I sucked her

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I sucked her
I liked the feeling when taking Mel’s cock in my mouth while it was still limp and allowing it to slowly harden inside. The feeling of the growing penis is hard to be explained! To feel it getting stiff with its pulsations and at the same time slowly filling my whole mouth. And I had nothing special to do except teasing it with my tongue and maybe giving a few sucks from time to time. This is an instant turn-on for me.
‘Do you want to play our game?’ Mel’s soft voice ripped me out from my thoughts. The game, or our game as she just called it, was challenge that I was playing shown to me in the past by one Dominatrix. The rules were simple. I had to wear some kind of underwear or my shorts, something like this, and I had to orally please my lady until she reaches an orgasm or two. During this time I was not allowed direct stimulation to my cock. If I managed to create a smaller wet spot from my precum then I had the privilege to cum. If the spot was large then I was denied from orgasm again. Awkward game but I actually found it very arousing and I rarely managed to put my leaking cock under enough control to keep the precum spot smaller. Besides the judgment was prejudiced! She decided what size of the spot was small enough. I told about this game to Mel and it was not a surprise that she liked the idea. ‘Maybe today you’ll get your ejaculation!?’
‘Take off everything except your blue shorts.’
I removed my clothes leaving my blue loose shorts on. My cock was hard already forming a cute bulge. Mel was on the bed. She was wearing a black panties and tight top of the same color. She quickly took off the top allowing her firm rounded breasts the freedom to bounce in front of my eyes.
‘The rest is for you to take it off!’ she said and canlı bahis siteleri set herself at the edge of the bed with legs on the carpet.
I knelt on the floor and took a moment to admire her beautiful body. I was dying to put my lips on her hard nipples but I preferred to throw a couple of light kisses to her belly. I flickered my tongue on the navel piercing causing her to moan and then I dropped my mouth further down reaching the very small bulge formed in her panties. Mel’s cock was still limp. Just like I liked it! I pulled down the panties and there it was. Beautiful, soft, trimmed! I kissed it while pulling her panties down to completely remove them. After this Mel spread legs wide. I took her cock with my lips and with a gentle suck I made it slide in my warm mouth. It was soft, so silky. I sucked it and it immediately started to fill with blood and to harden. This was my favorite part – the moment I was feeling a cock growing inch by inch in my mouth and filling it.
Very soon Mel was completely hard. Her body was squirming and she was moaning when I took out her cock from the warmth coziness of my mouth. She opened eyes and looked at me with obvious curiosity. I gave her no chance to say a word! My fingers wrapped around the throbbing shaft of her penis and I gently pulled down the foreskin to uncover the shiny glans. My lips then stuck on the glans and I resumed my sucking while also pressing the tip of my tongue directly on the sensitive skin. Mel bent her back! I was stroking her shaft and sucking. All the sensations gathered in the tip of her cock. I pulled my fingers down and followed them with my mouth sliding Mel’s penis back inside – in the warm wet cave where my naughty tongue could play with it. I made a few turns bahis firmaları with my tongue and felt the strong throbs of her cock. Damn she was really close to the edge but I heard nothing from her except deep loud moaning. She didn’t want me to stop; perhaps she wanted a quick and intense ejaculation!? Anyway I took her cock out of my mouth and slurped my spit back in.
‘Don’t stop!’ her voice was hoarse.
‘I wont!’
My hand pressed her erect penis down to her belly and I focused my attention at Mel’s sphincter. Her body shivered and I wasn’t even touching it yet. I took my tongue out and stuck its tip directly in the center of her anus. A stronger shiver ran through her entire body and ended in a loud moan. I was pressing my tongue with rhythmic moves just like I was fucking her anally. This drove Mel crazy and she moved my hands away from her sensitive cock then pressed it against my face. She was desperate to feel my mouth on it again or at least my hand gripping it and stroking it. She was so close, so ready to blow her sticky load. I licked her full balls drawing my tongue on the back of her cock’s shaft and soon I was sucking it for the third time. I allowed myself the freedom to know her body better using my hands. I passed fingers on her belly’s skin and soon I was touching the firmness of Mel’s breasts. She was pushing her own cock deeper in my mouth. My fingers now were touching her nipples. I found them really hard, perfect for some sensual pinching. Mel moaned in pleasure the moment I pinched and pulled the dark nipples. She was too close to be able to hold back her ejaculation more.
The cock throbbed stronger a few times and with powerful pulsations started to unload its sperm in my mouth. The strong jets hit me in my throat kaçak iddaa leaving me no chance but to start swallowing the cum while trying desperately not to gag. I moved my lips up and left on the glans in my mouth. I felt the last few pulsations pumping the remaining sperm out. Mel finally relaxed on the comfortable bed. Her cock was still throbbing though and I was still with my lips wrapped around its tip and shaft. I made one final move down sliding her penis to my throat again and then took it out. There was still more sperm in my mouth. I looked Mel in the eye and before she said something I swallowed the cum.
‘Let me see it now!’ Mel said.
Damn! The wet spot on my shorts formed from my precum! I was forgotten about it and now she wanted to see it. I was feeling my cock so hard that it was going to burst in my shorts in a huge sperm explosion. I was too horny so I stood up very slowly and carefully. My cock was pointing straight through the thin fabric of my blue shorts and… there was a large sticky wet spot making the blue color visibly darker. Damn it! I felt betrayed by my own cock!
Mel was observing the huge bulge with the large wet spot in silence but with an evil smile on her face. I already knew the verdict but some people say the hope dies last so… I was still hoping to receive the relief in a form of an orgasm.
‘No cum for you today!’
She slapped me in my face, my cock, and my balls with this simple sentence. No cum for me today! I knew it already but… anyway.
‘Pull down those shorts but be careful not to trigger a cum blast!’ she laughed. I love Mel’s laughing and it actually makes me hornier every time. I am sure she knows that!
My fingers pulled down the shorts very slowly and my cock was now free touched only by the air. It was all shiny from the precum, pointing straight and throbbing powerfully.
‘Now sit down and relax. Leave your dick to go limp and… enjoy your blue balls!’ she was giggling while telling me this, ‘I will lie here on the bed and will enjoy the show.’

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