Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 06

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Sassa woke me by caressing my hair. She smiled when she saw my eyes open. Remembering I was now her property, I smiled back… my dream a reality at last.

I looked down the length of my nudity, displayed spread-eagle on the bed. Sassa followed my gaze. I pulled gently at the restraints on each wrist and ankle, then brazenly stretched, showing my body off to my owner. Though blushing, I resolved to live my fantasy to the fullest.

Sassa spoke first. “I’ve been reading your slave owner’s manual and some of the other bdsm literature – you are really an amazingly horny girl.”

I blushed.

“You depraved, erotic …” Sassa did not finish that sentence, but grinned with a slight turning of her face and narrowing of her eyes, indicating, I think, approval and maybe even admiration. “I almost can’t believe you actually wrote that slave owner’s manual with yourself in mind as the slave.”

She must have then noticed my embarrassment: “It’s OK, you erotic girl, I love ALL of it.”

again I smiled. still embarrassed, but loving being Sassa’s naked plaything, and the contrast of my utterly nude bondage against her fully clothed freedom.

Sassa played with my hair gently. “I don’t believe in destiny, but for you with your hot body and hot to fall into my hands… well, it’s just incredible there is such a match as you with me. I admit I haven’t known about these types of fantasies too much, but now, it’s like I can’t stop dreaming about them. Your submission dreams have created my domination dreams.”

“Ohhhhh mistress, may I speak freely?”

“Yes, you must speak, I order you to not hide any secrets from me.”

I flashed her a grin at that reminder. “Yes, my owner. Just your saying that – makes me unable to hold back my depraved sex slave fantasies. Your words make me melt.” I blushed even more deeply but continued bravely.

“I am both scared and incredibly happy. I can’t believe this is all coming true. I can’t believe I am naked and cannot hide anything from you. Ohhh how I love this. May I… express my gratitude … by humiliating myself … by licking and kissing you hands and feet, my owner?”

She nodded with amusement. It was difficult with wrists tied behind but I lay on my side and began long slow links from her bare toes up to her shins. We were quiet except for me light moans and licking sounds as I continued for a long time. Her feet were slick with my saliva when she helped me to kneel wide and she brought her hand to my mouth. I began by sucking her fingers one at a time, even sometimes pumping my head as if I were doing fellatio on the finger. I then took in several fingers at a time, and ended by licking her hands and up her forearms. So humiliating and so arousing.

“My slave girl, that was good. Must have been humiliating, yes?”

“Yes, my owner, humiliating and arousing.”

“Tell me three things that would make you feel thoroughly owned right now.” Sassa’s direct question and gaze into my eyes caused my hear to skip.

“Oh, my owner, you make me lay it all out. Oh my.”

“Don’t think too hard – just tell me what comes to mind first.”

I breathed hard, self-conscious of my breasts exposed, I so utterly nude with knees wide, feeling air all over my skin, and the stark contrast to my owner’s unbound, free and clothed state.

“My owner,” I looked down, “the first thing that comes to mind is that if my elbows were also bound together, I would feel more helpless and forced to thrust my chest out.”

Sassa smiled, and as our eyes connected, I smiled back, and with certainty I felt we were kindred spirits sharing an enthusiasm, playing together. I felt wonderful and close to her.

She took out my suitcase full of BDSM toys. I verbally helped her find the leather elbow bindings. She took awhile to get the straps right, and as she tightened, I gasped. Sassa asked if I was OK – I softly said “Yes Mistress” and nodded.

Her next question had me getting casino siteleri even wetter: “If I tightened this even further, would you feel even more owned?”

I actually whimpered. I would be very uncomfortable if she tightened, but I knew my answer and told her.

I gratefully sensed that my owner was being careful. I let my muscles relax so my shoulder could be pulled back.

“How do you feel, slave girl?”

“I feel my body adjusting to get used to it every time you tighten, and I feel – oh – Sassa my owner, I feel so dominated and displayed and so aroused, so aroused. Ummm, and Mistress, I must tell you more, as your total sex slave, utterly submitting to you, yes, I want to tell you that though it would be very uncomfortable, maybe even feeling some pain, that if you slowly tightened so much that my elbows were actually touching, I might cry but that I would be so utterly aroused and feel totally owned.” ,

“Good slave girl,” Sassa rubbed my head, and caressed my tight arms.

Slowly she tightened the elbow binding. I winced as my shoulders were pulled back more and my elbows came closer to one another. Sassa paused, but as I kept silent, she tightened again. I whimpered.

Sassa kep slowly tightening. My shoulders were far back and my chest very thrust, my back arched. Sassa looked a little flushed as her right hand caressed my pushed-up breasts. They were very perky with hardened nipples too…

She rubbed my flat abs and briefly touched me down there… Sassa huskily remarked on my wetness.

Ever so slowly she tightened the elbow restraint yet again. I bent my arms to accomodate, writhing a bit under the strain.

I moaned, even said a long low “owwww” but I did not beg for it to be loosened, nor did Sassa ask.

Sassa kneeled beside me, enjoying my writhing low level of pain and discomfort. “I will tell you something too, my slave property: I am enjoying this. It’s incredibly hot.”

I smiled despite it all. “Oh mistress, your slave property is sooo aroused. Even when I played by myself, only pretending to be bound in elbow-gloves, I would zoom instantly from not much aroused to high passion. And now, now that it’s real… ohhh” I closed my eyes and shook my head.

As she pinched my nipples gently, Sassa asked for the second thing that comes to my mind that would make me melt in submissive ecstasy.

I whispered “the labia jewelry.” I so badly wanted to masturbate.

Sassa quickly found the not only the labia jewelry, but also other clip and clamp jewelry. Smiling, she decided to put one of the butterfly jewelry nipple clamps on my right breast first. “owwww..” I couldn’t help biting my lip… and managed a smile for Sassa, our faces inches apart. I looked at her lips suggestively. She accepted my silent invitation and began kissing me, at first softly and tentatively, then tongue exploring my submissive mouth. I sucked at her tongue, but before we became too lust-crazed, she pulled away.

She held up two of the labia jewelry, and looked down. I submissively spread my knees further and thrust my hips forward.

As they were clipped onto my slippery wet labia, the pain induced more writhing. Sassa loved watching me writhe!

“Oh, my owner, my mistress, your slave is so aroused…oh oh so displayed” I moaned more in ecstasy than agony, but a bit of both.

My third thought of utter submission was to be whipped, but I hesitated. What about the pain, and what would Sassa think of me? Then I thought, this fantasy is what I longed for, and I don’t want to hide anything from those who can fulfill my ultimate dreams.

“Mistress, for the third, please don’t judge me depraved, but as the slave manual recommends at the beginning of a sensual and loving but total and utter sex slavery, erotic discipline is needed to make ownership – really owning and being owned – a reality in our minds. And… ” I hesitated due to embarrassment pausing to shift for my elbows… “I admit it, though I am truly scared of it I also truly want it to. I want to be whipped by you. I want to feel so totally owned and afterward fall to the floor and lick and kiss your feet and hands in utter submission.”

Sassa stopped her small movements, holding still, looking with amazement into my eyes. Her lovely lips widened into a big smile; her eyes sparkled.

“Lisa, you are so completely, so totally into this. I love it!” She grabbed canlı casino the back of my head to pull my mouth to hers. When she pulled away, she gasped, “you hot hot slave, my property, I am going to whip you all morning long. I am going to savor each lash.”

“Yes my owner, take me, train me, teach me that I belong utterly to you.”

“Slave…your other owner should be part of this training.”

“Um yes, mistress, she will be when she wakes up. I am sure it is right and best that you each whip me alone, and together too.”

“This could take all day…”

“Yes, my owner, perhaps it should take all day, to teach us all deep down that I am truly yours. I should truly feel that you actually own me, that I am your property. And, you should feel that you totally own me. Only then will this fantasy become totally real – and my fantasy fulfilled. I truly am owned by you. Your property.

“And now this my fantasy too, slave girl – to own you for real.” Sassa nodded.

We gazed for some time into each other’s eyes with serious expressions.

My thoughts during this gaze were to show by facial expression and eyes that I mean it, that she should train and erotically discipline me as her actual property, that for the contract term I WAS totally truly her PROPERTY. I nodded slightly and seriously to emphasize. My eyebrows raised, my eyes searching into hers with emotion.

Sassa broke that silent added communication by turning to the suitcase, taking out all three whips.

“I think this little slim whip is good to start, especially since your back isn’t available right now.” Sassa looked seriously into my eyes. After a moment, I found myself smiling as I returned her gaze. Her face softened and smiled back.

“It’s interesting that you smile after we just discussed how you will be whipped all day long.”

We almost laughed – almost.

“My owner, I must reveal to you all. I smiled… I smiled because…I like you.”

“Oh?” she continued smiling, to my relief.

“Yes. And I want this. I want to feel what it’s like to be a totally owned and thoroughly used love slave. The whips will be an important part of that.”

“Good,” she patted my strained shoulder. “Good slave.”

“Stand there and face me.” She helped me stand.

We both looked down at my thrust-forward chest and perky nipples. Sassa dangled the thin whip across my breasts, slowly several times.

“Oh my owner…ohhhh” I glanced into her eyes, then down again.

She swung her hand back and flicked forward, stinging my left breast.

“May I speak, my owner?” She nodded.

“You seem to be a natural at whipping. That was perfect and stung.”

“That was lucky I think, or maybe whipping accurately isn’t that hard with this smallest whip.”

She smiled wickedly: “I will have lots of practice, plenty of practice today, and for months to come…”

Sassa flicked and flicked and flicked in quick succession. Surprised and stung, I instinctively turned sideways.

“Hold still, stand straight, and face me, slave. Do not move.”

Sassa whipped me sideways across my chest again, followed by a succession of lashes downward, leaving very faint traces of whip marks all along my upper and lower abs, hips, thighs. I resolved to stay still, and flinched only a little, though almost every one of her lashes stung.

Sassa told me she loved the way I bit my lip in pain. I couldn’t believe that I sort-of-flirtatiously blurted out “Does this mean you will erotically torture me a lot?”

I think my eyes widened in fear of what I just uttered – she might take that as my lust intended: to really subjugate me, Sassa raised her chin in reply. “Hmmm.. what a sex slave you are! I think you just teased me, or even dared me! You are wild!”

My smile vanished. Uh ohhh…

“Yes, slave girl, I guess it does. Yes. I like it.”

She caressed both my prominent breasts with her free hand as she continued, “We both know you need this. It will be fascinating to see what might be going too far, what might be just right. I have to admit, I am getting hot watching your emotions, making you blush and wince, and I want to make you my obedient lust-crazed sexpot. I want you to be utterly my, or our, property. I love that concept.”

“I love that idea too,” I whispered. “I have dreamed and masturbated to fantasies of being erotically disciplined to kaçak casino the point of crying or screaming, begging and crawling, yet I am afraid. Please be gentle with your love slave, mistress.”

Sassa gently pinched a nipple. “Mmmmm, your begging and crying in submission sound hot to me, though I know I shouldn’t want to cause pain. But this pain is pleasure, in your case, and so it’s OK for me to enjoy it too.”

Sassa thought for another moment, inspecting the almost imperceptible and fading whip marks. “We’ll just have to explore the right level. Of course, no permanent scars, as the contract specifies.”

“Thank you mistress.”

Sassa caressed my upturned upthrust breasts. After a while of this, her eyes and overall expressions seemed somehow hazy with lust. She began French-kissing me passionately.

When she finally pulled back, she looked me over and began running her hands up and down my thighs, arms, abs. She pinched my nipples gently, then toyed with them for some time. Looking me in the eyes, she smiled and raised her hand to my mouth. I licked like the lustful sex slave I was. Soon her fingers were probing deep into my mouth, so sensuously. I sucked them hungrily. Her fingers pumped my mouth to the point I gagged a couple of times. Yet it was somehow so dominating and sensuous I admit I loved it, and the taste of her fingers.

When she as done, I looked sensuously into her eyes, showing her I was not dismayed by gagging, nor the display of passion.

“It’s interesting that I would never want to whip anyone, but for this fantasy of yours I am so hot with the concept of whipping you.”

“This is different – it’s for sensual erotic pleasure. My owner, it’s my dream. It makes me so hot. In need to experience it.”

“Need?” asked Sassa…

I nodded seriously. “I have dreamed of it for so long… it is erotic and makes me hot for itself, but it also makes me really and truly yours and Helen’s slave girl property. The fantasy is not real without it… thoroughly.”

I lowered my head in embarrassment.

Sassa raised my chin, and I looked up into her gaze.

“I love it, slave.” She stared an uncomfortably long while into my eyes. I began to smile.

“I also love your blushing, smiled Sassa. “I will make you blush often, slave girl.”

“Yes, my owner.” I am sure I blushed even more.

“mmm” sighed Sassa as she caressed my chest and thighs. She stepped back to look me over. “I can’t believe how amazingly lucky I am, to ACTUALLY OWN you.”

I nodded, looking back at her. “It is true, Mistress Sassa. I am your property. And your slave girl wants to be nothing else but yours and Mistress Helen’s utter erotic sex slave.”

Sassa beamed, clearly very happy by what I said.

“That makes me so hot, what you just said, slave.”

“My owner, your calling me ‘slave’ makes me hot. very hot. You make me hot. Being your property makes me hot. Being naked and bound before you makes me hot. I love this so much.”

“You said yesterday you are also scared…”

I nodded, still looking directly back at her. “Yes, that too, I am scared” Then I remembered to say “My Owner.”

Suddenly Helen’s voice made us turn our heads, and for a moment I wondered whether she would be bothered that her sister had been playing with me so.

“Our slave must know that she is really owned, that she is our property. She will be whipped thoroughly and erotically tortured, but we will never permanently harm her, for we would not damage our property… and we love her.”

I smiled that she has caught the spirit of the fantasy, and at the word “love.”

Helen, hair messy and looking well-slept, looked me over and smiled at both of us. Turning to Sassa, Helen’s smile widened. “You wasted no time enjoying our love slave.”

Looking back at me, she asked, “Is this your dream come true, Lisa?”

I nodded, almost smiling. “Yes, my owner. I hope it is just the bare beginning.”

Helen laughed. “‘Bare indeed!”

Sassa smiled. “Oh yes, just the bare beginning, slave girl.”

Helen mussed Sassa’s hair. “It better be just the beginning. You better use her thoroughly. I’m your older sister and know it’s best for you, and you better stay away from those boys.”

Sassa looked me over again. “I’ve got all I want right there, that slave slut.”

Helen smiled. “She is ours to enjoy, and she wants it badly. Right now, let’s eat breakfast.”

Helen started getting food and plates out, but paused to turn. Sassa still stared at the helplessly bound and displayed sex slave. Laughing again, Helen said “this is as I wanted it – Sassa mesmerized by her sex toy.”

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