Kit’s Stories – Katie’s Man Ch. 03

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As Sandy drove home from work on Thursday afternoon, she used the unaccustomed quiet to consider all the complications that her life had taken on the last week. Usually the drive home was filled with the questions and comments of her five year old daughter, Katie. Today, Katie was already at home, shaking off the fever that had kept her in the care of her grandmother, Eva. From the phone conversations during the day, Katie was feeling much better and Eva had enjoyed the time alone with her only grandchild. Apparently that problem was going to solve itself.

A more difficult problem was Kit. A widow, Sandy had lived a celibate life, scarcely thinking of men or sex for the five years since Dusty’s plane went into the Pacific. She had moved in with her wealthy in-laws when Dusty went into training and remained there through his death and her father-in-law’s fatal heart attack. She and Eva, her mother-in-law had made Katie the central point of a comfortable life until this last week.

Raising the child without any male presence had not seemed a problem until Katie began talking about “her man.” Katie insisted that her man was there to watch over her and to help Mom and Gramma move on. Sandy and Eva were unable to shake the tot’s convictions. Katie said that she could see “her man” even if the adults could not and would not be budged. Sandy’s boss and friend, Theda Pullin, suggested a trip to the fair and carnival with her young friend, Kit Morgan, to see how Katie would react to a real male presence.

As Sandy recalled the past weekend, she was buffeted by strong feelings of happiness, embarrassment, and pure lust. Kit and Katie had immediately bonded and the excursion had been great fun for all. Sandy still did not understand how her long-sleeping libido had suddenly awakened to the point of coming on to Kit very aggressively. He had responded and the tickle in Sandy’s belly told her she would like more of the same. She had felt like she was possessed and reveled in the joy Kit brought her body.

The embarrassment was due to two reasons. On Saturday morning while Katie was at cheerleading class, Eva had returned home early to find Sandy kneeling on the living room sofa naked while Kit reminded Sandy of her anal pleasures. Unable to deal with the situation, Sandy had abandoned Kit to run and hide in her room. When Eva tried to talk to her about the situation, Sandy had retreated into silence. She was not proud of how she had comported herself.

The second reason for her humiliation was her treatment of Kit. He had responded wonderfully in every way. She, on the other hand, had behaved like a sex-starved slut pursuing an attractive younger man. And then to make things worse, she left him alone and unsupported to face Eva. He had tried to talk to Sandy during the week, but her cowardice prevented her from dealing with the situation she had put him in.

As a further complication, when Katie had to be taken home from school early, Sandy had arrived to find Eva and Kit naked in the hot tub in the back yard. As Kit lay back, Eva had pounded herself on his cock as the woman Sandy had thought to be very strait-laced howled in exuberant ecstasy. Sandy had watched through the window and rubbed herself to a lonely completion at the sexy scene. She then had gone to curl up with her feverish, sleeping baby. While she was asleep, Kit had left. She had not said anything to Eva about Kit when she left for work this morning.

Sandy was conflicted in her thinking, but determined to quit being such a wimp and talk the whole situation over with Eva. She pulled in the driveway and summoned her courage.

Sandy found Katie in the den watching television. After satisfying herself that the fever was broken and Katie could return to school tomorrow, Sandy left Katie in the den and wandered into the kitchen to have her talk with Eva. She found her mother-in-law sitting in a robe at the breakfast nook. The table was covered with coloring books, a Candy land game board, and dominoes. Eva had a rather dreamy look in her eyes as she stared out at the pool in the midst of the wreckage of a day of child care.

Sandy said, “She must have worn you out. Your kitchen is a mess and I know you don’t like that. Why don’t I order something brought in and you rest while I clean everything up? I’m so sorry for everything.”

Eva started and turned to smile at Sandy. “I’m fine. We had a great day; the fever broke soon after you left so we played games and ate the last of Kit’s chicken and dumplings. Come and sit with me. We need to talk.”

Sandy started to the chairs opposite Eva on the bench seat. “Come sit by me,” said Eva, as she scooted over on the bench. “I have rediscovered how much I like touching those I care for.”

Eva’s robe gapped open as she moved, revealing her lush mature body nude beneath the robe. Sandy saw the full round breasts and the smooth toned thighs that she had always been slightly envious of. Before Eva pulled the robe together, Sandy caught casino oyna a glimpse of the older woman’s thick dark pubic bush so different from Sandy’s own sparse blonde frizz. When Sandy was seated, Eva reached around Sandy’s shoulders and gave her a hug. Sandy was thrilled that the woman she admired and loved so much did not seem to be angry or disappointed with her.

“Katie and I had some long talks today. She seems perfectly happy and satisfied that “her man” has gone away again, but is watching to keep her safe. She says he came back to see her and to make us move on. The reason she was upset earlier was that she thought we would move from this house. I assured her that he meant we were to get on with our lives and we could do it right here.

“She thinks that “her man” is Dusty come back to help us and that he likes Kit who is his partner in the plan to help us. Here is the really surprising thing to me—she thinks that Kit can see Dusty and that Dusty has done what he intended so he can leave again.”

Stunned by Eva’s words, Sandy turned to her and buryed her face in Eva’s shoulder. When Sandy starts to reach around Eva, her right hand collides with Eva’s breast. Almost involuntarily, Sandy clasps Eva tightly.

“I think she may be right, Eva. Since we went to the carnival on Friday, I have said and done things that are far outside my normal behaviors. It is almost like I have been possessed or controlled by an outside force. The strange thing is that it feels right to me—I feel like things are better even though I am so embarrassed at your walking in on us on Saturday morning. I also feel bad about how I have treated Kit since then. He certainly didn’t do anything wrong and I have not expressed my appreciation for his help.”

“Sandy, I am the one who should apologize for Saturday morning. You had every expectation of privacy and I went all Lady-of-the-Manor and embarrassed both you and Kit. I should have simply backed out and gone shopping until I could call home and warn you. Get this straight; this is your house as much as mine. You should treat it as such and I hope we can begin treating each other more as friends than as mother and daughter-in-laws. And you are right about Kit—he didn’t do anything wrong—in fact from what I saw and heard, he was doing a lot right.”

Sandy said, “Oh, thank-you, Eva I love you so much.” As Sandy burrowed her face into the taller woman’s chest, she was surprised to feel a hard bump through the thick material of the robe. When she shifted her face slightly, an identical hard nipple announced itself on her other cheek. Immediately and surprisingly to herself, Sandy felt the tickle of arousal in her loins.

“Why are you in your robe, Eva?”

“I thought I would spend some time in the hot tub after you got in to watch Katie. I’m a little sore and the warmth should help with that.” Eva replied.

Sandy’s shoulders shook as she broke into giggles. “Eva, I saw you and Kit yesterday in the hot tub. I suspect that the hot tub is one of the reasons you are sore today. From the way you had the water sloshing, I’m surprised that you didn’t pull a muscle.” Sandy broke into a full laugh as she squeezed her face tighter into Eva’s cleavage. “You did look to be enjoying yourself.”

Eva squeezed her back. “Oh, my God, yes. I felt like I was tingling over my whole body. Well, that is embarrassing. I thought that maybe we had slipped it by you. When we came in the house, you were asleep with Katie. Kit just tiptoed out and went home.”

“Did I interrupt your plans for the afternoon, Eva?”

“Lord, no! I learned more about sex yesterday than I had found out in my first 57 years on earth. I had no idea it could be so wonderful. And I have to give you credit for inspiring me to find out. If I hadn’t seen you naked on the sofa shrieking like a banshee, I would have missed it completely. Now I want to do more exploring.”

“You should do just that,” said Sandy. “You are a beautiful woman and deserve all the good things.” Sandy released Eva and stood up. “Go take your soak while I feed my daughter. It seems maybe Katie’s man was right because I too want to step forward. We can talk about where we are heading after she goes to bed.”

On her way out, Eva paused, intending to give Sandy a quick hug and peck on the cheek. The robe had loosened again and as she hugged Sandy, Eva pulled Sandy’s face against her bare neck. The warm breath sent a jolt through Eva’s chest to her pussy. Awkwardly she leaned to kiss Sandy’s cheek, but as Sandy turned her face up, their lips met. Eva’s mind clicked back to Kit’s sensuous kisses and she softened and slightly opened her mouth against Sandy’s. “Oh!” she said, as she released Sandy and fled out to the hot tub.

Sandy stood in shock. She had never considered Eva in a sexual light, but the kiss and the view of Eva’s hourglass figure stepping nude into the steaming water brought a whole series of long past images to her mind. Sandy was sure that Eva had no experience other canlı casino than married sex, but as virgin college freshmen, Sandy had experimented with her dorm roommate, Ricci.

Too shy to know how to show boys their interest, it started with role playing. “If I were a boy, what would you do if I did this?” They practiced for the boys in their future by dancing. From holding each other while slow dancing to the first hesitant kisses to more passionate open-mouth tonsil-probing efforts, both girls were stimulated but unfulfilled. The same game was played when young tender breasts were handled gently through pajama tops, then more firmly with hands moving beneath the tops. Tops were discarded and lips and teeth created suck marks that had to be hidden.

Finally, the craving for something more was satisfied as hands moved below the waist, then inside the virgin panties. The first orgasms exploded through their nubile bodies until role playing was forgotten in pursuit of the amazing sensations of sex. Sandy remembered how she had been drawn more enthusiastically into the love play until the night when Ricci’s aggressive use of a hair brush brought a sudden stab of pain as the handle penetrated further than it ever had before. Sandy yelped at the surprising hurt and stared in shock at the blood on the brush when it was withdrawn.

That had ended Sandy’s exploration into girl on girl sex. Despite her roommate’s abject apologies, Sandy felt, as she had been taught, that she had lost something that should have been given to her husband on their wedding night. “Gone forever,” she had dramatically grieved her maidenhood. She dreaded facing her yet unknown mate with either the truth or a lie about what he wouldn’t find when they consummated their new marriage. Sandy saw herself as a secretly ruined woman.

Fortunately, she met Dusty Rhoades who was never worried that he might not be the first man between Sandy’s thighs. Throughout their courtship, sex was limited to heavy petting and eventually oral sex. After their official engagement, when they finally did the deed, Sandy was terribly anxious about Dusty’s reaction. As it turned out, Sandy’s lack of an impediment was no impediment at all for Dusty. Her quick and whole-hearted response to his lovemaking joined them seamlessly before the official ceremony was ever performed.

Standing knee-deep in the spa, Eva looked back at Sandy watching her through the glass. Eva saw a wistful face deep in thought and was filled with a determination to put joy back in Sandy’s life. Sandy saw Eva turn and look back. She saw the large expressive eyes beneath the heavy brows, and the wide sexy mouth that had softened surprisingly on hers, and she saw Eva’s improbably perfect breasts with the nipples dark brown and as big as a large grape. Sandy felt a sizzle of lust that she passed off with the thought, “Eva’s nipples are probably just cold.” That didn’t explain why Sandy’s smaller pink buds were like pencil erasures trying to escape her bra.

Eva sat on the ledge and slid down until only her face and the tips of her tits were above the water. Eva brushed her hands over her nipples to warm them and was reminded of Kit’s caresses. Comfortable in the warm water, she fantasized of another romp. She squeezed her hefty boobs and pinched the swollen nipples. Watching from the kitchen, Sandy raised her hands to capture her own less impressive ta-tas and shook her head in envy and unrecognized frustration. She went to the den to see what Katie wanted to eat.


After Katie was tucked safely in bed, Sandy showered and pulled on pajama shorts and a knit short sleeved top. She wandered in the kitchen to make a cup of the green tea that Eva loved. Looking in the den, she saw Eva in a nylon gown reading on the sofa. “Do you want a cup of tea, Eva?”

“That would be lovely, dear. Could you bring it in here while I finish this chapter? I may have figured out the killer faster than Nero Wolfe and Archie.”

Sandy busied herself with the two cups of tea while Eva sped to the end of her mystery chapter. With the tea and some of Eva’s chocolate chip cookies on a trey, Sandy returned to the den. Eva sat on the large sectional sofa with her feet stretched out on the coffee table in front of her. The nylon had molded itself to her form, and Sandy’s attention was again caught by Eve’s gravity defying breasts. The nightgown draped slightly between her legs showing the tone produced by hours of swimming and walking. Sandy thought that Eva looked magnificent in her abundance.

“Put the trey on the coffee table and come sit by me.” Eva said. When Eva moved her feet from the table, she winced and moaned slightly in discomfort.

“Where are you sore, Eva? Did the hot tub not take all the soreness out? Perhaps I could give you a massage to loosen you up.”

Eva sipped her tea and bit into a cookie before she answered. “I don’t know how to answer that. Let’s just say that my whole body received an overload yesterday and today kaçak casino I feel the soreness. I never knew…it was so intense…am I being ridiculous?”

“Not at all; you made a great discovery about yourself yesterday. You have every reason to be excited. But where specifically are you the most sore, Eva? I don’t think that we need be reticent with each other now since both of us have seen the other fully engaged with Kit.”

“Aaah…I suppose you are right. My buttocks and thighs have a muscle soreness that returns when I sit still too long. My stomach muscles are sore when I rotate my hips—I suppose that I had never tried to move like that, and my…my lady parts feel slightly bruised and tender, not bad but somehow more sensitive to the touch than usual. I think that I may be a little swollen and inflamed down there. I even feel a bit tender inside. Kit was much larger than Lawton.

“Is that altogether too much information? Do I sound like I’m bragging? I’m sorry, but it was one of the most thrilling episodes of my whole life. I just can’t get over what I have missed. Oh, oh, now you are going to think me a perfect slut.”

“Of course not!” Sandy exclaimed. “Perfect maybe, but not a slut. You are a woman just finding a portion of yourself that you did not even know existed. Of course you are thrilled. I am thrilled for you. Finish your tea and lie down here on the sofa with your legs across my lap. I will see what I can do for your thighs.”

When Eva complied, Sandy began kneading Eva’s thighs gently with both hands. Moving from one to the other, she located knots of soreness and gradually deepened the pressure until the tension relaxed. As Eva became more comfortable, her thighs spread open and Sandy worked higher up into the creases between the upper thighs and belly. When Eva’s gown bunched up in the way, Sandy brushed it upward and slid her hands under the material to stroke and then massage Eva’s lower belly and groin. Though her hands brushed through the heavy bush, Sandy was careful to avoid Eva’s pussy which to Sandy’s eyes did appear slightly red and swollen beneath the naturally dark skin tone..

“That is most of the knots out of your thighs. How do they feel now?’

“Much better, Sandy. That was so relaxing. Thank you.”

“I’m not through. Lift your legs up so I can get up and then roll over on your stomach. I want to work on your butt before we quit.”

Eva did as she was asked, giving Sandy a clear view of her fur covered snatch and ass crack when both legs were in the air.. A momentary stab of guilt hit Sandy as she realized that she fully intended to seduce her mother-in-law. Sandy’s libido had been reawakened by Kit, and Eva’s luscious body was firing her imagination.

When Eva was on her stomach, Sandy stepped across Eva’s body and sat on her knees with her crotch in the valley of Eva’s mature buns. She began rubbing and stroking Eva’s neck and the base of her skull. As she leaned forward to reach Eva’s head, she ground her crotch against Eva’s ass.

“Ohhh, that’s nice,” Eva said as Sandy reached to caress her sensitive ears while gently humping the older woman’s butt.

As Sandy’s hands moved down Eva’s back, she worked over all the muscle groups and repeatedly brushed the sides of the tits bulging the nightgown out from Eva’s chest. When Sandy reached, the small of Eva’s back, she scooted backward to sit on Eva’s thighs. Sandy slipped both hands under the hem of the nightgown and raised it up to Eva’s shoulders.

“Sandy, my bottom is all bare. What do you think you are doing?”

“Hush, your nightgown was in the way and your bottom is lovely. Soon it will be feeling better, but if you are bothered—here, I’ll fix it.” Sandy reached for the hem of the nightgown and pulled it up to completely cover Eva’s head. “There you go, Eva. Now you can’t see it.” Sandy’s laughter was infectious and Eva joined in, forgetting her nudity.

Sandy’s hands were soon busy stroking, pushing, pulling Eva’s sore glutes until Sandy noticed that Eva had become very quiet and still. The sharp tangy smell of Eva and Sandy’s arousal began to fill the air. Sandy recognized the aroma even if Eva did not. All muscle resistance on Eva’s part had disappeared, and she lay pliant to Sandy’s ministrations. Sandy decided that the massage had gone far enough for one night.

Sandy pulled Eva’s nightgown down to cover the apple shaped ass and said, “Roll over on your side. Can I lie down by you and have a hug? I’ve been feeling rather lonely today.”

“Of course,” said Eva. Sandy slid in beside the larger woman so that her face was against Eva’s chest. Sandy slid her arms around Eva at the waist and slid one of her slim legs between Eva’s thighs. Sandy hugged herself into the richness of Eva’s embrace—her face resting on one breast while her lips brushed the other; the top of Sandy’s thigh was pressed tight against Eva’s crotch and Sandy’s pussy rested on Eva’s thigh.

“This is so nice, thank you so much for everything,” Sandy murmured into Eva’s cleavage. Her hips began an occasional gentle, almost imperceptible, rocking against Eva’s thigh. This made Sandy’s thigh brush lightly over Eva’s tender labia.

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