Just an Older Dude Ch. 01

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Where to begin? I guess I’ll start at the present and when you’ve got some facts, I can back up a little. Then you should be right up to date.

I’d just hopped into bed… alone… as usual, and jerked off while watching a porno flick with several good-lookin’ babes fucking and sucking everything in sight.

Despite the array of smoldering flesh on my TV screen, I found myself closing my eyes and conjuring up the cute little waitress at the restaurant where I’d had dinner.

This then is the life of a fifty-one year old divorced male, forced to live by his wits since the ex got half of everything I’d owned at the time we headed down the splitsville highway.

I mentioned living by my wits for a reason. To supplement my meager income, I had turned the basement of my abode (Yeah, she left me that much, thinking it wasn’t worth taking given how the values were plummeting at the time.) into a virtual jungle in which I was growing a very nice crop of, well call it by any name you want: Bhang – Ganja – Giggleweed – Mary Jane – Loco Weed – Mexican Green – Nug – Panama Red – Puff, or Roach among the hundred or so names Marijuana is called around the world.

And, if you’re interested, I do sample my crop, perhaps a little too much for my own good. Which almost brings me up to the present… well, yesterday, anyway, and the petite young waitress I jerked off thinking about last night.

You see, by way of a tip, I had slipped the young lady a tightly rolled joint which she readily accepted. I had thought for a moment that she was about to bestow a kiss on my weathered brow, but she didn’t. As a note to the younger readers here… we old fogies’ still can get it up, and we harbor the same sinister thoughts about the opposite sex you do. Is that a surprise? If it is, you’re dumber than dog shit, pardon the expression.

Anyway, there I was meandering along the street on a hot July afternoon after finishing a small lunch at a nearby Taco stand, when one of those tiny Italian cars pulled up alongside me, and who should pop the hell out but the petite waitress from the night before.

“Hi, Mister!” she chirped.

“Hi yourself,” I said, not breaking stride.

“You, um, wouldn’t have another one of those um, funny cigarettes would’ja?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I say, looking her right in the eye. I wanted to look at her tits, but I know from experience women don’t like guys looking there, at least not right off.

“Sure you do,” she replied. “You tipped me with a giant roach last night. I’m just wondering if I could buy another one or two. I got some dough, ray, and me. So… how much?”

“You a cop?” I say.

“You kidding? Of course not.”

“I’ll tell you and whoever’s listening in that I’m totally clean. I don’t have any of whatever it is you’re looking for.”

She rolled her eyes and feigned being exasperated with me.

I used the opportunity to check out her tits. First off, she wasn’t wearing a bra. I gave her points for that while taking in the neat swell of her breasts under the tube top she wore.

A second perusal allowed me to note the way her nipples were straining to claw their way through the flimsy material of the top. She caught me staring and there went my further enjoyment of assessing her twins as she crossed her arms over them, shielding them from view.

“Sorry,” I say by way of apologizing.

“It’s all right, all the guys stare. I’m used to it.”

“They’re very nice,” I say.

“Thank you, it’s nice to hear a guy actually compliment them.”

“They’re certainly complementable.”

“Is that a real word?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes when I say what I think it turns into a new word.”

“You’re a funny guy,” she said.

“And you’re a very cute girl.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you,” I said right back at her.

“So you gonna sell me some Ganja?”

“Let’s say I do. Then ten minutes later you’ll be trading me into the local law enforcement to get your cute little ass off the hook.”

“I won’t!”

“You won’t what? Get caught with weed on your person? Or you won’t turn me in?”

“Look, I don’t know who you are or where you live. How am I gonna rat you out?”

“You obviously know I live nearby. You know where I eat dinner a couple times a week….”

“C’mon Mister, sell me some…”

“What’s your name?”


Trying to be funny, I say, “Mona Lott?”

“Jeez, you think I haven’t heard that fuckin’ lame joke all my life?”

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” I said, meaning it.

“S okay,” casino oyna Mona said. “What’s yours?”

“People call me Ned.”

“Gee, I never met anyone with that name before,” Mona said.

“Always a first time. It’s really a small world if you think about it.”

“I guess,” she said, seeming to reflect on what I’d said, and let her arms drop to her side.

We stood there, and my eyes feasted on those nipples poking out at the tank top material, wondering if she were using her feminine wiles on me. If she was, it was working.

“So I guess I see you back at the restaurant,” she said and turned to head back to her Italian wheels.



“Drive around the block.”

“Okay,” she said, not bothering to ask why.

That sealed the deal. I waited as she drove off and was in just about the same spot when she finished circling the block. I’d seen no other activity during that brief time and figured she was clean… for the moment.

She pulled to the curb next to where I stood.

“I’m getting in the car, Mona. You can take me home.”

“Okay,” she replied meekly. “Where too”

I told her and we pulled into my driveway a minute later.

“Wait,” I said, getting out and opening the front door and then hurrying into the garage and opening the garage door and waved her in. Once inside, I took my eyes off her tits and checked the rest of her out.

Look, she already had me with her youth and vivaciousness. Mona was wearing the aforementioned tank top, a pair of white short, shorts, which I had always considered one of God’s gift’s to mankind and a pair of tennis shoes. Have I mentioned her hair? No? Well she was a brunette, I guess. But with all the time she spent in the sun bleaching it I could have called her a dirty blonde.

Mona revealed her nervousness at being in my abode, saying she hadn’t meant to hassle me for the dope, but had just assumed I’d sell her more, given that I’d handed her some for free the night before.

“You do have some more don’t you?” she asked nervously.

I nodded, and she appeared to calm down.

“So,” she said, opening a new level of conversation, “just how old are you?”

“I’m old enough to be your father, that old enough?”

“Ugh, maybe too old,” she said in reply.

“Too old for what, Mona?”


“You asked my age then said I was too old.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Okay, so how old are you?”

“Nineteen, why?”

“Could be younger, you ask me,” I says.

“Well, I’m not. I’m a sophomore at the local community college.”

“Majoring in what?”

“I don’t have one. I need to take some remedial courses before I can settle on a major. But I hope to get a degree in math. I might try my hand at engineering some day.”

“Good luck to you in that endeavor,” I said. “And I apologize for being so damned overbearing earlier. I’m kinda paranoid about who I sell too, with all the law enforcement around here.”

“Oh, yeah, I understand, Ned.”

I liked that she taken the opportunity to use my name in the conversation, and excused myself to procure some of the desired weed Mona wanted.

When I returned she was still standing where I’d left her. Points for Mona.

I cued the CD player to something we both might agree on music-wise and handed her a giant-sized joint the likes of which I knew she’d never seen unless she’d watched a Cheech and Chong video somewhere along the line.

We smoked some, talked some… about her, about me. I learned about her boyfriend Dennis.

She learned that I am divorced and live alone. I told her a couple of dirty jokes and Mona told me one even rawer than mine. I began to appreciate her more and more.

Mona appeared to be totally relaxed at this point. She curled her legs up under her the way women tend to do, although how they consider it comfortable I’ll never understand. But it did provide me with a better view of her ass, which I will admit was of the finest quality. (I’m smoking some of my stuff as I write this and getting a wonderful woody recalling that first gander at her posterior.)

I’m starting to fantasize us in bed with our arms and legs entangled as we got high, when out of the blue Mona tells me she wishes she had thought to bring her bong along.

“No problem,” I say.

“Huh?” She says right back, to which I reply, “I’ll be your bong, baby.”

She laughed at that, I join her, and then say, “But I’m serious, Mona. You want a bong?”

“Yeah, I’d love…”

I take a deep drag from my Cheech and Chong canlı casino and motion her closer. When she moves in, I said, “Open your mouth, Mona,” and then covered her mouth with mine and exhaled. She didn’t need any other instructions; inhaling as I let the smoke fumes go into her mouth.

I remember how wide her eyes got before she backed away and exhaled.

“Oh, man!” she croaked, and leaned her head back on the couch we were sitting on. The very sound of sex seems to be dripping from her voice. There is a stirring in my pants, Oh, ho, I tell myself, the snake’s waking up.

I hop off the couch and ramble into the kitchen to get us a couple sodas.

“Have a Dr. Pepper, Mona,” I say.

“Oh, thanks,” she says opening her eyes and taking the can then gulping down a couple swallows.

“Want another hit?”

“Um, sure, Ned!” I hear her say.

I relight the roach, take a big hit and move over to her. Mona leaned her head back and opened her mouth. I covered her mouth with mine and let it flow into her lungs. . Then while Mona’s holding the ganja in, I start licking her lips with my tongue.

Her eyes open wide but then close as she starts to exhale through her nose. I continue my exploration of her mouth with my tongue and her tongue now comes to meet mine. I break the kiss and say, “That was nice. Want another one?”

“Um, I’m really stoned, honey… no more hits for me. But… I wouldn’t mind another kiss or two.”

Her mouth opened wide as my tongue slipped between her lips. Her arms were suddenly around my neck and I felt her thighs move apart. We continued making out with me moving a hand up the side of her body and lightly rubbing the palm over her exposed belly.

On hearing her moan appreciatively, I started opening the buttons on her shorts, and meeting little to no resistance, I began licking her earlobe then her neck.

Other than the moan, she hadn’t made a peep, and so I sent a hand under the tank top and felt her breast. Mona’s nipple was rock hard when I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger.

“Mmmm,” she says, breathing faster. “Let me help you.”

That said, she doffed the top and pulled my face down to her lovely tits. As I lovingly slobbered all over them, my hand dropped to her thigh, her legs parted, and taking that as permission for further exploration, I hurriedly fumbled the buttons.

As my fingers stroked her sex through the thin material of her red panties, I thought the girl might go insane. She started kissing me, shamelessly sucking my tongue, licking my face, tonguing my ears and finally stroking the bulge in my lap.

I worked a finger under the elastic of her panties and wormed it into her sopping snatch. A second later, Mona wriggled frantically, practically impaling herself on my probing finger while she struggled to free my wang.

“You’re fuckin’ huge!” she gasped after freeing my dick from its confinement.

I was adding a second finger to her snatch and to distract her I say, “Just average,” and waited to see if she’d call me on it.

“I dunno, I seen average. You’re kinda big, in that department, Ned.”

“You really think so?”

“I haven’t seen that many dicks, but you top those I have.”

“Wanna lose those panties, Mona, I can work better that way?”

“Sure thing,” she said, shucking them off and tossing them half way across the room. We’ll have trouble finding them later, but for the moment, we’re lost in our mutual lust.

I start squeezing and rubbing her labia in a kind of circular motion, while Mona begins stroking my dick. I move on to finger-fucking her, going slow, even kissing her a couple times which she seems to like cause her tongue is skittering all over my mouth.

I take a second to memorize her tits. I try to do this so as to compare them when jerking off days later. Anyway, her nipples are about the size of quarters and much darker than her skin. They are like strawberries on her pear-shaped boobs. Maybe I’m getting too fruity in my descriptions, I don’t know, but that’s how they seemed to me at the time.

She’s concentrating on my schlong, raking her nails along its length and tickling my balls with her other hand, while I move lower and French her navel, making farting sounds that get her giggling inanely.

I’m into it now, no telling how much the weed has affected us, but I’m thankful for any favors it decided to bestow on us, and start licking my way through her pubic hair. Yeah, this babe hasn’t even trimmed the old bush. Must be a throw-back to my formative years. And I appreciate her all the more.

Oh, kaçak casino the hair… it’s a darker shade that that on her head, but still a nice light brown. So she doesn’t sun-bathe in the nude, big deal, she’s only nineteen.

I get her going by placing both hands on her mound and rubbing back and forth in opposite directions, trying to create some friction. I spread the lips of her pussy and lick up and down her slit. Mona seizes up, doesn’t move or make a sound. I lick up and search for her clitoris while reinserting my fingers and jabbing slowly away at her.

She’s not as tight as I had imagined and I figure she can handle my dick easily enough. Her clit comes out of hiding and she’s breathing heavily already, but when my tongue glides over her little love nub, she starts panting like a fish out of water.

“Do you want me to stop?” I say, more from concern than anything else.

“No! Don’t you dare!” she says. “My boyfriend has never done this!”

So I spread her a little wider and begin sucking as much of her mound into my mouth as I could. With my other hand I spread her pussy lips then sucked away at her clit.

After a minute or so of this, I ask if she’s close to cumming.

Dazed, Mona says, “Huh?”

“I want you to cum for me, Mona. Help me help you get off.”

And I go back to licking and sucking.

Suddenly she’s screaming, “Yes! Yes! Eat me! Oh, I’m gonna cum! Oh, I’m gonna…YESSSSSSS!”

I don’t stop what I’m doing to her, which is sucking on her clit and fingering her pussy.

Finally, I take my mouth off her clit and whisper, “Come on, Mona, get off again baby.”

Mona’s hips are leaping off the couch from her efforts in pushing back against my fingers. Suddenly she reached out and grabbed my head and mashed my face into her snatch.

I take as much of her mound in my mouth as I can and suck hard.


I’m pleased no end with myself, knowing this young thing will be popping in on me for some time to come before we part ways. I give those pretty tits a working over and then start kissing her hard enough to take her breath away.

Maybe five minutes later we’re both laying there panting when I smile at her and ask, “Well, how was that?”

“Uh… unfuckinbelievable is what is was, she wheezed.

“Guess what?”


“We ain’t done the deed yet!”

“God, you’re turning me on again!”

“Exactly what I had in mind.”

“Please! Don’t tease me, fuck me!” ________________________________________

Forty-five minutes later we’d fucked two times and I was finished for the night. Mona was more than happy.

“That was wonderful, no shit. It… it was the best I’ve ever had with anyone. My boyfriend slams the hell out of me and then he’s snoring from the effort. Sometimes I get off, sometimes I don’t and finish myself… you know….”

Mona held her hand up to my face to show me what she meant.

“He won’t go down on you either,” I add to bolster my position at the top of her fuck buddy list.

She looked at me and made a face. “He won’t do it ’cause he says I smell and he doesn’t want to get any pubic hair in his mouth.”

“He ask you to shave?” I said, already guessing what her answer would be.

“Yeah! He keeps askin’. What’s that about? Does he want a woman or a baby?”



“I doubt he’d do it if you shaved. He’s not the type to go down on a girl’s pussy. It’s just that some guys will, some won’t.”

She pondered this for a moment, and then said, “Kinda like swallowing after a blowjob, right?”


Mona slid closer and then kissed me on the lips, sucking the lower one for a time then darting her pink tongue into my mouth for some exploratory extra-curricular marks.

“Can we….”

“Not tonight, Mona. However, my sturdy dick will be at the ready tomorrow morning if you happen by.”

“Even if we smoke another of your cigars?”

“Can’t send you home like that, Mona. It’s against my principals, which I should tell you, aren’t all that high.”

She laughed and gave my dick a playful squeeze. It was still curled up in the fetus position, sleeping peacefully.

Mona nodded in understanding. “My boy friend also has that problem when he gets to drunk. I could work him for hours, but all’s I get is a wet noodle. He just refuses to get hard.”

“Next time we’ll fuck first then I’ll eat you up, and then we’ll fuck again. How’s that sound?”

Sounds like a date. Tomorrow, say around ten?”

“Make that eleven and you’ve got a date.”

She kissed me again and gave my dick another squeeze and put her clothes back on.

I gave her a playful swat on the ass and sent her home. All in all it had been a great day.

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