Linda’s Fun at the Poker Party Epilog 3

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Linda’s Fun at the Poker Party Epilog 3
Linda told Mac “Good Night.” and he left. Most of our guests knew what was happening, and had happened, before, so it wasn’t as if anybody was in the dark. As guys will talk, she had been discussed in several areas, and described in great detail. We had been in the snack bar one day, and a soldier that we didn’t know,(at that time) asked if she was the woman who always shaved her pussy. She had been asked such questions several times previous. She simply smiled at him, and said she was one of them. She was wearing a dress that time, and told him to order something, and knock something off the table and lean down to pick it up. He knocked a napkin off the table, and when he reached down to pick it up, she opened her legs and lifted the hem of her dress, giving him a good look at her pussy.

The play went on normally for a couple of hours. Abdulla, the chef, was sitting out for a bit, while Ish was playing. Linda had been teasing him at work, to pass the time on slow nights, and just staying in the area where they gave him orders from the customer. He had show her pictures of his wife and their one c***d, several times. The picture of his wife, for whatever reason, had been canlı bahis taken of her in the nude. She was a very lovely woman, and, according to him, loved to share and be shared. Linda asked if he ever fooled around, and he admitted that he had in the past, but preferred watching his wife with other men.

Linda was sitting next to him as they talked, and one thing led to another, and soon he put his hand down the top of her shift, to feel her tits. She had had enough sex already that night for her to be easily turned on, and she leaned over and asked if he would fuck her.

He went back in the apartment to the bedroom next to the one she had used before. I had got up just in time to see them go back, and knew that she had talked about letting “Dulah’ fuck her. She had brushed up against him a couple of times, and it seemed as if he was fairly good sized. Penny got up to go to the bathroom the hand after I did, so we, knowing pretty wekk what was going to happen, went back to watch what they did.

Penny was a tall, VERY slender, Thai girl, with rather small breasts. She was pretty, but no beauty queen. Pleasant demeanor, and a quick smile. A little on the silly side at times.

We took our time, with bahis siteleri Penny going to the near bathroom, across the hall from our bedroom. When she finisher we went on back to see what was happening.

Linda had taken ‘Dullah to one of the bedrooms, and had taken her shift off by untying the strings on the shoulders. She was helping him out of his clothes. When he was naked, too, she started by sucking his dick. She had been right. He was probably 8 or 9 inches long. She was already very wet, so he got on top of her and began to slide inside of her. She had opened her legs wide and, as she usually did, locked her ankles around his back, and started kissing him. She was holding herself as quiet as she could, purring, grunting, and quietly encouraging him to do more. We were both astounded to watch him simply pump in and out of her. Nothing fancy. Just an old-fashioned fucking. The thing was that he was lasting so much longer than any of her other partners. Linda had been trying to keep it down, but she let out a couple of loud cries, and Penny went over and gave her a pillow to put over her face to muffle her. ‘Dullah just kept on pumping. She was crying and begging him to “Fuck me harder.” Penny bahis şirketleri had noted the time when they started, and when they finished, He had been in the saddle for over an hour. Both were soaked with sweat. Penny went and got a wet and a dry towel for them. “Dullah dried off, dressed, and went back to the game. Penny helped Linda to the bathroom, turned on the shower and helped her clean up. He had given her a workout. When she had cleaned up, Penny helped her to lay down to rest.

She rested for a while and the things described in the first part of the story started. Smitty came back and gave her another good fucking, then Hargrave fucked her, then Butch took a turn. Dennis wanted to get some, but figured she would be too tired, and started to leave. We had to help Smitty get home, and this is where I met his wife. I rode back with Joe, and in spite of her being tired, he fucked her one more time, and Gina cleaned his creampie out of her pussy.

I convinced Dennis that he should stay at the house, as it was 5:00 in the morning. Penny and Dennis went ahead and stayed for a little while. Both of us fucked Penny a couple of times each. Linda woke up at nearly 10:00. and gave Dennis 2 shots of pussy. He finally went home at 5:00 that evening, and went to sleep. He got notified the next day that his wife would be there on Thursday.

Two weeks later he and I both went and picked up our cars at Bremerhaven. We swapped wives the whole time.

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