabbing my hand Kerri leads me out from the room and we head into town for the day. We just have the best time ever, she treats me to new clothes from Next and Zara. Then we head into the Monkey Bar, all the guys heads turn as we walk in and approach the bar. There’s a dangerous silence hanging over the barroom till a big guy with scars shouts,

“Give the twins whatever they want and I’ll pay,”

They think we are sisters; twins, we play them all afternoon, pretending to be sisters, touching each other, little kisses, dancing together to the music in the bar. The guys love it and keep sending us drinks over, till Kerri says we need to leave as she’s got a few hours work tonight and needs to get ready.

I grab her face and give her a full on snog to the cheers of the guys, it’s not for their benefit, but mine, just in case the opportunity never comes again. Back at Greentrees I watch as Kerri pulls sheer black stockings up her legs. She’s so pretty, I feel jealous of her, but I help her dress before asking,

“What’s your job Kerri?”

“I’ll tell you when I get home. Can I crash with you again tonight?”

I agree immediately and she leaves. My minds in turmoil as I struggle to busy myself, I shower, clean my room again, wash the bathroom and remake the bed so it’s nice for Kerri’s return. As I hang my four new dresses and fold away my sets of sexy new underwear, all I can think about is spending time with Kerri. A vision of her, naked, pulling on a stocking fills my mind, the stolen glimpse of her shaven mound, forefront in my thoughts.

After an hour kaçak casino or two of Snapchat and Facebooking my friends, I throw of my clothes, to get ready for bed. Pull on my comfy old blue briefs and reach for my Mickey Mouse t-shirt; as I tug it up my arms, I change my mind, and push it back into the chest of drawers.

Stood in front of my mirror, tweaking my nipples erect, my head fills with questions, is she in the closet like me? Does she like me in that way? Am I attractive to her? Was she asleep last night? Why didn’t she mention anything today about last night? Does she know I was soaking wet this morning when I woke?

I climb into bed, spend some time getting myself into the same position as last night. Making no attempt at sleep, I’ll be awake and alert all night if I have to be. The next hour feels like it’s forever as I lay in the dark, waiting. As the door creeks open, I can hardly breath with excitement. Peeking through half-shut eyes I watch her silhouette cross the room, delicately undress, folding her clothes lovingly on the chair. I almost choke when I see her remove her bra and finger her nipples to pebble before climbing in beside me.

Her scent fills my nostrils, the sweetness of her sweat mingled with Coco Noir and cigarettes. There’s no trying to sleep tonight for Kerri, she shimmers her way in behind me, her hot breath tickling erotically into the small of my neck, like a dainty kiss. Laughter bursts from me as she lightly works her nipples across my back.

“Did I wake you?”

“No, I’ve been waiting for you.”

As her tongue traces my neckline, my minds awash like a raging sea or cosmic event as realisation sinks in, Kerri’s in my closet! Turning to her, she keeps me pinned with a passionate hard kiss, our tongues hastilude, their blunted points skim and slide past, jousting to force home our desire. Hands push my breasts to peaks whilst her thumbs and fingers pluck out my nipples to extraordinary lengths.

Kerri breaks our kiss with a loud sploshing noise, her tongue never leaves my skin as it draws along my chin and down over my throat. As her head descends so does one of her hands, fingers lightly dancing across the muscled curve of my tummy. Stepping delicately across the elastic waist of my briefs to dance on my raging mound; pas de chat, glissade, pas de bourree.

Involuntarily my thighs part as my hips jerk up, thrusting at the pirouetting fingers. Begging them for to release my molten sex, it’s lips crushed knot like in a boiling stew inside my briefs. With an experienced flick, Kerri tips my gusset clear and we lay savouring my scent, salted vanilla, aloe and burnt copper topped with an air of hot desire, it fills our space.

She pushes her thumb in below my pelvic bone, leaving it standing to attention above my ripe clitoris. Two fingers descend onto my moist labia; brushing, twisting, spreading. I bloom like a late spring tulip, an invitation to honey bee fingers, come taste, take my nectar. Round and round, up and down they caress as I push up to meet, work and intensify till they dip into my honeypot.

Curling inwards and upwards slowly to start, I force her head into my breast. Clawing at her hair I drag her off my feeding teat to my hungry mouth. Our tongues seek and explore, deep into our souls as gasping breathes burn our cheeks. Her movement inside my pussy urgently quickens as she appreciates; my release, my cumming, my orgasm, my bodies like a Death Star on a collision course with earth. It explodes on impact sending gravitational shockwaves across my entire life, for now, I am at peace.

Kerri is my princess, my love, my everything. I will be what she needs me to be,

“… I started escorting with Kerri the next day Kate.”

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