Karen’s Office Legshow

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I had only been working at the investment company for two months but I knew that everyone wanted to fuck Karen Milton in payroll. She was around 5ft 9 and a size 12 with a curvy figure and a 34DD bust. Karen always dressed smart to compliment her personality. She was intelligent and beautiful with shoulder length blond hair that she always wore up in a pony tail and she had an impeccable bronze tan. Her smooth bronze skin and blond hair provided an excellent contrast to her dark outfits she wore at the office. Karen’s blue eyes gave me insight into a soul that was both steadfast and bashful. Every time she walked past the desks the air filled with a subtle scent of her perfume and every hot blooded male on the floor would take a second glance. Fortunately, Karen often came to our row of workstations to ask my supervisor if she wanted to go downstairs for a coffee.

It was summertime and Karen had chosen to wear short business skirts cut slightly above the knee. The length of the skirt in itself was hardly provocative, that is to say it would not have been on most women but Karen had stopped wearing pantyhose because of the heat. I know most men prefer pantyhose but I never have because they don’t allow you to see the quality of woman’s skin tone. Karen had now afforded me the chance to observe her thorough beauty and I could no gaze at her athletic legs in the flesh. Karen’s calves had wonderful tone and they were golden tanned and perhaps the smoothest looking legs I had ever laid eyes on (she probably had them lasered). Her legs were so silky and taut that shined under light when she moved. To emphasise her best asset Karen had an extensive high heel collection that would have made Imelda Marcos jealous. Every day that week, Karen wore the same shoes into the office. They were my favourite style; black Italian stiletto pumps with a 5 inch heel, hardly the conservative shoe for the office but thankfully most women are now wearing them at work. The sight of her legs flexing with their flawless golden skin in those sexy black sophisticated stilettos always sent my heart into a flutter and my stomach into freefall.

I became obsessed with Karen’s legs and made each day’s priority to leave the office at lunchtime when she did so that I could follow her down the street and into the food courts. My eyes were transfixed on her legs as she cruised around the town striding in her high heels. My groin would ache as I imagined being able to stroke her silky bare legs in those high heels. I soon progressed to fantasies about pleasuring myself to the point of relief using Karen’s legs.

My most common fantasy was to be on a bed with Karen with her lying face down wearing only her blouse, white lace G-string and black stilettos. I stroke her legs starting at the base of her perfectly round ass (she had an ass and legs like the porn casino siteleri star Ryan Conner) from there I move my hands down the back of her shapely silky soft thighs to the backs of her knees before sliding the back of my hands along her supple smooth calves. Blood pounds into my penis and I pull off my shoes, socks and trousers before straddling Karen’s legs wearing only my under briefs. I release my turgid cock from its cotton prison as it throbs in anticipation of making contact with Karen’s legs. I slowly lower myself until my penis reaches its long dreamed of destination. As soon as my penis and scrotum come to rest on the soft flesh of Karen’s legs a tantalizing electric bolt of sensual pleasure shoots through my penis around my balls and into my very core. I begin to shunt myself back and forth, gliding the underside of my cock along the backs of Karen’s perfect silky legs. I become totally absorbed in silken leggy bliss when I begin to feel my balls tighten against her ankles where her Achilles heels meet the cool black leather heels of her stilettos.

Hot semen begins to exchange and flow from my balls and rob up the length of my cock. I’m on the final approach to climax, kneading my hands into the backs of Karen’s thighs and stroking my penis into the cleft between Karen’s calves. For a legman like me this is the ultimate sexual encounter of my life. My head pounds and my vision goes into a blur as the silky sensation of Karen’s taut calves coax the underside of my helmet to trembling eruption. “Oooh…arrgh…arrghhh…oh m’god …uhh!” I moan uncontrollably in depraved pleasure as hot semen gushes and spurts from the end of my engorged cock. My orgasm goes on it seems, forever and I nearly pass out as my sperm splatters onto the back of Karen’s legs. I slowly come out of my orgasmic stupor as the pleasure panging in my head ebbs away and my heart rate starts to fall. My cock is still twitching trying to fire more spunk but my balls are spent and have unloaded my biggest ejaculation of all time. I look down to observe the aftermath of my indulgence. Karen’s thighs are covered in streaks of semen, my spunk is strewn all over Karen’s taut supple calves, and even her stilettos have globs of translucent jizz sliding on the black leather. I look at the mess I have made of Karen’s legs and imagine her walking through the office wearing her heels with my spunk left on her legs to drip and ooze all over her shapely pins before draining down into her sexy pumps.

This fantasy urged me to take pictures of Karen’s legs and high heels using my mobile phone. After a couple pf weeks I was compiling quite collection and spent endless nights jerking myself off to images of her smooth bare legs. Karen had legs like a tennis player. If you can image Nicole Valdisova the Czech tennis player wearing a business skirt and black canlı casino Italian stiletto pumps you would be pretty close to Karen’s leg description.

After standing behind Karen in the copy room while she bent over to out A4 paper in the copier machine, I had to dash to the Men’s toilet to relive myself. I jerked my cock to the memory of her tight ass and bare smooth legs all on view, accentuated by her black stiletto pumps as she bent over in her short tight skirt.

Karen was out of my league but I yearned to have sexual contact with her. I was getting pathetic and desperate with urges and losing control whenever I thought about Karen. I would imagine asking Karen some of the following questions:

“How could you wear that skirt and those shoes into an office? How did you know not to wear pantyhose? Don’t you know how good your legs are? Can’t you see that your legs have perfect skin tone and your silky lithe legs give all your male colleagues boners?”

My daydreaming was affecting my ability to work with many an afternoon spent remembering the images of Karen I captured during the lunch hour. One week, I got into the routine of staying back in the office late to catch up on things. On a Tuesday night I was in the office as late as 9 pm and I was the only person left on my floor. I got up from my desk and walked around the floor to stretch my legs and found myself walking past Karen’s glass partitioned office. I looked around the office floor to make sure I really was alone and entered the room. As I walked around the back of Karen’s desk I swung the back the swivel chair out of my way and right before I was faced with Karen’s black high heel pumps. They were lying on the floor just as Karen would have kicked them off before leaving the office that night.

I knelt down and picked up one of Karen’s shoes. They had beige coloured soles with size 8 on display. The inside of her shoes were light purple leather with ‘Bally’ written in gold stencil along the arch. I lifted the shoes up to my nose, burying my face in each one and inhaling deeply. An aroma of leather and a hint of perfume filled my senses. I reminded myself that these same shoes would be place on Karen’s feet the next morning and would enhance her legs with every step she took in them. My heart started pounding and my cock began to rise instantly. Without thinking, I unzipped my suit trousers and released my erect cock. I squashed my cock into Karen’s shoes and rubbed my cock along the soft leather smearing each shoe with my precum. I put the shoes back on the floor behind Karen’s desk and wanked myself off to a frenzy. At the point of Cumming a moments hesitation entered my conscience, “This is wrong and what if Karen discovers what I’ve done, will my cum come of her shoes afterwards?” My cook regained control of decision making as bolt of kaçak casino hot runny semen rained on to the floor and into the black leather of Karen’s shoes. I squeezed the last few drops of cum into her shoes, watching the white translucent globs run over the ‘Bally’ logo and down the purple leather of the foot arch into each toe well of her shoes.

I got myself together and tucked my spent cock away before reaching for a box of tissues on Karen’s desk to clean up the evidence.

When I left the office I vowed I would never do such a thing again. I was paranoid, “What if there was a secret camera in the office nobody knew about? What if Karen could tell somebody had been paying with her shoes?”

The next day I saw Karen walking through the corridor in the same shoes I baptised with my seed the night before, it was a very erotic moment as I associated Karen in her shoes with last nights caper.

Two nights later that week, when everyone had left the office for Thursday late night shopping, I found myself in Karen’s office once again hunting her stilettos. They were in the same place she left them on Tuesday. I repeated the procedure and stroked my cock furiously to another shattering orgasm. The guilt of my previous actions kept me from masturbating for 48 hours so this time a copious amount of semen caked Karen’s stilettos. If I kept this up each night her shoes would soon stink of jizz and would fall apart at the seems.

The kinkiness of the situation made me dare myself to leave my sperm on Karen’s shoes to dry off overnight. This one hell of a risk but I wanted my semen to contact Karen’s flesh anyway possible. That night, I prayed that my spunk would dry off in time before the morning.

The next day, being a Friday, was the day when everyone went to team lunches. I coincidentally, entered the same elevator as Karen’s team. Karen was there and I saw her wearing the Bally pumps which this morning featured a whitish scuff and each one. Karen, oblivious to my leering was talking to her girlfriends about their weekend plans. Her girlfriend remarked “Do your feet hurt you in those shoes?”

Karen answered “No, I love these shoes, but they’ve got really dirty somehow, I must have walked through something yesterday at lunch.”

“You better buy another pair Karen…where are you going now anyway?” Her friend then joked.

“I’m getting my legs lasered again, I want to make sure they’re super smooth for my sister’s wedding next week” Karen explained.

After the elevator doors slid open on ground floor I followed Karen through the lobby and rotating doors talking in as much of her claves flexing those sperm marinated heels before detouring to the nearest McDonalds rest room to relieve myself in a cubicle. I jerked away to the mental image of Karen getting her legs pampered and serviced in preparation for an event when she’d want to make the guys happy and the knowledge she was wearing her stilettos caked in my sperm with complete ignorance of the fact had me once again spewing my ball batter into the pan of the toilet.

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