Huge Boobs with Bad Attitude

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“These aren’t on the menu buddy! Only the refills are free,” snapped 19 year old Giselle Potter, as she caught yet another onlooker staring unashamedly at her gigantic teenage titties as they were molded into her skin-tight Mamma Mia’s Pizza white tee shirt with the restaurant’s name stretched widely across her colossal endowments. It didn’t help matters that Giselle’s 5’4 elfin body made her mammoth boobs look completely disproportion with the rest of her slim body. Her tits hung low, just barely grazing the top of her naval. Her Mamma Mia’s Pizza shirt was tapered inside her black jeans which made it appear as if she was smuggling over-sized cantaloupes. “… So, is there anything else I can help you with, pervert!?” The middle age man gawking quickly returned to his seat with a noticeable hard on.

“Fuck Viagra! If his ol lady wants to get his dick up, all she has to do is bring him here to see you,” jokingly commented Joyce, one of Giselle’s co-workers.

“Fucking old perv,” Giselle replied. “Just another ordinary day in my life.”

“Well, if I had huge fucking tits like you, I don’t think I would be working at a pizza shop. Heard some titty bars are hiring,” ribbed Joyce.

“Hey bitch! Are you trying to get rid of me just because the men come in here to see me and these fuck ton melons and not you?” sternly responded Giselle. “Besides, I would if I could if I had someone to baby-sit my son at nights. I would definitely be making a lot more money shaking my floppy cans then I do in this dump. And that’s just in tips.”

“Gosh, sorry. Didn’t mean to touch a nerve,” said an apologetic Joyce.

“Holy fuck, I need a joint… If you’re truly sorry, then you’ll take over for me while I go puff one,” said Giselle.

“Its Saturday night! We’re swamp with customers. Besides, didn’t Mr. Alderman get on you the last two times he caught you smoking weed? I think he said he would fire you if he catches you again,” warned Joyce.

“Fuck that old decrepit motherfucker! He doesn’t have the balls to fire me. He knows my ginormous boobs are putting money in his pockets and food in his family’s mouths because its sure as hell not this god awful pizza,” angrily replied Giselle. “I’ll be back in fifteen before he even knows I’m gone.”

Giselle took off her apron and headed towards the kitchen to escape into the alley. She felt the many lingering pervert eyes of old and young males watching her as she walked by but mainly at her immense 34 double GG cup bazongas as they bobbed and swayed like heavy gigantic spheres do under her taut shirt.

As mention before, Giselle had a short, well toned and petite womanly figure with colossal breasts you would only find within the pages of big boob magazines or off the Internet. Add on that she was incredibly gorgeous and not just a pair of gargantuan tits with legs.

Giselle was pretty enough to be a model if it wasn’t for those hooters and her bad attitude. Her skin was ivory white and unblemished. Her gorgeous sapphire colored eyes gave her a porcelain doll look with the exception of the heavy dark eyeliner she loved wearing. She had thin yet long ruby-red lips and her straight flowing hair stop a few inches pass her neck with a mixture of light and dark browns colors.

“Fuck!” Giselle exclaimed… “I just remembered I had smoked my last joint last night.”

Giselle disappointment didn’t last long as Dexter, another Mamma Mia employee who had just clocked out of his shift, came across Giselle standing in the alleyway.

“Hey Dex… You done for tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah. Why is that any of your concern, Melon smuggler,” the snobby 28 year old nastily replied.

Out of all the employees Giselle worked with, she didn’t get along with Dexter Runnels the most. He was a self-centered, arrogant prick who continuously made fun of Giselle and played pranks on her. The worse practical joke he played on her was throwing a bucket of ice cold water on her while she wore a yellow Mamma Mia’s Pizza tee shirt. The wet tight shirt clung to her enormous knockers and lucky for her, only her huge lacy brassiere was showing through. The cruel nicknames Dexter made up for her tits were worse then any name she had been called in high school.

“Chill the fuck out Dex. Don’t have a fucking heart attack. I just wanna smoke some weed and I know you must have some,” Giselle replied.

“Queen Sandbags wants some weed, from me?” he responded carefree.

“I’m stressed out. I’m exhausted. I don’t get off until another two hours and I really need a hit right now,” she pleaded.

“Oh really. What’s in it for me?” Dexter wasting no time in asking for a favor.

“Ha! You get nothing. Keep your stupid joint. I’m sure someone else can give me one.”

“Ha! Not likely. Stu is out of town and he and I are the only ones besides you who smokes weed here and I’ve seen you go without smoking weed. Not pretty. I’m your only connection. Take it or leave it Sugar Tits.”

With a stern look on her face, Giselle canlı bahis thought for a moment.

“What the fuck do you want in return for one joint?” she asked.

“God Giselle… There are so many things that I want and I’m looking at two of them right now,” Dexter said, referring to her overly large knockers.

“Excuse me??”

“I know I rag on you about them a lot but damn, those are some pretty big motherfuckers! I’m still a man. A very horny man who has been dying to get a look at those huge fucking tits since you got hired here. So what do you say?”

Giselle was ready to waffle Dexter with a right hook and a knee to his ball sack but she desperately wanted a joint.

“Okay.. I’ll show them to you for a joint,” she said.

“Show them to me? Do you know how much weed cost? How illegal is it to be carrying this shit is? I just don’t want to see them. I want to touch them. I want to grope them. I want to bury my face in them and suffocate for a little while. I want to slide my dick in between those humongous suckers and titty-fuck you so hard that they’ll fly up into you face and knock you unconscious. I want the works baby,” Dexter implied.

Giselle wasn’t the least bit surprised at Dexter’s request.

“Goddamn fucking pervert… Your little pecker couldn’t handle these babies but fine… Weed first though!”

“Sure, whatever,” Dexter agreed indifferent. “Lets go to my van and get blazed.”

Dexter made Giselle sick to her stomach just by his annoying presence but she had to admit, he was a bit cute in a goofy, gamer, computer hacker kind of way.

At 5’10, Dexter had a nerdish type look with dark brown hair and dreamy light blue eyes. Joyce, their co-worker, actually admitted to Giselle that she had a crush on him. He flirted with Joyce from time to time but he also flirted with beautiful female costumers. Giselle couldn’t figure out why he ragged on her more then other employees but at this point, she was willing to do anything to smoke a joint to calm her nerves and make it through the rest of the busy work night.

She followed Dexter back to his van that was parked right out behind the pizza restaurant. Once they entered through the back, Dexter wasted no time in pulling out a big stash of marijuana.

“Christ! That is a huge fucking stash!” Giselle said astonished.

“That’s not the only thing I got huge, Balloon Tits and I’ll be showing you that in just a bit,” he sleazily replied.

“Fuck you toad and let me get my smoke on.”

“As you wish, Jugs.”

For the next 20 minutes or so, the two got incredibly stoned. Giselle was so baked over, she forgot she was still on the clock and Joyce was covering for her. She was so relaxed and laid back after smoking a few joints that she kicked off her shoes and laughed at some of Dexter’s corny jokes.

During the majority of the time while Giselle got stoned, Dexter ogled at her massive round orbs. His cock was fully erected gazing at them as they rested upon the tops of her thighs while she sat Indian style in the back of his van. He enjoyed the lewd showcase of her immense tits as they jiggled and bounced with her frenetic laughter. His dick was ready to pop through the seams of his jeans and Giselle was too stoned to notice.

Suddenly, Dexter took the opportunity to lean in and kiss her. To his utter surprise, Giselle didn’t resist. Instead, she grabbed his face and held it close as she returned the kiss. She even stuck her tongue in his mouth.

After two minutes of lustful kissing, Giselle pulled back and took a hit of her joint. It turned Dexter on even more as he observed this amazingly hot girl with ridiculously huge knockers smoking a joint.

“Holy fuck, you have huge tits!” he said, as he licked his lips and ogled them. “They can’t possibly be real.”

“They are real…” Giselle responded intoned. “Why don’t you take my shirt off and see for yourself?”

Giselle stood up on her knees in front of her horny co-worker. Without a second thought, Dexter reached over into Giselle’s pants, pulled her tight Mamma Mia shirt out, and lifted it over her head. He grasped and his eyes immediately became fixated on truly the largest pair of tits he had ever encounter. Dexter was more of an ass and legs kind of guy but he would never pass up the opportunity to bone a chick with monster boobs. The biggest he had the pleasure of playing with were D cups and Giselle without a doubt, had a much bigger pair.

“Oh my fucking god!” Dexter grasped, as his dick throbbed with anticipation of removing the gigantic harness of a brassiere that housed Giselle’s extraordinary flesh bags. Her massive black and red lacy bra, that was tailor made to confine such enormous heavy breasts, was literally laboring to contain them as swelling boob flesh poured from the tops and the sides. They hung nearly to Giselle’s waist even in the custom-fitted contraption. “My god! Not even playboy models had tits this damn big.”

“You know, they look much bigger bahis siteleri with the bra off,” Giselle replied, still extremely baked as she reached behind her back and fondled with the multiple hooks. Abruptly, the bra fell to the van floor and Giselle’s humongous tits hung-heavy and generously on her body and loomed massively in front of her. It took everything Dexter had not to cream his jeans.

“Holy fuck! Those things are totally fucking real and totally fucking huge!” he exclaimed. Her pendulous breasts were truly colossal in their proportion, swelling out in gigantic gourds-shapes with big pink-colored areolas and thick, swollen nipples, a darker shade of pink that pointed lewdly in Dexter’s face.

Dexter’s cock was beyond raging hard as he reached forward and took a hefty boob in each hand, blown away and reveling in how their soft yielding flesh overflowed from his palms and between his long boney fingers and feeling their considerable weight. His thumbs bushed over her swollen nipples and all Giselle could do was threw her head back and moaned to his touch. “Hmmmm.”

“These fucking tits feel absolute amazing and so fucking heavy and plump!” Dexter praised. “Man Sugar tits, I’m going to enjoy cumming on these bitches, but first I have to taste them.”

He bounced the mighty soft breasts in his palms a bit before decreasing down and taking one of her thick teats between his dry crusty lips. His lips pressed hard against her bumpy areola as he vigorous sucked and chewed on her pointy nipple, all while he squeezing both of her heavy hangers. Giselle pulled his head into her big chest and nearly smothered Dexter with the gigantic tit he was enjoyably feasting on. She stroked the back of his head and moaned as his tongue did tricks to her hard engorged nipple she never felt before.

“The other one,” she shamelessly moaned.

Dexter hungrily and happily moved his face across the spongy expanse of her pendulous udder to her other distended nipple and gave it the same oral treatment. He took the entire areola into his mouth, sucking on it while his tongue worked over the nipple. Giselle was one of those girls who loved to have her nipples sucked as it made her very wet. She cried out in pleasure as Dexter squeezed her giant floppy bags of flesh together and swapped between sucking both of them.

In the heat of the moment, tiny dibbles of milk trickled from her inflamed nipples.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” moaned an in shock Dexter, as he stopped his sucking for a moment to admire the dribbles of milk leaking from her nipples and down to the bottoms of her plump breasts. “The true definition of milk bags, huh Mambo Melons.”

Dexter licked and lapped up the leaking milk off her milk-laden breasts before sucking one of her milky nipples into his mouth.

As if sucking on a pair of immeasurable breasts didn’t make him extremely horny already, he was rewarded with milk from when Giselle was pregnant with her son. Giselle herself wasn’t even expecting this as she had never had a man drink her milk before. She grasped and moaned as Dexter drank her sweet teen titty milk.

More milk pour out from her breasts into Dexter’s ravenous mouth as he squeezed and sucked them intensely. Giselle was close to cumming from having her tits milked. It was beyond any sexual prowess she ever felt and experience before and Dexter was beyond ready to explode in his jeans but he held out and wanted to store up enough cum to icing her tits.

In what seemed like forever sucking Giselle’s giant floppy teen milk bags and drinking her sweet milk, Dexter reluctantly pulled his face away from her big chest and her dangling milk-laden cantaloupes to finally let his hard raging cock out for some air. He threw off his shirt that had several small milk specks on it, kicked off his mountain boots, and in one foul swoop, took off his jeans and underwear briefs.

Giselle, still stoned out of her mind but really horny, found out that Dexter wasn’t kidding when he said he had something else huge in his van. Her eyes were fixated on his big hard throbbing cock, long and thick with golf-ball sizes testicles sagging beneath. The head of his cock pulsed angry red.

“You know what. Before I fuck those fat mountains of yours and give your face a health dose of my protein juice, I think my cock needs a little bit of lubrication,” Dexter said.

Dexter moved in close to Giselle’s pretty oval-shaped face and she didn’t resist taking his big hard dick into her mouth. He immediately loss himself in pleasure, throwing his head back and sighing in relief as her warm wet mouth felt so inviting. Giselle had her soft lips clamped down on his dick firmly, moving back and forth across the stiff staff lodged her mouth in classic bobbing style. Her tongue swirled all over his thick meat each time she pushed his cock between her lips and reached areas of his cock Dexter hasn’t felt in a long time. Her prodigiously gigantic breasts slowly began swaying heavy beneath bahis şirketleri her with milk slowly dribbling from her engorged nipples.

Dexter moaned and groaned as Giselle quicken her sucking. She bobbed her head swiftly with saliva dribbling from the sides of her mouth. The sounds of her wet mouth bobbing on his cock and massive milk-laden breasts slapping against her skin filled the van.

Giselle unexpectedly pulled her mouth off his wet cock and suckled on his long balls. She held onto his ass as her tongue and mouth worked over his balls. She sucked one after another and occasional stuffed the whole nut sack in her mouth and savored the musky taste. After 3 to 4 minutes of wetly devouring his balls, she lodged his big dick back into her mouth.

Dexter grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face further into his musky shaggy crotch. Giselle’s nose was practically pressed up against his flat stomach and her chin against his balls as her mouth took all 9 ½ inches of his thick meat. Giselle’s throat and tongue worked his cock until her gagging reflexes kicked in. Her heavy eyeliner began running down her face as her eyes started tearing up from gagging. Dexter released her head to allow her to come up for air. His hard cock was covered and dripping in her saliva.

“Not a bad cocksucker Giselle. I always knew your mouth was good for something other then just running it,” he grunted.

“You’re such an asshole,” Giselle chuckled, still obviously stoned.

“Speaking of asshole, I never had a rim job before. You can be the first to give me one,” Dexter commanded. “I heard its very stimulating. Lay on your back while I sit on your face.”

Giselle shrugged her shoulders and laid down on her back. Her swollen titties laid heavy on top of her and divided across her chest and drooped over to her sides. Dexter was insanely turned on by the tremendous view.

“God, those bitches are so fucking big!” he gasped. He held his throbbing cock in his hand as he straddled himself over Giselle’s face. He lowed himself down so that his knees were on the outside of her arms and his ass was directly in her face. “Spread them and give it a good licking.”

Giselle spread his ass cheeks apart. His asshole was surrounded by a small patch of peach fuzz. She stuck her tongue inside his asshole and maneuvered it in and out like she was fucking him. She kneaded his ass cheeks while she licked up and down and around and in his asshole.

Dexter was on cloud 9 as he moaned and groaned getting his asshole licked for the first time. It was an oral sensation he had never felt before. His cock grew harder in his hand as it stroked it steadily. His cum-filled balls jiggled on top of Giselle’s forehead with the lower half of her face buried between his ass cheeks.

Her warm pink tongue invaded his asshole, pushing deep into his dirty anal cavity and used the tip of her tongue to penetrate his pulsing asshole. It send chills urging through Dexter’s quivering body as he moaned loud enough to the point where anyone in the back alley could hear him.

Giselle pulled her tongue out but kept her lapping at his filthy asshole. Dexter was closely on the verge of cumming from this new sexual experience but he didn’t want to spoil giving Giselle the biggest facial he ever mustered.

“Oh fuck! No yet!” he cried, as he leaped off Giselle’s face. “That felt great by the way. As much as I wanted to cum, we’re not done yet.”

Dexter walked back down to Giselle’s feet and started undoing her jeans.

“I know you’ve become fucking wet from all this,” he commented. “I can smell your juices.”

Still stoned out of her mind, Giselle just giggled. She didn’t object as Dexter managed to get her pants and cotton panties off leaving her just in her plain white socks. His huge dick was harder then ever seeing her nearly-trimmed brown-haired wet pussy.

“How about a little taste test before I dive in.”

Dexter spread her thighs apart and planted his face into her warm snatch. He rapidly drilled his tongue into her wet cunt and found her clitoris. He merciless nibbled and sucked on it which started driving Giselle wild. She sat up on her elbows with her heavy milk-filled chest pillows spread marvelously across her chest and watched her prick of a co-work chomp on her pussy. Her body twitched each time his tongue made contact with her sensitive clit and caused her enormous melons to wobble and sway invitingly.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Giselle cried out, as her body began squirming under the heavy assault of Dexter’s tongue between the soft wet folds of her pussy. Her pussy was tight and soaking wet as all hell as Dexter continuously teased her clitoris with his tongue and teeth. She began humping his face as his tongue rapidly licked the inside of her cunt and clitoris. The sensation of having her pussy licked almost brought her to an orgasm and before she could cum, Dexter stopped his assault.

He sat up, held his pulsing dick in his hand and guided it inside her. Dexter gasped as he felt her tight drenched pussy fit around his throbbing meat snugly. A wave of pleasure swept through his body as he mounted on top of her, penetrating the depths of her cunt and started thrusting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmami ister misin?
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