I Threw a Party and Everyone Came

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“Before we begin, Ms. Keaton, please allow me to express my condolences for your loss. Your father was a great man; I knew him very well.” Jacob was our lawyer, but he could have easily been mistaken for the undertaker. He was tall and thin, with a shockingly pale complexion and deep set eyes. As usual for him, he wore all black. I supposed that it was fitting for once.

“It’s Jennifer, please,” I replied, appropriately somber.

“Yes, of course. Jennifer. As you know, you stand to inherit a very considerable sum from your father’s estate…”

I nodded, trying not to seem too eager. We had never really been very close, my father and I, so I wasn’t nearly as heartbroken as I was trying to let on. I wanted to miss him- there just wasn’t much to miss. “Yes, I know,” I replied. He was a very wealthy man, and I was his only surviving heir.

Jacob stared at me for a long time, as though he was trying to come up with the difficult words that he was searching for. That was unusual for him- he was generally extremely straightforward and never at a loss. “There is, however, just one provision. And I’m afraid it’s quite binding. You see, your father wanted to ensure that the family line was preserved- that a male child would be born and keep his last name. It was very important to him, and-“

“He wants me to get pregnant?” I gasped. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; but, at the same time, it sounded like something Father would do. He was always talking about his legacy and his lineage. I always felt as though he was disappointed that he had a daughter instead of a son, and that my only saving grace was that I could someday have a son of my own. Of course that would preserve the bloodline, but not the name. It seemed that my father found a way around that, however.

Jacob pushed his thin-framed glasses up the bridge of his nose, and glanced at my father’s will. “And give birth, yes. He was very specific on that point.” Jacob didn’t look the least bit uncomfortable by this news, but I was sure that I was bright-red by the point. I guessed that this wasn’t the most unusual request that he had conveyed. “If,” he continued, “after sixty days you can’t medically confirm insemination, the entire inheritance will be left to various charities, outlined in your father’s will.”

“What if it’s a girl?” I ask.

“Then you’ll be granted an extension, to try again. But you won’t receive the inheritance until the correct gender is confirmed.” That was Jacob; always so formal, always unfazed.

I’m sure there was more, but I could hardly pay attention to what he was saying. It wasn’t that it was shocking, but I still felt numbed by it all. It wasn’t because I was angry or upset, but because it was a lot to take in, in a short period of time. I had a choice to make, and either way my life would be changed forever.

So of course I chose the money. But there was no reason I couldn’t enjoy myself in the meantime. Daddy would get the male child that we wanted to carry on the bloodline and the family name albeit posthumously, and I would get enough money to last for several lifetimes. I was just making the best of the situation.

I was shaking when I made my way to Mike’s door. We had been friends and neighbors for years, and he was the first to come to mind as I hatched my little plan. He opened it before I could knock (or before I could chicken out, for that matter), surprising himself as much as he surprised me.

“Jenn! Hi. I was just heading out; you need somethin’?” His voice was tinged with his Jamaican heritage, as was his skin. He was absolutely gorgeous, and I always suspected that he thought the same about me. I guess I’d find out soon enough.

“Hi, Mike,” I smiled nervously, my eyes looking anywhere but into his own. I didn’t want to get drawn into their depths- it was bad enough that I was about to ask him for sex, like I was some slut or something; I didn’t want to confuse my excitement with love. Given his looks, I imagined that would have been easier than I would like. “Are you heading out? I can come back later,” I mumbled, backing away. This wasn’t as easy as I had thought it would be.

“No, it’s fine,” he smiled, going back into the house and holding the door for me for follow him inside. “I was just on my way to the gym, but it can wait. Looks like you got something on your mind.”

Maybe you’ll get a workout after all, I thought wryly. At least my internal monolog was confident and collected, even if I wasn’t. I started to tell him about my father’s death, but I stopped myself. There were much more pressing issues at the moment, and I didn’t want him distracted with sympathy or unnecessary condolences. So I decided to just be direct. “Mike,” I began. I paused for a moment and took a very deep breath, preparing myself for what I was about to do. “I don’t want to get into the details, but… I need a baby. No strings attached.”

Mike’s jaw dropped. He tried to form words, but only confused sounds came out. Finally, he was able to manage a coherent sentence. “You want me to have sex with you? And get you pregnant?” he asked. I could see the interest in his eyes, which was only partially dulled by his illegal bahis concerns and doubts.

“Yes,” I replied, smiling at his discomfort. “Is that a problem?” I batted my eyelids, making my intentions very clear.

“No!” Mike replied without a moment’s hesitation. I was a little bit surprised at his eagerness, but I welcomed it.

I smiled inwardly- I could tell that he was hooked; putty in my hands. He wanted me as badly as I needed him. Without another word, I stood and walked towards his bedroom. He followed, very close behind like an eager puppy chasing after his favorite toy. In a way, that wasn’t very far off.

I turned around to speak, but instead walked straight into Mike’s firm, broad chest. He caught me in a surprise embrace, then pushed me to the bed. There were no words spoken; there were no words needed. He kissed me, his warm lips pressed against mine just like his strong body held me against the bed. It didn’t take long for our clothes to come off. He pulled mine off like an animal, tearing my shirt as he pulled before moving his body to pull my shorts down along my legs. He watched as my skin, and then my sheer panties, came into view. He was so lost in his desire, that he didn’t notice that I had removed my bra, freeing my breasts and exposing them to him.

When he finally noticed, his eyes grew wide, then narrowed with his smile. “Damn,” he whispered under his breath, appreciating my body. And I appreciated his in the same way. There was only lust, desire and need in his eyes as he leapt onto me, once again pushing me into the bed with his body. I felt his hands close around my arms; I felt his cock against my wet pussy, then sink into me. He was larger than I had imagined, and I cried out as he stretched my lips apart with his thick shaft. But he didn’t hesitate. If anything, my scream only encouraged him to push deeper.

And when he was finally in me completely, my scream turned into a low, passionate moan. I could feel my body- my pussy specifically- contract around him, adjusting to the mammoth intrusion that he brought with him. “Fuck, Mike,” I moaned, pushing against his body to make sure he was inside me as deep as possible, enjoying every sensation; every grunt and groan as he pulled out then pushed inside again, every moan that escaped from my lips, every bead of sweat that collected on his mahogany flesh. Fucking only for the utility of it, rather than for love or passion, had become more erotic and more satisfying than I had ever through possible.

Mike started fucking me harder and deeper, groaning with each deep thrust. His hands explored my body, savoring the feeling of my smooth flesh as he ran them over my breasts and erect nipples. He ran his fingers down my tight, quivering belly, and finally reached his destination: my sensitive, swollen clit.

I was close to climax already, and his gentle pressure on my needy clit pushed me further over the edge. An erotic warmth spread from my clit, joining the burning fire that was deep in my pussy- in the previously untouched depths that Mike had found in me. The heat spread, building in my stomach before running through my veins; it was carried throughout my body, and as it took over, I lost all sense of reality. I knew, on some level, that there was no going back now. When I came, so would Mike. For the first time in my young life, a man would be shooting his potent seed deep into my unprotected pussy. He would be filling me with his sperm, very likely impregnating me.

And I never wanted anything more.

“Fuck me, Mike! Fuck me! Cum inside my pussy!” I moaned, giving myself over to the absolute pleasure that I was feeling in that moment. My pussy clenched and released around him, as though it were trying to draw the cum from his heavy, full balls.

I heard him groan as he pushed deep into me. It was almost like a primal, guttural growl. He held my body tight against his; even through the lust-filled fog that clouded my mind, I knew what was happening. He was about to cum, and he wanted to make sure that he was as deep inside me as possible when it happened.

“Cum in me,” I whispered, using my voice to guide him into release. “Please fill my tight little pussy with your cum!” I knew what my words were doing to him; I could feel it in his body, wild and passionate. I ran my hands over his beck to his ass and pulled him towards me, locking our bodies together in that most intimate moment.

His cock swelled; I could feel it expand inside me, further stretching my already tortured hole. But instead of being painful, it was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. He growled again, trying and failing to form words. And then, he came. I could feel it; I could feel his cock twitch as it release, and I could feel his warm seed filling me completely.

Mike stayed inside me for some time after release, making sure that I received every drop from him. When he pulled out, our shared juices slipped from my lips and ran down my ass; I caught them with my shaking finger, and pushed his cum back inside me.

I laid there in a blissful daze. I took Mike’s pillow and slid it under my ass, keeping my pussy elevated and allowing illegal bahis siteleri gravity to assist his sperm in finding my fertile egg. “Thank you,” I managed through deep breaths and in between contented sighs.

“For what?” Mike smiled. He was already getting dressed. He, too, was still breathing heavy. His cock was softening, but still appeared massive. I could see my pussy juices glistening on his shaft.

“For cumming in me… for getting me pregnant?”

“Shit, you were serious?” he laughed. “I got myself fixed years back. If you’re knocked up, it sure as hell ain’t mine!”


Mike was a bust, and I was running out of time. I couldn’t stay mad at him, though- he had been a great fuck, and I knew I’d probably want it again sooner or later. But I still had the pressing issue at hand, and I was running out of time. So of course I did what any reasonable, self-respecting girl would do if she wanted to get pregnant in a hurry: I turned to the internet. I supposed there may have been other options, but the idea of inviting multiple strange men over just happened to be the one that I liked best. So I put an ad on the local page of a national site, with a picture and my expectations. I made those expectations very clear- they must be fertile and clean, and be able to prove both. That should separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were.

I waited anxiously for the day to arrive. The days passed agonizingly slowly, but I knew that I needed to give them time to get tested. And when the days finally passed, the hours seemed to replace them, passing just as slowly as the days had. And then it was the minutes. And then, the seconds. And then, it was time.

I felt it wouldn’t have been wise to invite so many strange men to my home, so I had reserved a hotel room for the occasion. It was a very sizable room, with a single king-sized bed. I ordered some cheap, generic porn flick for ambiance and waited for the first arrivals. I wasn’t kept waiting for very long.

The knock on the door was powerful and unhurried, and my heart skipped a beat when I heard it. I took a deep breath and took one last look in the mirror. I was already nude; there was no sense in pretending that this was anything else but what it really was. I was there to be fucked; the men were there to fuck me. And at the end of the evening, hopefully, I’d be pregnant.

There was a small crowd at the door- a few more than I had expected. Being my first time planning a gangbang, I hadn’t thought to ask for RSVPs- something that I now realized to be a mistake. But it was a small matter that didn’t change anything. I opened the door wide, allowing them (and anyone else who may have walked by at that moment) to see my entire body. They gasped and stared, and I basked in their attention. I could feel their eyes exploring my body, studying every ounce of my flesh.

“Thank you for coming,” I started before catching the unintentional pun. “Perhaps that’s a little premature,” I giggled. I let the second pun go. “Please, come in.” I let them make their own connection for that one. I turned and walked into the room, giving them a view of my ass as they followed like a pack of dogs.

Each of the men had brought a small assortment of papers, certifying their fertility and their health. All except for one, that is. Mike was among them- he must frequent the same dark corners of the internet as the rest of them. He looked at me hopefully and I nodded, giving him a pass. Even though I knew he couldn’t impregnate me, I still loved his cock. He was, after all, a very good friend.

Some of the men sat in the two chairs and on the bed, while the rest sat on the floor. I made note of which ones took the furniture- they seemed to be the more dominant of the group. Of course Mike was among them. It was a shame that he was fixed; I’d bet that he would make wonderful babies.

“Rules…” I began. Each of the men leaned forward eagerly, hanging on my words. I knew that I held all the power in this situation, and I wasn’t about to give that up. “You can fuck me in the pussy, but stay out of my ass- we’re not here for that. When you’re waiting, I’ll suck you off our stroke your cocks, but once you cum you leave. Unless, that is, you think you can do it a second time. Everyone understand?”

I looked at each of the men in turn, and they all nodded their enthusiastic agreement.

“Any questions?”

One of the men on the floor raised his hand, waiting to be acknowledged.

“What the fuck?” Mike laughed. “This ain’t grade school. Ask your damn question.”

The man was startled; he coughed before stammering out his question. “No strings, right? No child support or anything?”

I smiled. “No strings. I don’t even know who any of you are,” I said, not mentioning my friendship with Mike. “You cum in me, you leave, end of story.” I didn’t wait for any more questions. I could already feel my pussy dripping with anticipation, and I was very ready to begin. And looking at the room full of thick, throbbing cocks told me that they were, too. I jumped onto the bed and spread my legs wide, exposing my pink inner pussy to them and making it very clear- we had canlı bahis siteleri begun. I was very certain that one of those men, out of the many, would be the unwitting father of my child.

Surprisingly, no one moved.

“Any day,” I chided, rolling my eyes. Apparently, they needed an invitation.

I was immediately swarmed by the more forceful of the group- by those that were the more dominant among them. And they treated me exactly like I wanted to be treated- like a piece of meat there only for their pleasure. In my experience, a man tended to cum more heavily when he was sufficiently aroused; so it became my goal to arouse each of them as much as possible. I moaned softly when someone’s lips and tongue found my nipples; I exaggerated the already-sincere sound, encouraging them to use my body as they wanted.

And it worked. Thick, rough fingers found my pussy, driving deep into me while teasing my clit. A cock was pressed against my lips, and I took it into my mouth without any argument or a moment’s delay. He- whoever he was- pressed deep into my throat. I gagged and pulled away when he pressed against the soft back of it, but his strong hands caught my head and pulled me towards him again. I relaxed my throat and allowed him to slip deep into my mouth, sliding his veiny shaft past my lips until his balls grazed against my chin. By breathing through my nose, I was able to take him in entirely, allowing him to fuck my throat just like it was my pussy.

My searching hands found two engorged cocks, and I started stroking them softly. For each, I ran my hand from the thick base to the soft head, then back again over the shaft. I was fascinated by how different they felt; one was longer than the other, and the other was thicker. It was fascinating and arousing at the same time, and I gave each as much attention as I was able. Of course that wasn’t much, once one of the men’s tongue found my dripping pussy.

I moaned around the cock as the very skilled man licked my pussy lips, then ran his tongue up to my clit. He alternated between licking my lips and rubbing my clit with his finger, and sliding his thick fingers into my hole while teasing my clit with his tongue. Maybe it was just the raw eroticism of the moment, but I could already feel the beginning stirrings of orgasm building deep inside me.

The man in my mouth was breathing heavily as he slid in and out of me. I could taste the sweet hint of his precum, and I could hear his moans and gasps as he drew closer to release. I knew that he wanted to cum in my mouth, but of course I would deny him that. That load, like all of the others, was meant for something far more specific. He groaned with frustration when I pulled my head free with a warning look. I moved my head so I could see the man that was licking my dripping pussy. Our eyes met as he drove his tongue deep into me once again.

“Fuck me,” I demanded. “Stick your cock deep inside my pussy and FUCK ME.” I accented the last two words. It wasn’t a request.

“Yes, ma’am,” the man said with a faux sincerity as he wiped my juices from his chin. With near-superhuman speed, he was on his knees, aligning his cock to my wet hole. I could feel the head stretch my lips apart, and I spread my legs wider to take him in. I was suddenly very grateful for his previous generosity, as my own juices provided the lubrication necessary for him to fit inside my pussy. “Goddamn,” the man groaned to the others. “She’s tight as fuck!” The others laughed; some cheered. Someone gave him a high-five as he stretched me further than anyone (even Mike) had before.

Of all of us, the man that had filled my pussy first was the first to cum. He started thrusting in and out of me in quick, hard strokes. His large hands gripped my waist as he used me completely, and I could feel my tits shaking with each hard thrust. He pushed into me one last time, groaned, and filled me with his warm cum. I imagined that I could feel each thick rope as it shot into my pussy, and I knew that he was planting his seed very, very deep into me.

When he withdrew, I was left feeling very empty. But the feeling didn’t last for very long before another man took his place. I watched the first man’s ass as he walked away; he accepted yet another high-five before sitting down, resting before he had me again. Good.

The second man was a little bit smaller, but no less eager. He immediately began fucking my freshly-creamed pussy, moaning and groaning with each sincere thrust. I started to moan as well, both to encourage him and to vocalize the very sincere pleasure that I was experiencing. But that didn’t last long; I was silenced by another cock in my throat. I wished that I could have seen myself from another vantage point, perhaps like the proverbial fly on the wall. How slutty I must have looked! A cock splitting my pussy; fresh cum leaking down my ass and staining the bedspread; another stranger’s cock in my mouth; someone’s hands on my clit and tits. Next time, I would have to film it for posterity. I didn’t even mind the finger that was pushing under my body and sliding into my ass crack. It wasn’t a cock, so it wasn’t technically against the rules, but I was far given over to lust and pleasure to care even if it was. I lifted myself slightly, lessening my body weight against the bed and allowing the man to press his finger deep into my ass, fingering my hole as though it were my pussy.

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