Kristin part 3

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Kristin part 3
After the second encounter with Kristin I was obsessed with him, Couldn’t get him out of my mind. I kept texting him and asking to meet again. We communicated back and forth and I asked him to meet me for lunch. I needed to sort out my feeling and I thought lunch would be a safe way to talk without all the sexual tension.

I didn’t know why I was so wrapped up with this guy. I thought it might be the kissing, as it made our time real intimate and I didn’t get intimacy at home anymore. What ever it was I was hooked.

We met at a very public restaurant and he was dressed normal as a man. I expected that, but I was a little disappointed. We had a nice lunch and had a real conversation for the first time. He was easy to talk to and the time went by quickly. We didn’t talk about our past encounters or anything pertaining to sex. Just two straight guys having lunch.

I wanted to talk about my feelings but decided to just keep cool. I finally asked him if he wanted to go back to Bear Mountain and hang out nude. Since it was still March we decided to table that until it got warmer. I then asked him a question that I had been thinking about from the first time we were together.

I asked him if he was seeing anybody else. He said no that he hasn’t been with anyone in a long time. I can’t tell you how happy that feel. Then I suggested we go get tested canlı bahis for STDs so we could be sure that future times would be safe. We agreed to get that done the following week.

We left and went to my car and sat and talked a little more. I stated the car and drove around to the back of the restaurant and parked where it was a little more private. I turned towards Kristin and took his hand in mine, gently pulled him over and started to make out with him. It was at that moment I realized that this is what I loved. The passionate kisses from another person. The feeling of being wanted for more than just a blowjob like at the glory holes. I was enjoying the closeness of him and his tongue in my mouth. We made out for a while and I was rubbing his cock thru his pants. He started to undo my jeans and I stopped him, not because I didn’t want him to play with me, but because of where we were parked. I didn’t want today to be about sex I wanted to try and figure out my feelings.

So my little head took over and I started the car and drive down the road looking for a secluded spot to stop because now he has me hard and I want him, BAD. I pull into what looks like a factory that has been abandoned and park behind the building. I put the car in park, push my seat back, and pull my pants down around my ankles. He comes over and stats to deep kiss me bahis siteleri while playing with my cock. I’m enjoying the kisses when he stops and moves down to my cock and starts sucking me down his throat. I put my seat back down and move up a bit so he has better access to my cock. He’s sucking me off good and I feel him move his hand down to my ass, and he starts to play with my hole, just rubbing it gently. I’m enjoying that and I tell him so.

Then I feel a fair amount of spit run down towards my ass. He takes his finger and rubs the spit around my hole. It feels really good and then without warning he eases his finger into my ass about maybe an inch. At first it feels uncomfortable but he just leaves it there and I get used to it and my hole starts to relax. Now I start to push down on his finger and he proceeds to push further into me. It feels good with no discomfort and he starts to move his finger in and out of my ass. He pushes me up a little bit more on the seat and now he’s fucking me with his finger and rimming me at the same time.

I start to stroke my own cock and was ready to cum within a couple of minutes. He tells me to wait and then shocks me and says he wants to fuck me right now. I’m really worked up but I was also reluctant to get fucked in the car somewhere I wasn’t sure was safe. I tell him I don’t want to but he just get bahis şirketleri up takes off his pants exposing his hard cock. He moves me around so my ass is facing him. He spits on his cock and proceed to move it toward me. I feel the head against my hole pushing gently. I didn’t want to do this but I guess I got caught up in the moment and started to push back against his cock. Slowly he pushed until the head entered me. I hurt a bit but he stayed still until I got used to it. Then spit another glob of saliva and pushed in more. Eventually he got most of his cock in me and was fucking me like I was a cheep whore. It felt so good and I was moving to meet his thrusts and he went in a little deeper. He was telling me how nice my ass was and I liked the compliment.

Now I’m stroking my cock and I feel like I’m going to cum but I don’t want to because I don’t want to cum on my leather seats. I stop stroking my cock and Kristin says he’s going to cum soon. He’s now moving in and out pretty well and by now he was able to get his entire cock in my ass. Then I hear him give a grunt and slam his cock all the way in my ass. He lets out a moan and I can feel his cock cumming in my ass. It felt warm and it felt like there was a lot. He stayed there for a minute or two then pulled out and cleaned his cock off with his shirt.

We sat for a few minutes when I started the car and drove back to where we left his car. He asked me if I liked getting fucked, I said no but I liked to be made love to. (Wait did I just say that out loud)

Anyway we decided that next time we would meet some place more comfortable

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