Maid Takes Over Ch. 01

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The story contains lesbian humiliation and scenes on non-consensual / reluctance acts. Please comment whether you like it or not as that is the only way I can know. Also let me know ideas for next chapter.


My name is Debashrita. I am a wealthy woman living in Chicago. I am a brown haired beauty of 37 with brown eyes and a petite figure. I had the looks and the body people would die for with soft white skin and average height. I worked in a MNC as a manager. I live alone in the huge house I have.

I have been looking for a maid so I had published an ad in the local newspaper.

Next morning I heard the doorbell ring.

I saw a very beautiful young black woman standing at my doorstep.

“How can I help you I asked?” I asked.

“My name is Tabassum and I am 22 years old. I wanted to apply for the job of maid.”

Her face was very striking. So beautiful even though she was dark.” Are you sure you want to do this job of a maid?” I asked.

“Yes ma’am.”

I explained her all the chores and decided to give her a tour of the house. I asked her how much she would take for this job. She put up quite a few conditions with a very high amount for the salary of a maid. As she would work full time she wanted her own room with a bed and TV.

I agreed to her demands but I was a bit reluctant about giving her $500 per month as all other maids had an average pay of about $250-$300 but somehow I agreed. She had to clean the house daily, cook twice a day and wash clothes every Sunday.

We were in my bedroom when she saw the clothes in my in the cupboard since it had glass doors. I had a variety of clothes including all types of ethnic wear, western clothes, bikinis and lingerie. By the looks on her face it seemed she wanted to try all those outfits.

With all done we finally sat down to make a formal agreement for her to work. Since the layout was ready I told her to draft the agreement and get it printed. Everything she needed for that was in the study. The next day we went to the court to make it official.

It was the hot summer months, so I told Tabassum to feel free to drink juices, cold drinks that were in the fridge. Since I was living alone I had only one air conditioner, so I told Tabassum to shift to my room. Since she refused to sleep on the floor I had choice but to share my bed with her. It felt a little weird as I was sleeping with my maid.

The next morning when I woke up I found my top pulled up and her hand on my belly. At first I didn’t give much thought to it but then I realized that it happened every day. It was a bit embarrassing as I did not like to show my belly but now I had to wake up with my maid’s hand on my belly every day. I was in two minds whether to talk about it to her or not.

Maybe she had some kind of fetish with belly. Suddenly the doorbell rang and to my surprise it was my daughter. She was here on her college excursion. She told that this was her last day of the trip and she wanted to meet me before she left. As she and Tabassum were of similar age they got along pretty well. They kept on talking for quite a while. It was now time for her to leave.

She hugged me before leaving and said she would meet me soon. After she left my mind went back to the thought about Tabassum’s hand on my belly. We went to bed and when I woke up next morning, once again I felt her hand on my belly but this time for some reason I did not remove her hand and let it remain on my flat tummy for a while. I saw her wake up and she was about to remove her hand when I stopped her. I held her hand firmly on my belly with her index finger in my navel.

I finally asked her “why are you doing this” with my face turning red which I am sure she noticed. At first she did not reply. After asking her a few more times, she said “red shade of embarrassment and humiliation looks so good on your face Deba.”

Did she just call me Deba? I pressed her hand harder on my tummy on hearing this unable to speak anything.

“Face it Deba you want this to happen. You enjoy the feel of my hand on your belly. You get turned on by the embarrassment and humiliation at the hands of your maid.” She was right. Although I did like exposing my belly, I still like this girl running her hands on my belly, but why? Why am I enjoying this humiliating experience? She is my maid but why do I have this feeling what she is doing is right. With these thoughts I let go of her hand and she pulls it back. She knew I wanted that to happen so she decided to tease me now.

“Do you want this to continue Deba? Do you want me to play with your belly? Yes I wanted her to play with my belly. Beg me Deba. Beg me to play with your belly.”

I was stunned hearing this but since I wanted it to happen, I decided to do what she said. She was right, I was getting turned on by her playing with my belly. Suddenly out of nowhere I had casino oyna this urge to be humiliated by this beautiful black girl who was my maid. So I started pleading her to play with my belly to which she gladly obliged.

Immediately I could feel her warm hand running all over my belly and she starting fingering my navel. As much I wanted it to continue I told her that I had to get ready for office and she told me to wait just a little longer. What she did at the end totally caught me by surprise. She lifted her head and started kissing my belly and ended by placing a few kisses on my navel.

My face completely red from what happened and without saying anything to her I went on to great ready for work. My mind was filled with thoughts from morning’s events throughout the day at work. I was greeted by her smiling face after I returned from work still ashamed of myself for allowing my maid to have her way with me.

I was still thinking about my submissive nature. She clearly was the dominant girl out of us. That was the moment when she talked about the agreement we made saying that she was to get $100 hike every month for the first year and then 10% every year. I asked her “what are talking about” as I didn’t remember agreeing to such a condition.

She showed me the official agreement where it was clearly written. I recalled I told her to get the document printed that was when she made a few changes herself and I had signed without reading again. There was another clause saying that if I fired for any reason without evidence I would have to give her 75% of my assets. Now I had to accept these terms and I had only myself to blame. Although giving her pay hike would not matter much to me.

On Sunday I decided to go to the pool in my yard and invited Tabassum for company. I put on one of my bikinis and saw her staring at me. I never liked to expose my body but somehow I wanted her to see my body. I asked her how did I look in the bikini to which she replied that I looked but she would look a lot better than me in a bikini. Since she did not have a bikini I told her to choose any from the ones I had and to my surprise she picked the most expensive one that I had.

When I looked at her in my bikini she looked so beautiful. It was as if in comparison to her my beauty was nothing. I told her “you are right; you look way more beautiful in that bikini than me; so you can keep this bikini.” Although that was my most expensive and favorite bikini I gave it to her as it looked better on her than on me.

Just like me she used to remove all her body hair from her legs armpits making her body glow in sunlight. I told her to put sunscreen on our bodies just to feel her hands on my belly again. So I lied down for her and when she applied sunscreen on my belly she started fingering my navel. It felt so good to have her do that to me even though it was a bit embarrassing.

We both entered the pool and she started to splash water on me laughing just like a child. It was a routine, every Sunday both of us would spend about 2 hours in the pool. One thing I noticed that she would never wash the bikini I gave her. It was the 6th time she was wearing but she never bothered to wash it. She asked me if I would have a wrestling match with her. I was surprised and asked how we would have a match in a swimming pool to which she replied that the one who gives up first would lose and will have to do something for the winner.

My mind wondered in case I lost what would she make me do? Somehow I got this feeling that I wanted to lose. The match started and we both held each other in different submission holds but after a while she held me in an awkward position; my head was between her arm and the side of her body with her armpit just over my nose and lips.

My body was bent on her left knee with her foot on one of my hands and her other hand tickling my belly. My face between her armpit and the tickling sensation on my belly left me no choice but to give up. After being defeated by this beautiful young girl I asked her “what do you would want me to do for you.” She said “get down on your hands and knees to give me a ride crawling on all fours with me on your back.”

What did she just say? I couldn’t believe my ears on hearing this. Why was she doing this to me? Did she find out about my submissive nature? I shouted at her hearing this but she once again reminded me of our bet and she was right. I had lost to her fair and square and I was a woman of my word and I would obey. We got out of the pool and she grabbed my towel to wipe herself.

At first I thought she did that by mistake but then she threw the towel to me and said “wipe yourself quickly and let’s begin with my ride.” So I put a smile on my face and got down on my hands and knees after wiping myself dry with the same towel she has already used. She sat on me and screamed “Let’s go girl.”

Here canlı casino I was with my head down; face completely red crawling for my maid with her on my back. She seemed to be enjoying this and wasn’t ready to get down. My hands and knees started aching so I told her to get down but she refused. She said she was not done yet. The pain started to increase so just to get her off I told that I would give her another ride like this some other time but she refused. She said she didn’t believe me and I had to do it today for as long as she wanted.

Since it was a lost argument I stopped talking and focused on crawling and satisfying her. My maid was doing this to me and I thought nothing can be more humiliating and soon she got down after a while. Both of us changed from our bikini to proper clothes that was when she asked me if she could take the day off.

She had to go meet someone and I thought it was okay as there wasn’t much work that day. I told her that she could and I would manage washing the clothes and asked her if she had any clothes that needed to be washed. She handed me a pile of her clothes and thanked me.

I took her clothes and asked by what time she would be back. She’ll be back by dinner she said so I told her that we could order some food from outside after she returns. I also told her that I had quit my job as I have earned enough for the rest of my life. I saw a wide smile on her face when I told her about quitting my job as if she wanted that to happen.

“Anything else you need ma’am”, she asked before leaving.

“No I don’t need anything and don’t call me ma’am. It sounds like I am some 50 year old lady.”

“What should I call you then?” she asked.

I thought about it and said, “call me Deba.”

“Are you sure you want me to call you that?”

“Yes I don’t see what’s wrong in that. Remember you already called me Deba when you were playing with my belly last morning. It’s fine.”

“Ok Deba I’ll see in the evening then and she left.”

I started washing clothes just after she left. I was done with almost all the clothes when the machine stopped working. One of the fuses was blown so I called the technician but he wasn’t available till the next day. It was only Tabassum’s bra and panties that were left unwashed so I decided to wash them by hands. All of them were of same white color but the color had faded. It was as if she had been using them for a very long time. The edges were a little torn. I was getting a little turned on by the fact that I was washing the bras and panties of my maid.

It was time for her to return when the bell rang. I greeted her and asked “how was your day?”

“It was very tiring. I had gone to meet an old friend and we went into the woods. My feet hurt so much after all that walking.”

“You should go get some rest. I’ll get you something to drink.”

I carried a glass of juice and some snacks for her to the bedroom. I asked her about her choice of food and placed the order. Waiting for the food I sat next to Tabassum on the bed using Facebook on my device.

I heard the bell ring and I knew the food was here. I got up to get the food and when I returned I saw Tabassum holding my mobile and accessing my Facebook account. I realize I had forgotten to lock the device before I left.

“You have got some nice pictures here Deba.”

“Give me back the phone Tabassum.”

She smiled and said “I don’t think so Deba.” That moment I could not understand what was happening.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I finally have you where I wanted you, Deba. Now you will do exactly as I tell you to or else …”

She showed me the picture where I was crawling on all fours and she was sitting on my back. I never realized she taken pictures back then. She said she would upload that picture on my Facebook account if I didn’t what she said.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked her.

“I’ll tell you exactly why I am doing this after we have our dinner. By the way I have already changed the passwords of your accounts. Now you can’t access them without my permission. You better obey me or you know what will happen. I wonder how people will react when they see you crawling for your maid with her sitting on your back” she said.

With tears forming in my eyes I said “Please don’t do that. I will do whatever you say.”

“I am hungry Deba; get the food ready and also get me something to drink.”

“Yes I’ll get it right away.”

I saw her get up and sit at the dining table. By the looks of it she had no intention to help in serving the food. I had to all of it myself. We quietly had dinner without speaking a word to each other and all the time I was afraid of what was about to come.

After we finished dinner we changed to our night dress and went to the bed when she told that she would tell me why she was doing this to me.

“Deba kaçak casino I’ll tell you why I am doing this but first I want you to get down on your knees and if you don’t you know what will happen” she said blackmailing me.

I quietly got down to my knees and sat on the back of my legs. She gave me lotion and said while she told me everything I had to massage her feet using the lotion. With no choice I took one of her foot in my hand and start massaging after putting the lotion. Her feet were very soft to touch. With tears in my eyes I reluctantly kept on massaging her feet as she started talking.

“You know Deba, my mother works at your neighbor’s house. Before that she worked for a white woman. That white bitch always mistreated my mother. Sometimes she would slap my mother, other times she deliberately break something and blame my mother for that. Then she would cut my mother’s pay for breaking the item.”

I quietly kept on listening without uttering a word and continued to massage her other foot.

“One day she framed my mother for theft and as a result made my mother work for her for three months with pay as compensation before firing her. That day I had decided that whenever I see a white woman I would make her my slave and hit her where it hurts the most – her pride. That was when I found you.”

“The day I entered your house I knew I had to have you as my bitch. This is one thing you white woman are afraid of, when an inferior black woman takes control of you. I saw your wealth, your lifestyle and I wanted to have that. So I made those changes in the agreement making it practically impossible for you to fire me and you signed it without reading. From this very moment you are my slave and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.”

That is when I finally spoke,” I know what happened to your mother was wrong, but I am not like that other woman and you know it. I have never mistreated you. And if it is wealth you want tell me how much you want and I will give it to you.”

“How naïve you are Deba. I am here to stay and have fun with. I want to humiliate you, make you cry and laugh looking at your pathetic condition. As long as I have control of your Facebook account, imagine what I can do.”

“You belong to me now. What a beautiful sight this is, isn’t it Deba? You down on your knees massaging feet of your maid with tears in your eyes. This is how I want you in this house. And I also get a monthly salary from you for which will now be for allowing you to serve me.”

“Enough with the foot massage Deba, now get on the bed.”

I finally was so relieved for getting my hands off her feet, but the fact that she wanted me to be her slave was hard to digest. I can’t blame her for the desire of revenge for what happened to her mother but why did it have to be me. But with a calm mind I thought as long as she had control of my facebook account I had to do whatever she told me to do. If she uploads that picture it would ruin my life.

No matter how humiliating it gets I had to obey her. My first priority had to be to get back my facebook account from her control.

Both of us got on the bed when I felt her hand pulling my top up and she started playing with my belly again. I knew this would happen and I had to bear with it. She started rubbing her hand on my belly and a while later she started kissing my belly. Suddenly there were butterflies in my stomach.

When she kissed my navel I felt something weird, something wet. I realized it was her tongue and the girl was licking my navel. At that moment I squeezed my eyes shut and grabbed the bed sheets as hard as I could. I did not utter a single word as I did not want to offend her and create more problems for myself.

After taking a pause she told me something that nearly sucked the soul out of my body.

“We are going to have some new rules from now on. You have got such nice skin Deba, you don’t need clothes. Whenever you are at home you won’t wear any clothes.”

“You mean I have to stay naked?” I asked with a trembling voice.

“That’s not a bad idea Deba, I’m sure we can do that in future but not now. What I was thinking is that you will only be wearing my dirty bra and panties, let me explain it to you. Like the ones I was wearing today covered with smell and sweat, you have to wear them tomorrow. This will continue for a while now so you better get used to it.”

“Every day the bra and panty that I remove, you have to wear it the next and I forgot to mention you have to wear it without washing. And you shall refer to me as mistress. Is that clear slave? With that she continued kissing and licking my navel.”

“Ye…Yes mistress”, I said crying. After a while kissing and licking stopped as I realized the girl had fallen asleep with her face still on my belly. Streams of tears rolled down my eyes thinking what my life had become but deep down I knew if I did not take control of my facebook account quickly, then this was just the beginning. With all these thoughts racing through my mind I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

To be continued…

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