Joey Takes a Chance

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This is a play on a fantasy story of a friend of mine – she is as straight as they come usually, though the purchase of her own place and a little crazy phase, led to a dropped hint that her nights in were not always so lonely or dull. Her other preferences are all perfectly true.


Finally having my own flat was liberating in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I had spent too many years still living with my folks, spending my money on some heavy partying in town. Never short of a drink or a new accessory, I had a great time.

Not wishing to blow my own trumpet, but I was never short of attention either. Trouble was, that at 28 years old it was fine to have the confidence to pull or be pulled on a night out, but it was always back to their place with a phone call to the folks to say I was alright as I went. It rather spoiled the moment. And hey, I didn’t always want to hit a home run on the first date, so a follow up meeting would still have to be back to their place.

I took the plunge about a year ago. It was something I really wanted to do before getting serious with somebody and doing the family thing. A one bed flat, new build was great. It took no time to get it how I wanted it, comfortable and inviting, and after a few weeks I was back on the town, ready to exploit my new freedom.

Let me explain a little about me first. Okay, looks I know you want. I’m a good medium height, very dark brunette with long hair framing a pretty face so I’m told. I’ve a good figure as I spend a little time in the gym most evenings after work. It helps get rid of the stress of the day and well, you never know who you might meet.

My pert bum and flat stomach are let down by my boobs, which are just an A-cup capped with decent size and very sensitive nipples. I guess this is where my reluctance to show my body comes from. I am incredibly bubbly and confident on the outside, a bit wild when I have had a drink and have a healthy sexual appetite, but I really don’t like to blatantly display my body.

This manifests itself with how I am in the bedroom. I am actually quite submissive and end up giving rather than receiving as I get so self conscious if I’m being looked at. In particular I really don’t like anyone going down on me, though I love blowing cock and taking a mouthful of cum. And yes, I always swallow.

Over the first few months in the flat I really let my hair down. A bit of porn was never far from the DVD, inspiring me to some of my dirty nights. I reckon on having had perhaps ten or twelve guys back to my place. Every one of them left a load or two in my stomach or my pussy. I developed quite a taste for married men, so that I wouldn’t have to see them again unless I wanted to.

I even had a night with two at once. That was great, as I ended up on my knees with two really nice Scandinavian cocks forcing themselves into my mouth at once and eventually unloading over me. God I loved it. Needless to say, the fucking I got that night was awesome. That is another tale though.

All of this was quite a contrast to my day to day existence as a professional women working in a managerial hospital post. I often wondered what the other staff would think if they ever saw me being so royally used by men old and young, without any intention of seeing them again. I suppose that was part of the whole turn on.

However, not even I could have anticipated what I would be doing last weekend.

I was up on the dancefloor at my favourite club, as usual showing off and dancing with loads of hopeful guys and other girls showing themselves off to the throng. One particular girl was suddenly pretty obvious to me, as she seemed to keep catching my eye and smiling. I do this all the time myself, simply because I am a happy clubber, so thought nothing of it other than to notice her.

Taking a break from the dancing and grabbing a drink at the bar, she was suddenly next to me and starting a conversation. It was something totally normal like ‘Hi I’m Zoë – you are a really great dancer’. I introduced myself to her and soon we were chatting and laughing like old friends.

She was 24, an arts graduate now working as a PA for some big time exec. You could see how she would suit the role, well-spoken and articulate and not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Zoë had dark hair cut in a long bob style, olive complexion that could easily pass for Mediterranean origin. She was a little taller than me with an elegant figure and modest bust, which I enviously reckoned to be about a B cup. She was dressed in a tiny blue strappy number, with a pair of beautiful heals.

It would have been easy to have been intimidated by her good looks, but the warmth of her personality was instantly obvious and the conversation a pleasure. My other friends had called it a night but I stayed on and enjoyed a couple more dances and a drink with Zoë. She was really getting hit on, but seemed to be not in the least bit tempted by even the cutest guys, preferring casino siteleri to continue our fun. I never thought to wonder why.

By the end of the night and having passed up the chance of taking some guy back for some fun, I suggested that Zoë and I go back to my place for a coffee and chat. She eagerly accepted, saying she would love to see what my flat was like.

Propped against the sofa, shoes kicked off, mugs and brandies in hand the conversation swung round to boyfriends. She quizzed me on my situation and emboldened with drink I let slip that I had been anything other than saintly since moving in. It took me back when she said that she had guessed as much from my DVD collection that she had scanned through while I had been making the coffee. Apparently the unmarked boxes had been the giveaway – I nearly died with embarrassment.

As I blurted out some sort of crap excuse, she just laughed and said ‘Hey Joey, I use them all the time myself, and believe me, my titles are much worse than those tame things!’ We burst out laughing. ‘A girl needs relief…’ she added.

I asked her how she got her relief then, meaning to find out her boy exploits, but she simply replied with ‘Any way I can get it…’ before scooting across the floor to put choose a DVD.

‘Let’s see what you have got here then – anything decent?’ She picked one out that was just a general fucking one, M/F mostly, the odd bit of interracial and a couple of group scenes. This was pretty mainstream stuff, though I always chose films with attractive girls – I’m just not into plastic fantastic.

After some typical girly giggling and laughing at the scenes, we sort of settled into actually watching the DVD, something I had not done with anyone else since a boyfriend used to use them to warm me up when I was 18 or 19 and he wanted to try something new. I was actually getting really turned on and frustrated that I simply couldn’t bring myself off there and then. It was strange to be sat there with another woman in the room, especially one that was as absorbed by them as Zoë seemed to be.

Then the comments and the questions began to get more personal, more intimate, more sexual. At first it was simple stuff like ‘Isn’t she pretty?’, then it became the questions like ‘Do you enjoy that?’ and eventually ‘Would you like to have a go at that?’ Strangely I didn’t mind the questions or the revealing of my innermost desires to Zoë. I guess my new freedom extended to this openness, and after all I wasn’t sure I would see her again after tonight, though already I was hoping I would.

Eventually we came to a threesome scene, one with two girls and a guy. She asked if I had ever had a three-way, which of course I had. For the first time I revealed my secret that I had, but gave no details of the permutation or that I had been completely submissive and really just taken by the two guys, pretty much a sperm receptacle for their lust.

I asked her if she had. I was dumbstruck by the answer. ‘That is how I got into girls in the first place Joey’. She clearly registered my shock at her revelation. ‘Didn’t you realise? Here was me thinking it is pretty obvious, though I guess you could describe me as bi, but I tend to prefer girls nowadays. You never have had a thing with a girl before then?’

I replied with something stupid like ‘But you don’t look like that, you know…err, no I haven’t…’ I trailed off as I realised how lame my comment was. By now the scene was in full swing on the TV, with the two girls as much into each other as the guy.

‘I thought every girl was supposed to have thought about doing it with another girl Joey – come on you must have.’ She was smiling at me so disarmingly and perhaps the freedoms of the flat told me that there was no need to cover up anything.

‘Well I guess so – I suppose that is why I like pretty girls on my DVD’s. Come to think about it I quite like messing around in nightclubs, but I’ve never even kissed a girl properly before. What about you then, how far have you gone?’ I was excited at the prospect of her answer. Suddenly she appeared even more exotic that before, different and exciting. ‘Joey, I have done everything those girls on the screen are doing. It is fantastic. I just love the softer feel of a girl in my arms, though that is not to say things don’t get pretty dirty sometimes. Why haven’t you tried it – you seem pretty open-minded to me?’

‘I have never really had the offer and never been short of guys when I have needed one to sort the urges out, and in emergencies there is always my toy collection’ I admitted, suddenly starting to realise the possibilities facing me. Indeed her hand was idly playing around in her lap, the sound of the DVD mixing with our secrets to create a potent mix to the senses.

‘I guess I have to ask if you would like to…’ she teased.

Still a little unsure I admitted as much. Then it started to dawn on me. Nobody I knew was a friend of Zoë’s, nobody knew canlı casino she was here and what would they think anyway, just a girly sleepover? I really had not given any real credence to thoughts of being other girls, other than the odd threesome fantasy. But now it was clear that I could try something so different if I wanted to.

‘I wouldn’t know what to do Zoë, and anyway am I your type?’

‘Are you kidding, you are gorgeous!’ she insisted, ‘Why do you think I came over to chat?’ Her hand came out and held my face. She kissed me so passionately but so gently I felt like a teenager all over again, experiencing a new kind of loving. Before long her hands were wandering, sometimes carrying mine with them, her lips trailed down my neck and planted sweet kisses on it and my shoulders. My breathing was rapid, interspersed with little gasps and moans.

All of a sudden she stood up and made me do the same. She peeled her dress over her head and was left standing in just a pair of black lacy knickers shorts, beautifully complimenting her dark skin. I had only a moment to take in the view before she reached out and lifted my dress off my shoulders, before letting it fall to the floor. I had no time to think of my inhibitions. I think she realised that and was acting swiftly to stop my nerves getting the better of me, though to be quite honest I could think of little but desire at this moment. I was shaking with the excitement of the situation.

She gently turned me round and undid my bra, sweeping her hands round to the front and cupping my breasts as she kissed my neck. It was heaven. My back arched back towards her as her hands roamed over my chest, my nipples fit to burst as she brushed over them. I’m sure I heard her gasp herself. My own hands were involuntarily reaching back to touch her, anywhere, just to touch her. I could feel her breasts pushing into my back, the first time I had ever been in contact with another girl’s tits.

I had to see and feel more, and spun round to face her. I looked down at those gorgeous tits, her nipples as hard as my own. As if she had read my mind, she took my hand and brought it up to touch them. It seemed so natural to touch them, so soft and so responsive. They felt so full compared to mine, yet with the firmness of a young woman. When I explored them gently, it was so gratifying to see her throw her head back as I found her turn on’s.

Her head came forward and once again we were locked in a passionate kiss. It was only now that I became aware of the feint but obvious smell of female sex. It was coming from both of us, each turned on by the situation and what we had been watching earlier. This was a true aphrodisiac. Suddenly she broke from the kiss, but only to stoop down and kiss me on my breast, her tongue then tracing round to a nipple then straightaway trailing down further.

Her fingers were looped in my knicker sides and slid them down without any consultation before coming back up to kiss me hard on the lips. Then for the first time in a few minutes one of us spoke. ‘Take mine off now Joey. Show me that you want this as much as I do.’ She had been leading up until now and this was to be my act of consent. I dropped to my knees, a position I was quite happy in, but that usually led to me taking a cock in my mouth a few seconds later…

I was not going to pull back now. I kissed her beautiful flat stomach then eased her knickers down. The smell was strong, her arousal every bit as clear as mine. Different to my landing strip styling down there, her pussy was trimmed, but dark and full and I could see that the hair around her opening was soaking wet. It was at this moment I was stuck – I really didn’t know what to do next.

I stood up and whispered to her ‘Show me what to do next…’ She pushed me gently back onto the sofa, standing over, the very picture of some fantasy character, hands on hips, her strong figure towering over me.

‘It would be my pleasure – mind my words, I am going to make you cum better than you have ever done before Joey. Then I am going to fuck you all night and you are going to do the same for me.’ I believed her. She knelt between my splayed legs, leant forward and kissed me again. Now I could feel the weight of her body on me, feel its warmth and it was beautiful.

Her hands began a dance across my body, her head sliding around on my chest, teasing breasts and nipples, stomach and then lower. Her hair sliding across my skin felt heavenly and soft. For the first time in so long I was happy to be openly on display, as she descended to taste my pussy.

Her first kisses were to my inner thighs. I held my breath as she cast her own breath across my shaven lower lips and positively gushed as her tongue danced gently across my sopping pussy. Her purrs of appreciation were drowned out by my gasping for breath as the unbelievable sensations overcame my senses. Her tongue scraped firmly but so considerately along the length of my slit, playing on kaçak casino my engorged clit sending my mind into a whirl.

Zoë continued her stimulation, introducing her fingers to the equation. At first I could just feel her searching and stroking, beautifully complimenting her oral work that was now becoming more urgent and intense. Suddenly as I slipped further under her wonderful spell, I felt one of her fingers gently pushing at my ass, easily gaining access without a conscious acceptance from me, thanks to the juices now flowing freely from my pussy. Not really a fan of anal sex, it was unusual for me to let this happen unchallenged – but why should I challenge such a fantastic feeling?

I rolled my head back, closed my eyes and let the feeling just wash over me. It was like I could see every swish of her tongue, every probe of her fingers, from behind even closed eyes, such was the intensity of the feelings she was giving to me. She was really concentrating on my clit now, gentle flicks occasionally interspersed with a pressing tongue. I felt her finger now deeper in my ass, pressing on the thin membrane between my two passages. She was both gentle and firm at the same time – it was incredible.

Within minutes I could hold back no more and with hands clawing through her beautiful hair, I came, as she had promised, like never before. She crawled up my body as I lay there gasping for breath. She held my face and kissed me so passionately, exactly what I needed in that moment.

I could feel her pussy hair rubbing against the top of my thigh and over my own. It was wet. It was obvious that she still needed my attention and I was now filled with a determination to show her just how good I could make her feel. As an expert cock sucker, I felt confident that I could show her a trick or two of my own.

‘On your back Zoë’ I commanded. Knowing what was coming, she did so eagerly.

She had propped herself up so she could watch my ministrations. ‘I want to watch you taste your first pussy Joey – I want to take that virginity now’. I ran a finger down through her soaking wet slit and located the entrance to her vagina. As I had gone out earlier that evening, could I ever have imagined that this is how I would be spending the wee small hours of the morning?

I wound two fingers together and slid them knuckle deep into her. Her moan was a clear indication of her desire and made me eager to continue. It was now or never and her hips urging themselves towards me told me it was definitely now. I descended and took my first taste. It was actually quite familiar; after all I had tasted myself often enough. ‘That’s it Joey, taste a woman, take it all in – now make me cum like I did for you’ she uttered through clenched teeth.

There was no shame in this – after all, who would ever know that I was now as keen a pussy licker as I was a cock sucker? I started to wonder if my friends had pussies that looked liked Zoë’s, whether they would enjoy this same treatment, or even if secretly some of them had already tried it…

Eventually Zoë’s head went back and she started to lose herself in the ecstasy of her approaching orgasm. I was not going to make it that easy for her though. I wanted her to change position – ‘Get on your knees over the side of the sofa Zoë’. Initially there was a look of confusion on her face. Then she got it. She knelt on the floor, her front laid across the seat of the sofa. This exposed her to me as if on all fours, her ass up in the air slightly, offering me her pussy lips, and asshole in one gorgeous view.

I began to dig with my tongue into her pussy, clamping my mouth to her, my nose rubbing her ass. It also gave me the opportunity to reach round and squeeze my hands over her gorgeous tits. I had a great hold on her. But quickly I wanted to do something kinkier, more submissive and more in keeping with how I liked my sexual encounters. My hands came back up and onto her ass cheeks, pulling at them to expose her hole more lewdly.

At this point she started to squirm slightly perhaps guessing my intentions. My tongue then rasped up from her sodden lips to her ass, soaking the hole itself. I then started to rim her so forcefully it pushed her hard into the cushion. She reached back and began to rub her clit with one had and pull at her ass cheek with the other as if trying to open herself up still further to me.

I withdrew my fingers from her pussy, soaked in her juices and girl cum. I was amazed that I could create such a reaction in another woman. It was too much of a temptation not to take them in my mouth and clean them off, a gorgeous and kinky act that summed up the daring nature of the night and my actions.

This took just a moment before I plunged them in once again, lubricating them for my next move. Her moans were accompanied by words of encouragement, utterings of approval and disbelief. I withdrew them again before placing them at the entrance to her ass and pushing them firmly in. She almost flipped. No sooner had I begun to slide them in and out, marvelling at the way I could stretch her opening to take both fingers, than her fingers went crazy on her clit, bringing her orgasm to a massive and urgent close.

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