Lust Ch. 01

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You’ve been spoiled for too long lately, ever since the first night you let someone other than your boyfriend fuck you. The excitement of that night still seared into your brain, the memory of it still makes you wet.

That day you did everything you ever wanted to do that none of your recent boyfriends’ were able to do for you. Make you want to be fucked, filled and fucked again, every which way, for hours and hours.

Now you’re getting sex on a daily basis, far more than you had in the past, and it was great sex, but routine was a bitch to you. Everyday, during the day you craved it just as much as when Alejandro came home and fucked you hard and fast, always satisfying your need for it. Yet for some reason you crave more now, and within the last couple of weeks have noticed the craving getting more instance, especially when he texts you from work to tease you.

You’re always inspired to play with your pussy at home whenever he does that, and soon you find yourself wanting to write material of your own, to maybe add some extra spice to things in our mind.

You’re at the coffee shop day to day, writing bits and pieces of what turns out to be an ongoing sex story of a girl who loves to get fucked in the hottest situations.

Adding your own experience with fucking Alejandro behind your boyfriends’ back not long before. Remembering that and how the first time was so intense and incredible. You start wishing you could repeat it all over again.

The moment, the intensity of feeling another man’s cock pushing into you for the first time, while your boyfriend was off at work.

Your pussy immediately starts to get wet as you continue to write your story in the coffee shop.

As you look up from your laptop, you notice an attractive man glancing back at you, and smiling. You can’t help but blush, thinking that he might somehow know what you’re writing and thinking about.

He stands up and walks over to you, and as he does you see that he is someone that you recognize from your apartment block. A neighbor of yours in his early twneties, with dark hair and skin, tall and fit and dressed well. You have seen him around from time to time, but have never spoken to him as of yet. Now he is going to change that…

“Hi there, how’s it going? You’re one of my neighbors aren’t you?” he asks with his coffee in hand.

You almost don’t know what to say as your mind is still reeling from almost being caught squirming in your seat by him seconds before. You do eventually smile back at him and introduce yourself.

“Hi yes, I think I’ve seen you around my building. I’m Riley.”

“A Pleasure to meet you Riley, I’m Brad.” he keeps smiling. “May I join you?”

He sits before you even have time to really answer, not that you were going to say no anyway.

“I don’t mean to be rude,” he lowers his voice. “but I’ve seen you here at this coffee shop almost every day, glued to your laptop. You must either be a student or you’re writing a book, and from what I can tell it must be a really good book.” He can’t help but give you a coy smile.

He knows. You think, or you’re sure he knows, somehow he knows what you’ve been writing, or doing or thinking. Again you blush, and try to hide it. “I’m writing, and yes, it’s going along very well.”

Again he keeps his voice low so others can’t hear and says, “I was sitting over there, watching you write, seeing how you were rubbing your thighs together, so I’m going to guess whatever you’re writing, it’s something hot and nasty. But don’t worry, I’m a writer myself as well, and I have come here in the past as well to write my own tales, some being true and some yet to be.”

His boldness is a shock to you, but you can’t help but feel a sudden flush of excitement wash over your body.

“I have a boyfriend,” You mutter, confusing yourself as to why you had to make that obvious to him.

“I don’t mind. I still find you pendik escort very sexy, and the way you blush is very cute. May I ask what you’re writing about exactly?”

“Well I don’t really know you,” you reply.

All he does is smile again at you, as he takes a sip from his coffee, and says, “Well, let’s change that shall we?”

A few days later you’re at home, working out and looking forward to a nice relaxing day. You’re body glistening soon from the morning workout sweat, and you drive yourself harder and faster.

Working out has somehow become routine to you as you believe it helps curb the craving for sex during the day for you. Burning your energy off so you may not even want to think about sex until much later in the day.

There’s a knock at the door, and you open it to see Brad, the young neighbor who hit on you at the coffee shop.

“Hello, how are ya? I thought I’d come by since I haven’t seen you around for a few days.” He looks you up and down, drinking in your hot sweaty body that is barely covered by the tight workout outfit you have on.

Somehow you don’t even blush this time. You feel great from the workout but the workout itself didn’t do its job in making you not think of sex. And so here you are, letting Brad into your apartment.

“Yeah sorry, I’ve been busy the last couple of days, haven’t had a chance to visit the coffee shop.” You say.

“That’s good, I was hoping I didn’t scare you off the other day. Especially after what happened.”

“Ah, yeah, I don’t think I was in the right state of mind that day. I don’t think that should happen again. I told you I have a boyfriend.” You realize that maybe letting him in was a bad idea. The memory of that that day at the coffee shop was still vivid, even though you had tried to put it in the back of your mind, you somehow suddenly find your pussy getting wet by it.

You remember how he flirted with you, and at first you turned him down, but he was good at it, and persistant. Much like Alejandro was before you let him fuck you behind your boyfriends’ back. He was still very much like that except the situation was different now. You were with him, and you got all the great sex you wanted, but now your body wanted more and he wasn’t around during the day to give it to you, as much as you tried using your toys in the meantime, it was just never the same as when he slid his hands over your body and fucked you just the way he had always described he’d do over the phone.

That day at the coffee though, the excitement of doing something wrong was there again. The feeling was there in the form of Brad, and the naughtiness in you was aroused again. And while he walked you home he saw how you squirmed a little as you walked, wearing a nice short skirt that showed off your legs and your great ass. He knew you weren’t wearing panties that day either, so in the hallway, just outside your door, he had pushed you up against the wall, kissing you, while pulling up your skirt just enough to slide two of his big fingers into our wetness.

You didn’t push him away right away, you let your body give into it, and you watch him lift his fingers to his mouth and lick off the wetness from your pussy.

“I want you right now.” He said.

“I can’t,” you replied, “My boyfriend will be home soon.”

“Maybe another time then.” He smiled.

You had not mentioned any of it to Alejandro, as you weren’t sure how to go about it. That would have to wait as you feel Brad behind you, sliding his hands over your body and into your panties. Again his fingers find you wet and willing, and you moan. Your body takes over as he plays with your wet pussy.

“I can tell you don’t believe that. You want me just as much as I want you.” He begins to slid your short down with little effort as you find yourself freely giving into him.

He turns you around, kisses you again and smiles at you, that smile that tells maltepe escort you he knows what he’s doing and he’s going to take his time with you.

He then steps back and starts to unzip his fly, dropping his pants to the floor and stepping out of them. You’re shocked to see what he has between his legs. A long hardening cock, bigger than any you’ve had before. Normally you wouldn’t consider it, but your pussy is begging for a good fuck right now and even his cockhead would be enough to get you off with the way you were feeling now.

“How big is it?” you find yourself asking him.

“9 and half inches, baby” he steps closer to you and pushes you gently to your knees.

You stare at it swinging before your face, watching it harden fast or you, and you take it into your hands and feel the heat and weight of it before opening your mouth wide and taking the fat head in.

You find his cock to be hard in no time, not surprising since you’ve always been great at sucking cock. For a good twenty minutes you’re swallowing as much of it as you can, but it’s longer and thicker than you’re used to.

“I’ve got to fuck you now,” He lifts you to your feet and pulls off your top so you’re completely naked.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” you think to yourself. “His cock is so big.”

He takes you into your bedroom and pushes you back onto the bed, grabbing a condom from his shirt pocket he rips it open and rolls it onto his big cock, all the while you looking up at him with your legs spread and a couple of your fingers deep in your pussy.

Your body aches and you fight yourself from screaming out that you want his big cock in your pussy. You know you’ll be doing that plenty as he’s fucking you anyway.

He then knees down on the bed, aiming his cock at your pussy, and before touching you with it he looks into your eyes, “You want it?” he asks, already knowing what you’ll say.

You nod at him, “Yes, I want it. Please fuck me, but go slow, I’ve never had a cock that big before.”

“No worries.” He says, touching the tip of his cock up against your very wet pussy. He begins to push into you, and at first you think he’d never be able to fit the fat head in, but surprisingly you find your pussy being pushed open and slowly the feeling of his fat cock filling you, inch by inch.

By the time he stops pushing in he’s halfway buried inside you, and you have never felt so stretched.

He begins to slid it out and then back in again, faster and harder, and your tits begin to bounce to the rocking movement, his cock fucking into you, he doesn’t let up. You can tell he has wanted to fuck you for a while, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll fuck you again.

“I shouldn’t be doing this, but it feels so fucking good.” You think to yourself. “I want Alejandro inside me, fucking me, cumming in me, filling my pussy with his cum, but I can’t help but enjoy this too.”

Brad holds your legs open, spreading them wide with both hands, as he thrusts his cock in and out of you. You can’t help but look down at your pussy swallowing the big meat in between his legs.

“You’re pussy feels so fucking good Riley, I could fuck you over and over again.” He grunts.

“Mmm, your cock feels so good inside me too. I love it, please fuck me faster.” You moan back at him.

He picks up the pace, the whole time, only fucking you with half the length of his dick, which doesn’t bother you at all, as you’re pussy is getting just what is needs, a good hard fast fucking.

Suddenly you hear your phone go off as a text message comes through. You had forgotten it on your nightstand next to the bed.

Normally it would have been a wake up call to reality for you, but with a cock pounding in and out of your pussy you wouldn’t have stopped it for the world.

While Brad continues to fuck into you, you grab your phone and see the message “Sorry, won’t get home til late, I know kartal escort you were looking forward to getting fucked royally tonight.” From Alejandro.

“FUCK!” you think, “I was looking forward to getting my pussy filled with cum.” Feeling disappointed only for a second, as it’s hard to feel that way when you’re getting fucked so hard and fast by a young neighbor of yours.

“Brad,” you look up at him. “Pull it out, please.”

Brad, a moment ago looked pleased with himself, cock halfway in, fucking his hot neighbor who’s boyfriend is off at work, now looking defeated suddenly as you ask him to pull out and stop fucking you.

He slowly pulls his cock out of you, “What’s wrong?” he asks, clueless.

You don’t say a word, just give a naughty little smirk as you reach for his cock and begin to pull the condom off. “I hate condoms so I want you to fuck me bare, skin to skin, fill me with your cock and fuck my brains out.”

He doesn’t know what to say, as you finish taking the condom off, you bend forward and swallow his bare cock into your mouth again. Giving it a few loving licks before you drop back onto the bed and look back up at him.

“Now Brad, fuck me like your life depends on it.” You tell him.

He smiles and aims his now bare cock at your wet pussy. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ve never fucked anyone without a condom. This is fucking hot.” His cock looks to have grown harder and longer now, and you can’t wait to feel it bare inside you.

He pushes again at the entrance of your pussy, this time it swallows it easily as you’re pussy is soaked in its own juices. He continues to push, one inch, two, three, four, then five into you. Slowly you both let out gasps of pleasure, and begin to fuck each other.

His cock definitely feels bigger now. You can tell that it really turns him on to fuck you this way, almost as much as it turns you on to being fucked this way.

Soon he’s pushing your legs back keeping you spread as wide as possible and he quickens his pace and starts to really pound your tiny little wet pussy hard and fast. You muffle any screams of passion you have into a pillow beside you.

You have gotten fucked like this before, by Alejandro, but this time is different. This time you’re pussy isn’t being fucked bare by him, not long and hard by him, but by another man, and you’re loving it. As you stare at your phone and the message he sent you, you can’t help but so fucking naughty. Again you’re pussy is being filled by someone other than your boyfriend, someone other than the first guy who you let fuck you bareback and cum inside you.

And then the moment of truth came, your pussy shudders with orgasm, you climax around Brad’s huge cock and wrap your legs around his waist as he continues his assault on you.

“I’m going to cum Riley,” he groans. “I need to cum so fucking bad. Let me pull out.”

“No,” you say. “I want your cum inside me. Shoot your load into my pussy Brad, cum for me and shoot it all inside me please.”

“Fuck that’s so hot, are you sure? Are you on the pill or something?” he is getting closer, and you can feel his cock tensing up inside you.

You know that you aren’t on the pill, as Alejandro has never wanted you on it. But you want your pussy filled with cum, and Brad has fucked you so well that it would leave you unsatisfied if he came anywhere else. He could very well knock you up, getting you pregnant, but he doesn’t have to know that.

Again you give him a devilish smirk, “Yes I’m on the pill. So dump all of our cum inside me. I want it all.”

And so Brad lunges a few more times into, letting out a massive loud groan and you feel his first thick shot of cum shoot up into you, then another, and another, his balls pumping everything they have into your wet and waiting pussy.

When he’s done he slowly pulls his softening cock out of you and you see a strand of his thick cum on it from your pussy to the head of his cock.

“Fuck,” he says breathless. “That was the best sex I’ve ever had. Where did you learn to be so naughty like that?”

“Oh, I learned from the best.” You giggle, thinking of Alejandro.


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