Jenn: Mutual feelings

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It was Sunday afternoon, the sun streaming through the bedroom window keeping the room bright and warm. We had finished another session of slow sensuous love making, napped for a bit, and then I had gotten up to use the bathroom. Returning, as I approached the bedroom door which had been left slightly ajar, I looked in at Jenn lying on the bed.

The warmth of the sun and our vigorous activity had led us to throw off the blankets, and she was still lying completely naked on her back. I stopped to enjoy the view, feeling somewhat voyeuristic standing equally nude in the hallway. Jenn stretched, then her hand slid up over her breast, running her fingers over her nipple. After her fingers circled it a couple of times the motion changed and she pulled on it with her thumb and forefinger. The other hand slowly moved over her stomach, then lower to rub the furry patch between her legs.

Alhough it couldn’t have been more than half an hour since I had filled her wonderful tight pussy with my cum, I could feel my cock stiffening. The hand between Jenn’s legs began to move, it looked like pushing a finger or two into her folds. I was very tempted to just wait and watch, but her naked body was too much to resist.

“So you decided to start again without me huh” I said as I stepped back into the bedroom. “Were you faking orgasms earlier? I did try really hard to satisfy you.”

Jenn laughed, “You know damn well that those were all real. I could feel your cum leaking out and was just enjoying how slippery it felt.”

“Do you usually masturbate just after you have sex with a lover?” I asked, added “Remember we promised to tell the truth always.”

Jenn stopped what she had been doing, and looking at me replied “I wasn’t masturbating.” There was a brief pause and I gave her a questioning look. “Well, I wasn’t masturbating to make myself cum, I guess technically it was masturbating though.” Another pause then, “And no I don’t usually masturbate after sex, at least if my lover has done a good job … like you did.”

“Hmmm, so that means you have been left hanging and had to finish the job yourself?”

She stopped for a moment, then said “Well, way back in college. There was one guy in particular that I remember because it was really the first time it happened.” Jenn stopped there.

“Come on, you have to give me the details.”

“You really want to hear about this?” she asked.

“I told you I have voyeuristic tendencies, I had a hard time deciding if I should just watch you from the hallway to see what you would do … I want to hear what happened.”

“OK” she replied, “if that’s what you want.” She scooted back leaning against a pillow on the headboard of the bed, her legs still splayed slightly apart.

“It was my freshman year, I had met Dan at a birthday party of a friend. He walked me back to my dorm, we had a very nice goodnight kiss, and he asked if I wanted to go to a movie Friday night. I accepted, and we went to a romantic movie where we held hands and made out a bit, stopped for dessert after and he walked me back to the dorm.

My roommate had told me she was going to be out late, so I invited him to my room. Didn’t take long before we were really making out laying on the bed, and his hand was on my breast. I usually wouldn’t have let things progress so fast, but I was really horny that night. His hand slid up under my top – I didn’t like wearing a bra back then either – and he was pulling on my nipple.

Pretty soon his hand moved down between my legs, rubbing through my pants, and I responded by rubbing the prominent ridge along the front of his pants. Using my fingers and thumb I pushed against it stroking up and down. The movement of his hand on my breast slowed, and I felt him tense up then murmur ‘No, no …’ and I could feel his cock throbbing in his pants.”

“He didn’t … did he?” I asked, laughing.

“Oh yes, he did, the whole load right in his boxers.” Jenn laughed too. “He hugged me tight, and said he was sorry. ‘Sorry for what?’ I replied ‘you enjoyed it didn’t you?’ He seemed really embarrassed. Knowing he had ejaculated in his pants somehow made me even hornier.

I unbuttoned my blouse and said ‘We don’t have to stop now you know’. I figured he could get it up again soon, or at least he could rub me to get me off. He got the hint and started sucking on my nipple, sending little jolts straight to my pussy. After a few minutes he was rubbing me through my pants again again, I was moaning softly and my panties were getting soaked. We kissed again, and I moved my hand back to the ridge that was developing again, right where there was a big damp spot. ‘See’ I said ‘you’re almost ready again.'”

“Ahhh, youth and the perpetual almost erection” I commented.

“Just youth?” Jenn commented, reaching over and pulling on my cock, which was not yet fully erect but also wasn’t anywhere near flaccid any more either.

“Finish the story.” I laughed.

“Well, I figured if he was ready again we should get casino siteleri more comfortable. I slid off the bed, quickly took off my shoes and socks, then pulled him up and pulled down the covers. I shrugged my shoulders so the blouse fell to the floor, standing in front of him with my hard nipples pointing out from my little breasts. His eyes were wide staring at them. I undid my belt, then pushed down my pants and panties in one go. His eyes moved down staring at the furry patch between my legs.

‘You too’ I said, and started to unbutton his shirt. That came off quickly, then he pulled his T-shirt over his head. I unzipped his pants, fumbled to open the button and then lowered them. His boxers had a really big wet spot, and his cock popped up as I pulled them down. His cock was very nice, and quite hard again. I laid down on the bed, pulling him along side me.

‘Where were we?’ I whispered. He sucked my nipples some more and rubbed his hand against my pussy. I reached over and put my hand around his cock, but after just a couple of strokes his hand gently grabbed my wrist to stop me. I was ready, and leaned over and opened my nightstand drawer to take out a condom. I tore the packet open, took it out, and reached over to put it on Dan. By that time he was very hard again. I put the end over the head of his cock and then rolled it down by repeatedly sliding my hand down from the tip. When it had unrolled to the base of his cock I gave it another stroke for good measure, but felt his hand grab my wrist again.

I laid back and spread my legs for him. Staring into his eyes I said softly ‘Put it in’. He seemed a little unsure of himself, and I began to suspect this was the first time he had done it. I spread my legs wider, then reached down and with one hand spread my pussy open and with the other grabbed his cock and pulled him toward it. He got the idea, and I felt the tip make contact and then push slowly up into me.

God it felt good buried up inside me. He leaned down and we kissed again. He pushed his torso up and looked down at my breasts, then gradually pulled his hips back sliding his cock outward, then slowly pushed back in. His face was almost a grimace, of pleasure I hoped. On about the fourth or fifth stroke in he gasped ‘Oh noooo’ and then thrust hard and quickly five or six more times as I felt his cock spasm inside me.”

“Hair trigger problem I guess, pretty common in virgins.” I chuckled.

“Yeah, he slumped against me, then slid his cock out – the erection already wilting rapidly and the condom was dangling from it, the tip full of semen. ‘Oh god I’m sorry I’m sorry’ he gasped.

I laughed a little, ‘It’s ok, don’t worry about it.’ I told him. ‘Let’s try once more.’ but he pulled off the condom, rapidly got dressed, and sheepishly left saying again and again ‘I’m sorry’.”

I’m not sure exactly why but the image of the condom full of semen hanging from his half-hard cock had set my pussy on fire and as soon as he was out the door I flopped back on the bed and immediately started to masturbate, one hand tweaking my nipples and the other on my very wet cunt. It only took about 30 seconds before I came hard.”

“He missed out on the best part” I laughed. “Did you see him again?”

“A couple more times, it got better but we really didn’t click ever. I really didn’t have a serious boyfriend until my sophomore year.”

“So you just spent your freshman year masturbating, huh.”

Jenn threw a small pillow at me. “No” she said emphatically, “not JUST masturbating, I did lots of other things … too.”

I laughed, “So you were as horny back then as you are now?” I asked.

“Pretty much” she replied. “But don’t give me any crap, I know all about high school boys and their jacking off all the time. I have had a lot of practice masturbating though.”

Her hand moved slow over and she pulled gently on her pubic hair a few times. Still looking straight at me she said “I want you to do it for me right now, I want to watch you.”

I was surprised by this, masturbation had really been a solo thing for the many years I had been married. My wife had never shown any interest in watching, even though she knew I did it sometimes having found the evidence of my cum. I looked up at Jenn and there was that little enigmatic smile again that looked so sexy to me. “Do what?” I said jokingly.

“Masturbate.” Jenn answered. “I believe by the Oxford dictionary that means to apply manual stimulation to the genitals for the purpose of sexual satisfaction. In this case that means I want to see you jack off that beautiful hard cock. I want you to apply stimulation until a climax is reached.”

I was laughing as she gave her explanation. “I don’t know” I said, “I might need some visual stimulation since I rather recently made a significant deposit and my reserves may be low.”

“Is looking at my dripping, cum filled pussy enough visual stimulation?” She asked reaching down and spreading herself open.

Of course it was canlı casino more than enough, and looking at her caused me to clench my pubic muscles, and small spurt of precum gushed out. “That’s certainly a good start” I answered, “but I’ve never seen a woman actually stimulate herself to orgasm, except in videos… and those might be faked.”

“Oh, mutual masturbation then, should I get a dildo?”

“To me it’s not mutual unless I do you and you do me…” I replied, “I got really good at that my second year of college – but now I want to see you do it, no toys needed!”

I moved over sitting on the edge of the bed, Jenn with her spread legs to give a good view, and started stroking the shaft of my cock. Jenn leaned back a little more against the pillow and spread her legs wider. She dipped the first two fingers of her right hand into her pussy, pushing in the slowly sliding them out, then she ran them up over her clit. She gave a soft moan, and repeated the movement of her fingers.

“This is mostly your cum dripping out you know.” she said. Then she added “Tell me about how you got so expert at mutual masturbation.”

“That was a long time ago.” I answered, “it might bore you.”

“Oh, I bet I will find it interesting” Jenn replied, “and I told you my story.”

“OK” I answered, still with my hand wrapped around my cock, moving slowly up and down the length of it. “Do you want the whole story, or just the dirty details?”

“I want to hear the whole story” she answered softly, “I have time, I sure hope you don’t have any other plans.”

“Well” I started, “it started the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in college, and I wanted to get a required intro physics class out of the way. I moved home for the summer, and so went to the local state college for the summer session. The class had both lecture every day and a couple of lab sections per week.

In the second or third week of lab we did experiments for which we worked in pairs, and I got paired with a cute girl, Janice, who sometimes wore a white uniform to lab. It turned out she was a nursing student, and worked some afternoons as a nursing assistant. She seemed very nice, and smart, and we had a good time doing the lab. The next week she asked for help with a problem set after lecture (though she really didn’t seem to need much help), and then we paired up in lab again.

I really liked her, and so asked if she wanted to go to a movie over the weekend. She accepted, we had a great time and went for ice cream after. When I dropped her off at home we kissed, a little more than just a good night peck. The next week she asked for help with problems again, and after lecture she led me to a shaded grassy area off the main quad. We sat down, and when I asked what she wanted help with she just leaned over and kissed me.

Her lips were so soft, and soon tongues were in full play and my cock was getting very hard. After a little while I moved my hand up her side, hoping she would let me feel her breasts – but she moved her hand to stop me before I reached my target. We made out for about a half an hour, but then she said she had to leave.

The next day she had to work, but the following afternoon after class she took my hand and without saying anything lead me back to the isolated lawn. Before we even sat down she moved closer and kissed me again passionately, then pulled back, sat down, then laid back on the grass. I quickly joined her, laying down next to her and leaning over to kiss her again. The kisses got more and more intimate, and there was considerable heavy breathing.

We kept making out for quite awhile, and I again started to move my hand slowly up and down her side going a little higher each time. She didn’t stop me this time, so eventually it came up fully over her breast, stroking it gently. I could feel her nipple poking out even through her bra and I pinched a little harder there and felt a quick uptake of breath. The kissing and feeling continued for some time.

I really wanted to feel her skin and so moved my hand down to start to untuck her shirt, but her hand quickly moved down to stop me so I went back to what I had been doing. I might have been half an hour again when she stopped and said she had to leave again.

After she left as I stood up I realized that my underwear was very damp with precum, and that my testicles were sore – a classic case of blue balls. I went home and replaying the feel of her nipples under my fingers masturbated quickly trying to relieve the ache. It helped but my nuts were still a little sore even the next morning.

Our trips out to the secluded grassy area continued two or three times a week (on days she didn’t have to work), and it seemed like each time she would allow one more step, but only one. The next time she did allow me to untuck her shirt, and slide my hand up and feel her through the bra. Then the next was to get under the bra and feel her soft breast and nipple directly, always as we were kissing. When kaçak casino I gently pinched her nipple she moaned softly into my mouth, and her hand moved down and rubbed the prominent ridge in the front of my pants for the first time, and man did that give me a severe case of blue balls.”

“Must have driven you half crazy” Jenn laughed, “and I bet you were jacking off a lot when you got home. Were you still a virgin at that point?? Continue, you haven’t quite gotten to the real mutual masturbation yet.”

“Yes on both counts, I remained a reluctant virgin, and I was masturbating after our sessions but even that did not fully relieve the problem.

We had gone to a movie on a Friday night, and after were making out in the car parked a block or so from her house. Since she was sitting up I could unhook her bra so my hands could roam freely. I loved the feel of her hard nipples, and focused on them for a bit, and decided to try the next step and reached down between her legs, pushing my fingers against her. This stimulated a gasp, and more passionate kisses. I moved my hand up to her side then tried to slip my fingers down into her pants, but her hand quickly stopped me again. She sat up and said it was late she better go in.

I was worried I had pushed too far, but then she asked if I wanted to go for a picnic by the river the next day. Of course I agreed, and she said to pick her up at about 11, she would fix lunch. She directed me to a little park area, again quite isolated. We put down a blanket, and she unpacked a lovely lunch. After we ate and repacked the basket we moved the blanket to an almost hidden grassy patch in the shade.

She laid back and we started making out. I soon had untucked her shirt and as I slid my hand up under was surprised to find she did not have a bra on. Her nipples were hard and she was moaning passionately as I played with them. I really loved feeling her that way, and experience suggested that she would let me go one more step, so after a few more minutes I slid my hand from her breasts down along her belly, and started to move the tips of my fingers under her belt. I hesitated there expecting her to stop me, but she didn’t and my fingers slid down very slowly deeper into her pants.

Most of my hand was below her belt and I felt her soft pubic down, and then pushing even further the tips of my fingers felt very warm and moist. My middle finger dipped into the crevice of her vagina, very warm and very wet. I moved my hand slowly but it was very awkward because her belt was tight so my forearm was held tightly against her which was quite uncomfortable.

I pulled my hand back up and started to undo her belt, but felt her hand grab my wrist again and she whispered ‘No.’ The spell for the moment had been broken again. I was frustrated, but had gotten to something new, having my finger in her pussy. In spite of the discomfort from her belt I slid my hand in again. This went on quite awhile before she said we needed to head home.

When I dropped her off at home she suggested a movie the next night, and of course I agreed. When I picked her up I noticed immediately that she was wearing a skirt rather than pants. I have no idea what the movie was, I just wanted it to be over so we make out in the car again. We left the movie and I drove to a park not too far from her house, and pulled over in a quiet area. The engine had barely stopped when we all over each other.

I quickly had her bra undone, and was playing with her nipples. She was rubbing the ridge on my pants again and we were both breathing hard. Soon my hand had moved downward feeling the inside of her thigh, then rubbing her pussy through her thin panties. For the first time she slid her hand down into my pants to touch my penis directly. Her fingers played over the tip, which was already very slippery with precum. I groaned and moved my hand to slide my fingers under her panties, and into her also very slippery slit, we were both breathing hard. I was moving my fingers in and out slowly, but at that time did not fully appreciate the female anatomy and how I should best stimulate her. Her fingers were only reaching the head of my cock, and moving irregularly. We kept playing with each other for quite awhile.

I was so horny at that point it was unbelievable, I wanted more than anything to lay her down and plunge my cock into her but all her behavior argued that she was a virgin too and was not quite ready. It was getting a little late and I knew I had to take her home soon, so I slowed down my movements, thinking she would also stop but to my surprise she started pushing her fingers down just a little more and developed a bit of up and down rhythm.

My cock throbbed and my muscled clenched, I guess releasing a little shot of precum. She stopped moving her hand, I don’t know if she thought I had ‘finished’, but I was so close at that point I groaned ‘Don’t stop!’. She quickly started moving her fingers up and down over the head and pushed even a little deeper and very soon I gasped as my cock pulsed and shot semen onto her fingers and my pants. I guess she figured out then what had happened, and gave me a deep slow kiss as she let go of my cock and moved her hand inside my pants to wipe off some of the cum.

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