In Love With My Sister

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In Love With My Sister

I pressed my lips pressed into the soft kisses of my sister, feeling her hand climbing the small of my back, pulling me closer into her. Our breasts rested together, my nipple tickling against hers as I drew a breath in at the pleasurable sensation of her mouth against mine. Her hand explored my butt, tracing the edge of my green panties. God, I loved her. We shared everything else and now, finally, we were sharing our bodies with each other. My mouth fell open to let her tongue in. She tasted like lip gloss and lemonade, smelled like TreSemme and makeup. And I wanted her, all of her that I could have.

I pushed her down on the bed, enjoying the soft warmth of her body underneath me. We were in only panties and socks, our typical summer Sunday afternoon outfit. Even though mom and dad were downstairs, we left the door open because they never came up to our room. Her kisses were magical, though I felt a little awkward since it was my first time. She’d been with one boy and shared the experience with me in detail. I was sure I could please her better than he did. She said she’d let me try as long as we kept it our secret.

I kissed her neck, my mouth open, hot breath cascading over her skin. Laying between her legs, I pressed my panties into hers with a growing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri urgency. She let out a sigh of pleasure and I began to grind slowly into her. I was so wet my panties were sliding over my aching vagina. I hiked up on my elbows to gain more leverage and watched her face as I humped up against her. Our eyes locked, the arousal in her face arresting my insides as I rubbed my pussy against her. Her mouth hung open as her eyes said “fuck me”. She was surrendered and I was smitten like I never thought I could be.

My hands pawed at her breasts, fingers caressing her nipples as I continued to rotate my hips up and down, sliding back and forth over her pubic mound. She started to push her head back into the comforter. “Oh god, you’re gonna make me cum already,” she whispered. I couldn’t wait. I sped up, feeling her legs come up around me, the ridges of her vagina dragging across mine through our panties. My own orgasm gathered inside me like a storm cloud bursting with rain. Then the dam broke and we came together. There was a desperation in it as we clutched each other, grinding furiously, the bed bouncing underneath us. We fought to hold it in, to not disturb mom and dad. My mouth feel into the nape of her neck, my breath leaving güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri moisture on her skin as I thrusted through the last throes of the climax. Perspiration made our chests slide across each other. Then we came down together and I lay on top of her, out of breath.

I paused only for a minute or so. I wanted more. “I want to taste you…” I whispered in her ear.

“You’re already better than Randall ever was,” she said with a grin.

“And I’m just getting started,” I answered. I was down between her legs lifting her panties over her knees. A creamy wet spot lined the inside of them. I pulled it to my mouth as I pulled them off, giving a long suck and enjoying her essence in my mouth. She watched me, aroused by my desire for her. Then I tossed them aside, parted her pretty legs and settled my face directly over her shaved pussy. She was already red and moist. I pulled her lips apart and laid my tongue in the pink crease.

“Ohhhh…” she cooed, her head falling backwards with eyes closed. Her flavor was wonderful, just as I imagined. I licked and pulled at the soft flesh, lovingly stimulating all my favorite spots. I rolled her legs up and dug my tongue into her butt hole. She gasped when I did this. I licked all up and down the crack, güvenilir bahis şirketleri then swirled and dug into her pink anus, licking all the way back up until her drippy pussy was again in my mouth. With a finger inside, I sucked gently on her clit, pulling it in and out between my lips. Her hips moved with me.

“Oh Anna, oh Anna, I’m gonna cum again…” she said as softly as her body would allow her. The orgasm came up slowly this time. Rising in her body like a wave. I could feel the swells. Tiny muscles in her pussy began to contract, her thighs shuddered, her back arched and she clutched madly at me and at the comforter. Then the orgasm hit in pulses. She made no sound, but tensed and released, tensed and released, pushing her hips up into my face. It was so amazing! She fell into the bed after the final release and lay naked, in only her socks. It was really sexy-adorable.

I climbed up and snuggled next to her, kissing her face gently. I loved her. It was so wonderful to make her feel that ecstasy.

“You’re so fucking good,” she said after a minute.

“I’m glad you think so.”

“And you’re not getting away that easy,” she smiled at me. I felt her hand reach inside my panties to find my slippery vagina ready for her probing fingers. She easily slid a finger inside me, making my tense up and hold her tighter. “I want to make you cum now too,” she whispered, watching the details of my face change as the pleasure filled my body. I grabbed onto her, pulling her tighter into me as my legs fell open to welcome her fingers inside me. I was in heaven with her and there was no end in sight!

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