Last Chance at Forever Love Ch. 10

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Big Tits

Continued from Chapter 09:

Her voice sent shivers down my spine. She made me wish I was 25 years younger. She made me wish my cock was harder, longer, and thicker. She made me see my demise, dying in bed from a heart attack while having sex with a 23-year-old.

‘But look, he’s still smiling. He looks so happy. …and what was the cause of death’ I imagined the police lieutenant asking the coroner.

‘Well,’ I imagined the coroner looking at Regina all bloodied, bruised, battered, and beaten. ‘After he beat the snot out of her, she fucked him to death.’

“Wow! Get her telephone number before she leaves because when I’m ready to die that’s who I’m going to call and that’s how I want to die,’ I imagined the lieutenant saying. ‘She’s so gorgeous, sexy, and has such an incredible body. I’d love to beat the piss out of her, too, before she fucked me to death.’

Suddenly, I remembered Emma tossing my salad in the shower the time that the three of us, me her, and Sophia had sex in the master bedroom shower. The feeling of Emma’s tongue licking my ass and asshole and her finger fucking my ass while my cock was buried deep inside Sophia’s cunt felt like nothing that I have ever experienced. With my motivation renewed, I grabbed some of her hair in my hand and pulled it hard.

“Harder,” she said.

‘Oh, geez, you’re going to be sorry when you’re older and suddenly have a bald spot,’ I thought.

At the risk of giving her a bald spot later in life, I pulled her hair harder while forcing her head down on my cock.

“Suck it, Bitch. Suck my cock. Blow me you, you dirty whore,” I said in my best Hell’s Angels biker voice.

I half-heartedly slapped her face. I couldn’t hit a woman, especially not in the face. When I slapped her, I had trouble keeping a straight face and not laughing. Certainly, by not slapping her face as hard as I slapped her ass, I was obviously ruining the moment for her.

“Harder,” she said. “Slap my face harder. Really hit me.”

I reluctantly slapped her face harder. Then, she told me, not asked me, to squeeze her tits and pull and twist her nipples. I was waiting for her to pull out a whip. I half expected her to pull handcuffs from out of her ass and cuff me to the bed. What’s next with this woman? And where did she learn all of these things at such a young age. Definitely, she’s spending way too much time reading Dominatrix, porn stories and watching master and slave porn videos.

I’ve never been with a woman who wanted her tits squeezed and her nipples pulled and twisted. Is this a normal thing to do with the younger generation? I mean, maybe, they wouldn’t be into squeezing tits as much if they were ever to have a mammogram. To me, it was a little weird to squeeze tits, especially breasts that were so big, firm, and beautiful. Admittedly, long ago, when me horny index was higher than my commonsense, I did apply for a job as a mammogram technician once. They turned me down for obvious reasons.

It was weird to do anything but worship tits and nipples and, definitely, not abuse them by squeezing them and pulling her nipples hard. Instead of bruising her breasts, I wanted to suck her tits, caress her tits, and fondle her tits, not squeeze her tits, pull her tits, and twist her nipples. As if she had taken her fingernails and scratched them down a blackboard or worse, kicked me in the balls and ruptured me, her request deflated my sexual sensitivity.

The last thing that I wanted to do was squeeze her tits and pull and twist her nipples hard enough to hurt her but I complied with her wishes. If that is what it takes to light her fire, then who am I to question her sexual peccadilloes. I wanted to get her off and I did my best to do that by doing whatever she wanted me to do. Yet, whatever I did to sexually please her wasn’t enough.

“Harder,” she said when I squeezed her tits.

Harder? Again, I squeezed her tits as hard as I fucked her pussy.

“Harder,” she said again.

I was as shocked as she was sexually turned on and I was sexually turned off.

“Harder? I can’t squeeze them any harder, Regina. I have a bit of Arthritis in my hands.”

Between slapping her ass, pulling her hair, slapping her face, squeezing her tits, and pulling her nipples, my hands hurt like Hell. I looked at my hands and they were already swollen.

It appears that, just as I couldn’t slap her ass or face hard enough to please her, I was unable to squeeze her tits hard enough to sexually satisfy her. She made me want to run down the cellar stairs and get the vise grips. I envisioned myself turning the handle on the vise while asking her, “How’s that? Now that your tits are as flat as pancakes, are they squeezed hard enough for you?”

‘Harder,’ I imagined her replying.

# # #

What the fuck? Harder? I can’t squeeze your tits any harder. What if you lay out in the driveway topless and I drive over your tits with my car?

Damn, this was not what I had envisioned when she told me to take her to bed. casino oyna In the way that I treated her sister like a delicate flower, I envisioned making sweet, gentle, albeit passionate love to her. Only, she wasn’t into that. Sweet and gentle was oxymoronic when it came to having sex with her. Regina knew what she wanted and she wanted her sex rough, nasty, dirty, and wild. With someone as beautiful as was she, and with me wanting to treat her like a Goddess or a princess, who’d have thought that she was such a sexual animal, a wild beast?

I envisioned a romantic liaison. I envisioned falling in love with her. I envisioned her being sweet, sweeter than her sister, perhaps, because she was younger. I envisioned her being innocent. I envisioned her telling me to be gentle with her because this was her first time. Not knowing what to expect from a man more than twice her age, I imagined her being afraid.

Certainly, and unfortunately, this rough sex was not any kind of sex that sexually excited me. I came from a generation where hoping for a goodnight kiss, we had to beg for a blowjob and were lucky if we received a hand job, and that was from the woman we ended up marrying. Regina was resistant to everything that worked with Sophia and Emma. Playing everything by ear and not knowing what next to do, I felt that I was at a sexual loss with Regina.

I didn’t know how to treat her. I didn’t know how to sexually arouse her and make her cum. She made me feel inadequate. She made me feel that she wouldn’t be sexually satisfied unless I treated her like a whore. I couldn’t do that. Treating my beloved Sophia’s sister like a whore was so against how I felt about Regina and how I felt about women. I’m a lover of women not an abuser of women.

Yet, different from Sophia, every time I tried talking dirty to her, she rebuffed my sexual verbiage. She didn’t want to hear me talking dirty to her. She didn’t want to hear my voice when having sex. She didn’t want to talk. She wanted action and not words. She just wanted me to fuck her hard and fast while squeezing her tits, pulling her nipples, pulling her hair, and slapping her face and ass.

“Shut up and fuck me,” she said slapping my ass harder than I slapped her ass when I tried talking dirty to her.

‘Geez, that fucking hurt,’ I wanted to say, but didn’t. ‘What the Hell is wrong with you?’

Chapter 10:

Taking back control from Regina by giving her what I want and not what she wants.

After a while, she made me feel that I wasn’t a guy made to feel lucky to fuck her but a guy who had a job to do. An impossible job, my job was to make her cum. My job was to give her a sexual orgasm. Ordinarily a simple job but with this domineering bitch, she made me wish that I hadn’t stripped her naked. She made me wish she had never come for a visit. Ruining the image of my beloved Sophia, Regina made me wish that I had never met her.

Feeling used and abused by her, powerless in her control, I had better fuck her hard and fuck her good. Only, too tired to take the lead, she wore me out and, now I just wanted to quit and go to sleep. I was done. I was finished. I was just so tired. This woman was too much for me.

“Hey, old man!” She shook me awake. “What are you doing, old man, sleeping on me? Wake up, old man, wake up.”

Normally, if she was a young guy calling me an old man, as was the case with Sophia’s old boyfriend, Paul, he’d be drinking through a straw in a hospital room. Yet, Regina was a young woman and a beautiful woman at that. Instead of hurting my ego by poking fun at my age, she sexually emasculated me. It was obvious to me that I couldn’t slap her ass painfully enough or fuck her hard enough to please her.

With me still sleeping, she lifted my head up by my hair and slapped me hard across the face. Maybe, she was into this sadomasochism shit, but I surely wasn’t. If she slapped me across the face again, she was about to find out how really hard I can slap her.

Whereas, I wanted to make sweet, slow love to her, she wanted me to beat her, and if I wasn’t going to beat her, then she was going to try and beat me. With no fun in it for me, I was already tired of playing her games of pain and torture. If she slapped me across my face again, I was ready to go out to the car and get the tire iron from out of my trunk and take it to her head a couple of times.

“How’s that, Regina? Is that hard enough for you?’ I imagined myself saying as I bounced my tire iron off of her pretty head.

‘Harder,’ I imagined her saying with me running out of my house naked and screaming mad and with her running behind me. ‘Where are you going, old man? You can’t run away. Get back here and beat the piss out of me before fucking me to death.’

I grabbed her wrist when she reached back ready to slap me again and pinned her arms back on the bed. I kissed her hard and then bit her nipple even harder, afraid that I might bite it off. Instead of screaming out in pain, she loved it. Suddenly, as if I gave her a shot canlı casino of adrenaline, she came alive. This woman loved pain and torture. She would have made for a good prisoner in the Tower of London two-hundred years ago.

‘Is that all you got? Harder,’ I imagined saying to the prison guards who beat her.

I thought about rolling her over and sticking my cock up her ass. She’d probably love that too, especially if I didn’t lubricate her first. Yet, I’m not an anal type of guy. I prefer facing my women when I’m having sex with them.

I mean no offense to those who love anal sex and/or having sex from behind, but anal sex and fucking a woman from behind is not for me. I’m not an animal nor am I a gay man fucking his male lover. Nor am I a man with homosexual tendencies fucking a woman from behind while imagining she’s a man. I love and admire shapely asses, I’m just not into fucking them.

# # #

I struggled with the thoughts of slapping someone who looked so beautiful. The way she looked made me want to kiss her not slap her. Where did this desire to be so physically brutalized and roughly manhandled come from? Then, I remembered Sophia’s boyfriend slapping her hard across her face. Now, I wondered what kind of upbringing these girls had. Maybe their father beat them and abused them. I suddenly visualized their father forcing them to shower naked in front of him and paddled their asses if they didn’t.

‘Harder, Daddy, harder,’ I imagined Regina saying. ‘Harder, Daddy, harder.’

When all that I wanted to do was sleep, after I bit her nipple, she was so sexually aroused that she started blowing me again. Dear God, save me from Regina. The last straw was when she applied too much teeth to my cock. Maybe, some guys are into pain but, not my kind of sexual aphrodisiac, penis pain does nothing for me but hurt. I’ve not felt pain like that since Mary Elizabeth gave me a terrible blowjob on prom night from wearing her braces.

“Hey, geez, easy with the teeth. That hurts, Regina.”

She looked up at me and smiled as if she wasn’t sorry. Obviously, she wanted to deliberately give me physical pain with her sexual pleasure. Perhaps, she was trying to train me by initiating me to expect and want pain with sex.

“Sorry,” she said looking at me kind of funny as if I was the weird one and she was the normal one. “All my other boyfriends enjoyed having their penises bitten.”

Really? All of your other boyfriends? Just how many other penises have you bitten? And who are all your other boyfriends? Wolverines? Beavers? Rats? I wanted to say all of these thoughts, but I didn’t dare.

She was still a guest in my house, albeit a sexual guest. Besides, I didn’t want to come off as a whiner, a crybaby, and as a man who couldn’t take as much pain as she could give and obviously take. I didn’t want to appear the wimpy guy that I apparently am and that she thinks I am, compared to Miss Iron Maiden, Regina.

Notwithstanding all the pain and suffering of having sex with Regina, aside from the brutal beatings, the eventual sex with her was more than pleasurable, an understatement. Never would I have imagined that I’d be fucking Sophia’s 23-year-old, kid sister. Never would I have imagined that a 23-year-old would be so hot to fuck this 50-year-old body. Never would I have imagined that Sophia’s sister, Regina, was so fucked up. I was out of touch by what the younger generation sexually wanted was and what I was no longer able to give.

Soon, I’d be big hit in the retirement home. Since I’m still able to drive at night, I’d invite a car full of elderly ladies out for ice cream. I couldn’t wait to find a place on the porch in a rocking chair while whistling at women my age with their tits hanging down to their waist and their stockings and panties bunched down around their ankles. Because of Regina, I was ready for that sedate kind of lifestyle now.

# # #

‘What the Hell,’ I thought?

Having never been with anyone like her before, I decided that I’d play her game of sexual sadomasochism and painful torture to see how far I could go in sexually abusing her. Since she was in my bed naked, willing and able, I was curious to see what would happen when I sternly complied with her every sexual desire and depraved, erotic whim. Since I’m the man and she’s the woman, not allowing her to emasculate me, I decided to show her who was her Daddy and who was her boss by complying with her sexual fetishes.

‘Wham,’ I slapped her ass as hard as I could.

Surprising her, she jumped. Shocking her, she flinched. I got to her. I slapped her ass so hard that I not only hurt my big, meaty hand but also, I saw her wince in pain. Before she could react and reach around behind her to rub her ass or slap me, I slapped her ass hard again. Before she could stop me and tell me that slap was too hard and that slap was enough, I slapped her again and again and again.

‘Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!’

Nearly breaking my heart to slap her beautiful ass in that way, as if kaçak casino smashing a priceless vase against the wall, I slapped her perfectly round, fruitlike firm, and exquisitely pink ass again and again. After a half dozen hard slaps with my meaty palm, my hand hurt and her beautiful, white ass flamed and welted, red raw. Expecting her to cry, I looked in her eyes to read her reaction. Afraid that I overdid it and slapped her ass too hard, I expected her to look at me with not only respect but with fear.

‘How do you like me now,’ I thought suddenly feeling like the man again?

Instead, her insane look on her face told me everything that I needed to know. Instead of crying in pain, instead of looking at me with fear, and instead of hitting me and trying to hurt me back for hurting her, she looked as if she enjoyed me slapping her ass that hard. Instead of rubbing her ass and/or protecting her ass from me slapping her again, obviously inflamed with sexual passion, seemingly, she was on sexual fire.

As if I had pushed all of her sexual buttons, she grabbed me around the neck and kissed me like she never me before. Never have I been kissed by anyone, including Sophia, with such lustful desire and sexual passion. Never have I been as sexually excited by just a kiss.

‘Oh, oh. Help me dear God,’ I thought. ‘Save me from Regina because I just turned on the sexual beast in her. Look out, run for you lives! The sexual monster is loose. I just aroused the sleeping, sexual animal in her. Hail Mary, Full of Grace…’ I silently prayed to the Virgin Mother.

She grabbed my cock as she would a hammer and shoved it her pussy as if fitting a plumbing pipe in a hole that had a tight fit. There was nothing gentle about her inserting my prick inside of her pussy. She rammed it right up there. Such a dirty girl, with her knowing what she wanted and how to get it, she was so sexually aggressive, too sexually aggressive for me.

As soon as her lips locked onto mine and her tongue twirled around my tongue, I knew what I had to do. Already having learned from the last sexual experience with her, I squeezed her big tits as if I was squeezing the last big of juice from oranges. Tears came to her eyes and I felt her inhale with the pain. Yet, different from other women that I knew, with her physical pain came sexual pleasure.

Finally, thinking that I had won and she was finally submitting to my will and to the strong grip of my hands, I felt her withdraw and then return with more sexual passion than before. Instead of physically hurting her, I was sexually arousing her. Instead of her rejecting my rough assault to her beautiful, sexy, and shapely body, she not only embraced my physical passion, she wanted more. Never have I ever been with a woman like her before.

“Fuck me, Jimmy,” she said in a deep voice that made me recall the movie, The Exorcist. I wondered if there wasn’t someone else in the room, a demon or the Devil himself speaking instead of Regina. Expecting her head to spin around while vomiting green slime, she continued her sexual, verbal assault. “Fuck me, Jimmy. Fuck me, hard. Slam that big, hard cock deep in my warm, wet pussy.”

Ah, there it is, just like her sister, finally, some pillow talk. Yet, as if I was Popeye and dirty, pillow talk was my can of spinach, that was all the dirty talk that I needed to slam my big, hard, cock deep inside her warm, wet pussy. Now eager to please her beaver and really pound her mound, no longer a wussy, I was really fucking her pussy. Over and over again, slamming her clam, my Viagra drugged cock parted her pussy lips and drove itself deeper inside her while bouncing her tits. Finally, I was happy to seal this sexual deal.

# # #

For someone so young and so sexually experienced, she was still so tight. I had her moaning and wiggling her proud, round, and perfect ass within a few minutes. She returned my hard, fast humps with her hard, fast humps. She was humping me as hard and as fast I was humping her. If there was a Gold medal in the Olympics for humping, Regina would surely win it. I could hear them playing her song from Transylvania, Romania, while she stood on the podium with her gold humping medal around her neck and her humping all of the judges.

She humped me hard, very hard, but I humped her back even harder. I even bounced the top of her head off the headboard of the bed. Seemingly, she liked it when I bumped her hand on the headboard. I humped her so hard that I was afraid I was going to break a bone, crack open her skull, or break my bed.

Yet, no matter, the harder I humped her, the harder she returned my humps and the tighter was her grip around my back with her legs. As if she was a cowgirl or an Indian squaw, she rode me bareback as if riding a bucking bronco. She dug her fingernails so deep in my back that I could feel myself bleed.

Finally, after a two-hour long, sexual marathon with Regina, I got up and peed like a racehorse. I put my head between my legs and took some deep breaths while sitting on the toilet. Then, once it ended, as if I had made it through the desert without water, I drank nearly a quart of water. Finally, we collapsed from exhaustion and slept like people who had been up for 72 hours.

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