Imprinted Ch. 03

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Best Friend

It was three days again. Mrs. D hadn’t called. I wasn’t worried so much this time as I was impatient. I wanted her to call, I wanted to know what came next. My head was looping like a broken record with the same thoughts over and over. What if that was it? What if there was nothing more? I didn’t want it to be the end.

I was so horny that I ended up parking again with Mary-Jane. I needed something to do with my time while I waited for Mrs. D. We were out on Jensen’s lake, on the opposite side to where most of the high school kids did their Saturday night parking. It was more private because you had to have a four wheel drive to be able to get there. We were stretched out in the tray of my step-dad’s truck lying on a blanket. We’d been fooling around for a while, kissing a little and me feeling up her tits. I didn’t push her head down to get her to suck my cock; instead I wanted to try a bit of what I’d seen at the Dean’s house. I sat up, leaning my back against the cab of the truck. I could see I’d confused her, she sat up too. Facing me.

“Lift up your skirt.” I tried to get the same tone as Mr. D. That commanding growl, but it didn’t come out quite right. So I cleared my throat and tried again. “Lift up your skirt.”

“What? Jake! Right here?” She spread her hands down on her lap, smoothing out her skirt, tugging canlı bahis it as if she could somehow make it longer.

“Yes right here. You’re a dirty girl. Do it. Show me your panties. Right now.” I didn’t risk calling her slut yet. I wanted to, but I couldn’t, not until I knew if she liked it. I didn’t want a slap in the face. Her face flushed and I saw her breathe deep. Her handful breasts pushed up against her low cut sweater with each gasp.

Yeah, she liked it. She licked her lips and in the moonlight I saw her eyes darken. “You heard me dirty girl.” I heard the hitch in her breath. Just like Mrs. D’s and I knew I had her. I liked it. I liked the power.

“Show me your panties.”


“Show me your pretty panties. I want to see if they’re wet.”

She whimpered. I could see the battle rage within her—the need to be a good girl versus the want to follow my orders. As she slowly lifted up her skirt I had to let loose the top button of my jeans. It was strangling my cock.

“Spread your legs. Put your feet flat. Bend your knees and spread your legs.” She did as she was told and I felt a rush of adrenalin that almost made my head spin.


Her panties were wet. So wet they were stuck to her pussy. I could see the outline of her lips.

“Take them off.”


“You bahis siteleri heard me. Take them off. If you keep stalling I’ll have to punish you.”

There it was. That hitch again. She liked the thought of being punished did my sweet little Miss Mary-Jane. She kicked off her panties. When they were off she pulled her legs closed, as if embarrassed.

I shook my head. “Uh uh. If I can’t see it. I won’t lick it.”

She gasped and spread her legs wide. She didn’t trim her pussy back like Mrs. D. It was covered in downy blond hair. Her lips were candy pink. Slick and wet.

I went down on my knees on the hard metal bed of the truck and dove right into that candy pink slickness. I remembered how Mrs. D curled her fingers and I arched mine just the same into Mary-Jane’s cunt and was rewarded with a deep moan. It fueled me. I loved the sounds she was making, sweet little Mary-Jane as I ate her pussy. Licking deep into the wetness. Flicking my tongue softly against her taut hard little clit. The moans grew louder and then she grabbed the back of my head. Pulled hard at my hair and ground her cunt into my face, with a wail that sounded more animal than human. Her juices spurt against my tongue and her muscles contracted against my mouth.

She lay flat and spent panting on the bed of the truck and bahis şirketleri I watched her, feeling almost out of body. For a brief moment I had never felt stronger, or more alive. The pleasure I had given her hit me like a drug. Made my head spin.

And still, I wanted more.

Mary-Jane came up on her elbows, looked up at me and said in her sweet little voice, “Please.”

I slicked on the condom I’d taken from my pocket, my hands trembling with adrenalin. I didn’t even bother removing my jeans. I just shoved them down past my hips. Planting my hands on either side of her shoulders I pushed into her, my eyes rolling back at the feeling of the soft wet walls of her cunt. I tried to take it slow, ease inside and draw out the feeling but I couldn’t. As soon as I was seated in that tight wet heat I lost it. Fucking hard, like a mad man I thrust into her. Digging. Seeking. Trying to find it. The more that I so desperately wanted. Needed. As good as it was to finally come. I didn’t find it, the release that I wanted with my orgasm. It wasn’t enough and I knew why.

I wanted to be where Mary-Jane was. I wanted to be feeling what she did. To be dominated. To be taken. And I knew who I wanted to be above me.

Mary-Jane didn’t speak on the drive home. There was no kiss good-bye. I knew what she was feeling. Battling the overwhelming need with that voice that was telling her it was so wrong to feel that way.

I knew because it was all that I wanted. All that I thought about.

The next day was my regular service of the Dean’s house.

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