Kitty Tales 05: Amy

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As usual, this is based on my experiences. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and dramatic license has been taken. I hope you enjoy the story. I love to receive feedback, so keep it cumming.


Writing the story about Yvette reminded me of the days when I worked as an exotic dancer, which was my first real job. I hate to say this, but I was stripping before I even graduated from high school. Yeah, I was a youngin, but a legal youngin. You only had to be 17 back then to be legal in my home state.

I really enjoyed stripping. I guess it’s because I have always been a natural exhibitionist, and I still am. For instance, my hubby and I are currently looking into joining a couple of nudist groups/clubs in the Georgia or Florida. That would be loads of fun. We’d love to meet a few couples there for a weekend for nude entertainment and fucking. Maybe we will someday.

Working as an exotic dancer was interesting to say the least. You have all kinds of girls working as strippers. Some you’d love to fuck, and some you should really stay away from. Some were straight and many were bisexual. I always had a liking for the bisexual girls. They were fun to party with.

Too many of the girls were drug abusers, which I was not. These girls usually pissed away their money, and their lives gradually spiraled out of control. I could not imagine living a life that some of them lived. They were totally undependable people.

Other strippers were too cold and mercenary. They were so into the money part of stripping that they didn’t really have any fun. To them, it was just a job, and a boring one at that. I really hated their approach, but they made a very good living.

Then there were the “good” girls. These girls were experiencing tough financial situations, and many had small kids. They needed some extra money to pay the bills and take care of their families. Frequently, some jackass knocked them up and took off. I guess siring kids and leaving was some distorted sign of manhood.

Me? I was in the middle somewhere. I took the money element of exotic dancing seriously and avoided drugs, but I had a lot of fun. And yes, I did fuck some guys at the club and went home with some of them and their wives (girlfriends or secretaries) on occasion, which is the focus of this story.

The club I worked, Bonitta Flats, was fairly upscale. At least back then, it wasn’t a dive like some are, and had some really high-class customers. It was out in the county and was not regulated at all, and back then girls could do just about whatever they wanted to, and they did. I saw it all there, and did a lot of it myself, especially in the private booths.

Most of the girls I worked with would fuck a guy if they liked him, it was financially rewarding, or a combination of both. Plus, most would do private parties. Some of the girls worked as escorts on the side (not street walkers), and made really good money for that. I’ve known lots of girls who worked as escorts at one time or another in their lives, and I have great respect for them. Heck, my hubby and I have become good friends with some of them.

There were very few rules at the club. We only wore g-strings and weren’t required to wear pasties on our nipples. In fact, the club closed around 2:00 in the morning and sometimes management would lock the doors and have a private party until around 6:00 or so. When they did this, some girls would just walk around stark naked. Nobody really cared, and there was little reason to get dressed anyway. Only special patrons were allowed to attend the after-hours, private parties. The girls who worked them made great money. That is, they would make a lot of money if they would fuck the men or do lezzie action with other girls, which most of us were willing to do.

Basically, the club was a safe place to really fuck around and earn lots of cash. The club was private and a customer had to have a membership to get in. The membership was only around $50.00 but it kept the riff raff out. Plus, they had a strict dress code for customers. On top of that, the county Sheriff was a “regular” of one of the afternoon girls. So there was little chance of being busted.

I really liked it when I spotted a male/female couple enter the club. Most patrons were men, of course. But on occasion, a couple came in. I’d watch where they seated themselves and how much they enjoyed watching the girls dance.

I had a customer preference when doing lap dances. My favorite customers were females who were escorted by older males. My second favorite was an older male by himself. By older I mean men in their 50’s and up. Young guys were my least favorite by far. I avoided men in their 20’s like a root canal.

I used to get a good laugh at the younger men. They always wanted to tip a couple of bucks and then think I would fuck them simply because they were young or cute or well hung or something like that. Wrong! Money talks honey, or Kitty walks. Oh casino oyna yeah, and I’d avoid bachelor parties at the club. I’d do a private party if the situation was right, but never a bachelor’s party at the club. That was a pure waste of time and energy.

I learned quickly that it was better to work in the afternoon than it was at night. Most of the older men (who had money) were more likely to come in the afternoon and early evening than they were at night. It made for a fertile hunting ground for “regulars” who had money and were looking for some companionship. Most of the time they didn’t expect you to fuck them. They just wanted someone to talk to and give them some attention.

I preferred older men to young studs not only because of their financial gratitude, but also because of my “daddy” complex. To me, older males always seem to have an air about them that is really sexy. Their confidence, patience and desire to please in bed more than makes up for some of the downside of age. Hey, if you like to have your pussy licked like I do, older men are among the best.

One summer afternoon, I was getting really bored and frustrated because of a lack of benefactors. I had already worked the crowd a few times and hadn’t had much luck finding someone who was willing to tip well for a lap dance. (I always wanted at least $20.00 for a lap dance.) It was so bad, that I was even considering leaving, but I hadn’t made enough to tip the long list of those a dancer had to payoff to get away with much.

Hell, I had to tip the waitress, bartender, emcee, and the bouncer. They all got tips (cuts) from the girls. Plus, all of us had to pay the “house.” By the way, there were different ways to pay the “house,” which is another name for the owner, P.J. In other words, if you didn’t make enough to pay the house, you might find yourself giving P.J. a blowjob or more.

As I contemplated my financial situation, three customers walked in. Two well-dressed men bracketed a very pretty female as they walked toward a table close to one of the club’s three small dancing stages.

I was in luck because I was in the middle of my set and was going to move to that particular stage next. That would give me a chance to make some eye contact and see if they would tip me while dancing.

They were obviously business people. The men wore suits, and she wore a female version of a business suit. She wore a white blouse and dark jacket. Her tight skirt was about mid-thigh in length. I figured they were managers or something like that the way they acted. The men were talkative and demonstrative, while she was a little more subdued. I guess she was a little embarrassed going to a strip club with them, but she wanted to fit in with the old boy network.

All three of them were attractive. The older male looked to be in his mid to late 50’s. He was very distinguished looking in an expensive pinstriped suit. The other male was quite handsome. He looked to be in his late 30’s or early 40’s. He also was wearing a dark pinstripe suit. I noticed that both were wearing expensive looking shoes and watches. Accoutrements were always a giveaway that they had money and were willing to spend it. Now, if they would just give it to a sweet little stripper we all love and adore, I was in business.

I took particular notice of the woman. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, but quite attractive. She had the required business style. Her hair was dark brunette and cut modestly short. She had to be about 5’5″ or so, and I would guess about 115 lbs. It looked like she had nice-sized breasts. They looked to be about a c-cup. But it was hard to tell in the low light and with her jacket on. She did have attractive legs. Her modest heels accentuated the muscles in her calves, and her ankles were very slender. Her thighs were thin, but her knees weren’t knobby.

I’m a tall blond with green eyes. Back then I was around 107 lbs., and 5’8″. I’m still 5’8″ but not 107. I’m more like 125 lbs. now. I had small boobs in my late teens. I was a b-cup at best, but I have always had long, pink nipples. I have a very tight ass, and long slender legs.

The three of them sat down within a few feet of the small stage so that they all had an unobstructed view. I decided that I’d give them a really good show to see if I could get one of them to give me a good tip on stage. Regardless of who tipped me, they were going to get a kiss from me, and not on the forehead.

I wasn’t a great pole dancer. Some girls were very gymnastic in their pole work. I just didn’t have the talent for that. I was more of a “strutter.” I concentrated on trying to look sexual not gymnastic. I guess I was no Ulga Korbet. I’d strut my stuff and give everyone a good look at my tits, pussy and ass. I never wore pasties, so my tits were always on display, and I usually slipped my g-string off about mid-way through the song.

It was always a good idea to wait until mid song to slip off the g-string because you wanted canlı casino to have at least some level of anticipation. Plus, you could do a lot of teasing as you slipped it off.

I’d do a lot of my “dancing” on the floor of the stage. On my hands and knees, I could give great views of my pussy, and I could play with myself real easily, which I loved to do in front of a crowd.

Although some of the girls rarely made eye contact while on stage, I always did. I’d find someone close to the stage and make eye contact. I’d dance for him or I’d locate a couple of customers and shift my eye contact between them. I thought that making eye contact was more personal and erotic.

I made eye contact with the older male when I took the stage because I figured he was the alpha male. As I danced to the song, I made sure that most of my gyrations gave their table a good look at my body. On cue, about the middle of the song, I slowly slid off my g-string and gave them a great view of my spread pussy and ass.

Of course these were the days before girls shaved their pussies. We always had to trim well because of the g-strings, but the girls all left some bush. Mine was blond.

As I squatted and spread my thighs, my pussy lips spread. My pussy lips are also very pink and tend to grow rather large when engorged. My pussy looks like some pink flower with large petals when I’m ready for some licking and fucking.

I was always a little excited when I danced. I usually fantasized about fucking some of the customers or some of my female coworkers. This always got me horny and made the work very pleasurable. Hence, my pussy was always swollen and wet.

It was getting close to the end of the song, and none of the three had tipped me. I was becoming a little disappointed when the older male slipped a bill to the younger male and motioned to the stage. The younger male stood and approached me. I made him stand at the edge of the stage for a time so that he could look me over very thoroughly. I leaned my back against the pole, sat down and spread my thighs. I reached down between my legs and pulled my pussy lips apart for him. I knew that he could see the white pussy juice that was always present at the entrance of my pussy when I was excited. He got one hell of a view of heaven.

After a short time, he started to look uncomfortable and seemed to want to get back to his seat, so I crawled over to him. He hesitated when I kneeled in front of him. I guess he could not decide where to put the money, since I was stark naked.

I could see that he had a crisp 20-dollar bill waiting for me. So I squeezed my breasts together (as best I could) so that he could slide the money between them.

As he slid the bill in, I shifted a little so that his hands touched my breasts and nipples. I reached out and wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. At first he was a little hesitant, but I slipped him a little tongue and his hormones took over. His tongue was soon dancing with mine.

I broke off the kiss and asked him where they were seated (like I didn’t know). I told him that I would be right over. When my set ended, I headed to the changing room to prepare myself for a little fun.

I changed into one of my favorite outfits, and dabbed on a little perfume. I actually put on a top because I wanted them to work to get at my titties, although they would not have to work that hard to see them.

I was hoping to make some real cash and maybe get a taste of the woman. With any luck, I could at least finger her pussy a little. Given that I am bi-serious (versus bi-curious), getting my hands all over the woman would be an added bonus.

I waltzed on over to their table, and the older male stood and offered me his chair. I was then seated between the older male and the woman. The younger male was seated across from me. The tables were very small. There was really just enough room for drinks. So we were all close to one another in proximity, which was good because the music was so loud it was hard to converse.

The waitress came over and asked for our orders and they bought me a mixed drink (watered down of course). I was getting really excited because all three of them looked good and they seemed to be willing to give up the cash. The older male quickly placed his hand on my thigh. When he did, I placed my hand on his and squeezed it gently. I wanted to encourage his touching of my body. That was why I was there, to give them some pleasure.

They introduced themselves as John (the older male), Josh (the younger male) and Amy. I was correct about them working together. They were attending a three-day meeting. They were all from out of town and had rooms at a very nice hotel just a few miles from the club. John was a Regional Sales Manager from the West coast. Josh and Amy were sales associates who worked for him.

My hope was to maneuver them into a private booth. There were two reasons for getting a private booth. First, kaçak casino I made more money in the private booths, and second, you could do a lot more in them than you could on the main floor. Of course, the two reasons are related. Further, if I wanted to get at Amy’s pussy, I’d have to get them in the private area.

The customers were allowed to touch the girls at my club, and I always liked it when they played with my tits and pinched my nipples. Unfortunately, very few would suck them unless I encouraged them to do so. I also enjoyed it when they squeezed my ass cheeks. I wouldn’t let them touch my pussy though. That is, they could play with my pussy if they got a private booth and tipped really well.

I did my first lap dance for John, the older male, because he seemed to be calling the shots. I started by removing my top and leaving the g-string on. (I told you it would not be hard to get the top off me.) As the music started, I straddled him, looked him directly in the eyes, and wrapped my arms around his neck. His cologne caused an instant “I’ve got to fuck you” reaction from my pussy and boobs.

I slowly began to grind my pussy into him, as I felt the bulge in his pants begin to grow. In order to hurry it along, I reached down and traced my fingers along his cock, and then gave it a squeeze or two.

He had taken off his suit jacket, so I started to unbutton his shirt a little. I slid my hands into his shirt and rubbed his hairy chest. I pulled his shirt open a little and kissed him between his pecs. I then licked my way from one of his nipples to the other. By now, he had one hell of a hard-on and grinding my pussy was easy and exciting for me because I could angle my pussy until I was grinding my clit on his rigid cock.

As I licked and sucked his nipples, his hands started playing with my tits. He squeezed them and rolled my nipples between his fingers. This got me so excited. My tits might be small, but they are incredibly sensitive. He started to slide one hand toward my pussy, but I intercepted it and placed it on my ass cheek.

As he played with my tits and ass, I leaned forward and kissed him. I licked his lips at first and then slid my tongue in when he opened his mouth. As his breathing increased and became more shallow, I increased the pace of my pussy grinding. I didn’t want him to cum in his pants, but I did want to get him very excited. If I could, we would probably be heading to a private booth.

Toward the middle of the song, I disengaged from John’s mouth and stood in front of him. I gyrated my hips and started to remove my g-string. As I danced, I gradually slid it off my ass and exposed my bush. I turned around and spread my legs. I bent forward and swayed my ass as seductively as I could.

I knew that all three of them had a real close view of my pussy and ass. I then slid my fingers along my pussy slit. I turned back around and slid my wet finger into my mouth. I sucked on my finger simulating the sucking of a cock.

I dropped to the floor and crawled over to John. As I was between his legs, I placed my hand on his cock and squeezed. I moved my face until my cheek was resting against his hard dick and I gently bit the shaft of his cock through his trousers.

As the music came to an end, I again reached between my legs and dipped my finger into my pussy. I motioned for John to lean forward and I slid my finger laden with pussy juice into his mouth. He lapped it up when he sucked my finger into has mouth.

My next dance was for Josh. While I danced for Josh I kept my gaze on Amy’s eyes as much as possible. I wanted to see if she was really into the dance, or if she lacked interest in my body. If she looked interested, she would get the next dance.

Amy removed her jacked so her breasts were easier to view, even if they were encased in a frigging bra. She started to squirm a little in her chair, which made me think that her pussy was getting wet. She was staring at my body and she “accidentally” brushed her hand against her own breasts when I spread my thighs. Her nipples poked through her blouse like two small ball bearings. Needless to say, I spent much of my time with my back against Josh. I wanted Amy to get a great view of my pussy.

After my lap dance for Josh was over, I asked Amy if she would like a dance. She hesitantly refused, but you could see that she wanted one. Of course, the men wanted her to get a dance and offered to pay for it. It was obvious to me that they were trying to prepare her for a good ole fucking later in the evening.

I suggested that we go to a private booth so that Amy wouldn’t be embarrassed. The only problem was that there was a “fee” for use of the booth. Although it was expected that the customers would purchase expensive drinks, there was no official fee. But, if you tipped the bouncer, he’d look the other way when things got hot. In essence, if you wanted to have fun, there was a fee.

This was the real litmus test to see if things would get really hot with them. If they agreed, then it would become real interesting. I would do my best to make sure that the boys got laid that night, but not necessarily by me.

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