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8:30 am, It’s been 20 minutes I’m waiting in the airport. I know your plane landed a few minutes ago.
You might pass this double door at any moment.

I believe a few second that girl might be you, but I just spotted you passing the doors.
I’m excited, but since we have never met before this one, I’m also scared and… shy.

Your eyes crossed mine you now know it’s me. Walking forward with your bag, you seemed smaller than I thought. I think you might found me different as well … smaller..; bigger… whatever. Here you are. I’m so happy to see you at last. I can’t believe it yet.
You leave your bag on the floor. I’m taking your wrist with passion. I’m thinking quickly wondering how to best great you… I aim to a small kiss on your lips. Shyly embarrassed, I found an exit by asking you about the journey, and taking your bag leading you to my car.
I’m listening to you in the lift, but my mind is confused by the situation. I wonder about you and realized maybe you are upset I’m so cold to you… but I’m not…
All the people in the lift are getting down. kaçak bahis I’m leading you to my car in the parking.
It is early July, sunshine are lighting the place. My car is just next this corner where they started some work (painting?) the workers are not here today… Its Saturday…
I’m going to the back of my car along the wall on witch a fence shows us the sunlight’s in the French morning.
Here, I close the trunk after leaving your bag in. Since few minutes I got something in mind, and now it is set…
I suddenly size your waist, and push your back on my car. I guess you got it already after a small moment of surprise. You can’t escape my kissing you so sweet as I think I should have done at the moment you came to me. I’m grabbing you hairs, sucking your lips, your tongue…
July is a warm month, but this is not the season why it’s getting so hot on that car park.
I know you are excited yet. Soon my hands are plenty on your skin.
My mouth is gently eating you neck while my hands aim to your shoulders. Since you are not stopping me, I continue tipobet my exploration…
I’m lurking on your breast, and found it fun to ask you instead of going for them…
“Show me”
You smile surprised.
“Come on…”
I think you blushed but I could not really realize.
I’m looking you opening your shirt after looking around not to be seen by anyone else.
You opened your shirt a very short time. It just annoys me.
“Come on… I want to see all”
You came to open your shirt again. I see your bra very well, but I’m still willing for more to see
“More..; show me your nipples”
I could see a silent “O” on your appealing lips, and then you managed to show me what I wanted.
I’m smiling real good.
“I dare you show me your pussy”
This time I saw you blushing, and a sparkling in your eye.
I felt you were about to obey and suggest you crouch behind my car to show me. Witch you do.
The sun is lighting you hairs as you crouch after lifting your skirt the upper you could.
I can see the shape of your intimate skin under your underwear. Soon you’ll push the cloth tipobet güvenilir mi aside revealing your pink lips.
You raise your head to see how I react
I deep my eyes in yours before leaning to kiss you some more.
“I want to see you rubbing your clit”
You answered “like that” in a clear lusty precise gesture.
I ask “Are you excited? Wet?”
You nod a silent “yes” and add “want to taste me?”

I sure want. I’m so willing to many things… you can see physically how much I want so many things.
You raise your hand till I can suck your sticky fingers.
“mmmh… nice… I want to see you deep some fingers now, and fuck yourself with your fingers right?”
A car passed not far from us, no way they could notice us… you start your duty for my pleasure… And soon yours… I see you moving your hips in pleasure, maybe what I just heard was a moaning, and sometime I hear a rather liquid sound coming from between your legs.
I’m hard as a rock so willing to act. I’m nearly rubbing myself looking you poking yourself.
I take your chin to kiss you some more. And this time I hear clearly you moaning in my hand.
A big noise “awakes” us in nearly fear. A car is coming fast towards us, with clear intention to park very near…
We act “as if nothing” sitting in my car and leaving the place with a huge smile.

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