Kim’s tasty Amish Whoopie Pie

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The leather seat of Kim’s Toyota was sticky with sweat when she pulled her car into the parking lot of the Blue Ball Inn. The temperature was breaking records this last weekend of April. Kim could see the steam rising from the concrete when she opened her car door and put one black stiletto heel to the hot ground. Seeing no one around, she spread her legs in the polka dotted miniskirt as she reached in her back seat for her cigarettes. Her inner thighs were soaked in sweat. She leaned against her car as she smoked menthol light and looked at the charmingly dilapidated inn that reminded her of all generic roadside attractions.

Lancaster, PA was full of them. Kim had driven from Philadelphia for the weekend to do a week’s audit for a furniture company based out of the area. Lancaster never appealed to Kim. She didn’t know much about the Amish. She definitely didn’t see their attraction to the outside word and she didn’t care.

She would rather be in Philadelphia drinking at the bars with her friends, dancing to live music, and relieving a broken heart with a handsome hipster she could kick out of her bed in the morning. Instead, she was going to be spending this hot weekend in acres of farms with the intervals of Amish attractions.

She was taking the last drag of her cig when she noticed two construction workers starring at her. She turned the other way. Twenty-five-year-old Kim was use to male attention and ignoring most of it. She had a pretty face with soft brown eyes and long eyelashes. Her lips were large and defined. She had long brown hair she wore in a sophisticated ponytail most of the time. She was tall and very thin. She played up these attributes by wearing high heels and short skirts. For as thin as she was Kim had enormous swollen breasts that seemed to peak out of all her tops. Men couldn’t help but stare. There was something so arousing sensual about Kim that was impossible to ignore.

She checked into her hotel. It was dark, drab, and smelled like mildew on wood paneling. She was lonely, hungry, and needed a drink. She asked the fat-faced teenage girl at the front desk where she could find a steak and a beer. She was directed to touristy hubbub that made her do an internal eye roll. he found the restaurant after driving down a maze of confusing country roads that were barren, except for the occasional horse and buggy. The bar and grill was in a turn of the century stone farm house. She went in and opted to sit at the bar and drink a beer.

She looked out the window to the curb where a group of young, Amish men stood as if they had just gotten off of work. The men wore the traditional outfit for modesty; black wool pants and blue button down shirts. Kim couldn’t help but notice their bulging bodies in tight clothes. These boys had bodies comparable to naked Greek statues. They had wide muscular shoulders, built chests and strong arms. Their thighs were large and bulging. Kim could tell they rode horses. Their butts curved with muscles in the tight wool pants.

Kim couldn’t help but stare at one in particular. He was around twenty-years-old and six feet tall. He had the same strapping body as the rest of them but while the others had severe cases of acne or unattractive faces, this young man was Hollywood handsome. He looked like a 1930’s movie star with a golden-tan body. His face was chiseled with a strong chin and hollow cheeks. His eyes were wide-set and blue. He had dark brown hair that needed to be pushed out of his face. He had thick dark long lashes that were much too feminine for his face. His nose was straight and his lips were wide and fat. Kim focused in on those lips. They were so fat but also long and stretched across the bottom of his face. They looked stained red as if he had been eating a red snow cone or they were so irritated from a night of passionate cunnilingus.

Kim couldn’t help but feel her heart race. Her front teeth bit down on her lip. She was slightly taken aback by how attracted she was to this younger man from a completely different culture. Maybe that was it? Maybe because he was so innocent she was drawn to him? She felt herself getting aroused with the idea of teaching a sexually naïve Amish boy how good some dirty sex with a city girl could feel. She imagined showing him her tits and ass. She imagined feeling his dick and being the first female to do so. She felt her cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

She put her eyes down only to find herself staring at the bulge in the front of those wool pants between those muscular thighs. She could see the curve of his dick, although soft, was well defined. He was thick and long. She felt the blood pooling between her legs to her clit. She wanted to get up off of her bar stool, go outside into the heat and grab him by those tight ass cheeks. Then, push her lips against his fat red ones and grasp his dick in her tiny delicate hands until it swelled up massively. She imagined how those big blue eyes would look when a girl was grabbing his cock. How he would moan in pure ecstasy and probably shoot a load in a record breaking canlı bahis second.

She ordered another drink from the waitress and was studying the menu when she felt eyes on her. She looked up to find that the handsome Amish boy staring at her. He met her eyes and didn’t look away, instead his glaze cut from her face to her thin and tight white shirt. It was a V neck so he could see a quarter of her boob. The material was so thin and the air so cold in the restaurant. She hadn’t noticed that her nipples were erect and pointing out as if asking to escape. He was undressing her with eyes full of lust, and he didn’t care if he she noticed or not.

He was staring at her like he was hungry and she was Filet mignon. She was instantly aroused again. He was eyeing her up and she was doing the same to him. She knew the flirting was innocent. She certainly wouldn’t be bedding an Amish boy tonight, yet the excitement of the possibility was intoxicating. Their exchange broke when the waitress brought her drink. When she looked up, he was gone. She felt a little disappointed and continued to drink.

The night came and the bar got busier with Friday night drunks. The jukebox played top forty hits and the place filled up with smoke. Kim continued to drink until she realized she would not be able to drive home. She contemplated a cab, but opted to walk. It was still hot out, and the moon was full making the lush green fields bright with a silver tint. She took her heels off, enjoying the feel of her toes and soles of feet on the cool spring grass. She’d walked a mile when she felt like she was being watched. She was quite tipsy but not fully drunk anymore. She was worried she was being paranoid, but the feeling she was being followed was strong. She turned around to see the bright embers of a lit cigarette not that far from her. She gasped and started to run. Her heart was pounding in fear. She couldn’t think.

“Wait,” said a male voice. “I just wanted to see you home, miss.”

His voice was deep and he had a strong Amish accent.

“You are very pretty, and I wouldn’t want something to happen to such a pretty girl like yourself. Also, you were drinking so much I wasn’t sure you knew where you were, or more importantly where you were going,” he continued, sensing her distrust.

She stopped and the shadow came closer.

In the moonlight she saw it was the hot Amish boy from earlier in the evening.

“I saw you watching me at the bar. I just need to get back to my hotel, the Blue Ball Inn,” Kim said weakly. She was scared, but yet somehow excited for what this late night opportunity could hold for her. He came closer and she felt like a magnet being drawn to his strong masculinity. He was even more handsome up close.

“Miss, I know you don’t believe anything bad could happen to you here in Lancaster, but bad things do happen. Let me grab my buggy and I can give you a ride to the hotel.”

“Where is your buggy at?” Kim asked.

He pointed down a valley lined with apple orchards in full bloom to a tiny farm house.

“I live there with my parents and little brother. It is a short walk for us to the barn. We can get the horse and you will be at the inn in no time. I promise I will not hurt you… if you are worried.”

Kim almost forgot that this man had been starring at her breasts like he wanted to ravish her just a few hours ago. He once again seemed young, innocent, and awkwardly attracted to her. Once again, she wanted to kiss him as she pushed her breasts against him. Then, grind her pussy against his thighs. She was drunk and her judgment was terrible, but she followed him into the orchards. He stayed close to her. They walked in silence, the sexual tension was magnetic.

“What is your name?” She asked, breaking the silence.

“Jebidiah Kunopp,” he stated. “What’s yours?”

“Kim Jonson.”

His hands brushed against her. She could tell he wanted to hold her hand. She took her tiny, soft, and manicured hand and grabbed his huge, rough, and calloused one. He was taken back. He shook like he was being electrocuted. Kim was startled by his reaction. If he was this overwhelmed with hand holding, he would go into shock with what she was going to do next.

She pulled herself closer to him. He didn’t move. She released his hand from her grip. She moved her hand towards the nape of his neck and then up through his silky, soft hair. He put his face closer to hers to reach for her mouth with his beautiful lips. She let him kiss her. He was so awkwardly sweet, with his fumbling wet lips moving against hers and his long eyelashes brushing the tops of her cheeks. He closed his eyes in bliss. When she broke the kiss, she looked up at him with lust. His eyes met her with twice fold.

“I am sorry, Kim—it’s just that. Phew!” He put his head down in shame. “I don’t know what I am doing. I just want to keep kissing you, you are so beautiful.”

Kim smiled. She was going to seduce him right here in this field.

“Shh… Jedidiah, I am going to show you. I want you so bahis siteleri bad.”

She didn’t let him respond. She pressed against him and kissed him. She slipped her tongue into his surprised mouth. He tasted like tobacco. She bit his lip between hers and slipped the tip of her tongue over it. He caught on and followed her lead. Her whole body was pressed against him now and she could feel his huge shaft pressing into her—rubbing her hard trying to get her attention. She ignored it with purpose.

He stopped mid-kiss. She was disappointed. He was finally starting to get better. He looked at her. She was beautiful and sophisticated. She could have any man in the world. Why would she want a young, Amish kid who had nothing to offer? He had nothing in common with her. She was his first kiss. He had no sexual experience. Besides his mother and baby cousins, he had never seen a naked woman, except when a coworker showed him porn on the internet once. She had been an Asian girl, spread-eagled with little breasts. He remembered the excitement he felt and the many times he had whacked off behind the barn to that image.

Now, here he was and he wanted to see Kim naked. He wanted to see her tits. He wanted to touch them, to kiss them, and suck on her nipples. He wanted to see her pussy. He wanted to open it up and stick his fingers, his tongue, but mostly his dick into it. He wanted to press his hands into her ass and grip it tight while she rode his cock.

They were hidden where they stood behind a line of apple trees that were outlined by moonlight. He grabbed her hand and pulled her down into the grass with him. Kim fell to her knees next to him. They continued to kiss. His hands were around her hips. She enjoyed how young he seemed; not knowing what to do, allowing her to lead if she wished. She was going to let him make the first move. He moved his hands up, slowly stroking up her ribcage from her hipbone over her shirt. With every kiss, he got braver, stroking a little higher until he found the curve of her breast.

He was now pushing his dick against her thigh as he caressed her. She couldn’t wait to touch him. She moaned with pleasure and he got the nerve to stoke her breast through the skimpy white t-shirt. Her nipples were so hard. Jebidiah couldn’t wait to run his fingers over them. She moaned again with pleasure. He cusped her whole breast now in his hand. He moved his other hand so both breasts were fully in his grasp. His grip was a little intense, which turned Kim on.

He was so enthralled, so completely turned on and under her spell at this moment. She broke the kiss before kissing down his face to his neck. He smelled like sweat and spring grass. She kissed his neck. He moaned again. He reached around her waist and had his rough hands on her breasts. He found the nipples. She continued to suck on his neck as he stroked her nipples. She pulled back and pulled her shirt off. She was completely bare from the waist up. His blue eyes were drawn to her chest. His fat lips were drawn to her big, pink nipples. His mouth found her right nipple as his hand grasped her left. He pushed her back gently, laying her down on the grass as he continued to explore her breasts.

“Your tits are so beautiful. I just want to lick them all night,” he said in his strong dialect.

He liked the way her soft skin felt and the slight roughness of her pink nipples. She tasted like vanilla cream and sweat. He liked the way her tits felt in her mouth and how she moaned with pleasure. He was content to lick her until the sun rose. He stroked her nipples his hands and rubbed his tongue in circles around her areolas—spending so much time with each. He ran his rough fingertips from the base of her neck to her belly bottom in awe. His hands were now circling her belly button. His rough hands were now getting dangerously close to the waist of her black skirt. She was so wet now and she felt like now was the time to give him some relief.

She stood up which caused her breasts to bounce in his face and her bare legs to brush against his hard on. She pushed him down to the ground and kissed him. She made a trail of light kisses to his neck. She stopped using her lips and decided to just use the tip of her tongue. She unbuttoned his shirt. His chest was so muscular; it made her feel so tiny in comparison. She couldn’t help but run her finger tips over his sculpted chest. It was a bit hairy, and she grasped the hair tightly. She flicked his tiny nipples. She ran her tongue over his chest down his pecks and to his six-pack. He watched wide-eyed and stunned. He had a hard time wrapping the reality of the situation around his head. Kim continued to kiss and lick down his stomach until she found his belly button.

She gripped his strong thighs as she licked down his hairy happy trail. He moaned again in ecstasy. She stroked his thighs with her hand while she licked around his waist. When she felt she had teased him enough, she unbuttoned his pants. He pushed them and his underwear off at once. There he was. His dick was at least nine-inches-long bahis şirketleri and the thickest Kim had ever seen. He was covered in pubic hair. She didn’t care. She took her hand and reached out to stroke it. She stroked it, pre-cum wetting her fingertips. She was so turned on now. She stroked it for a moment before she bent her head down.

“I can’t wait to suck your cock,” she said. His blue eyes were gazed over in bliss. She took him into her mouth. She licked the top, loosely running her tongue over his tip. She gripped it with one hand, stroking it with spit as lubricant as she slowly moved her mouth up and down his dick. She took him down into her throat, licking him and sucking him. She wet his shaft completely. She spread his muscular legs further and found his balls. She loved the way he tasted and even more the control she had over him. She didn’t want to get him too close to orgasm but had a hard time stopping. She took him all the way to the back of her throat–up and down, gagging, bringing more saliva with each gag. She took her mouth off his dick and focused on his balls. She separated them and licked them individually before eventually running her whole face into them like she needed their nourishment to survive.

He reached down with both hands to her ass. He slipped his hands up to find her pussy. She was soaking wet. The wettest she could ever remember being. But how could she not be? This was by far the most erotic experience she ever had.

His ran a finger over her little, lacy, pink underwear she had with tiny white hearts on them. He could feel the heat coming off her vagina. He furiously moved the underwear out of way. He was a shy man, who had never done this before, but animal urges had taken over. He wanted to taste her. He put his hand up against her bare vagina, daring to slip a finger into her crease. She moaned, allowing him access, and he began to finger her. He loved the way his finger felt inside her, the smooth, wet, and venerable flesh of her organ.

He tuned her around now, laying her back onto the ground. He could smell her mustiness, which channeled an animalistic need in him to taste. They made eye contact as he fingered her. He was not quite good or talented, but so excited and so eager to please. He spread her wider, so he could see her moist pink lips in the moonlit field, he noticed her clitoris which was swollen and heavy. He bent down so his mouth was against her throbbing vagina. He licked her cease and then pushed farther licking her whole vagina with passion and enthusiasm. He licked up to her clitoris, licking at it with the fat wide part of his tongue, grasping it between his lips and sucking it before moving back down to her hole. She could feel the texture of his tongue inside of her

. Kim couldn’t take it anymore and brought his head up from her pussy to her face. His face was wet and smelled like her sex, but she kissed his fat lips anyways, the taste turning her on. She pushed her wet, naked body against his as she met his eyes. They were full of passionate anticipation. He wanted her so bad.

She pushed against his dick allowing him to guide himself to her aching entrance for the first time. They both gasped. He couldn’t believe he was on top of such a beautiful woman. He allowed his body weight to fall against her body as he pushed up inside her wet vagina. As he thrust inside her he thought about how tight and warm her pussy was. Her pussy was everything and more than he imagined when he was behind the barn. As he thrust he nibbled on her neck, sometimes using his teeth to bite her. He was so thick and large. She loved the feel of his broad back. She could feel the muscles in his back and butt contract with every inch he pushed in and out of her. She ran her fingers him from his shoulders to the small of his back to his tight ass, which was smooth yet muscular. He was breathing heavy, as was she.

She started to moan as they buckled back and forth in the grass. She felt his dick tickling her G-spot. She was getting too close for her comfort. She ran her fingers up through his hair, pulling it a bit before pushing him off of her.

He was confused for a slight second until he realized she was crawling on top of him. She put his no longer virgin dick inside her mouth for a moment, teasing him, before she crawled up and spread her thighs over his muscular body. She found his dick and eased herself down on his shaft. She started to move over it after she had taken him in fully. She started to ride it gently at first. After finding a good rhythm, she started to ride him faster and harder. His eyes met hers as they thrust together, him pushing his ass into the air to be deeper inside her as she pushed down on him. He pushed his mouth towards hers to kiss her passionately.

He loved the feeling of having his dick inside her vagina while his tongue was inside of his mouth filling her. He was overcome with the feeling to suck on her bouncing tits. Kim moaned again, her speed getting faster. Her rhythm grew harder as she was about to cum. She started to tighten up. His dick was curving to meet her vagina’s every need. She pushed faster and harder, gripping him between her thighs. The motion was like the ocean tide, eventually it overcame Kim and she drowned in her orgasm.

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